So . . . I watched the Trump Press Conference on Tuesday (May 31st), as Trump tore a strip off the Media. But even better than a BLANKET attack, he actually singled out several Media Types at the Conference, and called them out for the DISHONEST Pieces of Work they are.


The Media are just as culpable for DISHONESTY, and the damage done to our countries through their incompetence, lies, slants, and distortions, as are the Politicians and Bureaucrats, which to me, means they too should be publicly CASTIGATED.

So, to hear a Businessman-come-Politician of the stature of Donald Trump, CALL THEM OUT in no uncertain terms, and in language and words we can all understand and appreciate, such as calling an ABC “journalist” a SLEAZE TO HIS FACE, to take a quote from Chris Mathews . . . “It Sent A Tingle Up My Leg”.


It’s remarkable how the Media are trying to make it . . . that Trump wasn’t honest and trustworthy, because Trump wouldn’t come running to the Media for their APPROBATION for giving HIS OWN MONEY (one million dollars), and several MILLIONS of other dollars from some of his friends and colleagues, which they too gave to the Veterans.


Where were the Media when a Black Junior Senator with a distinctive name from Illinois, with ZERO experience in anything other than Community Organizing (whatever that means), and no accomplishments whatsoever, and DEEPLY BURIED PERSONAL RECORDS SEALED, so no one would ever know his personal history . . . when he promised the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the Stars above if he became President?

Did I miss the vetting of Obama by the Media? Or was Obama just so perfect to lead the USA . . . that vetting him would be an utter waste of time and an insult to journalism?


About 9-Months ago, when Anne and I just arrived in Texas, I received an email from an American Veteran who was concerned that the Wounded Warrior Project might not be all that UP & UP, and would I mind looking into it?

My first thoughts were:

1 – How could I possibly investigate such a huge, robust, and well-respected organization, when I had such limited resources?

2 – What would it do to my reputation and BLOG amongst the many Patriots who read Galganov.com, for me to be bashing, or even appear to be bashing such an ICONIC American Institution?

But after thinking this over for a short while, the only answer that made sense to me, was to see what I could find out, no matter how much it might have cost this BLOG.

So, the first place I decided to look . . . was on as many Media Websites as possible, to see what the Media had found out.

And with the exception of just one member of the Print Media, whose name escapes me, which didn’t want to go full-throttle into making accusations, but was interested and suspicious enough to ask questions . . . THERE WAS NOTHING NEGATIVE that I was able to find about the Wounded Warrior Project amongst the vast majority of Mainstream Media.

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT TO STOP THERE . . . but how could I stop, when the Veteran who first brought this potential CON to my attention, was really looking for an answer?


Being that the Wounded Warrior Project is a Charitable Organization, it must make its Financial Statements readily AVAILABLE to the Public, which meant that it had to be online. So I went looking,


It didn’t take me more than 10-Minutes to smell a RAT . . . as I pored over the published Financial Statement and Operating Budget of the publicly released Wounded Warrior Project, which struck me as REALLY ODD, that I could find some salaries listed here and there, but not all in one place.

Nor could I find a comprehensive list of Executive Salaries, Perks and Bonuses.

And the more I looked ONLINE at their own SITE, the more it was clear to me, that the Wounded Warrior Project was burying all sorts of stuff they obviously didn’t want anyone to see.

So I continued to look, even to the extent that I wanted to see what they were paying Country and Western Music Star Trace Adkins for his non-stop endorsement of the Wounded Warrior Project, which seemed to be his donation. But guess what? There was no record of Adkins DONATING ANYTHING, and there is very little record of specific Marketing and Media Costs.

In the final Analysis, I wrote in a subsequent Editorial, that the Financial Statement and Operating Budget of the Wounded Warrior Project was so obscure and incomprehensible, that I could not recommend anyone sending them any money.

And that was just me . . . with no budget or staff to do the research.


Within a month or two, other Veteran Support Groups, who were being squeezed out of raising money by the Wounded Warrior Project, were asking plenty of questions as well, which made just “SOME” of the Media take notice.

I personally saw and heard Bill O’Reilly of FOX News say on his show, when confronted with these questions about the Honesty and Integrity of the Wounded Warrior Project, that he would “GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT”, since he was a HUGE supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project . . . but it never seemed to have happened, since I guess O’Reilly isn’t “really looking out for you” as much as he claims to be.


BUT . . . even though there was no FULL STORY about the Wounded Warrior Project and their very questionable bookkeeping, something must have happened, since they seem to have vanished from the face of the Media.


1 – The Wounded Warrior Project spent MILLIONS of donated dollars to raise MILLIONS of more donated dollars through the Media . . . giving the Lion’s Share to Television, in order to keep on raising money from people who figuratively paid with nickels and dimes to help the WOUNDED VETS.

2 – The Wounded Warrior Project spent the Lion’s Share of the DONATED money it reaped from pensions and savings . . . from old ladies and men, who could barley care for themselves, but made sure to help the VETS.

3 – The Wounded Warrior Project spent UNACCOUNTED MILLIONS of dollars on Travel, Conferences and Luxury expenses for their Directors.

4 – AND IN THE END . . . as much as we would like to know where the money really went with the Wounded Warrior Project, we will never know.


1 – Trump and just a few of his RICH Friends raised 5.6 MILLION Dollars for the Veterans.

2 – 100% of all the money raised by Trump, went directly to FORTY-ONE VETTED Veterans Organizations.

3 – There were no Salaries, no Travel Expenses and no Perks.

BUT THE MEDIA IS ALL OVER TRUMP FOR TRANSPARENCY . . . yet, they are OBLIVIOUS to the BILLION PLUS DOLLARS taken from ordinary people, with which the Wounded Warrior Project played fast and loose.


So . . . at his Press Conference – Trump asked the Media one question, which I know they won’t answer, because they won’t look into it . . . HOW MUCH DID HILLARY CLINTON DONATE TO THE VETERANS?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The sad fact is that those who experienced those times are no longer.
    You are correct. We shall do it yet again.
    “Leadership”, read Govt, is likely worse today than it
    has ever been. Starting with the imposter in the WH.

  2. Now the press and their lefty friends probably will
    nit-pic Trump’s tax returns.

  3. The liberal bias of the lamestream media is quite obvious. Trump and his folks donated money to organizations they took the time to vet. Exactly how much, where it came from, and when it was donated is irrelevant. It was substantial; in the millions of dollars. Attacking Trump because he reached into his own pocket for megabucks to help vets is inexcusable. Trump, as usual was right. The word is SLEAZE.

  4. The problem is the “pen is mightier than the sword” is a very accurate axiom. The press is over 80% liberal, and they consider themselves journalists. This elite group see things that aren’t there and write about them. Their opinions are not to be challenged. Mr. Trump might be right but he has stirred a hornet’s nest in a viper’s den. Expect the worst from these people.

  5. The news media here in the US is basically a worthless source of news. If anything, the Obama years have taught me how to be keen in seeing the liberal bias in what I read. The only difference in our news and the Xinhua News Agency in China, is there the government actually approves news before it is published. Here, our news media willingly publishes lies and deceit in order to further their liberal beliefs. It’s insulting that they see us as so stupid as to believe it (but, sadly, many are).

  6. The media isn’t looking into the Clinton Foundation worth over 500 million from foreign governments, Goldman Sachs, etc. But she’s the media’s darling and non-touchable. Trump is trumpeting the voice of the American people, sans welfarites and illegals. If Hillary is elected, bar your doors and load up. We will be in a revolution. American people have had more than they can tolerate any more.

  7. I concur with the observations about the left-leaning media. I also agree with Wounded Warrior and will have to change my will and trust now. As a vet, I had left the majority of my estate to Wounded Warrior in the event my spouse and I passed together. I am in the process of changing that charity because of the reported misuse and mismanagement of Wounded Warriors. It is disappointing that such a good concept can be hijacked by a few inept folks.

  8. Good on you Howard, for following your gut and investigating The Wounded Warriors Project when you bore the brunt of getting to the truth that some wouldn’t appreciate. Your loyal readers that I proudly have joined, can’t be surprised by the tenacity and integrity continually displayed in your work. Thank you for your refreshing, thought provoking and insightful reads!

  9. Maybe check into the love affair between the media CBC/CTV here in Canada we all know the CBC is in bed with the left always has been always will be………Sell The CBC and save 1 Billion a year from Canadian Taxpayers

  10. The media painted Trump as a thief and are still sticking to the narrative that if they had not investigated, he would still be holding the money. How absurd! Trump vetting the organizations before giving them money just shows how much smarter he would run the executive branch than our current and some past presidents. The big one, the idiotic Obamacare website and programmers! (Slush fund for politicians)

  11. I think Donald Trump is totaly what America should be applauding. He seems to be “off the cuff” honest and his answers just but the press and dishonest politicians to no end. I doubt he will become President of the United States because the Establishment will murder him first.

  12. I have to agree once again Trump put the media in its place and assured them as “President” he was not going to cut them any slack . Good for him . However that “tingle up your leg” has me a little worried , you may need to get that looked at…

  13. Community Organising means, primarily, going with hat in hand to various levels of government and asking for funds for your community’s pet projects. That is what Barack Obama did for years. Now that he’s on the other side of the door, is it any wonder that he thinks it perfectly natural to dole out money like a drunken sailor? No wonder he’s deficit-spent about $8 trillion over his two administrations. This is the legacy of having a community organiser in charge of the purse strings.

  14. I was elated when I saw Trump call out those filthy rats for what they are. It’s about time they are put in their place. They sat there in stunned silence after Trump turned the tables on them. A wonderful moment for those of us who understand how corrupt and morally bankrupt the media is.

  15. Hope you listened to Rush today: he expounded on the “ask Hillary” question . I think it was Jake Tapper who asked her “How much she had given (then he gave her an out) and in a broader sense what have you done for the Veterans”. Of course she’s legislated how we tax payers could pay for Vet programs, but she didn’t tell how much she had GIVEN!
    VIckie McCoy

  16. What the media is most famous for is guilty by innuendo even if no charges are made .Believe no thing you hear, half
    of what you read in the papers and a quarter of what you see on TV.

  17. 2nd paragraph, “CASTIGATED”. When I was on the farm, we castigated young male pigs (shoats). Some folk fried the castigates, we fed ours to the dogs. They loved them. Since we did not castigate young female pigs , when they “came of age”, we let the boar have his way with them. This worked well. We retired from castigating. The point is, it worked 99.44% of the time. The other .6% was work of barn cats. From 80 yr.-old castigator. P.S. Even swine won’t defecate where they eat, Yours.

  18. WW and the media are both slime. I made my mom stop giving WW money. So many of these PACs are the same way–they are funneling the money away–the VAST majority of them give less than 5% to the candidates they are supposed to be supporting. There’s a watchdog website, I’ll send it to you Howard in case you want to post it so folks can check before sending the check.

  19. I want Trump to beat the media like a drum! They are sleaze, and I am so glad he is not afraid to call them out – by name. I, too, was taken in by Wounded Warrior. These so called charities often begin honestly and with good purpose. But growth brings big money and total corruption. I’m back to the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts for my donations. And the Boy Scouts are getting more scrutiny these days.

  20. I am reminded that when “the fat lady sings, she and her paramour “willie” will have met and had many “willies” in orange jump suits far more attractive than her current pants suits! Bud farrell

  21. Not sure what John C. Rochotte did with his male farm animals. We castrated ours. Or I totally missed his ‘play on words’. As for Trump’s organization taking its time to check out charities prior to giving them huge amounts of money, it’s commendable that they did so. It shows their strong desire to have as much of the donated funds as possible actually used to help Veterans. Bravo. I too have a couple sites I use to check out organizations before sending a penny.

  22. HUMOR: Hillary jumped on the band wagon to talk about TRUMP and his TRUMP UNIVERSITY SCANDAL. What a joke, she is not even smart enough to keep her big shrieking mouth shut! Does she even realize the number of scandals following along after her big pantsuits?

  23. I have heard Hillary gave a whopping 70 thousand to veteran groups. Hillary was sure quick to jump on Trump but won’t really put the money where her mouth is.

  24. My daughter’s boyfriend who is a machine gunner in the marines was up in my northern Michigan cabin last fall and he proudly wore a wounded warrior hat. My daughter found the info on the internet about the excess spending and informed him. We let a lot of led fly and had some great quality family time. After my daughter and boyfriend left I found what was left of his hat in the fire pit.
    What in the hell is wrong with this world. Sadly another good lesson learned by young adults.

  25. Good one Howard. Used to be you got the “truth” from the media many years back.
    Question however may as well be today: who is controlling the media. Surely not soros and his gang? That’s likely the reason why there was no investigative work, or negative reviews of his “meat puppet” barry hussein prior to his election.

  26. The media despises Trump because they can’t control Trump. The media is used to controlling politicians (and other things) and they use slander, manipulation and lies to do so. Except with Trump their attacks are like water off a duck’s back. If for no other reason I would support Trump because he puts them in their place, something no other politician can do.

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