I wish I could say that I don’t get it, but I do. AND I DON’T LIKE IT.

I don’t like the stupid GAMES being played by the Republicans, telling Trump that they’re not quite there yet in terms of endorsing his candidacy for the leadership of the Republican Party.

Not only is this extremely disrespectful to Trump, which really doesn’t bother me all that much, but, it is otherwise incredibly disrespectful to the people, which bothers me to no end.

Whenever I couldn’t come up with a decision on something, my late Father would simply tell me – DO IT OR GET OFF THE POT, but as you probably know, not quite in those exact words.


They too should either do it or get off the pot . . . because enough is enough, and the people deserve far better than any of them, certainly those in the House and the Senate have to offer.

If at this point, if Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and thus far Leader of the Republican Party, still isn’t sure whether or not he can endorse Trump, he should just say NO. Because to me, by not saying YES, especially after all the Debates, Caucuses and Primaries, Ryan has already shown a clear and NEGATIVE view of the People’s CHOICE to lead the Party into the November Election.


I listen to these sanctimonious JERKS in the Republican Party LECTURING Trump on how he has to TONE DOWN HIS RHETORIC, and speak less stridently about women . . . And on and on.

Effectively . . . they’re telling the man who has shattered all Republican Records for Primary Votes, and has brought Millions of people back into the Party, and new people into the Party, how he has to become MORE like THEM, and LESS like HIMSELF.

MY PRIMARY QUESTION IS . . . Are these RINOS naturally this stupid, or do they have to work at it really hard? Do these Republicans not realize that they are in the single digits amongst Voter Satisfaction, and that no one really cares what they think?


It’s remarkable how Trump is challenged NON STOP by these losers for not being sufficiently Conservative to lead the Republican Party . . . EXCUSE ME?

I guess anyone can define any word they wish to define . . . that would fit their narrative, such as Conservative.

In the whole Republican Party, it’s hard to find Members in either the House or the Senate who are really Conservative. And when there really is a Conservative like TED CRUZ from Texas, serving in the Senate, who stands on principles, he is labeled a NUT JOB who is HATED on both sides of the Aisle.

If the Republican House and the Republican Senate were indeed Conservative, especially after the two formed the Majority in Congress, Obama wouldn’t have won his Second Term, the Debt wouldn’t be on the verge of breaking $20-TRILLION DOLLARS, Obamacare would have been unfunded, there wouldn’t be Sanctuary Cities, ILLEGAL Immigrants would be deported, and EXECRABLE Agencies and NGO’s like the Environmental Protection Agency and Planned Parenthood would have already have had their budgets crushed.


To the Politicians, Politics means a Gravy Train, Special Status, and an Ego Boost.

I’m not going to play the Semantic Game of defining who is and who isn’t a Conservative, because that’s the game Liberals and RINOS play. I will just say this . . .

I believe in INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. I believe in the SMALLEST GOVERNMENT POSSIBLE. I believe in the LOWEST TAXES POSSIBLE. I believe in PERSONAL VALUES. I believe in a MERITOCRACY. I believe in an all POWERFUL MILITARY, and when we’re challenged, we use that military to CRUSH whomever Challenges us.

I believe in RIGHT & WRONG . . . by my definition – not by someone else’s, so I’m not interested in a long debate, or any debate for that matter, about how many Angels could Dance on the Head of a Pin, since that kind of STUPIDITY is reserved for Lawyers, who run up the hours to charge outlandish bills by arguing nonsense, Intellects who spend their lives in their own dream worlds, Politicians who use words to bamboozle the people, and all LEFTISTS and RINOS who have no other argument.

In other words . . . welcome to my simple definition of Conservative.


THEREFORE . . . when Trump says that he will build a Wall, I believe him. When he says he will keep out Moslems whom America can’t verify as being safe for America, I believe him. When Trump says that America will stop being a Trade Patsy for the rest of the World, and that he will renegotiate agreements that have become disastrous to the USA, I believe that too.

When Trump says that he will make America’s Military GREAT . . . and all-time Powerful, and will use it to quickly and completely destroy ISIS by his own Rules of Engagement, opposed to the SISSY Rules of Obama, I believe that too, and why shouldn’t I, since he’s already wiped out his Political Opposition, just like he said he would?


Trump intimated . . . that he doesn’t need to have the approbation of the Republican Insiders to fight and win the Election. But what I do know, is in the long and short term, the Republicans need Trump far more than Trump needs them to Fight and Win.

And no matter how much the RINOS want to push Trump to see it their way, good luck with that, since Trump is Trump, and no matter how much these Jerks think they will turn him around . . . IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.


North Carolina told Obama and his Attorney General where to get off with their Multi-Gender Bathrooms, and took a beating for it. Well . . . Texas just did the same. And now we’ll see just how tough everyone will be going up against the Lone Star State, which Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I consider to be our Second Home.

We’ll see if PayPal will be as tough with Texas, as they were with North Carolina. And we’ll see how many other States who think it’s wrong for girls to use boys’ washrooms and showers, or boys to use girls’ washrooms and showers, who will now get on board with North Carolina and Texas?

I suspect this Political Correctness CRAP will bring out the best in all of us Conservatives, to the great consternation of the LEFT, who are really CRUISING for a BRUISING, who sooner rather than later will get their comeuppance.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • From now on I will watch FOX News with a jaunticed eye – I am astounded that the parent company is partly owned by a Saudi prince. That country, Saudi Arabia, is apparently pouring Millions of $’s into western countries to try to ruin our oil industry and who knows what else. I don’t know why their women don’t turn on their men in droves. What would the men do if all the women rebelled? Hah! That would be a fun one to witness!

    And another Canadian turned terrorist has gone to meet his maker!

    Madelene Gilligan, Plantagenet, Ontario
  • Great column. Government coerced Unisex is over playing their hand. B O just did a national “decree” requiring it nationally. Keep going stupid. we need you to expose who you are to the naive and lemmings. Meanwhile virtually everything Trump says he will do is conservative. It is only establishment conservatives he scares to death. Their days of domination of the Republican party are also very limited. Trump makes no claim to being a choir boy. The more I see of him the better I like him.

    Thomas Kelly, Greenport, NY 11944
  • I’m with you, Howard, with ONE exception. Trump still doesn’t pass my smell test. As I watch and listen to everything being said about him, I find it terribly difficult to buy him. My gut says he is running a campaign similar to Obama, i.e., just take me for what I say, not for what I have done. Sorry….I still don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. Fortunately there is still time to watch what goes on. The food from column B might not be much different than that from column A. “Trust but..

    Don and Jeanne Glass, Sun City West, Arizona, United States
  • You have it right when you throw your hands up in frustration, wondering what part of Trump’s allure the left and RINO’s refuse to understand. It’s no different here in Canada where several editorials in the right-of-centre National Post have intimated that it is primarily the unwashed and the uneducated that are championing Donald Trump. As if anyone that doesn’t live in a trailer park should be disgusted by Trump as he is a disgrace to civil society. Boy, November can’t come soon enough!

    Joel Goldman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • EXACTLY how most of us others feel & are saying about this RYAN ‘isn’t ready’ to endorse B.S. And Howard, thanks so very much for bringing the hypocrisy & bone headedness of the long time now looser ‘rightists’ in the GOP to task for they’re very obvious failings & reasons for our utter distain of them for as elitist leadership! Do WE need change IN THE GOP? – you damn right we do – and NOW!!!

    Willard P Elliott, Polson, Montana, United States
  • Another good one!!! I agree with all you have said. I didn’t like Trump at first but the more I hear the other “Establishment guys”, the more I like Trump. He won so they need to handle it and stand with him!!

    Mickie Johnson, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Howard, Trump is a populist which is a different political “organisation” than the Republicans. His governing style seems to be conservative but we will have to wait two or three years to find out. Paul Ryan is just playing according to Trumps own book and is in negotiations with him in order to find out what are the details behind Trumps broad stump statements.

    Pat And Bill Miles, Orlando, FL
  • It has been three years since we have been here. In that time the cars that occupy the capital cities streets have seemed to double and then some. The amount of trucks both large and small is also up in numbers but to a lower multiple. Buses remain in the same number with the older ones declining and the newer articulated and modern German ones increased by replacing there number. The older buses are former US school buses all bluebirds and they don’t function well on the Guatemalan diesel fuel.

    William R Tarn, San Angelo, Texas, United States
  • Well folks, the Washington upperclassmen,women.and I use that title loosely, are still disrespecting the voting folks. What do they mean they are not sure. WE HAVE SPOKEN. If they finally decide they don’t, where does their vote go. If they don’t vote, that goes to Clinton,if they do vote,they are obviously voting for Clinton. Now who is the most conservative? Let’s get to the bottom line and back the man that is running on the GOP TICKET. Now back to work! Tucson, AZ

    Janet Blackwood, Tucson, Arizona, United States
  • Howard, I sincerely hope that you are right about Trump.I was Devided between Trump And Cruz right from the start. I then started leaning towards Trump as he seemed to say what most of us wanted to hear and get done. The sad part is coming now. I just read that Trump And Ryan met yesterday and Trump started to say things a little different from what he said during the debates, like using the word ‘Suggestion’ when he referred to keeping out ALL Moslems. Is Ryan and the elites getting to him??

    Oswald Ziesmann, Westbank, BC
  • Bravo Zulu, Howard! (a naval expression meaning “well done”). We, the public, are
    ready for conservatism. We’re “all growed up”.

    Arnold Eyre, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Ryan and others that cant make up their minds about Trump are destroying the Republican party and leaving the door open for Hillary to walk in. Will any of these stupid people admit they helped Hillary win? Of course not. Its people like Ryan that have helped give us the current white house traitor. Don’t forget the traitors Jane Fonda and her friend John Kerry. God bless Canada and the USA. Keep up your good work Howard. Love to Stryker!

    Paul Gullick, Bonaire, Georgia, United States
  • I have not been able to send the Speaker of the House an email since Ryan took over that office. He does not care what we, the people, think or have to say. I would send him a letter by land but it would not reach him and if it did, he would not care what I had to say. I would chew him out just as I did with the previous speaker. How I wish we could elect someone who really cared about America & not them selves.

    Charles Matheson, Sr, Elgin, Texas
  • Perhaps we need more definition. I would like to see all your readers, and EVERY politician, and Republican submit a DEFINITION of the word “Conservative” without using the word itself in the definition itself. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it flushes out those who love “buzzwords” versus actual specific beliefs and explains them.
    The entire country would be Republican if we simply did that exercise to see if we are ALL on the same page!

    Tom Corcoran, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, USA

    BILL BUCKINGHAM, Houston, Texas, United States
  • Another meaningful column Howard. However I thought you were going to discuss Canadian politics judging by your headline. It would have made an excellent line to use relative to Prime Minister Justin Kardashian . I agree with your comments the Republican Party are shooting themselves in the foot. What is wrong with Paul Ryan ? Is he so concerned with his his own political ambition that he cannot see that allowing Hillary Clinton the opportunity to be President , will further erode the USA. Marie

    Marie Watkins, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
  • Paul Ryan must be replaced

    Gene Archambault, Santa Barbara CA
  • I am a Christian and conservative. I am not voting for a preacher as I already have one, the fabulous and renown Pastor, John Hagee. I want a Leader with business sense, International experience to work deals in the favor of the USA. I want a leader that loves this country more than money, power and mansion style home and penthouse -all of which he already has – he paid for I want a Leader who is willing to give his time, effort and brains to turning this country back on its great axis again

    Peggy Johns Bland, San Antonio, Texas USA
  • Now that the establishment republicans have bastardized the term “conservative”, I find myself looking for something else to call myself.

    William And Vickie McCoy, Leander, TX
  • If Trump can try to do the things he claims if elected ,the congress will fight him tooth and nails. How much can he use executive power that Obama has done and set records for presidents. I agree with most of your blog today how ever Cruz
    is not one of my favorite politicians , I have hear he is a snake ,can you say what he has done as a senator for the American people ?

    Larry Lehrman, Aventura, Florida, United States
  • Trump MUST stay focused and stay with the original game plan that brought out the populous to vote for him. If he shows any sign of being influenced by the losers he will lose his support. I feel he is too smart and will follow his lead. What worries me is what the weasel in the WH has planned for his surprise. We cannot trust him and I am sure he has another shoe to drop, a big one.

    Paul Branch, Osprey, Florida USA
  • Oddly enough, if we think about who the presidents & representatives were when this republic began, men of means & power, Trump is the contemporary version. Career politicians have the elitist, better-than-other-people attitude who need term limits to deny them the time to create & grow personal fortunes/power. They truly are enamored with their own importance, after all they get voted in again & again. They have $$ to campaign; new people who would be better don’t have funds/name to compete.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA
  • Bill McCoy, just keep calling yourself a conservative, Republican and a American. A large majory have now realized that the Democrat’s, RINO’s, Left’s, BLM’s, leader’s of the “Grievous-Industry”, etc, and obama himself are the American bastards, who keep calling the people ingorant and claiming that they know better. However, this does apply to all of those who believe in them. Oh, and take note that the 2 initials of Political-Correctness, makes up 2 letters of the word – CRAP!

    Tom Kopper, Titusville, PA
  • The name ‘DONALD’ means “STRONG MAN.” The mafia leader is ‘THE DON.’ In bridge and other card games, we all know that the ‘TRUMP’ card beats all of the other cards in the deck. Many times in my life I have noticed that a person’s first or last name correspond to who they are or what they do….and you readers probably go too. I opine that this man is no accident, but has been ear marked from birth to be our president.

    George Pecoraro, Lower Burrell, PA
  • The RINOS are concerned re: TRUMP’S not being CONSERVATIVE enough. What have THEY done during their 8 yrs. of having CONTROL of the CONGRESS, except to give BHO everything he’s wanted? As Mr. Branch wrote,”Trump must stay focused and stay with the original game plan…”. KUDOS to No. Carolina & Texas for their STANCE re: the LGBTs! We, no doubt, will soon be in for another SURPRISE from BHO’s TROJAN HORSE! Maybe he’ll CREATE another DISEASE to SCARE and DETER the PEOPLE? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • How much more better shape we would all be if we had held Obama to the scrutiny we’re giving Trump! Obama was an Idiot who had never done anything, never worked, knew nothing about foreign policy or any other policy, and we elected him for 2 terms. Trump is a smart man and has learned more about government in one year than Obama has in eight! Trump was not my first choice. Neither was Cruz, but I am very impressed with his ability and think he will make a a fine President.

    Lil Adickes, Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • As always, you are right on! Thank you! I agree with you that Donald doesn’t need them and he shouldn’t cow tow to them……

    Marilyn Relva-Papcun, Torrington, Connecticut, United States
  • VERY well said, Howard. The GOP establishment has gotten just about as corrupt and worthless as the liberals/Democrats (same thing).

    David Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • The rinos are nothing more than demorats with and r behind their name. You are spot on as usual.

    Kenneth Lee, Lake Alfred, Florida, United States
  • Right on with you view. There is one thing more we must remember in November and that is all the RINO’S that need to be thrown out also. We really need to clean house this time. Anyone not supporting the hard line against the corruption and scandals in the government need to be replaced with people willing to turn this country around.

    Arne Hansen, Santa Ynez CA
  • Looks like all those in ‘The Establishment’ are determined to have hillary as president! Howard if you can look at Joe Hildebrand’s comment in the ‘Daily Telegraph’ (Sydney, Australia) news today that only the uneducated are supporting Donald Trump and he is supposed to be a right leaning reporter. It seems the world doesn’t want The Don. Its got me beat the world over politicians (of all persuasions), the media (of all persuasions) no-one supports Donald Trump, the world is in a sorry state!

    Graham Inskip, Oakhurst, Queensland, Australia
  • Trump garnered 40-some percent of the overall primary vote and it’s “shattering all records?” A man who never mentions limited government and the constitution is actually a “conservative?” And anyone who is hesitant to support him is a loser and part of the evil establishment? Trump is the establishment, plays golf with Boehner and the boys, hangs out with the Clintons, Chuck Shumer etc etc and has used his political connections in business to enrich himself.

    Doug Williams, Ferndale, WA

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