When Perception USURPS The Truth


So many Pundits, Entertainment Producers, and Media Outlets deal with HYPOTHETICALS, that reality simply becomes an extension of perception. And as a result, it’s hard to know what to believe.

A perfect example is how we’ve become numb to REALITY, and the REAL threats we choose to ignore from our own governments, because we’ve become absolutely complacent in our challenges to our Politicians and Bureaucrats, whom have assumed powers far above and beyond what WE THE PEOPLE have ever bestowed upon them.

We have become so far out of touch with our Governments and Reality, that literally, every Hollywood and Television Production SELLS stories and plots of National DYSTOPIA, where the Government is always BAD, and the people fighting for FREEDOM are always good.

What’s remarkable about these stories, is that the people making BILLIONS of Dollars from these doom and gloom scenarios on Television and in the Theaters, are in the REAL World, are on the wrong side of the debate.

THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT . . . The BIGGEST LEFTISTS in the World of Entertainment, are the actors who most despise GUN RIGHTS, all of whom carry guns in their performances, who are constantly shooting it out with the bad guys . . . two of whom, who are amongst the most glaring HYPOCRITES, are George Clooney and Liam Neeson, who individually portray themselves in the role of the HERO, while taking on the supposed USURPERS of FREEDOM.

THE PROBLEM WITH THIS HOLLYWOOD PERCEPTION . . . is that the villains who these “HEROES” are fighting in their Pretend World, are in the REAL World, the people they actually PROMOTE and SUPPORT.

And for this promotion of fantasy, turning truth on its ear, these Actors are paid in the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, who use that money to rail against the real DEFENDERS of FREEDOM.


The MOVIE VILLAINS are always part of a nefarious group of mostly White Wealthy Men and Beautiful Women, who feed off the government they control, which makes laws that benefit themselves to the detriment of the people, in order to create Fabulous Wealth and Power for themselves and cohorts, who always somehow want to destroy the world where they live, which the HEROES have to save.

In reality though, the VILLAINS . . . whom the HEROES are fighting in the Hollywood World, are in all actuality, in the real world, are the people who they support in government.

I LOVED THE HUNGER GAMES . . . where our HERO, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, took on the Government, which controlled virtually all aspects of life in their world. Katniss, with the use of her Bow and Arrows, MURDERED her way through life in the most aggressive and ugly fashion in the Hunger Games, to destroy the enemies of FREEDOM.

Jennifer Lawrence became a MEGA STAR, and incredibly wealthy as a result of the ULTRA VIOLENT weapon toting HERO she portrayed in the Hunger Games, where in reality, Jennifer Lawrence is a DEVOUT ANTI-GUN OWNER, and a HUGE supporter of Obama and the LEFT, which in all veracity represents the Pretend Government she destroyed in the Hunger Games.


IN THE REAL WORLD . . . I worry far more about Politicians and Bureaucrats who tell me that Men and Women, Boys and Girls, MUST share bathrooms. I worry about Politicians who tell me how big a drink I’m permitted to consume at a restaurant, and whether or not I’m allowed to have salt on the table.

I worry about a government that withholds information from the people, which the people DESERVE and NEED to KNOW.

I worry about bureaucrats who tell me how I should raise my children, where I am allowed to express my religious FREEDOM, where I can fly my FLAG, and how I have NO-SAY as to who comes in to my country, and who does not.

I worry about a Justice Department that works at restricting my FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in order to protect the sensitivities of people who benefit from censorship, such as defining whether or not we can write DISPARAGINGLY about Islam regardless of the truth.

I also worry about how REAL JUSTICE has been priced way beyond the reach of the people.

I worry about SAFE ZONES in schools, where teachers and professors inculcate narrow mindedness and cowardice amongst young people too frightened and too stupid to debate.

I worry about SANCTUARY CITIES, where the will of the people is meaningless.

I worry about intellectuals, elitists, and purveyors of propaganda, who use statistics to lie and create realities for GUN CONTROL, where in all veracity, their perception never comes close to the truth.

I worry about WELFARE that is no longer called by its name, where people at the youngest of ages are CONDITIONED to expect something for nothing, where more than half the population . . . are TAKERS OPPOSED TO MAKERS.

I worry about a government that uses its agencies like the IRS, Justice Department, NSA, EPA, ATF and Homeland Security to threaten and punish individuals who get out of line.

I worry about BIG BUSINESS, BIG LABOR, & BIG BANKS, who are in lockstep with the government bureaucrats, who want to create and control a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT much like the Fake Movie HEROES, who are always saving the world from One World Government.

I worry about how our Governments and Government Leaders LIE to us with impunity. And when they’re caught in the lie . . . SO WHAT?

I worry about waking up one morning from a Nightmare of Dystopia, only to discover that Atlas Shrugged, Animal Farm and 1984 weren’t just Bad Dreams.

I WORRY ABOUT THESE THINGS . . . because these are REALITIES, which the LEFT, the Hollywooders, the Academics, the Elitists, the Media and others actually support, who in their FANTASY-WORLD are portrayed as the Bad Guys on Television and on the Big Screen, WHO ARE IN REALITY . . . THE REAL BAD GUYS WE MUST ALL FEAR.

Over the past two weeks, as the saying goes, I have been as sick as a Dog, but then again, if my dog was this sick I would have him at a veterinarian clinic without hesitation.

I’ve been suffering from a horrible Lung Infection, from where I contracted it, I do not know, which has very slowly been getting better, with slowly being the operative word, making speech very difficult, and writing an extremely tiring endeavor.

SO IN CONVERSATION THIS MORNING . . . with a very successful elderly friend, who’s been Around the Block more times than most, all the way to living as a young man during the Nazi Blitzkrieg of London, who has also been extremely generous to me in my fight against governments who overreach their authority, he suggested that I don’t speak, and take whatever measure I need, so as to recover as quickly as possible.

SO I THOUGHT ABOUT IT . . . and what I determined I needed for recovery, is what we all need, VICTORY, since there’s no time to shirk. We need to stand up against all the odds, no matter how tired we feel, or how under the weather we really are, and understand what’s at stake.

WE ALL HAVE TO UNDERSTAND . . . that Government Perception, as is portrayed in the LEFTIST Media, CANNOT force a NON-REALITY upon us. And the RIGHTS of Government CANNOT exceed the RIGHTS of the People, and CANNOT be used to force us . . . TO SURRENDER UNTO CAESAR . . . THAT WHICH IS NOT CAESAR’S.

The more I watch the News Media Entertainment Reality Show, about Trump versus Clinton, and the Self-Hating Jewish Socialist Senator from Vermont, who did SQUAT with his own personal life, the angrier I get, BECAUSE WE’RE BEING PLAYED FOR FOOLS.

IT’S EASY . . . the Clintons are liars, cheats and worse. And in the REAL WORLD, they deserve to be behind bars.

BERNIE SANDERS IS A VILE OLD MAN, who has played the system his whole life, who like all COMMUNISTS, figures that he’s smarter and better than everyone else, who has never contributed so much as his own dime to making the Real World Better.

BARACK OBAMA WAS ELECTED ON SMOKE AND MIRRORS . . . who has so screwed up the American Dream through his Alinsky Strategy, that I fear America will never RECOVER, yet the people are so STUPID, that they still can’t see for themselves, how Obama’s Perception has no correlation with their Reality.


WE HAVE SEVERAL CHOICES . . . None great. None easy. And none without pain.

We can choose to do nothing and remain victims, as in Orwell’s 1984. Or we can whisper as part of the lost majority represented in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Or we can get into the FACE OF THOSE WHO WOULD REPRESS US by paying active tribute to the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry (“Give me Liberty or give me death”), and all the ICONS of FREEDOM by picking up their mantle and CARRYING FORTH the battle.


If you can help SUPPORT this BLOG, and the things that I write, say and do, it would make a real difference.

AS I ALWAYS ASK ONCE A MONTH . . . managing this BLOG has become a FULL TIME JOB, which is to me a Labor of Love, or I wouldn’t be doing it no matter how I felt or what it costs, but nonetheless it is a job with plenty of Financial Challenges.

And if you have the wherewithal to help to support Galganov.com financially, and the things I try to do – IT WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you have talked to the truth of our sad, numb, indoctrinated programed liberals. To those who think PC is the path to righcesness. To those who have been dumbed down to the point of not knowing rational thought.
    You are talking and pointing to the greed mongrals who have taken over both our countries and are through, their corruption are not leading but telling and demanding what our elected officials will do. They are setting and running the
    governance of our county.
    I thank you. Go

  2. I am worried about the moral direction of the current administration and the united states
    If some one wishes to be a homosexual FINE
    HOWEVER – do not force your life style on me
    please make a comment about this for the welare of our younger generation

    thank you

  3. Get well Howard, we need your perception and the ability to define and vocalize the problems we all face.

  4. Howard That infection has been around here in Canada for 3 years now . If you are plus 55 you’ve got it or will soon . Apparently it does not exist ! hence no need for a cure . I agree with your thoughts . However you are assuming the average citizen is as smart as you are . NOT SO Furthermore he has been educated and taught to believe his opinion is of value regardless of how he obtained it and he is as smart as the next guy . Once again No Cure Required. !!!

  5. Kerry said it all. Nations without borders. Nations are not nations without borders. That is a small part of the progressive agenda toward one world government.. We are being pushed, small increment by increment in such a way as not to be noticed. How long before it is too ls too late to protect our rights. All of the progressive politicians are jockeying for positions in this order. I have concluded that D or R behind the name does not distinguish. Please get healthy. We need you.

  6. EXCELLENT EDITORIAL! We have a DO AS I SAY, NOT a DO AS I DO Government, i.e., the ESTABLISHMENT! It’s just plain SICKENING re: how they DELVE into our PERSONAL LIVES! You worry about SANCTUARY CITIES. Well, so do I, as I live in one. WELFARE is no longer called by its name. Instead, EUPHEMISMS are used to describe its various programs! RE: HOLLYWOOD–It encourages KIDS to live in a FANTASY-WORLD. RE: GUNS–Those who are protected the MOST by them are those who SPEAK AGAINST them the MOST! AMEN!

  7. Get well Howard, you and your family come first. You can’t fight if you are sick so take it easy for a while and we will just have to wait until you are ready to do more editorials. Best wishes.

  8. Dear Howard, I Note you’ve begun about 15 sentences in this chapter with “I worry. Once when I said I worried about my baby son’s future in such a war-torn world my mother said: “Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but does not get you anywhere.” You are doing what you can to cope in our crazy world & to inspire others to do what they can; God bless you for that. We who read your words need to do something about these issues, & stop worrying about them.
    Thanks, Howard.

  9. Like millions of other Americans on Social Security, I resent being included within the 50% of takers. My parents and those of every other American boomer thought that they had a contract with the government to have funds invested and these funds would in turn be paid back as benefits. They and we were duped when instead of investing in the economy they bought US IOU’s and put the money into the general fund. None of us expected that and none would ever be in a Ponzi scheme by choice.

  10. GET WELL SOON……We need your voice now more than ever.


  11. I don’t believe there is ONE Hollywood Actor/Actress who has served in the Armed Forces. But they RUN their mouths. And I for one…..will NOT use a public restroom where I MUST share with HE/She. I need to be SAFE. The mass media is DESTRUCTIVE and so is our Government. They are PROTECTING ‘their’ fiefdoms..They are like little undisciplined kids in a sand box. Responsibility. Respect. Moral character. Truth. Setting a good example by actions is not forthcoming from any of these persons.

  12. BRILLIANT observation on Hollywood! I am fearful that the average person does not know what reality is because of Hollywood. As usual, you are hitting bull’s eyes! Praying for your soon recovery, Howard. We need you ! Hope

  13. Thanks, Howard! Keep on truckin’. Never, ever give up!

    I’m starting the ITVaCC Party……Independent Traditional-Values Constitutiional Conservative Party. Give ’em hell.

  14. Take the advise of on older person and do like your friend said. Please get enough rest now to continue doing what you are doing. Better to take a few days off than get worse and be laid up even longer. Get well!
    I had never thought of things quite the way you have pointed out, but it is a great argument to use with liberals.

  15. Liberal progressive are a hoot – Ban 16 oz cops of drink but continue to permit refills of the smaller cup / permit some people to use the rest room that they want with no idea how to enforce this directive. Like Jonathan Grubber said, liberal progressives fully people the people are “stupid”

  16. I pray you will be well, having congestive heart failure and copd I know your illness. God bless you Howard you are like a great friend to me. Love to your wife and Stryker.

  17. Howard, you have written many very good ones and some great ones and this is way up there with them too! Excellent piece and right on the money. We, the apathetic multitude preyed upon by the “elite”! No wonder Trump has assumed the status he has. A multi millionaire speaking for the “man in the street”.

  18. Keep on doing a great blog, but get some rest as I look for your e-mail each day.
    We think alike!

  19. Howard, great article. As always right on target. Take time to rest and recover. We need you and your words of wisdom. Blessings to you and the family.

  20. This is one of your best articles, nailing it right on the head!!!! We are losing a battle that most won’t even acknowledge. Until we all get behind our Constitution and DEFEND IT, we will all go down & be slaves of this government and the One World Order. Thank you again Howard for keeping us all on our toes and trying to wake up the rest of America to all gloom and doom (which IS FACT). God Bless You and God Bless America… (Canada & Israel as well).

  21. In Rome, the leaders kept the populace in line with bread and circuses. GIVE the people their livelihood and keep them ENTERTAINED so no one cared about reality. This is how they were controlled and how we’re being controlled today. The barbarians are at the gate, but the enemy is US.

  22. Howard, you have things nailed. We all know how we have been had. Who has the courage to lead us out of this morass? Who is going to rally the troops? I have yet to see anyone or any group ready to take on the task. Words will not do it. Your thoughts on how to proceed beyond words? We have hundreds of fired Generals and Admirals. Where is a Patton?

  23. I look forward to your blog every day. I have to admit that many times it makes me very angry…NOT because you are wrong, but because you are SO right. Thank you for your words of wisdom and I will send whatever I can to help with the financial burden.

  24. I can dream, can’t I? HG, if Trump had his trusted investigators read through your editorials, I have no doubt they would persuade him to hire you as an advisor! Whether you’d accept is another story. Perhaps if he begged. Among your many recommendations, I’m certain you would convince him, he owes John McCain as well as the whole military a uuuuuuuge apology! Wishing you a speedy recovery from your lung surgery.

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