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Here is a matter of fact . . . Conservative Jews are more in line with Conservative American Christians, whether the Christians and Jews know it or not, THAN Jewish Conservatives are in line with Jewish Liberals.

And over a period of THOUSANDS OF YEARS, from the time of God’s Covenant with Abraham, to the Day Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, to the Jewish Elitist Sell-Outs during the era of the Holocaust, to the REBIRTH of Israel in 1948, Jews have been at serious ODDS with each other.


I AM A NON-REPENTANT JEW . . . So where am I so different from you?

I contribute every day to our society by defending our Rights and Freedoms with this BLOG, with speeches I make, and by putting my money where my mouth is. I donate to charities. And I do the best that I can to help and promote Animal Rights and Welfare.

And I have stood alone multiple times . . . all the way to the Supreme Court against the System.

I don’t pollute the planet, but I’m also smart enough not to buy into this Global Warming Crap. And I wholeheartedly believe that the Government should work for the People, opposed to the People working for the Government.

I HAVE OLD FASHIONED VALUES. I don’t believe that two people of the same GENDER should boast about being Gay or Lesbian, while demanding special recognition and privileges because they are. They should just shut-up and live their lives.

I think Gay Pride Parades are stupid; no less than I would think a Heterosexual Pride Parade would also be stupid and a slap in the face to normalcy. And I have no idea what this alphabet soup LBGT is all about, that’s pushing to change our individual beliefs and ways of life, to accommodate beliefs and lifestyles we disagree with.

And if some people want to have an “Alternative Sexual Lifestyle”, so be it, just don’t force others to participate.

And if Gays, Lesbians, LBGT, and LEFTISTS want to raise children . . . that’s on them, but they should stop trying to raise everyone else’s children to their specific LEFTIST values.

AND WHERE DOES THE GOVERNMENT GET OFF . . . ordering people who don’t want to – to use Multi GENDER Bathrooms? When I was in High School, I didn’t even like taking showers after gym with my friends. So I didn’t. I showered when I got home. And I know that my sisters didn’t like it either. And as for Anne (My Beautiful Wife), she was so appalled to be getting undressed in the girl’s locker room amongst a number of naked girls; she simply stopped taking gym altogether.

I also believe that every Law Abiding Man and Woman should have the REASONABLE means by which to PROTECT HIMSELF OR HERSELF, by being armed as he or she sees fit. I don’t suggest the right to carry a Bazooka, but I certainly support the Right for Legal Licensed NON REGISTERED ownership of Hand Guns and Semi Automatic Rifles and Shot Guns. AND FOR THE RIGHT TO CARRY!

I LOVE FOOTBALL . . . I enjoy Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Mom’s Apple Pie. I have been an Employer most of my life, and have never missed making a Payroll, writing a Bonus Check, or handing out a Commission Payment with a hearty thank you to the recipient, EVEN WHEN ANNE AND I HAD TO TAKE CREDIT CARD ADVANCES, because we simply didn’t have enough money in the company to cover the Payroll. If you ever started a business from scratch, you know what I mean.


I don’t believe in a FREE RIDE. I have always worked for what I’ve received. And I’ve never had an expectation of something for NOTHING.


MY STORY . . . is a North American, European, Israeli, Australian, African, Asian and South American JEWISH STORY, where we as Jews, have ALWAYS ASSIMILATED to become as good as we possibly could be in the Nations we call home. SO WHY DO THEY HATE US?

Anne and I have a lot of Jewish Friends . . . but far more Christian Friends who we are blessed to have. Several of our closest Friends are Christian, who are more like family to us than just friends. And we relish in their enjoyment of Christmas and other Christian related holidays.

And we’re happy to say MERRY CHRISTMAS . . . and give our Christian friends gifts.

SO WHY DO THE LEFT HATE ISRAEL, which is a Nation very similar in VALUES, LAWS and FREEDOMS to Canada and the United States, where virtually every Israeli looks at the USA as a Sister Country?

68-YEARS AGO . . . just three years after the Liberation of the HOLOCAUST DEATH CAMPS, the world – in a moment of weakness generated from their GUILT of closing their eyes to the most INHUMAN SLAUGHTER OF HUMANKIND EVER, which no one could have ever imagined happening outside the REALM OF HELL, voted to RECREATE the Nation of Israel.


Now . . . that Jews by the millions, many of whom never left Israel, and Jews who returned to the PROMISED LAND after 2000-Years of EXILE, and about 750,000 Jews who came to Israel after being THROWN OUT of their Arab Nations, which were home to them for thousands of years, who came to Israel as refugees after 1948, the World Can’t Take It, especially LEFTISTS, including LEFTIST Jews, who for their own DEMENTED LEFTIST reasons Blame Jews for all that seems wrong with the world.

The LEFT goes NUTS when a Jew builds an apartment in Jerusalem, yet stays absolutely silent as Moslems MURDER HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND OF OTHER MOSLEMS . . . including men women and children, such as what’s happening right now in Syria.

THE LEFT IS ALSO DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND . . . as millions of Arab Christians are thrown out of their homes, where their ancestors had lived before the Birth of Christ, as Christian men, women and children are made homeless, are slaughtered, and in the case of girls and women, are raped and forced to become sex-slaves to Moslem men.

But let an Israeli Soldier kill an Arab Moslem TERRORIST, even in the action of a Moslem TERROR attack against Jews . . . and the LEFT goes APOPLECTIC.


In the early 1900’s, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who was a Russian Jew, was a Writer, Historian, Philosopher, Soldier, Activist, Organizer and Leader, said to the entire Jewish World, even to those who wouldn’t listen, that the day would come, when every Jew on the Planet would have to fight to survive. And he was right.

BUT AS RIGHT AS HE WAS . . . Jabotinsky was demonized by LEFTIST Jews worldwide, especially in New York City, where his speeches were boycotted by many, but lionized by Jewish Conservatives.


I, along with many Conservative Jews, have embraced Conservative Christians with whom we have much more in common in terms of VALUES and LIFESTYLE, than we have with LEFTIST Jews, who I see as the enemy from within.

IN THE TRUE FASHION OF JABOTINSKY . . . A good friend of mine in Boca Raton Florida, took it one step further than any LEFTIST Jew could ever countenance. He took it upon himself to organize the training, acquisition and LICENSING of Rabbis to own, use, and CARRY GUNS into Services and elsewhere, along with regular Parishioners.

WHEN IT HITS THE FAN . . . as it inevitably will, because it always does, I know where I will be standing, because I know history and because of Israel, which has given me the PRIDE and CONFIDENCE to stand for the things I believe in, without any compulsion to feel guilt, because I know that I am standing on the RIGHT SIDE.

And because of the Tens of MILLIONS of Christians with whom I share my VALUES, I will not be standing alone.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I continue to watch FoxNews for the sole purpose of listening to Judge Jeanine Pirro and Brigitte Gabriel, two courageous and strong women (yes, women) who are consistently unafraid to take a stand and speak the truth.

  2. Great editorial Mr. G.! I will never understand why Jewish people are hated by anyone. It makes me ill that some would prefer that hateful so-called religion that has caused so much damage around the world.

  3. An EXCELLENT column Howard….simply EXCELLENT….thank you for making the landscape as simple and as understandable as you do….I look very much forward to every column I receive….regardless the subject, there seems always something to learn and/or something I believe legitimized….

  4. “We’re no different – you and me.” You can say that again, Howard. Although we do consider ourselves Americans first and hope one day soon we see our country get back to its founding principles…..despite all of the overt greed and insanity throughout this world.

  5. Dear Howard, You are one brave person to stand up for all you believe in, as do so many Christians & other Jews. I applaud you & Anne. I know you will continue sharing your knowledge and for saying what is Right and what is Wrong. Lots of prayers are needed for this insanity in our world today. God Bless You both always & thank you for all the good you do.

  6. Thank you for writing this, it was Great. I myself cannot understand the hate there is for the Jewish People. They are some of the best people you could have as friends.

  7. I don’t know where our world is headed in so many ways and in so many areas of our American fabric Howard. The good news is your column gives me strength knowing there is at least of few of us that get the full meaning of your messages today. “PAX” to all through principled values. Keep on writing sir. I look forward every day to your blog. Refreshing and supportive it is. Best to family!

  8. I agree with you, I have always felt the same towards all people. I never even considered whether one was a Jew or not, we are all Gods children. Some times your comments about Jews seem somewhat paranoid.

  9. As far as non-Jew haters of Jews goes, I put it down to envy.
    If ever there was a “race” personifying excellence, it is the
    Jewish “race”. For example, look at the number of Nobel Prizes
    that have gone to Jews. As for Jewish “apologists”, they are
    no different than the other Lefties … uneducated.

  10. I have never understood anti-semetism in so-called Christians (CINO). They say they worship a Jew and yet they hate Jews.Think God is linstening? Look at the accomplishments of israel since 1948. Look at all the inventions, medical breakthroughs and procedures, books,art, etc done by Jews. Where is the Arab history? They have been killing each other since Ishmael. I, for one, say get out of there, get them out of our country and let them kill each other, rape women, behead any who disagree

  11. I often wonder why liberal Jews are so supportive of liberal/socialistic principles and politicians in this country. My conclusion is that they consider themselves LIBERALS more than JEWISH. Conservative Jews and Christians have so much in common. I am a conservative Southern Baptist who stands with Israel and realize that God sovereignly CHOSE the nation of Israel to introduce Himself to us and the world. It sickens me to see how Jews are hated and maligned, even by our own government!

  12. Howard, thanks for a great editorial. You always say it as it is. We must stand together for our christian conservative values or they will taken from us. Each day we look forward to your writings. Thank you for all the time you put into each article. Blessings to you and your family. God Bless the USA, Canada, & Israel.

  13. Howard,
    As a Christian, I understand that I am an “adopted Jew” who follows Jesus. I take great pride in my “adopted” heritage and shall stand beside my “brethren” unitl my dying breath.
    My wife wears a Star of David necklace, proudly and often. When asked by others, if she is Jewish, her answer is “my Jesus was.”
    Thank you for your fortitude, messages and character. Someday I hope for the opportunity to discuss with you, the gift given all of us by the greatest Jew who ever lived.

  14. As a young man, just out of High School where I worked to support myself because I did not live with my family, I moved to Hollywood and found a job with a company run by the Leiber Family. They became like a family to me and tho they are gone these many years I still think of them with fondness. And, during my 22 plus years in the military I had many Jewish friends.So, Howard, even tho I am a Christian when it is time to stand up, I will stand with Israel.

  15. Great article, Howard. Too bad that so many do not understand that there are conservative Jewish people who disagree with PC. Liberal Jews are making it bad on all Jews and on themselves by trying to step in line with PC. I think Sarte has caused many to believe that assimilation and Globalism will stop anti Semitism which is no way true. Look at the German Jews during Hitler’s reign. Also too many Gentiles are swallowing the Protocols of Zion today. VERY sad indeed.

  16. Israel only received enough votes in the UN in 48 after they blackmailed Rockerfellar the night before the vote. That LOYAL AMERICAN, who later became the VP, sold oil to the germans during WWII, and the Zionists spies had all the evidence.
    the price paid was to leave the war criminals in SA alone. Source-John Loftus- the secret war against the Jews.
    Think about this- why was the only Nazi from SA tried was Eichman, and how did Germany have enough oil to fight 6 years a mechanized war??

  17. It is true that one day every Jew on the planet will have to fight to survive. If you believe the bible as I do the good news is you will be fighting WITH your ELOHIM/GOD on your side. It doesn’t get any better than that. What a honor to be Jewish, His chosen people.

  18. I have always admired and supported the Jewish people. I taught an outdoor survival course at an all Jewish camp in N. Ga. and the cook and I were the only Gentiles among 1000 Jewish campers and staff, most of the staff were former Israeli soldiers. I was known as Saba Wade as I was a 60 year old grandfather at the time. On May 24 I’m leaving for Israel for two weeks with a group of 8 other Christians. I watched Kirk Douglas in Cast A Giant Shadow for about the 10th time last night.

  19. Bravo, dear Howard, for resuscitating often forgotten Ze’ev Jabotinsky, one of the Giants in the Pantheon of Zionism from the Right, along with Herzl, Begin, Shamir, and yes, the Netanyahus, father and sons, among others.

  20. Our Country is a “SODOM & GOMORRHA” where SEX has become an ACTIVITY which is no longer RESPECTED. It is ABUSED to the point of DISGUST! It has also become RAMPANT in our SOCIAL networks which has INCREASED SEXUAL CRIMES. IRONICALLY, Islamic societies incorporate punishments ASSOCIATED with Sodom & Gomorrha into SHARIA [Islamic Law]. The TEN COMMANDMENTS REINFORCE SELF-RESPECT and RESPECT of OTHERS [such as JEWS]. SEXUAL PREFERENCES [LGBT] should remain PRIVATE and NOT be IMPOSED on others! AMEN

  21. You are correct in your assessment Howard. However, I really think you need to read Isa. 64:6. Also, if you violate one of the laws set down in the Tanakh do you not violate them all? Who will be your advocate when you stand before God?

  22. As a child I recall sitting around the table listening to the news on the radio. Even as young as I was at that time, perhaps four or five, whenever Israel was mentioned I listened closely. I cannot explain that. At some point I found out we were German, and I was ashamed. And from then on, if I was asked what nationality I was, I said ‘Canadian’. God has put a soft spot in my heart for the Jewish people. A few years ago I was so fortunate to be able to visit Israel!

  23. Howard, For my Christian friends. Romans 11:25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. 11:26 And so ALL Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: 11:27 For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.

  24. With all your blog disclosed,
    Good/bad of mankind exposed,
    But not on religion the shame,
    On actions of people the blame.

    To your blog with this I react,
    You relate what is truth so exact
    Terror by radical Islam it shows,
    With that I bring this to a close.

    Tony Melli

  25. Great article!! We are instructed in God’s word to love one another. That is hard to do with so many people that hate the Christians and the Jews and live with their main object to cause harm to God’s children. I believe Jesus is coming soon.

  26. The only reason I can think of for their hatred is God chose Israel as His people and the City of David as where His home would be on earth. I recall a time when I needed help as a new father and the Jewish Free Loan in Los Angeles was the ONLY ones to give it with NO questions about my faith. I respect all the Jews I have known and paid back that loan & willing to contribute to them any time.

  27. Mr. G…great editorial. I have NEVER understood why Jews are hated. My grandparents, made sure ALL of us living under their roof knew about what the Nazis did to the Jews. During the war while the men were serving, all the aunts and their children lived in my grandparents home. Grandpa always said the Golden Rule was made for EVERYONE and we should OBEY and practice it everyday. They came from the OLD COUNTRY in the 30s because they saw what was going on with Hitler. God Help Us.

  28. It’s imperative that we maintain the Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of our democracy, freedom, and respect for each other. Part of those values is the honest judgement between right and wrong, good and evil, friend and foe. Political correctness and its conjoined twin non-judgmentalism are the willful blindness that opens the door to evil, let’s it take hold, and rots our society from within. Thanks, Howard, for being on the front lines of the fight for what’s right.

  29. What other country has done more for the world than Israel (medicine, science, hollywood, accounting or peace)? Only Israel (vastly outnumbered) kicks the shit out of the enemies, mends them with world class medical care only to send them back to kill and/or rape defenseless Jewish/non-Muslim “targets” all in Allah’s name. Why does the world hate Jews? Because they are successful and the only thing we love more than success itself is to root for the failure of these otherwise “heros”.

  30. Howard, that is the one thing I cannot understand. How ANY Jew can vote for any Democrat. The Jews in NY voted for Obama-TWICE. (Not all of them). It just amazes me. How can any (Christian) country allow Muslims to live in their countries. They want to change our way of life and they are doing just that.

  31. The other day Toronto Sun columnist wrote “Trump and Lewinsky” What a ticket!
    It was hilarious to say the least but it make me think maybe it would be a great idea for Trump to take Sarah Palin as his running mate. She’s been there, Done that, and got the tee shirt. What do you think?

    Ted Walker
    Oakville Ontario Canada

  32. 80 years ago in a small city in Alabama, I had no clue that Jews were different. They played the same as I. They looked the same. They went to a church called a synagogue a day or so before Sunday wherein I went to the Presbyterian Church on Sunday. So what?
    Then I noticed how intelligent they are relative to those who don’t go to the synagogue. I have insufficient space to explain how those who are envious, simply destroy a vulnerable minority, rather than mentally compete. It is easier.

  33. Howard, another great editorial – I have never understood anti-Semitism. They point to the few Jews who are Liberals & use those examples to explain how ALL Jews are money-grubbers. Jews just happen to be smart with handling money & this should be regarded as a positive. The Muslims pretend that charging interest is not in accordance with Islam so they just change the name & call it something else. I see this in the Muslim banks in Malaysia – it is really quite funny!

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