How Much Crap Can The People Take . . . BEFORE THEY SAY ENOUGH?



Admiral (retired) John Kirby, the current LEFTIST voice of the US State Department, just admitted that it was WRONG for former State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki, to have (even) unknowingly participated in a LIE, that wiped out a part of the information she gave at a Press Conference, where she admitted that the State Department, which also includes the Whitehouse, LIED to the people about the Iran Deal.

BUT WHEN ASKED . . . who was it that ordered that section of the interview, which contained the TRUTH REMOVEDKIRBY SAID HE DIDN’T KNOW, which to me is as big a LIE, as was editing out the TRUTH about the Iran Deal.

AND NO ONE IS GOING TO CONVINCE ME . . . that the FULL POWER AND AUTHORITY of the US Government couldn’t find out which of their employees with the authority to EDIT Official Videos and Documents couldn’t be found.

And as far as Psaki goes . . . I have ZERO reason to believe that she is innocent, as she was removed as the Spokesperson for the State Department, because she kept forgetting and getting confused over her own distortions and lies.


The question really isn’t whether Governments, Politicians and Bureaucrats LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL. We know they do. But it’s RARE that we can actually catch them in the act. And it’s even MORE RARE, that when we do catch them LYING and CHEATING, they can offer no credible defense.

WHICH IN THIS CASE . . . with this current Government, it’s LIE, AFTER LIE, AFTER LIE, where there is no defense. NOT EVEN A BAD ONE.


1 – Obama went forward with YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR.



4 – Then it was FAST AND FURIOUS, with Eric Holder saying he knew nothing.

5 – Then it was the VIDEO, which was responsible for the Benghazi Massacre.

The foregoing is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG . . . because we can’t forget the NSA spying on all Americans, the IRS attacking Conservative Activist Groups, the Justice Department investigating American Journalists without reason and on and on and on.

And what about Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Principle Propagandist who recently BRAGGED about LYING to the Press about the Iran Deal?


I don’t know what’s worse . . . being STUPID, which is a mental condition, or being POORLY INFORMED, for which there is no excuse, since in this day and age, we have every tool in the world to find and understand the truth.

So, in all reality, as far as I’m concerned, STUPID takes a back seat to POORLY INFORMED, since there’s NO FIXING STUPID.

And that being said . . . there might actually be some hope, that we can encourage people to SMARTEN UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE before it’s too late.


Obama can say that he is virtually the SAVIOR, as he intimates every time he speaks, that it was him and his brilliant policies that rescued the UNITED STATES from financial disaster.

And if you believe this BS – that this is because of Obama and his great policies . . . that America now has virtually full employment, industry is booming, the social fabric of America has never been better, and the future for America’s youth could not be rosier, then I have some swampland in Florida for you.

And if there are any problems in the USA, such as the Murder Rate, the level of Black Violence, Youth Unemployment, which the President and the LEFT prefer not to talk about, just as they prefer NOT to speak about ILLEGAL Immigrants AND WHATEVER ELSE AILS THE USA . . . to them – IT’S THE FAULT OF CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS.


THE GOVERNMENT CAN CON THE PEOPLE AS MUCH AS THEY WANT . . . but at one point, reality sets in, even amongst DUMMIES, especially when they go to the Grocery Store or Butcher, and can’t afford to buy Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. And they see that the price of Decent Quality Beef is out of their range, and the cost of Pork has just doubled.

The Government can say how America has never had better Job Growth, but when the average American can’t find a job, or has a job that hardly pays the bills, who’s he or she going to blame . . . the person in power? Or the one that wants to be in power?

When you’re terrified to walk down your own street, or go to sleep at night in your own home because of THUG VIOLENCE, are you going to blame the Police for not doing their job? Or, are you going to blame the Politicians for not allowing the Police to do their job?


But I know the Real Truth – the Whole Truth – and Nothing but the Truth.

The Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain FELL, because the people got tired of being lied to. Every time the Russians showed the Riots in the USA on Russian TV, of young American people standing up against the Vietnam War, from Kent State, where several Students were shot by the National Guard, to MASSIVE DEMONSTRATIONS in front of the White House, to street protests throughout America that stretched for miles, to show how UGLY America was.

Instead, the Russian people saw in the videos, which were meant to show how wicked America was, was just the opposite. The Russians saw well-dressed young people wearing all forms of fashion. They saw beautiful cars on the road, gorgeous homes as part of a backdrop everywhere, stunning office buildings and beautiful apartment high-rises, which the Propaganda Videos couldn’t help to pick up with the demonstrations.

BUT MORE THAN THAT . . . They saw FREE-PEOPLE from coast to coast in America, standing against their government with zero ramifications considering the vast scope of the protests.


Russians who visited North America, many of whom worked on Commercial Ships, would run to the clothing stores, trading Vodka and Caviar, both of which were in plentiful supply in Russia, for name brand Denim Jeans, which didn’t exist in Russia, which they smuggled back into the Soviet Union to trade on the Black Market, as if the Jeans were made of Gold.

I had a friend in Montreal, who literally got filthy rich trading the Russians and other Members of the Iron Curtain for Caviar and Vodka in exchange for Jeans.

I HAVE JEWISH FRIENDS . . . who routinely visited relatives in Russia, who brought as many pairs of Jeans as they could carry, which bought all sorts of necessities their Russian relatives could otherwise never hope to afford.


The Russian people knew the TRUTH from the very videos, with which the Soviet Propagandists used to LIE to them. And as the saying goes – THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

The IDIOT OFFSPRING of the IDIOT LEFTIST ADULTS weren’t even alive when the Soviet Union collapsed, and have learned all the CRAP they know today from LEFTIST Teachers, from Nursery School to Universities, where the Teachers are IMMUNE, because of their Union Contracts, Tenure and Pensions . . . from the consequences of the BS they’ve filled our young people’s heads with. BUT THE YOUNG PEOPLE AREN’T IMMUNE.

And as our young people finish School, whether High School or University, with a USELESS DEGREE, and/or with a SUFFOCATING DEBT, which they could never hope to get out from under, with no great job prospects with which to start their adult lives . . . eventually, they too will find the right people to blame.


The Media is focused on the incredible success of Bernie Sanders for the WRONG REASONS:

1 – The young people love the LEFTIST drivel of Bernie Sanders about all the FREE STUFF, and how he will stick it to the man, because they have no historical reference to the Soviet Union, which Sanders is basing his campaign upon.

The young people under the age of FORTY, have no inking how bad Socialism (Communism) was in Russia. And have no historical reference to the pain it caused. And if they followed the current policies of Russia, here and now, as I write this, every study the Russian Government has recently made, points an accusing finger to the current problems with the Russian Economy, to OVER REGULATION, which Putin has pledged to fix.

So, it’s not that the young people are in love with BERNIE Sanders, because he has such a great platform, but rather, they love him because they have no idea what his platform of FREE CRAP would give them. Or in his case . . . WOULDN’T GIVE THEM.

2 – The other thing the Media hasn’t gotten right, or has purposefully ignored about Sander’s Popularity, is that he isn’t so popular because he really has something of value to sell to the people, but rather, it‘s because HE ISN’T HILLARY CLINTON, where the TRUTH about her has already reached many of the STUPID and POORLY INFORMED youth, who haven’t figured it out yet, but are nonetheless partially waking-up.

SO, AS I SEE IT . . . as the campaign develops, and as the TRUTH becomes self-evident, there will be no shortage of STUPID AND ILL INFORMED people to support Hillary Clinton, or whomever else the LEFT puts forward, but it won’t make a difference, because just as the TRUTH destroyed the Soviet Union, it will destroy the American LEFT as well.

And when Trump says that he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . . . and that he will bring jobs back to America, that’s what the people want to hear. And as Bernie fades into the sunset, his supporters won’t go with Clinton, but rather, they will go with the man who will make America Great Again, instead of with the Pathological Liar . . . CROOKED HILLARY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler reportedly referred to pacifist Jewish elitists who counseled cooperation with their oppressors as “useful idiots” and this is a totally accurate term for those who refuse to observe the world around them and call it what it is, a terrible threat to their very existence. It is not just Jews who are at risk today; it is any “Infidel”, any non-Muslim. This is not a problem that is insignificant and it is not going away without preventive action by the free world.

  2. When will enough be enough? I’ve asked myself that question a thousand times in the last fifty years, Howard. I hope you are right. Absolutely nothing will surprise me as to what might happen. Nothing is off the table. It’s a good time to be prepared for any possibility. From what I read and hear, I believe the fuse is getting shorter. Soros and his Leftist traitors might very well push their agenda to the tipping point in the near future. I am sure you’ll stay tuned.

  3. I would like to believe more people are waking up. And, it is inspiring to hear the many Bernie supporters saying that they will switch to Trump when Bernie is out. But, just like you, Trump was NOT my first choice. My vote for him will be a vote against Hillary. I’ve lived in despair for the last 8 years, holding on to hope that one day we will recover from Obama’s mess. But if Hillary wins, that hope is gone. And without hope, the same thing that happened in the Soviet Union will happen here.

  4. I’ve been working and voting for years to try and change this stuff. I spent a hundred grand of my own money to run for Congress because I would not ask strangers for money and I wouldn’t take PAC money. We’ve elected campaign conservatives that were lying to us and now they are ensconced and we can’t get rid of them. My time to be able to continue this fight is rapidly coming to an end and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. After a while you want to give up–I’m old, sick and tired–but we CAN’T STOP NOW!!

  5. The truth is boldly in front of us. The problem we have is this: “Most people would rather believe a lie than the TRUTH!” And, that is is exactly what is happening. If they come to the knowledge of the TRUTH, they have to do something and that something is not going to be fun and games like most people want today, It is serious business to find the TRUTH and then take the action that is necessary to get us out of this mess we find ourselves in.

  6. Yes, the Uninformed and Stupid are reigning supreme, these days. I want to believe that there will be an awareness of the Truth – However I don’t think so. Bottom line, the youth of today honestly believe that it is the Conservatives fault, for ALL of America’s problems. As far as they are concerned, either Bernie or Hildebeast is their answer to prosperity & a glorious future. I too, have some swampland in Florida to sell.

  7. Excellent writing. Contains fact and truth the libotards do not want to hear or even deal with without lying and blaming conservatives or Bush. It’s been 7 horrid years libotards. Give it a rest. Keep it up.

  8. HG, you nailed it, as usual! The Bernie supporters can see the trajectory of the ESCALATING riots in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, at least a few times per week. This is in spite of the fact that ABC, NBC, CBS News being established Left-leaning, and even THEY report some of the riots (certainly not enough). So, through the Caracas prism, the Left have front row seats to the writing on the wall about the future of Socialism in America, and those SHMUCKS don’t FREAKING get it!!!

  9. Let’s hope that the words of Honest Abe will still be true,” You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

  10. I am writing this late in the evening Victoria time so some of this is about Hillarious as of today. She has the balls to say that Trump won’t make America Great again BECAUSE America still is great. Only through rose colored glasses Hilarious. She also made a big point about his lies and that he cannot protect America, this coming from the most treasonous worst Secretary of State you have ever had. Hopefully she is charged but not yet convicted so there is no Presidential pardon.

  11. What a way to start my day. A cup of coffee and a Galganov blog! Really gets my juices flowing. Lookout yard work, here I come.

  12. I hope you are right….but as you have pointed out ….”you can’t fix stupid” and that is multiplied by 100X by uniformed, uneducated idiots. We are in a spiral….over taxed….unbelievable debt and stupid “free stiff”. I’m about to stop paying taxes and head to the woods………

  13. You’ve said it ALL! Our GOVERNMENT is just plain CORRUPT! Although crass at times, TRUMP is the person who can STAND UP against the ESTABLISHMENT. Trump is FEARED for very good reasons. Can you imagine what Trump will DISCOVER in the White House when he becomes PRESIDENT? WOW! Obama is not starting to get INVOLVED for nothing because HE, also, FEARS a TRUMP PRESIDENCY. Can’t wait until 1/20/17—Ba-Bye Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his “CROOKED CREW”!!! AMEN!

  14. Historically most Americans don’t wake up until AFTER the election is 60-90 days old and then say “Well we’ll change it the next time around.” Unfortunately we’ve had too many of those “next time arounds”, and here we are folks. I usually get harassed for staying up to date on politics and particularly our Presidential and Congressional races,…but I am stupefied with the “who cares” and “don’t waste you time on it you can’t change what happens” of my fellow Americans!
    Well done Howard.

  15. If you like socialism, move to Venezuela. They have a steady diet of cats and dogs now to survive. Nothing is free. Even the air has to be watched to prevent smog and pollution. You can’t tax the workers forever and heavily to support the non-workers, or the workers become non-workers and there is no more money, food, etc. Then there is a revolution. This has proven to be cyclial. We will either turn this country around or have a revolution. Take your pick.

  16. Great article. Having lived in Canada my entire life (68 years), I have witnessed our society slowly creep to the left. Our current selfie, pretty boy PM, Trudumb, is putting Canada on the same debt path his Commie father put us on. It took 30 years to dig out from that hole, and now going back into it. But if there was an election today, polls say Trudope would win in a landslide. So I can only conclude that there are more “stupid” people in our society than not. Can’t fix stupid!

  17. So true that Trump says what we wish to hear. I still contend that his ego will not allow him to fail to produce. It may not be exactly as currently planned/stated, as the methods in every project must be adapted as the project evolves. I wonder how long it will be until Trump supporters go prepared to retaliate, in self defense, when attacked. These scum are attacking defenseless females. Re stupidity, the left took over our educational system decades ago.

  18. I said enough after F.D.R. Human nature hasn’t changed, period. It’s still a beautiful world. Just too many mutated humanoids. Assyrians? Canaanites? Chaldeans masquerading as “the good guys”? “Love & Peace”. We are living in a 4-acre woods along with birds, squirrels, ground hogs, deer, raccoons + great country folk (mostly). Oh yes, forgot allergies Spring & fall. Mazel Tov, John & Marte.

  19. I believe that even soilent green will not change a Liberal’s mind in supporting socialism nor change their mind regarding the cause its failure. Venezuelans can still run to the United States of America for relief, but for how long?

  20. One of the primary causes to the breakup of the USSR was the Reagan policy that coordinated with the Saudis to reduce the price of crude oil to $10.00 per barrel. Bill Casey head of the CIA at the time coordinated this effort. The Soviet Union was totatally dependent on the export of
    Crude oil for their foreign exchange. Within 18 months of instigating this program the Soviet Union Disintegrated. Thank you Ronald Reagan!

  21. sure would be great if you could relate to your readers what we are subjected to with our all powerful liberal government in Ontario Canada.

  22. Howard you have covered more articles of major US concern. Than the Liberal media of America has ever considered too. It is an obvious fact that our Nations destructionist. We label as Leaders, are owned by the same owners . The propagandist Liberal Medias are owned by. It would seem that if the Democrats cared anything for what is left of America. They would dock their ship for the next four years to do an overhaul.

  23. I hate to say and don’t enjoy saying this but America and Canada are no longer great nations. Watching the news and the antics of Justin Trudeau, Hillary and Bernie and the rulings of the thought police it’s more like watching Monty Pythons flying circus. Even Trump leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t recall any time in history when a country woke up just in time. If anything history teaches us that the crap will inevitably hit the fan perhaps like never before.

  24. We have more than enough problems here in Canada with a part time Drama Teacher/ Snowboard instructor slowly killing the country and trying to turn us into the next Belgium.. its time people woke up before it is to late , he has already bought his next election on the backs of the taxpayer by bringing in all these refugees , It is time we had a Divorce in this Country the West does not need the East so its time for a split…

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