One Is TRUE – The Other Is A LIE



THERE’S NO UTOPIA . . . There’s no Shangri-La – and there’s no Heaven On Earth, in spite of what the LEFT want the people to believe. There is only STRUGGLE from birth to death for all creatures great and small, including this Planet, with brief intermissions of peace, pleasure and stability.

I know that what I just wrote is depressing . . . but depressing or not – IT’S TRUE.

The LEFT would have us believe that they could deliver Peace and Harmony, where everyone will have enough, and all people will be equal. Where children of all faiths, cultures and races will sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya, which will happen through their own incredible POWER OF DESIRE.

To best state and exemplify this STUPID Notion of Utopia . . . On June 3, 2008, in a speech Barack Obama Delivered – he said . . .

“ . . . this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.”

As we LIMP into the 8th Year of Obama’s Presidency, and the LEFT’S Empty Dream of Slowing the Tides and Healing the Earth through their sheer will of just wanting, America and the rest of the World has NEVER BEEN IN WORSE SHAPE before a Global Cataclysm.

AND NOW . . . even as everything points to FAILURE, whether in the USA, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world, where the LEFT has been calling the shots, even during Republican Presidents, since the end of Ronald Reagan’s Government – THE LEFT WANT MORE based on a FAIRYTALE OF THEIR OWN MAKING.

We in North America, certainly in Canada, have become so reliant on our Government to tell us what is right and what is wrong, what we can do and what we can’t do, what we can say and what we cannot say, and what we can keep from our innovation, sacrifice, and hard labor . . . to what we must give unto Caesar, that which is not Caesar’s to take – that we have become DUTIFUL IDIOTS who’ve bought the BIG LIE of Utopia.

ON THE LEFTIST DREAM OF A UTOPIAN WORLD, we are crashing the reality of hard work and sacrifice tied to reward of the few . . . that sustains the many, that has enabled us to come as far as we have, to the point where our existence as FREE Men and Women is rapidly ceasing to exist, because we first bought into the LIE, and are now unable to peacefully extricate ourselves from it.

We have surrendered our POWER and FREEDOM to LEFTIST Elitists, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Courts, and the Police . . . all of whom serve at the pleasure of the system that has embedded itself into our society from the Cradle onto the Grave.

ASK YOURSELF . . . Why does a COMMUNIST like Bernie Sanders, who has done absolutely NOTHING positive for the people around him, other than for himself, by feeding off the Public Purse for virtually his entire life, garner Rock Star adulation amongst the youth?

Why does a man like Sanders, whose ONLY platform is to take away from the RICH and PUNISH the MAKERS, turn out fawning crowds in the Tens of Thousands?

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE . . . The LEFT has taken over the schools from Nursery to University, promoting the DREAM OF UTOPIA, coupled with the dream of Karl Marx, which is evidently alive and well . . .

“. . . From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”


YESTERDAY . . . There Was a Monumental Change In Israeli Politics:

AS BAD AS A DIRECTION IN WHICH THE WORLD IS HEADING . . . there are also signs the Revolution is beginning everywhere for better and for worse.

In England for example . . . this June will see an EPIC Referendum, where the people will most likely vote to leave the European Union, delivering a crushing Blow to the One World Government and George HW Bush’s dream of a New World Order.

In Countries like Hungary and Greece, which are extreme examples . . . but nonetheless cannot be ignored, far RIGHT Political Parties are surging in popularity, which are growing due to their HATRED of minorities, mostly in the name of Moslems, with Jews and Israel a close second.

But . . . France, Poland, Germany, even England and others aren’t that far behind, since their “experiment” with LEFTIST Utopia has led these countries to despair.

I MENTIONED ISRAEL IN THE HEADLINE . . . because, while the World is beginning to convulse under the stress of Moslem TERRORISM and LEFTIST TRASH, as Nations go through all the machinations of finding and recreating themselves, yesterday, May 18th, Israel DROPPED THE GAUNTLET of reality to Europe, Asia, Russia, the USA, and the entire Arab/Moslem World.

Instead of Netanyahu’s Government moving more to the Center from the Right, as Europe and the USA wanted him to do, inline with Appeasers, and in partnership with Israeli LEFTIST Utopians, Israel MOVED TO THE HARD RIGHT, with Avigdor Lieberman, whose conditions for him to join the Netanyahu Coalition were TWOFOLD:

1 – That Lieberman becomes the Minister Responsible for Israeli Defense, which means there will be new Rules of Engagement for the IDF, and much less tolerance for Arab Terrorism anywhere within Israel.

2 – And that Israel, for the first time in Modern Israeli History, not since the execution of the leader of the Nazi Death Camps . . . Adolf Eichmann, has Israel agreed to INSTITUTE THE DEATH PENALTY, in this case for all who commit Murder while in the Act of Terrorism.

The PARTNERSHIP with Lieberman, and his Common Sense RIGHT WING PARTY, sends an unmistakable message to the World, that Israel is no longer in the mood to kiss-ass to be accepted as a Normal Nation amongst Nations.

It also sends as clear a message as possible . . . that Israel is not interested in the Domestic Political LEFT, and has also made it clear with the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman, that CONSTRUCTION will continue in Jerusalem and on the West Bank.

And if the Palestinians want Peace, they better start working for it now.

THE OTHER THING NOT BEING TALKED ABOUT . . . is how fast and furious the Egyptians are heading to a REAL Working and Constructive Peace with Israel, that far transcends the Tepid Peace the two countries have experienced since Begin and Sadat shook hands on the White House Lawn March 26, 1979.

And then there are the Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia, who at this point in time, the Royal Family must choose between a constant ENMITY of their own making with Jews and Israel, or join the modern age with the Israeli State as an Ally, for their own protection from Iran and Shiite Moslems, and share in the Growth of Israeli Technology and Trade, when their Oil can no longer sustain them as the leaders of their Nation.


Dystopia is best illustrated in the books written by Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged) and George Orwell (1984), where in their “fictions” . . . society collapses into war and poverty, where some have and everyone else needs, where few rule and everyone else succumbs – which is the LEFTIST direction, if not stopped now, is where the United States of America is headed.

But looking at what’s happening now in the EU, England, and Israel, where the world is being guided by Reality opposed to LEFTIST Utopian Dreams, all of which is seemingly being ignored by the Media . . . serious change is afoot.

I HAVE WRITTEN REPEATEDLY . . . that the Revolution is upon us, that the Battle between the MAKERS and the TAKERS is inevitable, and sooner rather than later, especially in the USA, where the debates will go beyond words, the Status Quo is no longer sustainable. And whether Trump Wins or Not, and I strongly believe that Trump will become America’s 45th President, it will only hasten the inescapable showdown that will redefine who we are, just as Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Israel are finally facing the same.

If you’re a fan of the GAME OF THRONES . . . Welcome to our new Reality.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Is there a possibility that the Muslims could be supporting more then American news? Like possibly an American President???? Just askin Arlene

  2. I agree with Mr. Eyre from Ottawa. Only God knows what will be and how it will end, as it ultimately is His to control. We have a glimpse in the Bible’s prophecy writings.

  3. On target as usual!! I hope Moshe A’alon will do well in his new position. This move probably will improve the Israeli government on the whole.

  4. The time is now I just can’t wait to get to the poles and vote for TRUMP!!!

  5. To your list of spot around the world, add Venezuelan. It would appear that this socialistic country is about to fully collapse.

  6. Very good article. I look forward to reading your Editorials. People should never underestimate Israel. Glad England will leave the EU and hope that all falls apart. Just looking forward to see the back side of the Obama’s as they leave in Jan. I don’t know what Trump will do but he will do much better than Hillary. Our Country can’t survive another 4 or 8 years of Hillary. Sanders is doing well because of our school system and what it teaches or doesn’t teach.

  7. Inspiring editorial! Seems the rest of the world has accepted that it can no longer count on the USA as an ally. Now, they are simply beginning to ignore the leftist BS spouted by Obummer. Last month, I read ‘1984’ for the first time. 25 years ago everybody said, “that could never really happen”. Today, the similarities the story has with things we see everyday are shocking. As I finished it, all I could think was “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Pray, pray, pray that we avoid Hillary!

  8. To make living a little more pleasant here in America while I’m still alive I’m voting for Trump. If there is no hereafter so be it. I’m only allowed one lifetime so what I make of it is up to me. I do believe that Trump feels the same way.

  9. Why it has taken Israel THIS long to responsibly act as a sovereign nation to legally deal with clearly identified terrorist thugs is completely beyond me, but world PC is not my forte. No matter what happens politically in the US in Nov, much can happen on this continent before Friday, 20 Jan 2017. Both Canada and the US are nearing the tipping point. Thank you Howard, for succinctly stating the obvious.

  10. One of your best, England did join, they did not need to, but not their currency. The one Country that is quietly returning to its great level is Ireland. Many Companies are returning. Joining the Union brought inflation and immigration woes. That is for the most part behind them. How badly everyone needs Trump at the helm, ESPECIALLY THE USA. Underneath it all they all need our direction and hands on involvement…they need to pay for it, no more freebies.

  11. Howard, Do you have any thoughts on the idea that they might get rid of Trump before the elections? Some terrible accident or an unexplained health problem?

  12. Extraordinary perceptions AND VERBALIZING! Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  13. My friend, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin told me four years ago when I asked if we would have a revolution, – Peggy, it’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. I think the “when is right around the corner. If Hillary gets in, the real people of America will revolt we will not live under communism/Socialism. If Trump gets in, is running this country like a business for a change, the aliens, welfarites, entitlement people will revolt. Load up and lock up!!!

  14. The truth must be told & is finally beginning to be told!!! Today’s world is not a better place to be. Those of the Left Regime are not only stupid but they are lazy, as well. Please, the Left followers can add, count & read. However, they follow like sheep for all things Leftist. What has Saunders done??? Or Pelosi or Hildebeast or Schumer or McAuliffe, what have they done? McAuliffe is using Executive Orders like Obama is. Is this really good for a state or country???!!!


  16. Fortunately Canada will continue on its FANICIFUL , MISDIRECTED , CRIMINAL , LEFTIST path . We will be able to serve as the model of what NOT TO DO for generations to come !

  17. Wow!…scary editorial but TRUE! To think that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA still has 8 more months in office is even more FRIGHTFUL! We know that he will use this time to further TRANSFORM AMERICA–and NOT for the BETTER! The MILLENNIALS are being BRAINWASHED by the PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS with their GIMME-GIMME programs. They have also adopted the POLITICALLY-CORRECT TREND which has also RUINED our Country. We only have ONE CHANCE to “MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN”, and that’s by ELECTING TRUMP! AMEN!

  18. I read Atlas Shrugged 5 years ago. Had I read it any earlier in my life, I would have dismissed it as pure fiction, instead of the dire warning coming true before our eyes. Ayn was no prophet, but everything she laid out must only come to one conclusion, the makers giving up and total economic collapse. Her prognostication was not based on made up scenarios, but communist history and the direction the USA was headed. I would suggest everyone read it (not the movie) and you will be amazed.

  19. Howard, do you want to know how far dumber down lefties can get. Vancouver council just denied a liquor license for a night club in the new hotel getting ready to open in Vancouver. Why? The pinkos don’t like Trump and the night club is in the new Trump Tower. How utterly stupid but then again not much the mayor, Gregor Robertson, does make sense. He also has a pinko strong council.

  20. Howard, I hate to dispute even one fact in your article, but I have lived on West Shangri-La Road in Phoenix for going on 49 years now. So it’s not THE Shangri-La, but it’s A Shangri-La. We’re still looking for the lamasery and the snow-capped mountains that James Hilton described in his 1933 novel “Lost Horizon”.

    (I just felt we needed a little light humor in this dark world we are living in.)

  21. Again, your insightful knowledge and observations said it all. The other day, paraphrasing Kerry’s statement to the graduating class at Northeastern U.: (Get ready for a borderless world) , blew my mind. I could not believe that a liberal would be so open at this time, regarding intent. We need Trump more and more every day.

  22. I have often said, “Howard speaks for me.” But then I hope and pray we’re right! Good call Howard.

  23. As the daughter and granddaughter of Baptist preachers, the categorization needed for this horrid mayhem is called end time prophesy rearing it’s nasty head. Studying my Bible lots and lots. I don’t recognize my country any more. She has become a stranger….sadly enough.

  24. It takes the Israelis and the Americans an awful lot before they reach a boiling point. Boykin is right. We have been on target for a revolution for a very long time and the temperature is rising rapidly. Israel faces the same possibility….and sooner rather than later. The total insanity of Marxism and Islamo-Nazi terrorism have to be blown out of the water.

  25. Roots: G. Soros, puppeteer, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations +++++++++++all other secret, subversive organizations. Soros has his tentacles in much of congress, both parties, besides all his “benevolent” front groups. The man is just plain evil, amoral and treacherous. I am very happy to see Israel taking the right stand. “Bibi” has done well to oppose the U.N. It should be located off U.S. soil. Maybe even submerged in middle of Atlantic Ocean.

    Well written, Howard, John

  26. Excellent as usual Howard! I agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote! I keep telling friends I feel as if I am living in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.

  27. As usual Howard you have addressed the woes of Canada and the big USA, we in Canada have Trudy and the USA has Obamy, both Liberal spenders. The only way for them to stay in power is to give away the hard earned dollars of the workers to the freeloaders and promise them a Utopia. Please keep up the excellent reports.

  28. Did you see this week where the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook chief executive) regarding bias in it’s trending topics feed. Has the Senate Commerce Committee ever heard for “Freedom of Speech” or “Freedom of the Press”? As you know, I’m not a fan of left leaning news organizations, but I’m a big fan of freedom of the press. Stop the lunacy this fall!!!!!

  29. Howard . . . You write lovingly about April and Stryker, but I don’t remember your mentioning the horse behind you in the photo-+

    Howard … We’ve met April and Stryker but I don’t remember your mentioning your horse, the one in the photo looking over your shoulder. Is he a Paint?

    Susanne Sauer


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