DON’T BE FOOLED . . . It’s Not Sugar And Spice



I was writing an article, with FOX News on in the background, just sort of listening to THE FIVE ON FIVE, with Dana Perino speaking, when all of a sudden it dawned on me, that she has been one of the POSTER GIRLS FOR BIG GOVERNMENT.

It’s not that I don’t like Dana Perino, since I couldn’t care less about her one way or the other. But, when you check her out, she’s very Tiny-Cute, with the Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice thing going for her.

Perino is an articulate down home country girl, who never missteps, who never misspeaks, and who seemingly couldn’t utter a hard word if her life depended upon it.


This isn’t something that just crept into my head, because from DAY ONE, I always felt that she might be the Best Television Actor on any “Stage”, playing the ROLE the Network needed her to play, just as she played the ROLE George W Bush needed her to play.

What sparked this Editorial was a comment Perino made on Monday (May 23, 2016), not only COMPLIMENTING Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s SVENGALI, but rather DEFENDING Jarrett as a person, who isn’t just the MUSE of Obama, with UNDUE INFLUENCE, but simply an articulate member of Obama’s Staff.

IN ALL REALITY THOUGH . . . According to everyone who is paying attention, with the exception of Perino – Valerie Jarrett is not just a MUSE to Obama, but is responsible . . . if not for ALL of Obama’s major decisions, then certainly most of them.

Valerie Jarrett isn’t just another Staffer. She’s not the President’s Chief of Staff, but is and was nonetheless feared by all of Obama’s Chiefs of Staff. Jarrett has no Cabinet Position, and no Special Security Clearance; yet, she sits in on virtually all Highly Sensitive Meetings.

And even though Jarrett has no REAL CLEARANCE, and is not officially SOMEBODY anyone can define as a specific Player in the Obama White House, why does she have a Security Detail no less impressive than that of Vice President Biden?

And if Jarrett isn’t such a HOITY-TOITY piece of the Obama inner world, why had successive Secretaries of Defense and the past head of the CIA clearly alluded that she had her fingers in every pot, to the point that she caused them serious consternation?

Even though I was born and raised in the Big City, at heart and by choice, I’ve become a Country Boy, so, when I’m walking in the Paddock and step into a pile of DUNG, no one has to tell me what it is.

And no one has to tell me who and what Valerie Jarrett is either.

So . . . what was with Dana Perino and her moment of adulation for a woman, who has her DIRTY HANDS in the conspiracy to make America ORDINARY, that has become the HALLMARK of the Obama Administration?


In fact . . . and after looking back at whom he was, Bush was not a good President. We cut him a tremendous amount of slack because of 9/11. But, if there was no 9/11, I am not convinced that there would have been a Second Term for George W.

And when we look closer at how Bush managed the USA in his eight years in Office, including the Collapse of the Housing Market, the Collapse of the American Banking Industry, and the enormous DEBT and increase in the size of the American Government, coupled with the insane cost to run it, I find it hard to think of anything George W Bush did that would have made him a great, or even a memorable President, beyond his Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which he mostly screwed-up before General David Petraeus saved the whole deal.


LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . much of what I’ve just written, is based on personal conjecture, founded upon everything I read, saw, and heard, which makes me comfortable with my conclusions. But, one of my conclusions isn’t based on conjecture, but rather on pure facts.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, And The Such LIE . . . because that’s what they do.

And they do it all the time. But they don’t mostly do it directly; they employ skilled LIARS to do the job for them. And that’s where the Press Spokesperson comes in.

So, from time to time, when I have the opportunity to watch THE FIVE ON FIVE, which isn’t that often, I watch the Entertainment and Banter go back and forth amongst the inner circle, where Dana Perino does her Dog and Pony Show as the Sweetest “Kid” On The Block, who in all reality was as skilled a LIAR and a Bender of the Truth . . . as ever there was one, while she defended and explained what I believe was a mostly Failed President.

And here I was on Monday, listening to Perino defend a VICIOUS WOMAN, in the name of Valerie Jarrett, who I believe has done MORE to have set the agenda Barack Obama has been using for the past seven and a half years, to effectively destroy the American Dream, wondering how the people are supposed to believe the things they hear, read and see on the Media, when on a Station like FOX News, that sells itself as Fair And Balanced, which has their own SPIN ARTIST as a person of trust?

In the BIG PICTURE this is no big deal, but it’s just more of the DRIP, DRIP, DRIP.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I fear that all these GOOD and PEACEFUL Muslims today, as their numbers continue to grow exponentially, will bit by bit, become the majority in what are now so-called democratic societies. When they become the majority, they will have the legitimate power to change the laws from “secular” to “religious”. My gut feeling is that then, non-Muslims will become the target of legalized Muslim persecution in what are today’s open democracies. Tell me this is not an accurate prediction of the future!

  2. It’s about time someone noticed this about Perino…all sweetness and light on the surface, but no better than most other Press Secretaries that I recall. As for Valerie Jarrett, she appears to be the one pulling all the strings throughout the entire Obama Administration. I recall a Brietbart article early last year pointing out her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, but where’s the follow-up on all of that. Maybe time to take a closer look at her…who is she really working for?

  3. You are correct in what you wrote. Bush 43 was not a great President, but, he was not a bad President, either. The collapse of the Housing Market was not Bush 43 fault. That was Congress’ fault, long before during Clinton’s Adminstration making the Banks & Lending industry to allow low-income applicants being able to buy homes. As for Dana Perino complementing Jarret – WOW!!! I can’t wrap my brain around that! Please, I am NOT doubting you, I am just beyond surprised.

  4. Sunday 60 minutes had a interview with valerie jarrett, First you have to understand that Valerie is a Irian born and came to the U S with her parents and was a close friend of michel obama and then obama when they married. Now we know how Obama’s ( he is a muslim ) ideas come from and his plans to destroy the American way. Looking close at valerie,
    (she reminds me of a monkey ) you can see the evil in her eyes. Six more months of the two rasputin’s in the white house.

  5. Howard-you forgot to mention that Valerie is a MUSLIM. Check all the events and follow the dots of the Obama administration, which is also full of MUSLIMS, and you will see that everything has been in favor of the MUSIIMS and his MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, starting with leaving Iraq, bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, making Hillary Sec. of State so she could get rid of Quadaffi to stabilize Lybia. It is in complete caos, not putting security with Lewis so he could be kidnapped and traded for an Iman

  6. Howard. I am a conservative republican. But I want to respectfully challenge you.FOX advertises fair and balanced.Balance to me means to give different points on view.There are several people that give pro Obama points of view on FOX,albeit in a more subtle, gentle way.FOX is not MSNBC or CBN to be sure.You will see a Rachel Madde. Not surew of Mygen’s politics, but she is easy on the eyes.

  7. As usual, Howard, you have pierced the heart of the matter. Check out what is commonly known about Jarrett and her family to see she is a traitor….pure evil anti-American Marxist. Remember her saying, “It’s get even time.”? About 2-3 years ago I heard Perino make a very snarky remark about Tea party folks and Conservatives. She exposed herself as overtly as she possibly could. Never thought much of her before then and have NO USE for her opinions now! I remain an ITVaCC. 🙂

  8. I agree Howard. She is just a mouthpiece for someone who does not have the best interests of America in mind. Can anyone say Bilberger or soros or one world government?

  9. Howard–very perceptive. Shake the executive branch out and they are all traitors and crooks. What is bad is that the legislative branch goes along with them. Most of the judicial branch also. We need someone with the guts to fire them all and file charges against them. Only one I know of is The Donald–get behind him. Hope someone is protecting him.

  10. GREAT Editorial—-Yes, Valerie Jarrett IS a MOSLEM–as well as Barack HUSSEIN Obama. They have both SUCCEEDED at REFORMING our Country to a LEVEL which is beyond COMPREHENSION! In my opinion, they are BOTH EVIL! Dana P., like all president “mouthpieces”, was trained and learned to be very careful with her words. I can’t, however, understand how she could have supported Valerie J. Let’s hope that the USA can SURVIVE the next 8 months without a major tragedy! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  11. Howard, I thought that I was the only one in the world who thought that this “little cute thing” was something other than what she pretended to be. Thanks for reinforcing my long held opinion of her, actually her and her ilk who seem to gravitate to DC to tell us how the world should be.

  12. Good article Howard. Have never been able to understand why Jarrett is in the position she is in other than to tell Obama what to do. Have never trusted her or the other muslims he has in high positions. Only hoping in the little time they have left that they don’t totally destroy the country. If for no other reason we always felt that HW Bush was very patriotic. Something we certainly don’t see today. TRUMP not our 1st choice but will certainly back him now and hope he gets in. GO TRUMP!!!

  13. It’s frightening to think what these cretins, Obama, Jarret & co. have learned about America’s secrets and capabilities, and who this information will be passed on to once the impostor leaves the White House.

  14. You are RIGHT-ON! Don’t laugh, but the worst thing about Perino is that squealing voice. I sometimes have changed the channel when she’s speaking; it hurts my ears, and have sent an email to Fox asking them to get speech therapy for her.

  15. My Father taught me, many, many years ago that how you can tell when a politician is lying………….is when their lips are moving! So so true!

  16. Thanks Howrd, great article as usual. The book – BIAS by Bernard Goldberg, sheds some light on this. I dont know who to trust for good news reporting, the exception being you . Keep up your good work. Regards to you and family including pets of yours. God bless you all.

  17. DP has long been a snake in the grass. She’s defended Obama countless times in her years on the Five. I’ve watched since its inception and, when I can get past her finger nails-on-the-blackboard pitch, I’m appalled she’s so proud of her insider status. She’s done quite a reversal (or sidestep) on Trump. She was so arrogant in her prediction at the start that he’d go nowhere. Smarty pants – not!

  18. We just realized that the only reason to keep our Cable was to be able to watch Fox News. We can watch most everything on Netflix and Hulu. So we are getting rid of our Cable. We certainly don’t watch much of anything anymore with Mainstream Media. So why waste our money? These folks in DC are all in the same Country Club looking out for each other. It’s only 1 Party in DC and starting with President Trump … We are breaking up this “Party” … It’s OVER!!!

  19. I always wondered why DP, when she spoke, got on my nerves …. sort of like the “goody two shoes” in a classroom. You’ve enlightened me, and I do thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one.
    And re: Valerie Jarrett …… Glenn Beck was right after all!

  20. I thought EVERYONE knew Jarrett is a commie. Without her counsel direct from Allah, how the hell would Soetoro know what next to do? Then again, Shitlery Clintonovich has already been denied a libido from who knows where, thus Billy’s perpetual womanizing.
    Socrates said it best: “You cannot get sex from a stone.” Or something along those lines.

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