Just Because The Government Says So . . . Doesn’t Make It True


On Saturday Night (June 4, 2016) in Gatineau Quebec, just Kiddie Corner to Ottawa, there was the annual Press Gallery Dinner, where the Political Leaders LAUD the Media, and poke fun at themselves and each other, the same as is done once a year in Washington DC.

I NEVER liked these GALAS for several reasons:

1 – I don’t think that it’s smart for Members of the Media to become buddy-buddy with the Politicians.

2 – I also believe that both Journalism and Politics are such SERIOUS ISSUES 24/7, that there is no need for journalists “to let their hair down” one night of the year, which does what to make either profession better?

3 – And then there’s the STAND-UP COMEDY MOMENT, when the leader stands before the room and the cameras, to do their Stand-Up Act . . . always to rave Media reviews, especially when they become the brunt of their own jokes.

The undeniable KING of this SHTICK is Barak Obama, who would have made a far better Stand-Up Comic than President of the United States of America. It’s just too bad he didn’t find that calling sooner.

AND THERE’S CANADA’S DILETTANTE PRIME MINISTER . . . Liberal Justin Trudeau, who for some unfathomable reason thought that embracing his wife on stage by HOLDING HER ASS with both hands was a great thing to do. Have a look for yourself.

CANADA’S PAST PRIME MINISTER . . . Conservative Stephen Harper, who was roundly defeated in the last Federal Election (October 19, 2015), who managed the Canadian economy like a Symphony Director manages his orchestra was excoriated by the Media.

INCREDIBLY, Prime Minister Harper was a leader who actually restored some individual Freedoms, resisted the One World Government, began a real reform on the size and efficiency of government, stood with the USA in Battle, supported Israel unconditionally, controlled Immigration the way immigration should have been controlled . . . AND NEVER ONCE BELITTLED HIMSELF, HIS GOVERNMENT OR HIS COUNTRY by attending this annual Media Farce.

And because he wouldn’t become the darling of the Media, and was considered to be a Cold Fish by the Media . . . the Media made certain that a vacuous GOOD-TIME-CHARLIE, by the name of Justin Trudeau, who never had a Real Job, who never accomplished anything important, who has a ZERO level of real Academic Achievement, who had one INNOCUOUS term as a Member of Parliament, but had good hair, and was sexy to Women and Gays, DEFEATED the Prime Minister who held it all together for Canada.

SO HOW PROUD CAN CANADA BE . . . to see our Prime Minister GRABBING his wife, our sort of “First Lady” by her ASS, in front of Canada’s Journalists for the whole world to see, not that Canada’s “First Lady” has any more Brains, Talent or Accomplishments than does her LEFTIST husband, who wants to compete with Obama for adulation amongst the ignorant Something-For-Nothing Bunch, and sell Canada Down the Drain to a One World Government?


This coming June 11th (2016), I will be delivering what I hope will be Major Speech to a Group of Canadian Patriots near Ottawa . . . to the CLF (Canadians For Language Fairness), who I have fought for at Great Personal Cost over the past few years.

This Group of Honest-To-Goodness Canadian Patriots are TERRIFIED at the Prospects for Canada under Justin Trudeau, far beyond language (French versus English) unfairness in Canada, to the point that Trudeau’s Incompetence and Foolishness can kill our Economy, Force Canada into Depression, Open our Borders to Moslem TERRORISTS, and Moslems in General, who want to change our Culture and Laws, and will Destroy our Individual Freedoms, which could finish the JOB his LEFTIST Father (Pierre Elliott Trudeau), started in the late 1960’s . . . who supported the Nazis during WWII, and every Communist Leader thereafter.

The CLF offered to purchase ADS on the Galganov.com Editorial Page to support this BLOG, which I turned down, because they need the money to carry-on their very IMPORTANT work. But they were INSISTENT, since they see me as a VOICE that can carry their message . . . BUT I SEE MORE.

AT THIS SPEECH . . . I will LAYOUT my strategy to really SHAKE THINGS UP in Canada, and with enough help, in the United States of America as well, where both of our countries are under SERIOUS THREAT FROM THE LEFT.

We are at the TIPPING POINT, where I believe we’ve lost the ability to ever really control the Political Agenda, because the LEFT have become too strong amongst the STUPID people, the ingrates who want SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING, and the Media who have become the ENEMY, far more than they are the ALLIES OF FREEDOM.

And when I see an IDIOT Prime Minister, the likes of Trudeau, GRABBING HIS WIFE’S ASS to be carried and disseminated in Print, on Television, and on the Internet . . . I don’t have to wonder where and how far we’ve travelled on the Road to Sodom and Gomorrah.

I don’t have to wonder how far down our VALUES have fallen, when the Media think this ACT of Disrespect for Trudeau’s own wife and mother of his children is either funny or no big deal.


Doing what Trudeau did onstage with his wife in front of the Pandering Media is not the PROBLEM, it is only the SYMPTOM of a much BIGGER PROBLEM, which will cause serious pain to the Country, which both of my Parents sacrificed so much for, as did so many others in Canada’s defense during World War Two.


Galganov.com will accept the money offered by the CLF, but through me, we will give back far more than what we get.

Also, as my great and good friend from Amarillo Texas . . . Pastor Gary Burd of the M-25 Motorcycle Riders, who is also part of the Pledge Ride, summed it up as clearly as one could in the Comment Section of Galganov.com (June 4, 2016) . . .

“We old farts with our family raised and nothing to lose must lead the way.”

Truer words have never been expressed.

I wasn’t born when the Allies defeated the Nazis and their supporters in 1945. But, many of the people who are part of the CLF were, and they remember the sacrifices it took for FREEDOM to win. And they’re ready to fight again.

I was ONLY 17-years old when Israel won the Six-Day War in June 1967. And I was just married at 23-years old (for several months), when Israel suffered greatly, and came close to defeat during the Yom Kippur War in October 1973.

And even though I was interested in World Politics, I was still a LEFTIST, and not yet engaged in Conservative Politics, when President Ronald Reagan DEFEATED the Evil Empire, more or less ending the Cold War, when in June 1987 he said these ICONIC words . . . “Mr Gorbachev . . . Tear Down This Wall”.

I was 37-years old, when Ronald Reagan said those incredible words in Berlin, against the advice of his own Party, and in spite of more than 50,000 German Berliners who didn’t want him in their city.

Reagan said what had to be said in spite of all the warnings and animosity, and literally SINGLE HANDEDLY ended the Cold War.


If Not Me – Who?

If Not Now – When?

And If Not Here – Where?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Unfortunately the ones who should read this big bit of history will do as the past idiots did, will laugh at it. It is so important to remind people of history. I was completely shocked to watch interviews in universities and colleges, most didn’t know what 9/11 was about, a couple knew there was something but were not sure what. If you asked them question about dancing, rap music singers, actors and other benign subjects, they were quick to answer. Holocaust deniers receive support, surprised?

  2. God’s speed as you attack that which must be attacked in your way. I will continue my attack the way I feel I must go.

    When I rode in remembrance of the Native Americans in 2014, my guide and riding partner, Gene Adee challenged me with the same words, if not me – who? If not now – When? and if not here – Where? It carried me over 14,000 miles in 3 weeks from Key West FL to Homer Alaska and back to Amarillo TX – Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  3. I am disgusted with Trudeau Junior as much as I was with Trudeau Senior – same agenda to suck successful segments dry to prop up lost cause segments that support Liberalism. During WWll my Dad spent 4 years away from his family, job, and friends to serve in the RCAF while Trudeau Senior (born the same year) motorcycled around Montreal with a Nazi helmet on. The benefits achieved by the sacrifices of so many are now seemingly and sadly pointless .

  4. This message came just after I had sent my latest message or I would have included it. You have been the only person brave enough to take on the French in Quebec & Ontario – the only voice that could be heard in protest at the outrageous behaviour of the French zealots. We will forever be grateful and buying an ad on your blog is the smallest gesture we can think of to thank you for the abuses you got from the French. We will learn how to fight but we need people to help us – ask Howard how.

  5. I am a bit older than you (not much Lol). I was never a leftist. I came from a family of strong Republicans (who probably never thought of themselves as Conservatives or Libertarians, but that’s what the were). In 1961 i read “Conscience of Comservative” by Barry Goldwater. And suddenly at the age of 15 I knew what I was. Even after graduating Cornell (a left wing hotbed even in the 1960’s) my Conservative beliefs were further reinforced. And are still there after 55 more years!!

  6. Thank You Howard!!
    Alvina and I both read your editorials daily and foward them to our family and friends and, hopefully they will read them as well and support you. Your blogs are always informing and 100% up-front on the truth that all North Americans need to hear, whether they all want to agree with your input or not! We really appreciate your effort to research all the data before you post it in your newsletter and we totally trust your comments to be factual. Again, you are appreciated!

  7. I was just a kid when Clay made the seen, then changed to “Ali”. Didn’t care about politics or boxing. But, I do remember the local talk, all negative. Especially regarding the draft of kids, family members or school friends, we grew up with. Some of whom died in Vietnam. The local news reported their names every day. I now, would wager that had not Ali been afflicted with Parkinson, intensified by the physical degradation of his profession, he would have been an leader for the Islam Jihah.

  8. The delusion seen now was foretold in the New Testament of the Christian Bible in 2 Thessalonians. When people don’t want to hear truth, they willingly accept & believe lies instead. It feeds the sinful nature of humans where truth calls us to not give in to our sinful nature but to live a moral, ethical life. More & more want to live w/o limits, giving in to base desires of sex, greed, power; that is the great temptation of satan. It will get worse. Prayer and faith in God is our only hope.

  9. Trudeau is your Obama. John and I stand ready willing and able to sponsor you and Ann for US Citizenship.

  10. Howard: June 11, Where and when are you giving your speech? Who knows I might be able to attend. You hit the nail right on the head about P.E.T. and the Boy wonder J.T. Mike

  11. I am so ashamed of this Prime Minister. I am disgusted. I have lost my pride of this Country. I feel so sorry for our Western friends, who have been treated unfairly. While our PM is dancing away the night with his singing wife Sophia, the Country is going to hell in a handbag. It reminds me of my history, the fall of the Roman Empire, as Nero played on.

  12. Howard, I wish I could hear your speech on June 11th. The time is right for you to concentrate on things Canadian. Trudeau hasn’t been in office that long, there is still a chance that you and patriot Canadians can turn things around. The patriots of the USA are still trying, but, we have 8 horrible years to push back as well as more Leftist years before. If Trump doesn’t learn to shut his mouth – Hildebeast will win the election. That is my greatest fear.

  13. Howard, fair’s fair…Trudeau’s wife is holding a BIGGER ass than he is and incredibly doing it with ONE hand rather than TWO…perhaps having her fingers crossed on the other which used to be a discrete sign of dispelling or negating an action you really didn’t mean or intend! Please keep in mind that these too will pass and our countries will return to some sense of sanity and we’ll all once again be sharing the great company and friendship of good neighbors! B-29 Bud Farrell

  14. Checking the signs on the riots going around, when I could read them here is what I found. Many signs are made by the following people. 1. Bomn/com (Immigrants rights and fight for equality by any means.) 2. Moveon/org on their web site it reads “Move On members held more than 400 watch parties across the country for Michael More’s new film, ‘Where to Invade next.” 3. revcomUS/com (The voice of the revolutionary communist party, USA.)

  15. Welcome to our world, Howard…you’ve got your own “Obama”! BHO can’t hold Michelle’s ass like Trudeau did with his wife, however, because it’s too big!!! At least, we will be getting rid of our “DESTROYER” soon, while yours will be around for a while longer–unless Hillarious would be elected, which I doubt. You have my empathy & sympathy! We DO live in a Sodom & Gomorrha world…very sad. GOOD LUCK with your speech on June 11th. I’m sure you’ll do quite well. Hope Stryker is doing well. AMEN!

  16. I hope your CLF speech will be a trigger. I hold a Freedom of Choice Award for supporting their English rights against Pierre Trudeau and the PQ back in the ’80’s. Your personal fight was even greater. Keep up the excellent work. We’ll win yet because we are in the right and the future, looming, Liberal crisis will prove it.

  17. Keep courageously speaking the truth for those who have ears to hear it. Ignore those who do not.

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