We Are Outnumbered – BUT NOT OUTCLASSED


Before anything . . . START WITH THIS PREMISE – The Media and the Politicians are in bed with each other, and the only difference between the Republicans as we know them now, and the Democrats as they are – is who has power, and which one of the two does not.


The relationship between the Media and the Government is INCESTUOUS TO THE MAX. When the Government needs Media Savvy, they turn to the NEWS Stations and Networks to Recruit.

When the Government changes Parties, the Media Members who are out of their Government jobs find themselves as NEWS ANALYSTS in Print, Radio and Television.


You would be astounded at how many people there are in all the various forms of the Media, at all levels, who are married to, or living with Government Management Types, who pretend that that they are OBJECTIVE, when nothing could be further from the truth.


You could believe if that’s what you want, but I won’t for several reasons:

1 – We ABSOLUTELY know that Politicians and Bureaucrats LIE like cheap rugs.

2 – We also know that the Media seem to spend more time on withholding NEWS, and spinning it, than they are in disseminating it.

3 – The Networks are controlled with MEGA-DOLLARS, all of which is not necessarily homegrown money, as we see with FOX News and CNN, where a huge chunk of their cash comes from Saudi Arabia and other really Bad Actors.

4 – News has become ENTERTAINMENT, where it’s all about the RATINGS and Access, where the Story and Truth come SECOND to the Revenue.

5 – And no one is going to convince me that the Media CANNOT BE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. And outside of BLOGS like this one, and to a limit, some of the High Profile Talent Driven Conservative Radio and Television Talk Shows . . . I DO MEAN ALL OF THEM!

None of the foregoing is to suggest we should stop reading, listening and watching the Media . . . it is merely a warning that what we believe is true because the Media says so, is not necessarily even close to revealing the whole story, let alone being the TRUTH.


In 1996, I was offered the DREAM JOB OF A LIFETIME, being the Morning Host of a once-upon-a-time Major Montreal AM Radio Station, which had seen much better days in terms of Audience.

But even though this station (CIQC) was down in the dumps, to be offered this opportunity in the City of your Birth is as rare as it gets. And as flattered as I was to be given the chance to be a voice in Montreal, I turned it down several times.


My conditions were simple:

1 – They would have to set-up a Broadcast Facility for me to do the show from my Private Office on my own property, which was built beside our Horse Paddock.

2 – I would Broadcast all of my shows without a Producer.

3 – I would Travel wherever I wanted for my advertising business, from where they would have to make arrangements and pay all the costs for the LIVE Broadcasts back to Montreal. I would pay for all Travel Costs – including Planes, Hotels, Car Rentals, Meals . . . ETC.

Which for them . . . it was a great deal, because of the cachet it gave the show.

4 – I also accepted a relatively small Salary, which was paid to my Advertising Agency, which made me one of the LOWEST PAID BROADCASTERS IN CANADA, with the exception, that part of my contract allowed me to have my own Sponsors, which paid me directly, making me INDEPENDENT from the Station, in as much as they couldn’t hold a large Salary over my head for RANSOM, and that my sponsors more than made up for the small salary.

I certainly could have negotiated better. But it really wasn’t in my interests to be beholden to the station. Besides, it wasn’t my REAL Job, and who knew how long it would last.

It’s kind of how Galganov.com has been developing over the years.

5 – I demanded a VETO over who the Station could sell advertisements to during my show, from sign-on to the sign-off.

6 – Also, there would be NO DELAY WHATSOEVER from what I, or the callers would say from the time they said it, to the time the audience heard it. So, if someone were to say F-OFF or F-YOU live on-air, it would be heard. Which might have happened perhaps just TWICE.


So how do you think it worked-out?

I started against Howard Stern on the same day he began Broadcasting his morning show in Montreal. And where every Radio Station, in English and in French lost listeners to Stern, because he was such a novelty, my numbers went up by 15%, which in Radio Parlance is quite substantial.


A SUBSTANTIAL FOCUS OF GALGANOV AT HIGH NOON . . . featured an ALL OUT WAR against the Montreal Media, Newspapers, Radio and Television, both English and French, who freely BS’ed their markets in order to sell Advertising, for which I SUED MOST OF THEM at the Advertising Council, WINNING EACH TIME.

WHEN I WON, I was warned by the Advertising Council . . . that my victory MUST BE KEPT IN-HOUSE, and not made public, since they would relay their decision as a slap on the wrist to the affected media, to which I answered by making the VICTORY against the DISHONEST Media as PUBLIC as possible on Galganov At High Noon.

AT ONE POINTTHE STATION . . . was warned by the CRTC (Canadian Radio And Television Corporation – Akin to the America FCC), that it must make a Public Apology to a French Listener, without revealing her identity, who was AGGRIEVED by my VISCERAL comments on Quebec Separatists, and the Quebec Government, which made the Unrestricted Use of the English Language ILLEGAL.

So . . . when by accident, I heard of this CRTC Demand for the apology and the anonymity of the “victim”, I COULD NOT WAIT to get on-air, and BLAST the CRTC, while announcing the NAME OF THE AGGRIEVED SEPARATIST WOMAN.

What was the CRTC going to do? FIRE ME? I wasn’t their employee. So good luck with that.

Were they going to have the Radio Station FIRE ME? So what . . . I owned a successful Advertising Agency, and staying on-air was not all that much of a big deal for me. But in the long run, a whole bunch of Bureaucrats were bent out of joint, the Station Owners were raked over the coals, AND THE AUDIENCE LOVED IT.

AT ANOTHER TIME . . . The Canadian Radio Standards Council issued a condemnation of how I spoke and what I said on-air. My response to them was to call their Director of the Standards Council while I was LIVE-ON AIR, to effectively tell him what kind of a DICK he was, which also didn’t go over all that well with the Insiders. BUT THE LISTENERS LOVED IT. And so did I.

BUT THE BEST . . . at least in my opinion, happened when I did my show LIVE at 35,000 Feet On An AIR-PHONE, while flying across the Canadian Prairies, coming back from a Western Swing of doing Radio Broadcasts, when my Guest Host asked me if I heard that the CRTC ADMONISHED me for my Broadcasts, to which, without really thinking, because I was so tired – I answered . . .

“What part at 35,000 Feet, CAN’T the CRTC understand that they CAN Kiss My Ass?”


I so disliked the HOITY-TOITY in the Government and Media, that I regularly rented busses, invited listeners to join me, and took my show LIVE BY CELL PHONE to where the Bad Guys were HOLED-UP, whether it was in Ottawa at the Prime Minister’s Residence, or to Quebec City, where the Separatists and other Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalists lived very much High-On-The-Hog.

The Broadcast Quality over the Cell Phone SUCKED, but the content was Fabulous.


I mentioned that raising the audience numbers by 15% in one Rating Book against Howard Stern was HUGE; so imagine what it was like for me and the station I broadcast for, when I raised the Stations Ratings during my Time Slot from 7-Thousand Quarter-Hours Tuned . . . to FORTY THOUSAND Quarter-Hours Tuned in the space of JUST ONE YEAR.

Which was nearly a 600% Increase in Audience.

So – when it comes to understanding the Media, and what the PEOPLE really care about in terms of information about Government, the Bureaucracy, Big Business, Big Banks, Big Labor and all the many things that are killing our societies, which the Media sort of play with, this kind of Media Dishonesty is not new to me.

In a perverse way . . . Standing-Up to them is kind of what I live for.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Watch Tarek Fatah on tEzra Levants Sun Media show The Source, he reminds me of Ed Koch a Liberal with sanity.

  2. For better or worse the media is the message. The good news is that the new media has made great strides and broken the liberal media monopoly. We still need to overtake them completely but gain every day. I just wish the new media would coordinate and cooperate, promote each others programs, books, ideas, etc. Word is getting out on what is happening in our education establishment, governments at every level and much more. Given the truth I believe most people will react appropriately.

  3. If the taxpayer/voter is the supposed “Boss” over Politicians and Bureaucrats , why is it that the former is slugging it out in the workforce to keep afloat for now and in the future, while the latter pay themselves handsomely and insure themselves a generously funded future ? How do you wake up this media controlled society Howard ?

  4. Howard I have followed you from the beginning in all your endeavors from your first to last broadcast and everything in between. What you say is impartial and spot on. Wish you were a politician! Nick

  5. Part of the reason for the great success of Donald Trump is that he was managed to overcome the media. He knows how it works and has the smarts to beat them. He even calls them out for what they are during his rallies.

  6. How can you tell if a politician is telling lies,his lips are moving. The spin from TV on political news i take with a grain of salt. Most blogs, if not favoring one politician or party, can provide a good news source.The public are like sheep just fed them with B.S.and they accept what they hear.

  7. How sweet it is! Government and news media are two of the most corrupt entities on the planet. Being able to stick it to the scumbags must have had you massaging your heart with joy. 🙂 A dream come true!!!

  8. Howard, “I never knew ye.”
    So you really didn’t just miraculously appear at God’s fore-ordained moment…but you seem to have, and I think most of us newbies to you may think so. I, for one, thank you for your long road of preparation.
    Not to put too sharp a point on it, but perhaps you may know more about Moses than anyone I know. Just don’t strike a rock. 🙂

  9. You are my kind of rebel, Howard! I really enjoy your blogs…they make so much sense. You are the Voice of Reason in a world that has gone completely mad, especially in our countries with the so-called leaders we have. They are leading us to destruction. Keep doing what you know best…writings editorials. Thanks for bring you!

  10. Fantastic Howard, it would be great to see someone like you telling it like it is here in our media.

  11. Howard, I have been impressed with you, from the moment I read my first blog of yours. This blog is simply the cherry on top of the Sundae!!! You have also, made it clear about Politicians & Media – There is simply NO difference between them!!! I have always felt voting makes a difference – Not any more. I was just reading today how the Republicans are passing bills with more money than Obummer asked for!!! D.C. needs to be completely cleaned out, for sure!!!

  12. Howard, Cheri from San Antonio said it, YOU are my kind of REBEL. These weak leaders and lying politicians and subversive media must be called out and challenged. Actually they must be weeded out and you are the kind of man to do it!

  13. Well stated Howard. I totally agree with you. Keep up your good work. Your blog is worth paying a small fee for. for me at least, maybe others would also..

  14. I still remember your shows. It was the best part of the day, hearing the separatist get called out along with the idiots at CJAD, The Gazette, and the pandering politicians. When the station changed its format, and your show was cut, it more or less became obscure, and deservedly so.

  15. Your comments about the immoral media and treasonous government are spot on!

  16. As for me, I read you because you make me think. I enjoy your ideas that I probably would never have thought of and know you are so much more mindful of what is going on than many folks are.
    So from this article, you were just born to be aware of what is going on and have the ability to say/write it clearly.
    If I wasn’t old enough to be your grandmother I would be madly in love with you. As it is I just love 99.9% of what you say.

  17. Well done and written Mr. G. I think the Mass Media and Politicians are practicing the Saul Alinsky doctrine…..Divide and Conquer. There are those of us who use the brain God provided to us and WE can see the Trees and the Forest.
    God Bless.

  18. Howard, I would add adulterous, prostituting, paid to play, trading integrity for whatever will sell, lack of character, likened to Esau who sold his birthright (Jacob I have loved: Esau I have hated) and on and on. Evil exists. these people are selling their souls for a bowl of pottage. We do not have to be victims, you are proving this. You encourage me to rise and stand against their subterfuge. Kudos for courage, standing firm for what is right. I respect your honesty. Sincerely, J.

  19. I would love to have seen you take on the Separatists…….We had a lovely time for our month in Daytona with the exception of some very obnoxious individuals who claimed they were not from Canada but from Quebec. After observing them for a month, I now understand why Americans do not care for French Canadians.

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