Trump Isn’t Wrong Contesting The Judge



I was personally involved in a SIGNIFICANT Canadian Court Case, where I took Legal Action against an Ontario Township close to the City of Ottawa, Canada’s National Capitol, where in my opinion, an IDIOT English Mayor (Ken Hill) and French Council made it ILLEGAL to put up ENGLISH ONLY SIGNS, as he was preparing for his run for higher office.

In this Township (Russell Ontario), which at that time had recently been amalgamated with several small and impoverished French Communities, to a larger and PROSPEROUS English Community, the balance of voters changed to favor the larger number of French Speakers.

And Ken Hill, who wanted to become the Nominee to run for the Liberal Party in the forthcoming Election, tried to BUY FRENCH VOTES by screwing-over English speakers.

IN MY WORLD . . . Freedom of Expression, and how a person chooses to express himself or herself, is without question . . . the CORNER STONE OF FREEDOM. And no matter how someone wishes to communicate in whichever language he or she wants to use in either the PRIVATE or BUSINESS sector, should be of no concern to the government, as long as the message is not defamatory, a lie, or a call to arms to do harm.

EXAMPLE – If I were to walk into a Chinese Restaurant, which I have done in China Town in Toronto, where the menu was only in a Chinese Dialect, I would have the right to either leave, or ask if there was anyone who worked for the restaurant who would be willing to translate.

BUT I SHOULD NOT HAVE THE RIGHT . . . to demand that the Chinese Restaurant publish their menu in the English Language to accommodate me, because, if they did not want to encourage the business of English Speakers, that should be entirely up to them.


HERE’S HOW THE LEGAL CASE WENT DOWN . . . Canada’s ridiculous Constitution does not have hard and fast rules for protecting any of our FREEDOMS, which are interpreted by Judges from the Lowest Courts, until the challenges arrive at the Supreme Court, which takes years, until cases make their way to the Supreme Court, and costs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS until they do. And even then, the Supreme Court can refuse to hear any case it wishes NOT to hear . . . even Constitutional Challenges.


1 – CANADA HAS NO FIRST AMENDMENT . . . but our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does defend Freedom of Expression to an extent, unless that FREEDOM somehow restricts the Promotion of the French Language, but it is so vague in how that could happen, that it leaves an interpretive hole in our RIGHTS that one could drive a Freight Train Through.

2 – In Canada, much like the United States of America, in order to take a case to TRIAL, you must have STANDING, which simply means that the LITIGANT must have some direct connection to the case, where he or she could be impacted by the judgment.

3 – The Supreme Court of Canada ruled BEFORE OUR APPEAL to them, that anyone who can be affected by a law anywhere in Canada, even if it isn’t a direct challenge to the rights of that individual, but does impact upon the greater good . . . HAS STANDING.

4 – BECAUSE ONTARIO’S FRENCH POPULATION . . . represents only 4% of the TOTAL, there is a dearth of French Speaking Judges, which impacted my case severely, since the other side DEMANDED a BILINGUAL Judge, which led to a Judge (Monique Metivier), who was KNOWN TO BE AN ACTIVE PROPONENT OF THE PROMOTION OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE.

She had already ruled AGAINST English challenges to French Language Affirmative Action.

5 – My lawyer at that time was too INTIMIDATED by METIVIER, who was also the Regional Chief Justice, to demand that she recuse herself, which led to a disastrous decision from her Bench.


a . . . I had no STANDING, since I didn’t live in the Township of Russell.

b . . . Even though the part in the Canadian Constitution that protects Freedom Of Expression was violated, Metivier ruled – that . . . THE BYLAW DEMANDING BILINGUAL CORPORATE SIGNS STANDS, because of the nature of the French Language.

It must be noted that the OPPOSITION decided to fight their entire case on the behalf of the Township of Russell in the English Language. So, of what need was there for a French or Bilingual Judge, other than to unfairly advantage their case?

7 – After the Metivier Disaster, we took the case to the Ontario Court of Appeals, but this time with different Lawyers who were as good as it gets, but once again, the opposing lawyers demanded BILINGUAL Appeal Court Judges, who were even in shorter supply than regular Judges, and once again, they fought their entire case in the English Language.

Bilingual Judges in Ontario are either French Speakers, who grew up with French being their primary language, who’ve mastered English. Or English speakers with a PROCLIVITY to the French Language and Culture.

8 – SO GUESS WHAT? The decision of the Court of Appeals was no different than was the decision of Metivier.

9 – Our final defense came down to the Supreme Court, in a contest that was of Primary National Concern, where based on the most current ruling by the Supreme Court on STANDING, it should have been a SLAM DUNK for me.

But, instead of making the hard decision to defend Canada’s FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, by perhaps aggravating a small number of French Language Activists, the Supreme Court decided NOT TO HEAR THE CHALLENGE.

So, as it stands now . . . Until someone else wants to challenge these HORRIFIC TOWNSHIP LAWS, which gives PIPSQUEAK MAYORS & COUNCILS the power to FORCE the specific use of language on all Canadians throughout Canada, since this Jurisprudence has been set in Ontario at the highest Provincial Court, it will cost the next person who wants to fight for Freedom of Expression, the same or greater (close to) HALF MILLION DOLLARS it cost me.


So, when Donald Trump . . . who wants to BUILD THE WALL and deport millions of ILLEGAL Aliens, mostly Latinos, rails against a Judge with a Latino Background, who has a HISTORY of supporting and defending Latino Causes, based upon my own personal experience with Ethnocentric Activist Judges . . . WHERE IS HE WRONG?


The speech I will be delivering on June 11, 2016 to Canadians For Language Fairness (CLF) near Ottawa, will be Video Taped and put on YouTube.

This is a Private Luncheon Meeting of several dozen Senior Managing FREEDOM RIGHTS Activists. However, because of requests from many within a hundred mile radius from where the speech will be delivered, there will be a limited number of seats available.

If you would like to attend, and if there are still some seats available, you can contact Kim McConnell by email for information at . . . [email protected]

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent commentary and historical overview that all today in North America and Eurooe should take heed of.

  2. I am sure it will be a great speach. Also Donald Trump is on the right page! That is why everyone (left) is so upset with him. Yes, this country is made up of all kinds of people, but the good ones are here legally. Trump will never make it to the White House, the establishment will see to that. This Judge is supporting his own personal agenda and Trump has a righ to be upset with him. What is wrong with our people is they are blind as to what he, the judge, is doing! Its no wonder Donald

  3. Thank you, Howard. You are one & only person we can depend on to have the guts to challenge the pro-French courts anywhere in Canada. The French language is so “fragile” that it needs protection – what a shame!! Billions of dollars have been spent on this futile effort to keep a minority language on life-support, at the expense of the majority English-speakers who are denied job promotions or even entry-level jobs into any level of government and increasingly in the private sector.

  4. Howard-The posturing has begun in earnest! This saves political asses no matter what party affiliation. Honest THINKING people think ethnically ( it’s survival of the tribe- you don’t have to be an anthropologist to figure this out.)What they ACTUALLY say is what they THINK benefits THEM socially or politically. Of course Trump is right! I could say ” he’s willing to call a shovel a shovel” but that would be outrageously politically and socially condemned.

  5. In today’s courts many black robes are not into Justice and do not follow truth morals and ethics. They would not know truth as they do not practice it and have not been taught the meaning. SIGN OF THE TIMES. Volcanos earthquakes tornadoes fires storms Sink Holes floods and no ark to save the good. Think GOD does not take reports and tries to warn us? Noah we are where you were!

  6. We Canadians are so nice and naive that we tolerate pandering to the
    to the blocks of long-time “welfare recipients” like the small French
    Canadian minority and the 617-or-so small North American Indian “first
    nations”, costing us billions and billions of dollars each year.

  7. Americans and Canadians should be accustomed by now what it is like to live in a Socialist/Marxist state. We get the government we vote for. One has to be absolutely insane to vote these traitors into office! BUT IT HAS HAPPENED! Pray it doesn’t continue in America this November. Good luck with your speech, Howard. Give ’em hell….PLEASE! Maybe you can ask why the Democrat Party isn’t currently called the Marxist-Democrat Party. No one here will…..NO BALLS!

  8. Trump can have his attorneys ask that the judge recuse himself. He has not done so. Instead he screams that the judge is a mexican even though he was born in Indiana. Are you sympathetic to Russia as that is your heritage? Trump may or may not have a valid issue with the judge but his actions in this instance are pure racist and as someone who stands so firmly on principle you should be calling him out on this rather than defending him

  9. Ernie Berman’s statement takes what Trump said totally out of context, as do most liberals. I am not saying he is a liberal but from my 40 years living in Florida, it is very likely he is. Which is O.K. that is his privilege. What Trump is saying he will not get a honest trial from an Ethnocentric Activist Judge. If you followed Trump and would check his employees, there is no way you could honestly call him racist.

  10. Funny how minorities cry foul constantly when a white judge, police officer or other authority figure takes them to task for abhorrent behavior, but put the shoe on the other foot and it is automatically racism!

  11. My statement does not reflect on your blog today. hillary clinton yesterday blamed the Donald for causing American citizens that protest at his
    campaign speaking engagements. Unless you are blind the protesters are mostly latinos waving mexican and other central
    American flags, This is just more lies from the mouth of the most corrupt politician the U.S. has ever had. I would wager any thing that these protesters are mostly illegals ,Many burn the American flag and should be arrested.

  12. I am looking forward to the You Tube video. The last one you did was outstanding. It is not economical for a country to have more than one official language. Re Trump, He was correct but used the wrong approach. This judge has an unacceptable political history to hear Trump’s case.

  13. The judiciary and the law society of Canada are the bullies of the Trudeau Charter which guarantees institutional bigotry, judges are the gatekeepers of the Trudeau doctrine which dictates that french speakers will always be treated as more than first class citizens while everyone else is relegated to second class status and forced in multiple ways to pay for being discriminated against. “Rights” in Canada are arbitrary unless the “rights” involve the french language then they are guaranteed.

  14. This was the moment the hypocrites in the media and republican party were waiting for. These rats will set up a Clinton win. Spineless bastards, the whole lot of them.

  15. I hope Trump’s advisors will look to see if this Judge is a member of LULAC. Julian Castro, Our ex-mayor, who is now head of HUD, and his twin brother (now a Texas State Represenative) mother is very big and active in LULAC. This organization is anti-american and wants to turn the USA into Mexico. They have got too good of a start with the illegals. It is almost imposible to get elected in San Antonio, or South Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or Southern California without a Hispanic surname.

  16. Since our Immigration Minister, Said in public, “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” This inreference to a man found
    guilty of terrorism and sentenced to Life in Prison, which in Canada means less than 25 years and said when he gets out he will get his Canadian Passport back. With what our Federal Government is doing, I feel like a third class citizen in my own country. French first, Muslems second and all the rest fall into the come next. Besides, you can’t get a Federal Government job!

  17. When TRUMP addresses a certain topic, one can rest assure that he will be ABLE to PROVE his points sooner or later. No doubt, there is a lot more information in the background which will soon become available. Remember when Trump first addressed ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, most people thought it would “do him in”. In fact, it was the complete OPPOSITE! Again, both, the ESTABLISHMENT & OBAMA, FEAR A TRUMP PRESIDENCY! Is “reverse discrimination” TRUMPING the LEFT? “Crooked Hillary” is very SCARED! AMEN!

  18. Howard I agree whole heartedly. Only a Liar would contend that they would not feel there is Bias in that situation. Donald Trump has been around too long for the Liberal tactics to gain any ground on him. I believe Trump is what we need here in America. These Liberal lackeys aren’t used to anyone lashing back into their face. They have gotten away with their bully tactics . Now that Donald Trump is on the seen. We are seeing the wimp come out in them. This is getting better by the day. Trump YES

  19. I find it very difficult to believe our federal government in Ottawa has allowed the total load of crap that the Quebec governments, note the plural, have gotten away with for so long. They have all but buried the English language, which, last time I checked was still one of two OFFICIAL languages and not a whimper from the gutless feds, Liberal or Conservative, lest they upset the “give in to the Quebecers at all cost” mentality to buy votes. Disgusting is what it is.

  20. In my 34 yrs living in the American southwest I found nearly all Latino’s that I encountered extremely Clickish, biased left always, and the most hard headed people in the world. Good luck with your cause, speech too Howard & pls put the Utube link referred to on your page for us. ‘Oh Canada’!

  21. Pleased this editorial is on ur personal “language right” case denied by a French biased Judges, violating Charter of Rights and Freedoms to rule in favour of the French. Ur case mor thn proves Trump wud most certainly receive similar treatment from a Judge of Mexican origin. Personally I lost my job as GM of a Royal Canadian Mint division when the English Master (my boss) was rudely displaced by a Frenchman simply because I am English. USA & Canada need to wake up to reality. Congrats Howard

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