SEVENTY-TWO YEARS AGO . . . on this day – June 6, 1944 – incredibly BRAVE MEN stormed the Beaches of Normandy. And amongst those HEROES who ran headfirst into a wall of HELL-FIRE from Nazi Germans – were Americans, Canadians and Brits.

No one had to tell these WARRIORS from three English Countries what their DUTY was to fight for FREEDOM, GOD and COUNTRY, against Tyrants and Savages, who were desecrating the meaning of Judeo/Christian VALUES and the very essence of Humanity, to do what had to be done in nations where English, and Anglo cultures didn’t exist.

AND WHILE THESE ANGLO HEROES were knee-deep in the COLD Waters of the English Channel, hoping that none of the millions of bullets which whizzed by their heads . . . would find their mark, as the HEROES trudged forward, laden with gear from the Blood Stained Waters of the Sea, to the Mined and Barbed-Wired Dirt of the Land, where Burnt-Out Tanks, Armored Troop-Carriers, and the Bodies of FELLOW Warriors littered the French Soil . . . they knew what had to be done.


On August 19, 1942 . . . 5,000 Canadian Heroes, and 1,000 Brits Stormed the Beaches of Dieppe, where under the despicable Leadership of the British Chief of Combined Operations . . . Lord Louis Mountbatten, most of the Canadian Warriors were either killed or captured.

And while the Americans, Canadians and British Warriors were storming the Battle Hardened Beaches of Normandy, my DAD, amongst a full contingent of American, Canadian, British and Jewish Brigade Warriors, in July of 1942, 10-months before D-Day, were already fighting their way against crack Nazi Troops across Sicily, under the Leadership and Command of General George S Patton.


MY DAD . . . was honored many times for Bravery Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. He was awarded the Bronze Lion by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands for the role he played in Liberating Holland. He was wounded at Monte Casino by a shot of Shrapnel to his head, and after literally being patched-up at a field hospital, instead of going to the infirmary; he headed back to the battle.


At my DAD’S Funeral, where there was Standing Room Only in the Great Hall of the Funeral Parlor in Montreal, the Rabbi read from a Canadian History Book (Invictus), written on World War II, which published several stories about my DAD.

During the Battle of the Bulge, my dad was written up and awarded more acclaim, for SINGLE-HANDEDLY STORMING A NAZI PILL BOX, armed ONLY with his Bren Gun in one hand, and a Grenade in the other, taking out the PILL BOX, while saving the lives of countless Allied Soldiers as a result.

Other incidents written in this History Book, told the tales of my DAD, choosing to go on Night Patrols by himself, deep inside enemy lines, when he would return with more than a dozen Nazi Prisoners he alone captured.


I never knew much about what my DAD did during the “WAR”, because he never talked about his exploits, and only about the camaraderie of his fellow HEROES. But like MILLIONS of others . . . HE DID IT ALL, and in using a sport’s term – HE LEFT IT ALL ON THE FIELD.

I think about the GREATEST GENERATION, and compare it from then until now, and all I can do is barely keep from weeping.

In less than 7-Decades, we’ve gone from HEROES to WIMPS . . . From Men who were proud to be MEN, to Men who can’t identify themselves as such anymore in this insanely Politically Correct World. And from Women who wanted to be WOMEN, to women who have no idea what and who they want to be today.

We’ve gone from WINNERS who gave everything they had . . . to PUSSIES who need safe spaces to keep from getting their feelings hurt.

We’ve gone from standing-up for RIGHTS & FREEDOMS, to standing for everyone’s RIGHT to attack and insult our Rights, our Judeo/Christian Beliefs, our FREEDOM of Expression and the INTEGRITY OF OUR FLAGS.


From the days of real Heroism and Sacrifice, we’ve become TWO Nations (the USA and Canada) of TAKERS, where we allow the Politicians to LIE, CHEAT and BUY OUR VOTES with our own money. Where the Legal System is nothing but a MONEY MACHINE for the Lawyers and Judges, where Television has become a source of Debauchery, and COMMON DECENCY has become UNCOMMON INDEED.

We have fallen to the level where we are no longer a MERITOCRACY, where just showing-up is sufficient. And we are training our children that everyone else’s VALUES supersede their own.

And instead of the Government working for the people . . . the people now must work for the Government.

Is this why my DAD BLED AT MONTE CASINO . . . but fought-on nonetheless?

Is this why more than half a Contingent of 5,000 Canadian HEROES either died or were captured at Dieppe? Is this why HEROES from America, Canada and England risked it all on June 6, 1944, to rid the World of the EVILS of Nazism, so our current generation could spit in the face of our HEROES?


God Bless The Brave Men Who Stormed The Beaches.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent as usual. The farther individuals & nations get away from Judeo-Christian values stated in the Bible & ignore them as worthless minutia, the worse family structure, communities & society becomes. Such values are based on love, forgiveness, free will, and consequences for good or evil. The more we tolerate/excuse hate & murder, the more complicit we are to terrorism, murder-suicides, promiscuity & lawlessness. We usually vote for people who are most “like me”. Humpty-dumpty shall fall.

  2. We betray that for which they gave their all, if we do not stand for which they fell.

  3. A very Good article today Howard. Yes, our nations have become nations of wimps and pussies all through the leftist educational system because they took it over and we were blind to it or accepted it thinking that they were right and we were wron. I weep with you as our grandchildren will inherit this PC world.

  4. Thanks to your Dad. My Dad also served for 4 years in the American Army. When I was a child he talked about it very little but sometimes the stories would come out and have papers he wrote about his time in the service. Truly men were men. I had 4 uncles and 1 aunt who also served. I do believe that we have many good men and women serving today but sometimes we only hear of the wimpy ones. Can only pray that both of our countries can get back to the values that made us great. Beverly Kepple

  5. Sadly, Howard, we could end up repeating history. The USA and Canada have our
    modern-day Chamberlains “leading” us, while the evil enemy among us plot against
    us. I pray that our modern day Churchill, Donald Trump, gets elected.

  6. It is indeed a shame that so many good men & women died for what we have inherited today – a world of wimps where once stood brave souls who believed in & understood the difference between “right” and “wrong”. The socialists have taken over our education system and changed our young minds into mush – unable to distinguish between “good” & “bad”. The world is so confused now – nobody knows what to do. So few people even know or care that Western civilization is under serious threat.

  7. Great column. I also see an analogy to Valley Forge. The summer soldiers are gone but there are still patriots to go on. I will never accept the destruction of my country. I believe there are many millions of others who see it the same way. The sacrifice of our heroes can not be in vain.

  8. I’m always amused at modern-day bigshots, big talkers and know-it-alls. Whether in business, politics, universities, media or anything else. Because the majority of them would not be able to stand up to or do a tenth of what the greatest generation stood up to and did. Values, Commitment, honour are just a few of the traits these people carried with them, as opposed to being whiny babies about things not going their way.

  9. Too young for WW II, I couldn’t wait to get in the Korean war, quit college after first semester and enlisted on my 18th Birthday. I had the very great good fortune to find 5 men like your father who had been recalled from the reserves AFTER WWII service, + five others like myself who had enlisted and volunteered for B-29 combat crew training & service…now they’re waiting for me on the “other side”, just as your dad is for you and the people who have and WOULD join you and him. God Bless

  10. A recent article pointed out that the current U.S. Army’s training consists of such things as diversity, tolerance and white privilege.

  11. AMEN, Howard…..Amen! After almost 83 years, little did I think we would see our countries decline to such an all time low. Apathy and greed have led to quite a toll. That generation was palpably ONE OF A KIND. How I yearn for a rebirth to clean up the scum around us presently. I wish you could have witnessed it personally then. Thank God for people like you father and members of my family, also. It’s hard to believe our countries could have been so different only 70+ years ago.

  12. Your final statement says it all so clearly, Mr. G. I too weep for yesterday and the men who fought so bravely in WWII for the freedom of the world. They were sure the freedom in Canada and America was safe and wanted others to live free and in peace. Our governments have since decided that freedom is only fit for the government men, the peasants should be enslaved, and they now work to do that. The UN now has plans to take guns from citizens worldwide. Easy to understand why.

  13. I wept as I read this. Your dad represented great brave people who left us a legacy that we didn’t keep. Isn’t that sad? What are we leaving our descendants?

  14. Hearty applause to the comment by Charles Orr. I believe our current military members are imbued with the same courage and commitment as the Greatest Generation men who stormed Normandy beaches. For much of the non-military current generation, I feel sadness mixed with loathing.

  15. Howard–you keep telling it the way it should be told. We must not forget those who are doing their duty today. Most of them are brave men and women who are hamstrung by foolish rules of engagement and incompetents. They deserve our loyalty and prayers. Richard O.Miller Menifee,CA

  16. We are so proud and thankful for the heroes of that day + all who served throughout that perilous time. You have rightly nostalgic pride in the memory of your father who along with Canada, Britain, Aussies & Kiwis fought before the U.S. joined in fully. The fight for freedom is never over. When we get knocked down, we get up again. Proud to be an American. Sincerely, John

  17. If our brave WW2 vets saw Washington DC today, they’d carpet bomb the place. It’s an insult to those brave patriots of the greatest generation that we have let America come to this condition. Prosperity was too good to us and we got lazy and complacent with our two cars in the garages of our McMansions and times were good and for 50 years we let DC operate unsupervised and we have ONLY ourselves to blame for what is happening now. Vote for Trump like your life depends on it, as it just might.

  18. The rise to the top of meritocracy is hard fought, a unified dream of purpose, truth, and honesty, once given of freely by our countries Citizens, men, women and children,….soon to be lost amongst the self gratification and , ( truly the right word choice) wimps of today!
    God bless and keep all those who thought of more than themselves this day in 1944,…and those who, though saddened by some of what they gave for all of us, pushed ahead to honor their hearts, not make light of it!

  19. Many heroes from that time period no doubt with your father being one. It can’t be overlooked however they did put us on the path of big gov’t. The dependency on gov’t didn’t start with them, but it increased tenfold with them. In addition many middle class, upper middle class, and wealthy from this generation also spoiled the heck out of their kids creating the hippy. The Greatest Generation was indeed great and heroic, but the Greatest Generation made some great mistakes too.

  20. Thank you and well said. I had many family members who fought in the First and Second World War. All have passed away now and sadly I am grateful so they do not have to see what we as nations have done and become. In my family there are only a handful who care about our country and would be willing to die for our beliefs, the beliefs of our parents, uncles and grandparents; that gave their lives so we could live in freedom. I’m embarrassed to admit- many of my relatives are takers.

  21. Isn’t it ironic that, Tom Brokaw, who wrote, “The Greates Generation”, has been with the ‘left’ press. The press that seeks to undermind every thing what Ammerica is, you and me, “We, the people and what we stand for.

  22. I weep with you as well, Howard, for what has become of the USA, Canada, Europe. My father served in the Army Air Force in WW II, leaving home at the age of 18, to go to north Africa, Sicily, etc. My father died at age 85, nine years ago. Although I miss him terribly, I am glad he does not see what has become of our countries, which are full of selfish, narcissistic, immoral, pansies who have probably not been educated at all about the sacrifices made for them.

  23. While GB, Canada, and the USA provided the largest contingents, there were other English speaking countries too; Australia, and New Zealand. They were all part of the greatest generation. Belgium, France, Czechoslovakia, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, and Poland were there too.

  24. The rot was started in the 30s by the Soviet Union who believed that to spread the revolution globally they had to first destroy the U.S. by infiltrating the churches, academia and the government. Churches today have become politically correct institutions. Interesting enough it was Mao who coined the term PC. Joe McCarthy is still demonized today but time has proven him to be right. Literally hundreds of soviet moles had infiltrated the government. Academia today produces leftist drones.

  25. Use to know everything, in my middle age, not so much. liberal schools, liberal churches and my definition of liberal is excepting anything as truth. I served and would do it again, go Trump. I couldn’t care less about PC.

  26. Right-on again Howard. Year 2017 may be the most interesting year of our lives.

  27. Agree completely Howard but for a different view on the Dieppe disaster you should read One Day in August by David O’Keefe. He suggests the true purpose of the raid was to retrieve information for the Enigma machine

  28. Thank you for a wonderful tribute to those great people including your father who served during WW II. I had 5 uncles and one aunt who volunteered and served. They are all gone now and I am still missing those wonderful human beings who made our world a great place by being caring individuals even AFTER the war. They continued looking out after their “buddies” and made this nation great by simple things like politeness on the highways, even. That is gone now, too. Tears come to my eyes.

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