I don’t get it . . . what’s so hard for some people to understand, that ZERO Tolerance for LINKS in the COMMENT Section of this BLOG means ZERO Tolerance?

I’ve written NO LINKS in the Comment Section several times in Editorials, and I’ve even explained why. And in BRIGHT RED LETTERS, right under the Comment Window, it says that LINKS WILL BE REMOVED.

How can I make it any clearer than that?

If you feel compelled to send a link to me, no problem, send it to my personal email address at [email protected].

WHAT BOTHERS ME MOST ABOUT THIS ISSUE . . . is that if some people can’t accept or follow a simple instruction like NO LINKS, it really doesn’t bode well, for how these same people could possibly understand the social and political intricacies, implications, and issues that affect us everyday from our respective governments.

I absolutely LOVE WRITING about Socio/Political thoughts, while trying to explain some history and realities one can’t get from a 30-Second Television Sound Bite.

I also enjoy most of the Comments and Emails I receive, even the ones that don’t necessarily agree with me. And I never disparage people who ask questions or have their own unique views.

But it bothers me enormously, when people think they really know something they don’t really know, because they read it on the Internet, or heard it from someone else who heard it from someone else . . . and on and on.


I don’t have time to listen to Rush Limbaugh or any other Radio Talk Show Hosts, but I am keenly aware of Limbaugh’s STATEMENT and VIEW of the Average American Voter, for which I wholeheartedly agree.

The problems with Limbaugh’s assessment of the Average American Voter (Canadian too) are THREE FOLD:

1 – He is 100% Accurate.

2 – There is no cure for STUPID.

3 – These are the people who will decide the future of our governments.

So what are we going to do about it?


I keep hearing and reading all the NEGATIVES on Trump, and why people either CAN’T or WON’T vote for him, because of this and that. And believe me, the list for why not to vote for Trump seems to be endless.

AND IF YOU WERE TO GO BACK . . . to my Archives – all the way to the beginning of the campaign for the Nomination, you will read that I thought Trump was amongst the WORST of all the Candidates to support, for which I listed a serious number of objections.

And if you were to ask me if I changed my mind about Trump from then until now, THE ANSWER IS NO! I still think trump is Bombastic, Rude, a Bully, a Narcissist and all over the Board . . . BUT HE IS NOT HILLARY CLINTON.


Trump is the kind of guy who’s going to shake things up, because that’s who he is, and that’s what he does. And I assume that once he wins the White House, he might make Obama look like a PIKER when it comes to issuing Executive Orders, which is OK with me, since it’s going to take DRASTIC MEANS to turn things around, since the WIMPY Congress cannot be expected to do anything like that.


Forget what Romney says about Trump . . . since he’s already had his chance and blew it TWICE. Forget about what Glenn Beck says, ‘cause he’s all over the board with everything, acting more like a political preacher than an Objective Commentator. And that’s OK too. But it doesn’t mean that he and anyone else in the NEVER TRUMP BAND know more than you could.


DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP . . . and it will be President Clinton. And if not “CROOKED” Hillary, if by some miracle she is somehow indicted, it will be President “COMMUNIST” Sanders. And if not President Sanders, because the Democrat Insiders will be able to have him removed, it could be President “COURT JESTER” Biden.


Don’t be like the few people who read this BLOG, who even though the Policy couldn’t be clearer about ZERO Tolerance for LINKS in the Comment Section, they still put in LINKS as if the policy is just a suggestion . . . TO THINK FOR A SECOND that a Vote NOT FOR TRUMP, will be a vote without dire consequences – is reckless, and wrongheaded in everyway I can conceive of.

And as much as you might find Trump to be OBJECTIONABLE, for a host of legitimate reasons, as I do too, it doesn’t matter, because if you TREASURE your Freedom, the Freedom that is already on LIFE SUPPORT, you will not want another Democrat in the While House.


We can either support Trump . . . and pray that he can, and that he will really shake-up the country and the rest of the world as it appears he intends to do. Or we can find every reason NOT TO SUPPORT TRUMP, and hand the election to Clinton, where we will get 100% of what our countries and the rest of world will never be able to overcome without an all-out insurrection.


By Howard Galganov

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  1. As one other stated here, as a DISH subscriber I, too, have been without Fox for 2 months. Don’t miss it!
    If the ‘majority’ of Moslems are decent and peaceful, that doesn’t mean they still don’t support terrorist means to an end. Looking at “thereligionofpeace.com” you see that “even a tiny minority of “1%” of Muslims worldwide translates to 15 million believers”. So, if ONLY 15% support Sharia law and misogynous treatment of women, that would be 225 million supporters? Peaceful folks indeed!

  2. On spot & correct!!! People don’t seem to understand the consequences of their actions. To not to vote means you are totally ignoring your right to vote, which thousands & thousands of men & women died for us to have that right, along with all the other freedoms. Trump is by far the better candidate for President than Hildebeast!!! It is true, if, Hildebeast wins the Presidency – America is doomed. She will finish the job that Obummer has started!

  3. I agree with your summation of Trump, Hillary, Sanders, Biden etc and the idiotic voters that say they are NOT going to vote or write in their favourite candidates name. I also have my many reservations about Trump and hope that he will do what he has been saying what he will do and hope that he will NOT waver from it. I will post this on my FB site so that hopefully some of these people that will not vote will read this and change their mind and vote. November can not come soon enough.

  4. Before I submit a comment, I ask myself 3 questions: 1) Is my comment compliant? 2) Why do some commentators believe they are being helpful by signing their names and locations when it’s obvious your software does it automatically? 3) Why do some believe their god will intervene and correct all evils, while cancer and other terminal illnesses are on the increase?

  5. This week I heard a young Oregon Republican State representative ask a pithy and important question of those who insist that they will never vote for Trump:”Do you just want to make a point, or do you want to make a difference?” That’s all that’s needed for people to consider in this election. The future of America and its people is at stake.

  6. Trump is not beholding to any one,he used his own money ,no pac’s ,no other finical support the first time in modern history
    for a presidential run. If elected he must select a cabinet that are the best in advising him as he is limited in knowledge of
    the world problems,whether democrats or republicans.Hillary is the second coming of obama and GOD help us if elected.We can only help that she is indited ,as she and bill are criminals and both need to pay with prison sentences.

  7. Very well written Howard. Its TRUMP or Hillary (in what appears to be maternity clothes to hide her fat body). IT IS TRUMP FOR ME!!

  8. Democrats and their ilk always live down to my expectations. Its who they are. Being angry with them is tantamount to being angry at a Basset Hound for drooling. What sends me into an orbit is the prigs that just can’t pull the lever for anything other than their own priggish vision of the ‘perfect candidate’. Invariably, the ‘R’ candidate, as ineffectual as they or their party might be, would have been the far better choice, regardless of wrinkles and worts. Trump is the only choice.

  9. I am hoping like hell that Trump becomes president for no other reason he will be able to poke all of the media and the moronic lefties in the eye with a stick for their incessant diatribes against him.
    Cheers Jim Anderson

  10. The Washington Post reports it is assigning 20 “reporters” to dig into Trump’s past. After reading his accomplishments I think that might be the right number. If they had put a cub reporter on Obama, the country might be on the brink of several calamities; illegal immigration, floods of Executive Orders and regulations, Obamacare, $19 Trillion debt, pauperized military, and an economy stagnated by his overreach.

  11. Howard – I frequently agree with what you think and write in your columns; it’s an articulation and perspective I don’t quite have. Our politics over the decades seems to have become something on the order of “sour grapes” meaning if the candidate has one flaw or something we just don’t like, they can’t possibly be any good at being president. Too bad people didn’t pay attention to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama when their “flaws” were pointed out ahead of time. Le’ts pay attention now!

  12. With Trump at the helm, we’ll have moral leadership for a change.

  13. I can’t get over having the feeling, that Obama has no intention of leaving the WH. With, what he has accomplished since 2008, and he is not slowing down, a false-flag is in order. The do-nothing Congress has been sitting on their backsides, picking their seats and biting their fingernails complicit with his destruction of our country. They should have started impeachment proceedings a long time ago. I hope and pray that I am wrong.

  14. The bystanders during the nazi era were enablers. In the reality of today’s world and politics an abstention is a negative vote. Pastor Nieumuller a famous German saw it coming and he said by the time he wanted to speak up there was no one left to speak for him when they came for him. Thankfully he survived the concentration camps and he lead an exemplary life.
    So my dear American cousins don’t be a bystander be an UPSTANDER. A proud Pledge Rider.

  15. You are 100% right on describing Trump but I would rather have him than Hillary!! She will continue to destroy the U.S. like Obama is doing. I hear people say “well I am tired of voting for the least of two evils” but if they don’t vote they vote for Hillary, who is evil. I listen to Rush and he is right about the Low information voter. We need to think about saving America and Trump not Hillary will at least work on saving us and getting jobs back to America.

  16. I don’t get it either. I think some people only read part of what you write and then decide that the rest suits what they want it to say. I have found this numerous times where it is evident that some readers have not completely finished what you have written. FRUSTRATING to say the least.

  17. Watching Hillary grow fatter as this campaign progresses we will soon have to choose between Trump or Plump.

  18. It’s a shame that Dr. Ben Carson got derailed by the Corporate Dictatorship and the corporate owned news outlets. I’m not overly impressed with what is left for the American people to vote for. There is hardly a negative word in the English language that hasn’t been used to describe Clinton. Sanders, the socialist/communist, is only a slightly better choice. Trump, like it or not, is all that America really has left to vote for. Dr. Carson can give him a lot of good advice.

  19. There’s never been a democrat president in my lifetime that has put the country first. That’s going back to the early forties.well maybe Kennedy asking “what can you do for the country not what can the country do for you.”
    Mr. G I like many people can’t get my arms around Trump. I know he is heads and shoulders above Clinton but how does one take on the person you have been in bed with for some years. Scary isn’t it.

  20. Voters should earn the right to vote by: 1) Being employed ( at least to the point of being self-reliant ) , 2) Being employed in the Private sector ( because getting government pay is conflict of interest ) , 3) Passing an Exam that shows the voter understands the issues and is qualified to make a decision.

  21. You are correct, Howard, assuming none of the contenders change. The choices are very clear. It’s just sad to think we have reached the lowest common denominator at one of the most important times in our history. We had all better pray that Trump will have a pleasant surprise in store for all of us if he is elected. Hillary or Bernie would both be a disaster. Even the history of America will never be accurately told if one of them finds a pathway to the WH.

  22. I tell my friends: I am not voting for Pastor; I am voting for President. I do not like everything about Trump, but I sure as hell do not like what 98% of the Republicans have done to the party and to the USA. Trump is resonating with millions of people because he is SAYING what millions of people have been THINKING. He has been a breath of fresh air.

  23. I agree with you 100% on this, Howard! Trump can be obnoxious, a loudmouth and even a buffoon at times ….. but he will do some shaking up and shaking out that is badly needed! As for Hillary …… PLEASE, NOOOOO!!! And I’m not even American! I wish we had a ‘Trump’ here who could oust our new ‘pretty-boy’ ‘selfie’-taking Trudeau and his wife who, it seems, can’t do anything for herself, as she makes demands for more and more help … all on the taxpayers’ dime. Thanks for nothing, Libs!

  24. Howard. I am very disappointed that you justify voting for Trump primarily because he is better than Hillary. I opine that you and many others are going to be very surprised at how well he will do. Trust “we the people” this time. He is already being more presidential as exemplified by his kind words for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. I believe that he was destined to Make America Great by the greatest power in the universe who used Cyrus, a non Jew, for His purposes.

  25. I am not really voting for Trump but I am voting against killary and the entire treasonous demorat party. Good post, Howard.

  26. HiLIARy is not an option! I pray Trump doesn’t have an “accident”. The word is more accurately termed “assassination”. The corruption here is as prolific as anywhere on this globe. With that old, bitter, lying hateful bi-ch, Trump is a target; he’s in her way; he’s inconvenient and has the gonads to attack her during the debate(s). Both she and Bill have been disbarred. Her boss at the Rose Law Firm called her “the most unethical person I’ve ever met, and she’s a liar.” Nice resume…say what?

  27. I’m amazed the number of Americans who don’t remember their own history.When they describe Trump as brash, offensive, single minded strong willed and according to some unsuitable for membership in either party. It seems to me you could be describing Teddy Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Party. He only lasted one term but he was exactly what was needed at the time.

  28. Look beyond the medias negative rhetoric n insults Trump has suffered too. Think only on the promises he has made to the American Populous. Recall what Dr. Carson said, “If it’s Trump, you’ll have him for four years, if you don’t like him then, you’ll have another opportunity to find someone else”. Meanwhile you will avert the disaster that could be wrought upon the US if Shrillary makes it to the White House. Europe is in big trouble, and Trump is your only hope to stop it happening in America

  29. I am an American patriot; and agree with you wholeheartedly about the critical times we live in, and the importance of conservative voters supporting Trump as an alternative to the otherwise disastrous election of another ultra liberal Democrat or Democratic Socialist. I live in BC with my Canadian wife, so I read your editorials with great interest whether about the USA or Canada. Thank you for your invaluable work in highlighting important socio-political truths.

  30. You can be very sure the “establishment” are very worried about the Trumper. There go their cushy jobs. He will not tolerate the crap that has been going down. As far as clinton is concerned I hope he gets her indicted and put in the slammer. You can also bet she is plenty worried.

  31. I’m hearing people that they first, don’t not only like Clinton, second, they also don’t like Trump, so THEY ARE NOT-GOING-TO-VOTE at all. No-vote, is a vote for Clinton.

  32. I WILL vote. Period. I couldn’t vote for JFK in 1960 because YOU had to be 21 at that time. Of course, this changed during the Vietnam Era. Voting is something I take seriously and there is NOT one item on which MY VOTE was required that I did NOT make it to the polls…whether, Local, State or Federal. This is MY country. MY vote will count.

  33. New wrinkle, Howard. Read Fox article this AM that anti-Trump pols are trying to lure Mark Cuban into a third-party run. Yep, the guy on Shark Tank with as big an ego as Trump. Do they really want a notorious risk-taker as president? Desperation can = truly crazy? Talk about the USA being a laughing stock. I agree w/Mark Krueger about a false-flag to keep O in office. Only prevention would be a Hillary win to continue one-world-order plan. Otherwise we have Obama or civil war. Not good choices.

  34. If only OBAMA had been VETTED and CRITICIZED like TRUMP has been thus far, our Country wouldn’t be in such a BIG MESS! I, too, have a very strong feeling that Obama has NO INTENTION of leaving the WH. Could it be that this is HIS NEXT TROJAN HORSE SURPRISE? If this would/does happen, GOD HELP US ALL! There is NO other choice BUT TRUMP, unless one wants to continue on the same DESTRUCTIVE path with the PRESENT ESTABLISHMENT! Ask yourself, why do THEY FEAR him so much? GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE! AMEN!

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