Once Again I Apologize . . . NO FIRE – NO BRIMSTONE


BEFORE ANYTHING . . . Thanks again to all the people who financially supported this BLOG this month – if you haven’t yet received a personal THANK YOU, it’s on the way.


Many people were curious . . . about what was the minor SURGERY I was recovering from, but were too polite to ask. So, now that the sutures are out, and the healing is well on the way . . . HERE IT IS:

Just before leaving for Texas this past November, I had noticed a lump under my skin on the right side of my lower buttock near my hip (how’s that for too much information?), which was very problematic in terms of sitting and stretching, which also made it so that there was little of anything I would have been able to do, since the incision was to be ample, deep, and easy to tear.


So . . . we delayed the surgery, and chose otherwise to drive to Texas in November, and reschedule the event for April on our return. The surgery was done, the stitches are out, and I can no longer be the BRUNT of BUTT-JOKES amongst my friends and family, all of whom I will repay in kind one way or another.

As soon as I was able to function normally, starting this past Friday, Anne and I LOADED-UP and went shooting at our Canadian Range . . . and had a BLAST.

On Saturday – I SADDLED-UP, made the chrome on my BIKE glisten like new, and pointed it West to the Thousand Islands near Kingston Ontario, for about a 3-Hour RIDE in each direction, where I met a close friend, and had the BEST CLUB SANDWICH OF MY LIFE.

AND TODAY (Sunday) . . . I watched no news, listened to OLDIES RADIO, and worked with my close friend who owns the Equestrian Center where we stable the Horses, and took out several tons of Manure from the Paddock, which had accumulated over the past 7-Months, winter and early spring, while Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I were in Texas, including the month plus, since we’ve been back.

I have no idea if the three Horses are grateful for the work we did, but I couldn’t be happier to see our BIG BOYS living so high on the RITZ.

AND THEN ANNE, STRYKER, CHRISTINE, FRANK AND I WORKED on cleaning-up cross-country Event Jumps, with big Tree Limb Hackers and Chain Saws.


1 – Obama is still doing whatever he can to delegitimize the Founding Fathers, while he and the LEFT pretend that he has a serious LOVE for America.

2 – Over the past few days, our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, out to PROVE that Obama isn’t the BIGGEST JERK TO HOLD OFFICE, grabbed the Opposition Whip in the House of Commons, Elbowed a Female MP (Member of Parliament) in the BREAST, while yelling at her to . . . “GET THE F OUT OF WAY.”

3 – Trump was given a FULL THROATED endorsement by the NRA – BRAVO!

4 – Hillary Clinton is looking more inept, more incompetent, ANGRIER & MORE SHRILL with each passing day.

5 – The Communist Bernie Sanders . . . is doing to Debbie Wassermann Schultz what every Conservative would like to do but can’t.

6 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Obama, Kerry and their entire State Department a Kick where the Sun doesn’t Shine, which was seen and felt around the World.

AND ALL OF THIS HAPPENED . . . while I was enjoying myself, doing nothing earth-shattering, other than doing small stuff for the GOODNESS OF MY HEART & SOUL.

SOMETIMES . . . we all have to take a step back and understand that we too are important, even though we are small cogs in a very large wheel. And even though we step aside from time to time . . . life still goes on.

THE JERKS ARE STILL THE JERKS . . . The TAKERS are still out there – arguing why, what you have – should belong to them. Just like Obama and Hillary Clinton said about Entrepreneurs, Creators, Builders and Risk-Takers . . . “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT” – YEP . . . they’re still there whether we take a break or not.

Then there’s the LEFTISTS, who are utterly convinced that they know how to live your life, and how to raise your family better than you do – They don’t go away either, even if you’re not there to always tear your heart out at their multiple ABOMINATIONS.


But some things, which seem small compared to the larger picture . . . are really no less important.

1 – Stryker is still doing GREAT – Thank you all, for your wishes and concerns.

2 – Joy, a very good friend and supporter of this BLOG, who I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting on a Pledge Ride to Atlanta several years ago, just lost a Treasured Animal Member of her Family – her Beautiful Whippet named TWALA.

Anne and I wish Joy Good Memories and a Speedy Recovery from her Grief, because in Joy’s World this was no Small Thing.

As for me . . . I’ll still try to squeeze as much pleasure as I can out of every day.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am sending the part where you ask about Good & Bad Muslims to my elected officials to be sure they get the message. I am also forwarding you complete article to my email list incase there are some of also think there are Good and Bad Muslims. I have been trying to convince people of the I pray you can continue your good work

  2. Thank you Howard, for expressing what I believe, in pointing out that even if we are fiercely dedicated to fight for what we believe, we must also make the effort to do what we can to make each day special by thanking God for our blessings, for the beauty we see in family, nature and community, and for the gifts of Faith, Hope and Love that enables us to do each day what we hope will please our Him. I still believe that our nation will survive and proper.

  3. Good to hear of your speedy recovery! Life is short. We should remember to enjoy every minute.

  4. Thanks for sharing so much personal information…. I am happy that all is well with you now! Both me and my husband enjoy your blog and always look forward to it.

  5. Good to see you just take a bit of time off and enjoy life. I too enjoy working outside, chainsaw, tractor, whatever it takes to make something happen. It really does the soul good. Kudos on the NRA backing Trump. Good to get it out there and let Hillary scream about neutering the 2nd Amendment. She is nothing but a “B”. Has to be the most vindictive vicious woman ever born. Great to see some of the polls turning in our favor. Need a lot more Americans to be heard on election day.

  6. Howard, it really is important that we all get back to basics, for relief from the issues of the day. It revives us to stand for our beliefs & standards. My prayers for Joy & may she find a fur-buddy to replace Twala. Glad that Stryker is doing well, as you are doing well. You are right – Take a day or two or a couple of weeks from the news b/s & you will see what really is important. The news reality is just about the same thing, day in & day out.

  7. Thanks for the update, Howard. Really happy to hear all is well in your personal life. Continue to enjoy, You have been around long enough to know that time moves along faster the older we get. Amazing isn’t it? 🙂 Happy to see the NRA make their move.

  8. God bless you in all your efforts large & small. Doing for yourself & others is what life is made of. Best regards to you, Anne, Stryker & April.

    I had a friend in college who got married. On their honeymoon, Carl told me that they stayed at the “But-T-Rest” Motel. My home was close to it; BU – T – Rest !! Pun intended. John

  9. Good! Glad you got some work in your behind so that you don’t get behind in your work.

  10. Keep up the good work and have a happy day and many more to come

  11. Very pleased to learn you took a time out, even though forcibly, to recuperate, relax and share some quality time with Anne, the horses and pets. Be good to yourself for as you say, “The world still goes on and the sun comes up every day”. Your editorials are very informative and educational to the USA and Canada so take care, we need you Howard.

  12. Your note today reminded me of the same thoughts I had as a young man sitting in the woods during mid-fall in MI hunting squirrels. I was there, but the woods and world reorganized around me without me doing anything but enjoying the view. Best to you and all you hold close. Tis a great feeling that despite all the goofy-ness in the world, taking time off to just sit and enjoy the world for what it is, is indeed priceless. Keep writing sir. I look forward to your perspectives daily.

  13. Really good news all the way around in regard to you personally and your loved ones. A mini-vacation for you–or rather physical labor instead of mental labor. Odd that something like that could be a ‘vacation’ of sorts, but it can and is.
    Glad you took the time for yourself, family and friends. The ‘other’ world continues whether we’re a part of it or not, so taking time for oneself is important and necessary. Besides you’re RETIRED, remember? –not that retired though.
    Best to you and yours.

  14. So glad you’re over your fanny fatigue. How far has our culture of good manners, decent language, apparel, not to mention body art gone? In my opinion body art is an eye catcher, or maybe in your face statement but I’ve seen better artwork on billboards. Just sayin’.

  15. Glad you took PERSONAL TIME to be ‘refreshed’. I always found physical endeavors of accomplishment were Good For The Soul. The (backside) anomaly is corrected. ^5. Give Stryker a HUG for me. And extend my condolences to Joy. Our animal family members were treasures. And YES the world still turns even if we are not paying attention. But with a little respite we can darn near deal with anything….even the IDIOTS. God Bless and Thank You Mr. G and Mrs. G. too !

  16. Glad to hear you’ve taken some time for yourself and your family ….. you do so much to give us the real ‘goods’ in the news/political arena. I thank you for all you do. I just returned from the city where my grandson’s Gr. 12 grad took place a few days ago, so my time has recently been filled with family …. very enjoyable! Now to catch up on what our ‘Prime Minister’ has been up to in the last few days!! I’m almost afraid to find out!!

  17. Very happy to hear that you’re all doing well, Howard! Those who love pets also realize that there is nothing more HURTFUL than having suffered the loss of one. Your summary of some of the issues-at-hand is, somewhat, encouraging because it’s the LIBERALS who appear to be suffering the worst at this time. It’s too ‘quiet’, so BARRY will be going into his TROJAN HORSE soon to FETCH another CRISIS, so he can become the center of ATTENTION again. Vote for TRUMP to “Make America Great Again”! AMEN!

  18. I was too young to know about ‘Oldies radio’, but was always confronted by sayings from those shows by my mother. If I were lazin around, she would say, “Now isn’t that just the life of Riley”. Or if I were bickering with my brother, “You two Bickersons stop that!” I am a huge fan of Old Time Radio Classics now, introduced to them by my late husband. I listen to them all the time and am constantly reminded things were different when I was growing up and I am not crazy to think otherwise.

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