Muhammad Ali (Born Cassius Marcellus Clay) was a WORK IN PROGRESS. As a young man, he was angry and overwhelmed with violence. As he got older, he realized just how accomplished he was as a FIGHTER. And when he won the GOLD Medal for the USA at the 1960 Rome Olympics, his disdain for WHITE America caused him to throw the Gold Medal into the River.

Ali left the CHRISTIAN Religion . . . to join the WHITE-HATING NATION OF ISLAM, following Malcolm X, until Malcolm X saw the light, and embraced America as the MELTING POT that made America Great.


In June of 1967, Muhammad Ali did something exceptional, showing a depth within him that no one could have imagined he had, which HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of White Christian and Jewish Men, many of whom came from privilege . . . didn’t have a modicum of his courage to stand for principles.

Instead of RUNNING AWAY to Canada, as so many Americans did by the THOUSANDS, becoming TRAITORS to their own country to avoid the Draft and Vietnam, Ali stood his ground and would not serve . . . AND WOULD NOT DESERT.

And like a TRUE PATRIOT, Muhammad Ali paid the price through a prison sentence he did not have to serve, and a loss of his right to Fight Professionally for THREE years.

Malcolm X was MURDERED by Fellow Black Members of the Nation of Islam, which at that time was taken over by Louis Farrakhan, whom many in Law Enforcement, were certain had a direct hand in one way or the other in the MURDER OF A BORN AGAIN MALCOLM X.

Whether the White Hating, America Hating, and Jew Hating Farrakhan ordered the HIT on Malcolm X, or pulled the Trigger himself, is more or less irrelevant, because Cassius Clay – reborn MUHAMMAD ALI, like Malcolm X, SAW THE LIGHT, and used his fame to work to make this a better and more INCLUSIVE World.


As much as this would “kill” Ali to know . . . Muhammad Ali was a Poster Boy for American Conservatism. Just like most LEFTISTS as young men and women, who grew up knowing everything there was to know about everything, until they figured it out that they really didn’t know squat – Ali also evolved.

FROM THE MEAN STREETS . . . to the Olympic Podium, Muhammad Ali taught the world that nothing is constant; FREEDOM isn’t Free, and COURAGE to stand alone before the MIGHT of a Mighty Nation defines whom you are.

And if that isn’t a CONSERVATIVE Message . . . I have no idea what is.


From the Memory of a Man who went from HATE OF COUNTRY . . . to his LOVE for the FREEDOM that America Represents, today, here and now, we are bearing witness to ILLEGALS and LEFTISTS burning the American Flag, Holding HIGH and Waving the Mexican Flag, to throwing PUNCHES and EGGS at people with whom they don’t agree.


AS A CANADIAN OF THE JEWISH FAITH . . . I have held my Flag and the Flag of Israel HIGH, alongside the STARS AND STRIPES, in support of a Nation that has done MORE for the World and Humanity than can ever be measured.

BUT NEVER WOULD I DESECRATE THE STARS AND STRIPES . . . no matter how upset I could possibly be with the Party and President in Office, since neither the President nor the Party are the United States of America, and are only in Power for a prescribed amount of time to be reelected or replaced by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

AND TO SEE THE LEFT RIOTING . . . because of a Leader they don’t like, in the name of Donald Trump, is a FULL-OUT ATTACK on the USA, as much as, and perhaps even more so, than an attack from Moslem Hordes.


I know that the US Supreme Court has ruled that DEFACING the American Flag is PROTECTED by the 1ST AMENDMENT, as is guaranteed in the Constitution as part of Freedom of Expression.

AND AS A NON-AMERICAN, even though I have NO RIGHT to intervene in what happens on the Southern Side of our 49th Parallel, if I came upon THUGS burning or defacing the American Flag, I would hope and pray . . . that whomever was the perpetrator, would be on his or her way to the Hospital, before I would be on my way to jail, because I couldn’t stand by, and I wouldn’t stand by as INGRATES DEFILED THE FLAG OF FREEDOM.

And I couldn’t give a RAT’S ASS what the Supreme Court had to say about the RIGHT to DEFILE the American Flag, because if the FLAG and all it represents IS NOT WORTH DEFENDING . . . then NEITHER is the USA.

I WOULD FIGHT . . . until I could no longer stand or breathe, to defend my Canadian Flag, Israel’s Star of David, and the Stars and Stripes, otherwise – who would I be? And what right would I have to stand for FREEDOM?

AND AS FOR THE SUPREME COURT . . . If they are not prepared to DEFEND the American Flag with all they have – then they have no business ruling on anything American from their Ivory Tower.

IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME . . . until the Conservatives begin to FIGHT BACK, and not just in the United States. It’s just one Punch away, one more Flag Burning, one more Thrown Egg, one Intimidating Mob blocking access, and just one more insult to the Freedoms our Forefathers Fought and Sacrificed for us to have, before the LEFT will finally understand the WRATH THEY ARE BRINGING UPON THEMSELVES.


SO WHEN IT HITS THE FAN . . . as I am quite certain it will, given all that’s happening from the LEFT, with MEALY MOUTHED speeches and RIDICULOUS DECLARATIONS by LEFTIST Politicians and LEFTIST Media, BLAMING Trump for the violence caused by the LEFT, it won’t take much until Conservatives say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and more than Trump saying Let’s Make America Great Again, the BATTLE CRY from the people will be:


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you, Howard. This edition is one of the most concise examples of unchecked liberalism, political correctness, cowardice and downright stupidity. I will forward this editorial to all my contacts and encourage them to sign on to your blog.
    Bob Fiorletta, Grand Blanc, Michigan

  2. Thank you for all you do. I like all your editorials, you have exceeded your good works in this editorial.
    Yvonne Fite, Benton,AR

  3. I could not agree more. It burns me up see people burning our flag and others standing around watching and doing nothing like a bunch of sheep.

  4. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

  5. May I humbly say: one of the best columns of yours I have ever read. Forward march, America!

  6. Well, Howard, you are right on again! I hope and pray you are correct. I reached boiling point a long time ago. Fortunately I manage to maintain my equilibrium, but Oh, how I would like to see retribution for the treason the scumbags have spread on the goodness of our lands, and how I pray it will begin at the White House. However, there is another factor involved. I have wondered endlessly about the chaos brought about which could allow BHO to rule with Martial Law. Nothing will surprise me.

  7. Howard, one of the best yet. Time to circle the wagons and fight to take our country back. Our founding fathers would be appalled at what has happened to this great nation. Keep up the good work. May God’s blessing be on Canada, The USA, and Israel. THANK YOU!

  8. I’m in total agreement with the folks from Arizona. It makes total sense that what BHO’s motivation in turning our constitution upside down, as well as allowing grown men to use the bathroom with our daughters, is to finally cross that threshold and inspire revolution so he can declare martial law. Then his rule becomes absolute and indefinite. I’m astounded at far we have fallen in less than 8 years!

  9. I have been a Resident Alien in the U.S for 18 years. I have three new Canadian flags, because to fly a Canadian Flag where I lived in Montreal, Canada, in many cases is asking for for your home to be vandalized. Now, living in the U.S. these flags remain unpacked because in my opinion, to fly a Canadian flag at my home in the U.S.A. diminishes my thankfulness of being given the right and privilege of living in the U.S.A. Too bad the Hispanics don’t feel the same way.

  10. It is amazing that all those that “preach” Tolerance” are the MOST INTOLERANT” of them all!There is only room for one Flag in the USA “THE AMERICAN FLAG”! I’m Italian, I won’t fly that Flag here! I’m an American first who happens to be Italian. NOT A ITALIAN AMERICAN! Our Founding Fathers were indeed endowed by our Creator with Wisdom. They knew that if/when our Constitution would be compromised so goes the Republic they Founded. Howard I’m grateful to you for your editorials. Thank You

  11. Ali was a great fighter and the press make him out as hero. His stand for not being drafted is un-American .The military that are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are the real hero’s, their names and info of should be reported in the national news.
    I have no respect for TV or the printed newspapers and the report’s who give us the daily crap called news.
    Howard ,you are spot on in regards to the Donald and the protesters, they art low life scum.

  12. Howard, this is one of the best articles you have ever written since I have been getting them! Keep up the good work,
    you speak for a lot of us.

    Larry Brutchin, Iola Ks.

  13. Excellent article! I feel the same about the flags and what they stand for! It is my belief nothing will change until there are good, honest and committed people jailed for doing the right thing! We old farts with our family raised and nothing to lose must lead the way. A D Bruce says, ‘the man to be feared is The man with nothing to lose’ Gary Burd, Amarillo Texas

  14. Howard, your editorial is one of the first things I look for when I turn on my computer every day, and I continue to be amazed that there hardly ever is a single word with which I disagree. Often I have to stop myself from jumping to my feet, punching the air and shouting “YES!” but I’m an 85 year-old great-grandmother and the rest of my family might collapse in shock.

    Susanne Sauer, Douglassville, Pa. USA

  15. Howard what are your comments on “Executive Order 13603? What would we do if martial law was enforced BEFORE the election?

  16. I don’t have too many heroes that I reference in my life but Mohammed Ali is certainly one of the top 3. Clint and the Duke are the other two. I’d say he’s in very good company and justifiably so. Although that being said, I reckon he’s actually number one. Ali never acted.
    I love and respect all three for their talents and messages but Ali was without question a very unique and brilliant man!

  17. I watched the champ struggle with his identity, and when he became Muhammad Ali, I thought perhaps he had suffered more blows than it seemed in the ring. But as months and years passed, it became clear this was a GOOD man struggling with his belief system while totally committed to making this world a better place for us all. Muhammad Ali is a hero in addition to being a champ.

  18. 1966, (Vietnam war days) I was a new attorney with little to do when the ACLU called asking me to represent “a young man arrested for something silly”. I thought; “This might be a good learning experience.” I asked the caller, “Define the word “silly”, please.” He said, “All the kid did was to burn a flag and the cops were on him immediately.” This was when burning flags were NOT free speech. I shouted: “That’s ALL he did? I’d rather PROSECUTE the little commie bastard!” And I felt wonderful!

  19. Another fantastic editorial Howard. God Bless You, Your family, Our countries (America, Canada, & Israel) & our troops.

  20. Having met Ali briefly in the mid 70’s, I was astounded by the depth of his personality and pleasantry. What a truly deep person he became (even though the media wrote otherwise). I just wish other people could wake up and realize what a truly unique and special person he was, and stop hating others that aren’t their color, religion, or political affiliation. I really believe he touched people’s lives in more way than can ever be known. My BEST to you, Muhammed.

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