Does anyone have a couple of Green Cards Anne and I could have?

I know that what you’re about to read is seriously NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT . . . but what the hell, so many things have become Not Politically Correct, that you need a program to know what you CAN say and what you CANNOT say . . . so here goes.

But . . . before you read this – understand that at this juncture, if the Americans vote for anyone but Trump, this will be your fate.


Justin Trudeau, Canada’s still newly minted Prime Minister, who never had a real job before becoming a Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Subsequent Prime Minister of Canada after serving just one term, is going NUTS legislating and spending money like a drunken sailor.


Trudeau has presented a BILL in Parliament, which will make it punishable by up to TWO YEARS IN PRISON, for anyone who criticizes the LGBT (Gender Fluid Ideology) Community.

So . . . for me to write that I think it is SCANDALOUS to IMPOSE the Lifestyle of Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, Multi-Sexuals and God Only knows which other kind of Sexuals onto the public . . . will be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE COVERED UNDER CANADA’S HATE LAWS – it borders on the Criminal ABUSE of Political Power.

THAT SAID . . . Trudeau’s Mother – Margaret (Maggie) Trudeau, is CERTIFIABLY NUTS, which is also a very NON-POLITICALLY CORRECT THING TO WRITE, but it is nonetheless true. She really does have Seriously Diagnosed Mental Problems. And I’m pretty sure that Justin Trudeau’s Father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau; Canada’s Socialist Prime Minister during the 1970’s and 80’s . . . who was so over-the-top in the world of ARROGANCE, that he didn’t necessarily function on all cylinders either.

And when you look at the UNBELIEVABLY INSANE things Justin Trudeau has already done and said, since becoming Prime Minister, like spending Canada from a nearly balanced budget into the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF DEBT, you have to do all you can, not to grab for the HOT TAR AND FEATHERS

Last week, Trudeau physically GRABBED the House Whip of the Conservative Party, then he ELBOWED a Female Member of the NDP Party in the Chest, followed by a VICIOUS VERBAL ALTERCATION with the Leader of the NDP during Parliament, because the Opposition Parties weren’t moving fast enough for Trudeau.

MORE THAN THAT . . . because Trudeau has the Majority in the HOUSE of COMMONS, there is no opposition to stop any of his BILLS from becoming law. So, in all REALITY, Trudeau can pass any law he sees fit, as long as his Party goes along with it. And why shouldn’t they, since they’re just as inept as he is? And the last thing they would want is to be removed from Power by way of a NON–CONFIDENCE VOTE because their Leader is NUTS.


THIS KOOK TRUDEAU . . . who I am absolutely certain has INHERITED THE NUTSY GENES from his Mother, and the ARROGANT GENE from his Father, also wants to change the entire VOTING System of Elections in Canada, from FIRST PAST THE POST, which has been our System of picking Governments from the very beginning of Parliament, just as it has always been the American and British Commonwealth System . . . to PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION, which is an extremely complicated and FAILED System, which is used in countries like Italy and Israel amongst others, which have extremely unstable governments surviving only on deals they have to make with multiple Parties with selfish demands.

THE LEFT LOVES PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION . . . because it gives them a HUGE advantage to control governments, by dividing Parties and holding their votes and seats for ransom.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . This WONKY idea has been presented to the Canadian People on several occasions, in various Provinces, by way of Referenda, only for the idea to be THROWN OUT by the people like DIRTY WATER.

But, there is nothing to stop Trudeau from making it happen, which will go even further to destroying Canada, by making it virtually impossible for any one Party . . . in this case Conservatives . . . to ever win Power Again.


I don’t care what the LEFT and Pundits have to say about Hillary Clinton as the so-called “inevitable” Democrat Nominee. And as I’ve been writing since the beginning of the Nominating Process, Clinton will not make it to become the Democrat Nominee, and if she does, it will be GOOD NIGHT IRENE for the Democrat Party, and by the grace of Obama, she will be very fortunate just to stay out of jail.

And I suspect . . . that if Hillary Clinton is INDICTED before Obama leaves Office, it might be her best bet to stay out of jail, because at worst, she can get a Presidential Pardon from Obama, no mater how egregious her crimes are (were), just as Hillary Clinton’s Husband Bill Clinton, Pardoned Marc Rich, who was one of the WORST scammers and violators of Financial Ethics in American History, let alone TRADING with the Iranians, contrary to American Laws.

THAT SAID . . . you have to hand it to Hillary Clinton, because – between running for Office on a History of Lies and Failures, to being part of a Criminal Family Financial Foundation, the Treasonous handling of the Benghazi Slaughter, and her use of a totally NON-SECURED WEB SERVER, which she has overtly LIED about . . . I have no idea how she can get out of bed in the morning.


Forget about the Polls for Trustworthiness and Honesty, because in the final analysis, people with a BRAIN don’t care. What they do care about is the following:


THAT’S IT . . . That’s all the people want to know. Can, and will Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

Will he stop the Hemorrhage of American Jobs? Will Trump finally end ILLEGAL Immigration? Will he reduce the Size of Government and really LOWER Taxes? Will he make it easier to once again do business in the USA? And will he shatter the INSANITY of the EPA and all the other nonsensical REGULATIONS?

Will Trump really REBUILD THE US MILITARY? Will he POUND the Crap out of ISIS? And will he make it as such . . . that no one will MESS with the USA? And will Trump treat the Veterans with the care and respect they’ve earned and deserve?

OR DO THE PEOPLE . . . want the BS that is the hallmark of the LEFT?

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS . . . Trump is the ONLY Candidate saying what the people are thinking and want to hear. He has stuck it to the Republican Establishment in a very big and transparent way – and still is. He has shaken-up foreign leaders, and is making Americans think again about America’s Glory Days.

For a guy who was considered to be a JOKE not that long ago to the Insiders, none of the Republican and Democrat Establishment are laughing now.

And for Americans who still might be sitting on the fence about Trump . . . I ask them to think about what Trump has been saying consistently, compared to what his Political Opposition is saying and STANDS for.

Do you want a President who WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? Or do you want to elect a Piece of Work that will drag the USA along the same path as a JERK like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is dragging my country?


Because . . . as Trump MAKES AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, Canada will be left behind as we further degrade into obscurity, with no hope of keeping up, or even catching up to what will absolutely be a RESURGENT USA.

Does anyone have a couple of Green Cards Anne and I could have?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I also have been watching conservative One America News (OAN) since it showed up on my Verizon service, especially Rick Amato. Thanks for your insite, Howard. Always a good read!

  2. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help you and ALL your family (I count your animals as part of your family) obtain what ever you need in order to move to the states, I will be glad to help. God bless you and all your family. Charles

  3. No comment,….you are 110% on target. We ARE at the tipping point, it’s succeed,….or be gone!!!

  4. Donald Trump was not my first, nor even my second choice early on in the process; but now, for the possible survival of the USA, he is the only choice. I am an American patriot, a US Navy veteran, and an admitted political junkie. I find it hard to believe how ignorant so many Americans and Canadians seem to be about history, and the unquestionable superiority of free-market capitalism in a democratic republic.

  5. Love the analysis of our Canada and the Pretty Boy who loves himself. If there is a Green Card out there for Howard, I would love one as well….maybe if I go to California, I can get a Drivers License like all of the illegal Mexicans and then apply for a Green Card. Thanks for a good post again.

  6. Incredible the path we are on to implosion from debt and deceit. Our current regime can’t give enough away fast enough and the BS is just amazing. O’bama will pardon the wretch just like Bill did before…..whatever happened to “for the people and by the people”? If I had access to a green card you would have it and if need be you can store your weapons in my safe.

    Stay safe……..

  7. Many Lefty ideologies and practices are very fascist and very ‘Sen. McCarthy.’ The Left looks to impose their will on others and severely ostracizes those who refuse to follow or succumb to their ways. This is politically incorrect to say and media will never expose this, but it is truth. The other point is Trudeau just shows his immaturity and ignorance when he pulls stunts like that. He did it in his campaign and he is doing it now.

  8. Bravo Zulu, Howard! As Plato predicted, our democracies (“authorities of the crowds”) have
    succumbed to the “snake-oil salesmen”, and have descended into complacency and apathy,
    the forerunners to despotism. Only a leader like Trump can prevent the latter, and bring back
    a democracy, and preferably, pave the way to a noöcracy. I hope that Trudeau and co. will
    learn from Trump … for Canada’s sake!

  9. It appears that Trudeau’s true ambition is to become King of Canada. That bodes frightening consequences for both Canada and the USA – as its neighbor. But enter Trump who is best equipped to “chat” with him; “explain” consequences likely to come from its southern neighbor, and perhaps “paint an ugly picture” if he dares proceed in his present fashion. Come to think of it; Trump might be the best thing to hit the entire globe for purposes of bringing back once-great countries to their senses.

  10. The most horrific thing about a Clinton presidency is that she will appoint at least 2 supreme court justices. Overturning the second amendment by said justices will result in nothing less than full blown civil war. Such a conflict would be a prime time for the US to be targeted by countries like North Korea or Russia.

  11. Again, well expressed and very sound thinking. You are correct. All I see on FB from my friends re Trump is incorrect innuendos from the far left publications. They see the US going to hell as we move back to the Constitution. Perhaps they wish the US to lead them to total socialism as every one who expresses opinion, loves Bernie. Use me as one of your many references when you apply late January.

  12. I’ll keep this simple…maybe it’s time for you to make your move and finally become one of us. You will make a fine outstanding American Patriot. And if, as you say Nutso Trudeau, is doing the Obama to Canada, maybe it would be the prudent thing to do and get out while you still can. You would be more than welcome to bring your family….wife…dogs..horses and last but not least motorcycles. I realize it’s hard to leave “home,” but it sounds like it’s almost just a memory anyway !

  13. Howard: After a couple of ‘nice and quiet’ editorials……YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN!!!! LIKE THE BLUES JAYS OF LAST YEAR!!! You, ‘The Nailer’ have ‘nailed another one’…..out of the park….especially on the Canadian side of things. You seem to be the only ‘investigative type’ of reporter writing about the ‘hard truths’ of the actions of our Federal Liberal Leader and his gang. How about the ‘reception’ our Ontario Liberal Leader just got in the Legislature of Alberta recently? Did you see it

  14. Agreed HG Unfortunately Canada is SUNK there is no way to overcome this fool Trudeau . Furthermore ALL I see or read indicates he is ADORED by Canadians , which ones I am not sure of OR IS IT JUST THE MEDIA LYING TO SUPPORT THIS POS ? The world deserves Trump ,if he in fact does what he says he will do . Only HOPE for the average Canadian is dope gets legalized and we will no longer care … hey maybe that’s the plan .

  15. Howard, you just get better and better! Please think seriously of moving to the USA. We can use more people like you here! If you and Ann do decide to move, look for a lot of us out here who would send money, write letters, be sponsors, help move your animals, whatever, to get you to be an American!

  16. Having been in the Navy, I am offended by comparing any drunken sailor to your PM. We spend our own money on such enterprises.

  17. Roar of the tiger, Howard! off we go, into the wild blue yonder…! Very respectfully Bud Farrell

  18. Obama never had a real job before becoming POTUS. Our 8-year nightmare is coming to an end, Canada’s is just beginning and I feel for the Canadian people. Trump is going to be an AMAZING POTUS and I can’t wait. He’s had a HUGE learning curve and, he has shown himself to be a quick study, to his credit. I think people are going to be surprised at just how good Trump is going to be in the Oval Office.

  19. Howard, your piece today leaves this reader with multiple emotions. Among them all the feelings already being expressed here by other admirers & well wishers. So that said, I’ll just say a BIG DITTO! and thanks for putting your thoughts (our thoughts too) on your platform for all to see. Wishing you and all Canadians the very best considering all the points we now know about your current leadership. As for we in the U.S. – true the adage – “we get the government we deserve”? sad truism, sigh.

  20. First thing Trudeau did was put his two nannies (supposedly for the children) on the federal payroll ($90+K) then gave away $8.5 billion. We went from 7.5 B surplus to a 30+B deficit. Every trip he does he gives away money on pie-in-the sky ideas. He just keeps bringing in unvetted Muslims and wants Islamiphobia laws. Wife Princess Hasnobrains wants us to spend… on her, and Prince Baby Doc Trudeau agrees. Clinton will be just as generous with the US budget as Trudeau, who wants to be Obama.

  21. Howard, this is an incredible piece of work. You are entirely correct with all your comments. Justin Trudeau has to be the stupidest ass on this planet. His comments during the election “rich like me” I believe to be a sham. He has a trust fund which I believe was doled out to him, and as a teacher he had a modest income. I do not think he did much travel on his own dime, that is why he is so obsessed with traveling now on our $ first class all the way. For him and Queen Sophie Kardashian.

  22. Howard If America survives so will Canada and the rest of the world. What our fathers created (with God’s guidance) will carry us through. Sometimes He works through unlikely people. I believe we will win.

  23. Great article Howard. Thanks for always telling it like it is. Hope you don’t have to leave your beloved Canada but you will be welcome in the USA. Blessings to you and you family.

  24. If Mr. Trump is not victorious in November, I will be very sad for my country. If 8 years of the Fraud-in-Chief have not taught us the dangers of the Left, we as a nation are doomed.

  25. All of Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan are NOT printed on her Posters and Backdrops. The full slogan is as follows:
    ‘Working for us…BILL and HILLARY! I hope the the Trump organization picks up on this?

  26. Always enjoyed visiting all Canada and having friends I see often, except I don’t feel welcomed in Quebec since the law forbids English signs and French only in schools and civil matters. I still go to Montreal as its my favorite city and several close friends. If bernie or hillary should become president we will be in deep doo doo and our enemies will have a field day.

  27. I cant stand Donald Trump. From his dealings which I am familiar with in Palm Beach he is a litigious blowhard. Perhaps he thinks he can sue ISIS into submission. His signature item (The Wall) is a waste of time and money. Wont solve much at all.
    Want to stop illegal immigration? Arrest the people who hire them. Charge them with a crime and put them in jail. No jobs, few if any illegals. It would achieve Mitt Romney’s goal of “self deportation”.
    Can’t stand Hillary either. Sad time for USA.

  28. Howard, I am relatively new to reading your commentaries, but I have to say that you are one of very few that make sense in this “politically correct” world we find ourselves in today.

    I can see similarities with you and Donald Trump in many ways, not the least of which is speaking the bald truth, and not trying to tiptoe through the PC tulips.

    I have supported Trump from the start – he may be egotistical and maybe even a SOB, but he will be OUR SOB, beholden only to the citizens of the U.

  29. Any sensible person can put themselves in Trump’s shoes. If you were a multi-billionaire, had an exquisite penthouse on top of your Tower on Fifth Avenue, NYC, a royal mansion in Palm Beach, a gorgeous wife, five fantastic kids and multi numbers of great influential friends, would you want to take on the mess Obama, Hillary, Bill and the Bushes have made of this country? He has got to really love America.

  30. With ‘pretty boy spender” at the helm in Canada, all I can say is “GOD HELP US!!”

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