From The Age Of Innocence To Sodom & Gomorrah


Those days . . . in North America – when INNOCENCE was a VIRTUE, ARE NOW SPIRALING TOWARDS PERDITION!


As I’ve written many times . . . I am Jewish, I was partially educated in a Montreal Yeshiva (Rabbinical College), I was a devout attendee to Sabbath Services, and I am very cognizant, comfortable and aware of Christianity.

I count many Fundamentalist Christians amongst my closest friends, and over the years, I have developed a close relationship with a Catholic Priest, who was an outstanding Montreal Icon during his day. And I treasure the relationship I have with my Pastor Friend from Amarillo Texas.

I’m ”telling” you this, because I’ve also made it clear that I am NOT a Religious Person, but that being “said” – I am a STRONG ADVOCATE of the Morals, Ethics and Values promoted in our Judeo/Christian Philosophies.

SO WHEN I WRITE . . . that we are travelling from our AGE OF INNOCENCE, backwards towards a time of DEBAUCHERY – I am saying this not from a religious perspective, but rather, from what I can clearly see, from what History has recorded for thousands of years in the Bible and elsewhere.

I HAVE NO IDEA . . . and neither does anyone else know, if GOD turned Lot’s Wife into a pillar of Salt for looking back at the destruction of the sinful people, but, it is written through Jewish and Christian Biblical History, how mankind has repeatedly been punished, including whole nations, which lived IMMORAL lives.

I will leave it up to Biblical Scholars, Rabbis, Ministers and Priests . . . to argue, whether and how GOD might have destroyed whole civilizations, because of their wickedness, or as I believe, the WICKEDNESS AND DEBAUCHERY has repeatedly destroyed itself, just as I believe the new debauchery we’re now living with, will do no less, which throughout the ages has happened at a price.

BETWEEN OBAMA and the likes of Trudeau (in the USA and Canada), and the people they’ve set-up to create what I consider to be EVIL Societies, where everything goes, from ACCEPTED Salacious and Perverted Sexual Lifestyles, to the approval of Intoxication through Legalized Drugs, to the teaching of LEFTIST Political Philosophies, which empower Governments opposed to Individuals . . . THE COMEUPPANCE IS NIGH.

I don’t want to sound like a preacher . . . but, there comes a time, when we should all start preaching COMMON SENSE & DECENCY, and stop being STUPIDLY POLITE.

Much of where and how our society has progressed has been in the wrong direction, which is unacceptable . . . AND SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED . . . and it’s time for all of us who want to live our own lives to stand up and FIGHT BACK. And I really do mean – FIGHT BACK.


My policy as you might know, and if you’re relatively NEW to this BLOG, you should know, is that I have ZERO TOLERANCE for LEFTIST Debate. I have so little use for people who want to defend Political Correctness, especially on the LEFT, who try to sell their CRAP on this BLOG in the COMMENT Section, that I simply remove the Comment and permanently REMOVE the person from the Directory who made the Comment.


If anyone thinks that I should have an obligation to live by their RULES and VALUES, because they figure they are so much smarter and better equipped to deal with MY LIFE, or the life of someone’s FAMILY better than me or others . . . they better think again.


The other day, after a pleasant restaurant supper, Anne and I had the DISPLEASURE of meeting a woman, who was with her husband and daughter, who were friends of the friends we had supper with.

This woman earned her living as a REGULATOR, and during the conversation that ensued between us, with me being as polite and subdued as is possible for me, so as not to embarrass our friends . . . I asked her what she thought gave her the right to tell me how I should live my life?

And then came the LEFTIST BLATHER. So I became more specific and personal, and told her that I rode a Motorcycle, so I asked: Where does she get off to tell me, a 66-Year old man, who NEVER took a nickel from any government, why it was her business, whether or not I should wear a Helmet.

I actually do wear a helmet when I ride, because I happen to think it’s the smart thing for me to do. BUT THAT’S MY DECISION.

HER RESPONSE WAS THE SAME TIRED LEFTIST CANARD . . . “Everyone pays into Canadian Healthcare, so we all have the right to tell people what they can do when it impacts upon the Public System.”

At that point, I more or less ended the conversation, before I said anything more to her that might have ended our relationship with our friends, who we really like. And also . . . several years ago, I made the very conscientious decision not to Debate or Argue with LEFTISTS, which is tantamount to smacking your head repeatedly into a brick wall.


I would have told her the following:

1 – As you were a Government Regulator, I paid for your Generous Salary, your over-the-top Perks and Vacations, your Job Stability, and your Pension that eclipses what the average Canadian will ever see after they can no longer work, and which is more generous than most Canadian families earn when they do work.

2 – Referring to the above point . . . I have never had an EMPLOYEE, whose salary I paid, tell me how I should run my business or live my life. So where do you get off?

3 – As for Healthcare and everyone having a STAKE IN THE SYSTEM . . . more than 50% of the people pay NO TAXES. 100% of the Public Sector Work Force – from Teachers to Firemen, Police, Politicians, Bureaucrats, REGULATORS and everyone else on the PUBLIC TEATPAY NO TAXES, since if we the people in the PRIVATE SECTOR, didn’t pay TAXES, Public Sector Workers like yourself would have ZERO INCOME.

And if people like me didn’t pay taxes, I would still make a living, and in fact, would bring home as much as 50% MORE MONEY, and you wouldn’t have a job.

And I would have assured her, that if the MAKERS never paid an involuntary Tax again, and relied entirely on HIRING people really needed to make our lives better, the ONLY difference we would feel . . . would be EMANCIPATION.

And what Public Sector Workers think they pay in Taxes, is only a return of some of the money they TAKE from the people in the Private Sector.

4 – SO . . . BASED ON THE PRECEDING – Anne and I, just like Millions of other MAKERS, whom are people who actually work in the Private Sector, who pay into the system, WHICH WOULDN’T EXIST WITHOUT OUR MONEY . . . and certainly not because of anything the TAKERS contribute, since they only TAKE. Or what the Public Sector Workers contribute, since they only give back in a very marginal way what they’ve been TAKING, and then TAKE back again in SPADES through their OBSCENE pensions . . . THEY DO NOT HAVE A DOG IN THIS FIGHT, and subsequently, should have no right to tell anyone anything about how to LIVE their private lives.


I’m simply not interested in playing their game . . . no matter what laws they pass, and what edicts they create – I SIMPLY WILL NOT PLAY, and I urge everyone who cherishes VALUES and Personal FREEDOMS, to think about the LIFE that you have, and the lives of your Children and Grandchildren, as to how you want yourself and your family to be JUDGED, when it all comes together and COLLAPSES under it’s own weight.

IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . In the AGE-OLD WAR between EVIL and GOOD, there will be no one to redeem us other than ourselves. AND THAT DAY IS COMING.

ON THIS MEMORIAL DAY . . . I think about the men and women who fought and died defending our FREEDOMS, and I ask myself, what did these brave men and women die for, if our lives don’t belong to us, and we’re not prepared to carry-on the fight?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear Howard:
    While I was in Ottawa last week, I overheard two exceptionally well dressed and sophisticated middle aged gentlemen,
    one from Edmonton, the other from Ottawa talking about the low price of oil worldwide. Their opinion was that the instigators of this scheme is Saudi Arabia. The point of it all is to make it not profitable for Canada to build the Energy East pipeline. Their opinion was that OPEC is also counting on Mr.Harper losing the next election…
    Louis Beland Cornwall

  2. Your view is much like that of Ayn Rand’s from what I have read. Its significance, much like the words of Rand, are lost on those who are on the taking side rather than the making side. I am not religious but history teaches us that when a society ceases to play by the rules that got them to their zenith they quickly find themselves on the dust heap of history’s “used to be” civilizations. I am afraid that we are heading to that heap hell bent for leather. Good luck and thanks.

  3. Thank you Howard for one of your best blogs on our society and the direction that the left has and is taking us. You are correct in saying that it is time to stand up and be counted, especially on this Memorial Day. Thanks again for an excellent article.

  4. Your spot on your blog today.I just finished a book,” The Corruption Chronicles “by Tom Fitton. This is about the last 3 U.S.presidents and hillay c. There are only true facts,proven and documented included what you have said today,government regulator’s.

  5. Spot on…..there’s no logical debate with the left. They “have” all the answers. Having paid into SS for 40 some years (many at the max.) to now be told it is an entitlement is absurd and thanks to Clinton, we are now taxed on that! The current model is not sustainable with almost half of the population getting the free stuff while the rest of us pay and the Government drives us further in debt….it has to stop!

  6. I thank you for the time you spend writing this blog. I send it to many some of which don’t agree with any of it but I still pound them with the truth. By the way I have three converts from the left that is coming around thanks to your ability to bring the truth to light. Let us all remember our fallen service women and men today and may we stand and fight for the freedom the bought us in the past. God bless them all.

  7. “The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

  8. Three friends, an Engineer, Mathematician & a Civil Servant were dog owners! Each boasted about them.
    They met one afternoon. The Engineer’s female dog, Slide Rule, started! He was able to build a bridge on the living room floor. The Physicist’s female dog, Pi Squared, baked some cookies. The Civil servant’s male dog, Coffee Break, barked, smashed the bridge, ate the rest of the cookies, screwed the two female dogs & said, “Lets take the rest of the afternoon off”!!! That about says it, “ALL”!

  9. Howard
    Great civilizations have all fallen from within. History repeats itself over and over. The virtue that made them great was exchanged for corruption. God does not punish us for this. When we turn away from Him we turn our faces toward hell. He gives us freedom. We choose our own destruction. He always stands ready to forgive us but we blind ourselves to His love.

  10. I have just returned from a memorial day celebration in Vero Beach, FL. It was very inspiring to hear the speeches by a general, a pastor and a lady who lost her husband in the Cole . The teens in the HS band and the Boy Scouts all heard and applauded these ceremonies, which gives me some small measure of hope for the future generations. The general did not shy from the phrase ” radical Islamic terrorism”.
    John Ross

  11. Thank you again, Mr. Galganov for your blog. Thank you for the blunt truth concerning our government and the Canadian government. You are exactly right about what we must do in November. I’m all the way in for Donald Trump and would have been all in for whomever the Republican candidate had been. Just as a note, I taught in the public schools from 1972 until around 2010 and did pay taxes yearly. Automatically each month and again more in April. FYI Keep smiling!

  12. Morals, from my point of view do not come from any religious deliverance. They are a personal development that I have established for myself that are not reflective on Christianity or other religion. I live my life doing what I see as right. My problem is with people who live their lives doing what I see as wrong and immoral. Drug dealers thieves etc that prey on their fellow humans fit this category. Religion is for believers, I am not a believer, just a moral person.

  13. Great and true article. Being politically correct started us down the road of destruction and we are going to have to change that one. God has taught is right from wrong. HE has warned us about good and evil and now has left it up to us to make that decision. It is just too bad we have to fight the Liberals who have no sense of right or wrong because they, so they say, are always right and know all. God will only take so much evil and then it will be time to destroy it.

  14. “No morals = No Dignity”! One just has to look at our “ANYTHING-GOES” society, these days. which proves this correlation. Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “reign” has contributed much to this lifestyle. People have NO RESPECT for their bodies, other people, and for the LAWS. This is WHY many people are supporting TRUMP…it’s because he SPEAKS what people FEEL and want to CHANGE. Our Country is slowly being destroyed by the LEFT with their IMMORAL LEGISLATIVE CONTRIBUTIONS. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! AMEN!

  15. I guess if our Government etc, would abdicate Don’t Murder, Don’t steal, Don’t covet your neighbors wife, don’t lie, Don’t have no other leader except me, Don’t make any idols, Don’t take my name in vein,(Like Obama damn it, or O Obama) Don’t commit adultery, Honor you Father and Mother, Make sure you take one day to think about me (Obama) and make it Holy. Being that would be the PC thing to do, would that then be acceptable? Of course I’m being facetious, so who denotes Morality? God or Gov’t?

  16. I was not poor growing up. I was middle class. Just this morning as I was eating toast I remembered as a kid, if the bread had a little mold we picked it off the crust and toasted it anyway. My mom and dad survived the great depression. My dad was a Pearl Harbor vet served on the USS Nevada. We did not waste. We worked hard. Our society is not hungry, at ease, and rich beyond measure. Our society is ungrateful, demands to be fed, demands to be taken care of, and our governments created them.

  17. Thank you, Howard, for stating so clearly my own thoughts and frustrations. We are indeed headed down the same path as fallen civilizations of the past. The Regulator at your table needs to read this blog, but even if she did happen across it, your common-sense VALID points would not seep through her very blindness to the facts. We do have opposite mindsets in our countries, and like you, it is a matter of evil vs. good, the right vs. the wrong.

  18. Howard, like yourself, I am Jewish. I get together with a group of guys once a week. One person is from New York, Jewish and a staunch liberal. The rest of the group are conservatives. It was amazing to listen to his reasoning and justification about the whole Sodom and Gomorrah scene. His rationalization did not make sense. Right away, I knew his brains were scrambled. Common sense is not common anymore.

  19. Well put! ! I couldn’t have said it better myself. As a business owner, I have noted, we have all lost more and more of our personal freedoms through government control and intervention, under the ruling of political correctness. Whenever I see another suit (government intruder), walk into my establishment, that I have spent years building, I become more and more aware, that we no longer have the freedom to be entrepreneurs. We have lost our freedoms long ago.

  20. Lefties are afflicted with a brain disorder that impedes logical thought. It is incurable.

  21. How pathetic that some people can believe in character assassination. Brad Thor is a author that writes novels that tells it like it is. So he and Glenn Beck are to be ostracized for a hypothical happening that people read too much into it. These same sicko’s don’t say a word about how our country is being destroyed by the great unwashed. I find if you have faith,morals and love of country somehow you are a bother to the holier than thou. Billie

  22. Howard, I really wish people would stop calling the leftists LIBERAL, they are NOT liberal. Maybe socialists, communists, or progressives, but NOT freakin liberal. They are not liberal with my freedom, they are thieves.

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