Desperate Times Means STUPID People



For all the people who have asked and wondered about Stryker’s Recovery from that Nasty Surgery he just had, the 35 or so Staples that held his incision together, and the Draining Tube that kept the fluids from collecting under his skin were removed Monday Morning, and as they say . . . HE IS AS RIGHT AS RAIN.

What impressed the Vets, the Vet Assistants and the other Staff at the Clinic the most, wasn’t just how well Stryker healed, and wasn’t just how big a German Shepherd he is, but rather, how Kind and Gentle a Dog of his Stature could be.

I don’t know if any of the people at the Clinic read this BLOG, but if they do, I once again want them to know how grateful Anne and I are for their professionalism and kindness.

AS FOR ME . . . I’m breathing better and coughing less. On Friday, I’ll have my stitches removed as well. And on Saturday, I will mount my BIKE, point it West, and head to the Thousand Islands for the day . . . LIFE COULD BE WORSE.


People have emailed me with a simple question . . . Why is Romney trying to give Clinton the Election? For me, the unfortunate answer, which is actually the ONLY answer I could come up with, is that Romney might promote A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, rather than an EXCEPTIONAL AMERICA.

Any individual or group, which makes its fortune on the Global Scale, where Corporations BENEFIT from a Level Global Playing Field run by Corporate Bureaucrats, opposed to ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, will always push for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

And if you want to see the outcome of what a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT on a smaller Scale looks like, just check out the EU, which has British Patriots Scrambling to get the hell out, before they lose control over their own country.


OK . . . I get it – Trump was a Lady’s Man, and he took all sorts of opportunities to sleep with as many gorgeous women as he could. AND HE EVEN BRAGGED ABOUT IT!

WOW . . . if there ever was a reason to discount the MERIT and WORTH of a Human Being, because his or her LIBIDO worked overtime, let’s just shut down Hollywood, Television, Theater, Music and the ENTIRE Entertainment Industry.

AND WHILE WE’RE AT IT . . . Let’s bury the image of JFK for what he and his brothers did in the White House with women like Marilyn Monroe, not to forget what Ted Kennedy did to Mary Jo Kopechne at the Chappaquiddick Bridge, where the old DRUNK left her to DIE.

AND LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT WEE WILLIE CLINTON . . . who not only fondled Monica Lewinsky, who was a VERY Young and Impressionable Intern, who invaded her body with his CIGAR no less, as testimony showed, and in the Oval Office of all places . . . WHICH HE LIED ABOUT IT . . . AND WAS IMPEACHED FOR LYING.

And what about the HUSH MONEY the Clinton’s paid to the women LITTLE WILLIE sexually assaulted?


1 – Trump was doing what any YOUNG RED BLOODED AMERICAN man does, and then has a beer, watches some NFL on TV, and brags about it to the guys. Except, most Red Blooded Americans Guys generally never get that lucky.

2 – Trump didn’t use his ELECTED POWER and prestige to con young women into having sex with him. He didn’t have to. He had his own Hotels, Limousines and his own Private Jet, which weren’t paid for by the Tax Payers.

3 – Also, Trump didn’t CAMPAIGN all over the United States of America, CONNING People into believing that he was a loving and loyal Husband, as he was BANGING HIS HEART OUT wherever and whenever he could. But the aforementioned bunch of losers certainly did. And these special Pieces of Work are just the Tip of the Political Iceberg.


4 – And of the Women Trump slept with . . . what business is it of the New York Times, the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton or anyone else, since he didn’t do it on the Public Purse and then LIE ABOUT IT?

And to the absolute best of EVERYONE’S knowledge, unlike with Ted Kennedy, the SCION of the Democratic Party who couldn’t keep it in his pants, NO ONE DIED because anyone had sex with Donald Trump.

And if this is the BEST the LEFT and their Media Partners-In-Crime can come up with to go against Trump, they better get used to saying President Trump.


All the Media DRECK want, is a rapacious story, and are looking wherever they can to uncover the NEXT SCANDAL, no matter whether it‘s true or not, irrelevant or not, and regardless of how much damage it could cause to Society and the Political Process.

And if it’s at Trump’s expense . . . so far the better.

SO SCREW THEM ALL . . . and for you and me, let’s just keep it all in context – and enjoy the show, as the LEFT and the RINOS collapse under the weight of their own STUPID demise.

ALSO . . . Thank you to the people who helped support the BLOG this month.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. some famous person once said to the effect that those that would accept humiliation to prevent war will have both humiliation and war

  2. Indeed, one of Mr. Trump’s girlfriends of the distant past was on TV last night stating clearly how nice he was to her and that she was quoted incorrectly by the press re her relationship with him.

    Whatever (substantial) respect I had held for Mr. Romney has evaporated totally as a result of his incredibly stupid attempts to defame Mr. Trump and give the election to Shrillary. Mitt: You lost a “sure thing” by a weak and ineffective late campaign performance. You are in no position to preac

  3. Hope thousands read this in Oregon,Calif and everyplace in this USA
    Maybe they will learn how 1 sided they are

  4. The only “good” that can come from Romney running as 3rd party is the vote is split so that nobody wind and the decision goes to the House to resolve. That would mean it is imperative to hold the House and make sure Hillary does not win. That is quite a stretch but is possible.

  5. Agreed, but for one thing. The way he treated most of the candidates in this election in his own party has been nothing less than despicable….totally unnecessary and low class. Lucky for him he has become the only game in town, and it all has worked for him so far. Whatever he has to say about the Marxists is fine with me! They, collectively, are the lowest forms of life! The name “Democrat” should be eliminated. It’s a fraud.

  6. “Billary” is playing with fire if she starts down the demeaning woman path with Mr. Trump. Is she seriously going to go there??? Been watching Romney’s post election give-away to OBummer and his continued tryst against Trump. Why does he continue the attack after the 2012 gift he gave to the Dems?? Maybe he actually is a closet Dem? GO TRUMP!!!! Glad you and Stryker are good!

  7. The Kennedy “boys” , LBJ, Dennis Hastert, etc., and apparently a few others, Democrats AND Republicans, should have stuck to feeling their “Oats” instead of their Interns, wrestling team members, etc! Hillary may have been outdone in her general LYING ONLY by LBJ and he got himself awarded a Silver Star for it! She may still get a GOLD STAR!
    Bud Farrell, Georgetown,Texas

  8. Another of Romney’s asininities is the demand to see Trump’s tax returns. Trump has been a tax-paying citizen, not a politician who may not be reporting all his sources but had to do so with the IRS. Trump’s income is private; it’s ridiculous to demand to see his tax returns. With Romney, it’s “if I can’t have it, nobody else can either.” A skunk and a spoiled rotten politician.

  9. Isn’t it interesting that the only US president who didn’t screw around on his wife was Nixon. The “news” is now all aflutter that Trump pretended to be someone else in the 1980s doing self-promotion. It was a business tactic. Hillary’s political lies don’t seem to mean much compared to Trump as a young business man. Can CNN say Whitewater?

  10. Bottom line is we all have a lot to be thankful for. Happy to hear Stryker and you are doing better. Glad to hear Anne is also doing well. Your blog is right on today in every respect. Romney and his ilk make me want to puke. If they are such good conservatives and think they are in a position to determine how conservative Trump is, where in the hell have they been for the last seven years with their so called conservative leadership. What a bunch of phonies. Go Trump!!!!

  11. At least Trump was having sex with women. More than I can say for SOME politicians.

  12. I am of the age to remember when Norman Thomas did not run for the Socialist Party in 1946. He said because the Democrats had taken up the Socialist banner. They have increased their stonghold on this country ever since. They have almost enough votes of entitlements, illegals, welfarites, unions,and Al Sharpston Blacks to beat anyone. Hopefully Trump will change that, or we will have a revolution if Hillary gets in. Real Americans will not tolerate much more.

  13. Truly glad to hear Stryker’s recovery was fast and complete; and just as happy to hear you are doing much better as well. Be safe on your ride this weekend and have a relaxing day. Politics will still be there to be written about when you get back home. And a big HELLO to Anne and hopes she remains in good health.

  14. Good to hear you are all on the road to recovery. It is said power leads to corruption, the last 20 years that is so true of the
    elected in federal (even our presidents ), state and cites across our country. One of the main reasons we keep reelecting these same people over and over, The answer to this problem is one term and not elected to any other office, for 10 years.

  15. Of 13 Presidents since 1933, 7 have not been “outed” philanderers: Truman, Nixon, Ford, Reagan Bush 43. Carter, (claimed his “thinking about it” constituted a sin), and BO, the current W. H. occupant, are the only Dems. who haven’t had fun on company time. 46% have been bad guys, 53% have probably behaved.
    Score- YESES- 4 Dems; GOPs- 2; NO’s- 3 Dems; 4 GOPs. Seems to be a trend, the Dems lose on both YES & No’s.

  16. To borrow a phrase from the Rush Limbaugh Show. DITTO

  17. Happy that you’re all doing much better healthwise! ROMNEY had his chance in 2012 and SCREWED it up…gave the WIN to BARRY. He should just GO AWAY! Sexual references about TRUMP will be the last thing which will DETER people from voting for him. He wants to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” and considering his multiple, past experiences, he CAN and WILL do so! Why won’t the Republicans GET IT about the general population’s support for TRUMP? They’d better UNITE soon, i.e., before it’s too late! AMEN!

  18. Howard, I, as are all your fans, am relieved to hear about both your and Stryker’s full recovery. To both of you: STAY THAT WAY! But about HiLIARy, I can’t wait for the election to be over. She quite literally makes me nauseous. I despise her looks, her obvious lies, her criminal past AND present, and her ongoing, HUGE income from some 89 or so companies that hired her as a speaker. She won’t talk about anyone other than Wall Street since no one has asked. I pray that Trump indicts her ASAP!

  19. I find humor in Romney’s very strong desire to see TRUMP’S tax returns….I think the MITT is envious of the DONALD $$$$$ wise! Give it up Mitt, just like you gave up the election!. You are looking sort of “foolish”.

  20. Great news about your and Stryker’s health. You and your health are important to us. It is comforting to read the thoughts of someone else with whom we consistently agree.

  21. Howard. Kudos to you for putting Donald’s sex life in context. It was done as a private citizen at his expense compared to the Kennedys and Bill Clinton. Thanks for sticking up for Trump. He is new at politics and makes mistakes.But he is not new at economics 101, 505 and 909. He is a smart business man.He is a social moderate and a financial conservative. Rowe v Wade is not going to be over turned in my life time (75 years), but can we create jobs, have boarders and slow national debt?

  22. I’m glad to hear about your’s and Stryker’s recovery. Best wishes and take care.

  23. Romney and the rest of the Washington elites including the Bush family, want to hang on to their power status. With Trump they know that at best they will move off the A list to some where close to the H level. Big coming down, loss of status, insider trading and off the dinner party circuit.

  24. That paragraph on campaigning around the country as a loving and loyal husband….would apply equally to JFK and Clinton.

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