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BUT FIRST . . . HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY – On this Mothers’ Day, to all of you who have an exceptional Mother, as I and my sisters had, please remember her, and if she’s still with you, celebrate and honor her, and realize how lucky you were and are.

As hard as I try to invent ways to MONETIZE, so I can benefit from making this into a FULL-TIME VOCATION, freeing me to do more than I already do, and as much as I possible can, it’s not easy, but I’ll keep trying nonetheless.


I’ve had several requests from readers, for me to write a book, in ADDITION to the Editorials, that would be more comprehensive in some respects, and more expansive in other ways, than are my current written Editorials.

Some suggestions . . . were for me to encompass and reprint many of the Editorials that have already been written as part of a new book. Which isn’t a bad idea, however, if I were to write a book, I would probably want it to be with FRESH thoughts on the same subjects.

And then there’s the decision of how to Print and Publish a book. Should it be printed as a Paperback (Self-Published), and sold through this BLOG, since I certainly don’t have the Name Recognition needed to have anything I write carried in Book Stores? But, if I publish a paperback, I will need to pay for printing and mailing.

About 20-Years ago, I wrote and self-published a Paperback Political Book called “BASTARDS”, which became such a HOT DEMAND item . . . that it sold out everywhere, needed 3-Reprints, and was on the Montreal Best Sellers List for 10-Weeks running, being NUMBER ONE during that period.


If I should decide to write a BOOK on my political thoughts and beliefs, I think the only way I would and could be able do it with a possibility of some success, would be to Self-Publish a Digital Book to be sold on Amazon.

SO THAT SAID . . . Writing a book is a HUGE commitment that is incredibly Time Consuming. To give you an example, every Editorial I write and Publish to, takes me the better part of the working day, and in terms of typed pages at 12-Point Type, these Editorials are on average only 3-Pages each, which should give you an idea of how long it will take to write a BOOK worthy of your time and money.


If I were to write a COMPENDIUM of my Socio/Political Thoughts and Beliefs, and were to publish this book on AMAZON, and were to sell the book for $10, would you buy the it?


I am extremely grateful to everyone who supports this BLOG, and very few more so than the few people who pay to Advertise on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of this Page, which is why I ask everyone who reads the Editorials to give these people their business, because they deserve it, and their products are FABULOUS.


And there are about 75-100 People who are always there to help this BLOG finically once a month, and even though their support really does make a difference, it is not enough to allow me to do what I am doing to the fullest extent of my ability.


I have commissioned a dear friend of mine, who is responsible for all the Art and Graphics you see on and the PLEDGE RIDE, to create a COIN that is more or less the size of a US SILVER DOLLAR.

I have negotiated a cost with an American Mint, to STRIKE this Coin, which will Display the Image of the Pledge Ride on one side, which presents the Flags of the United States of America, Canada and the Israeli Star of David. On the other side will be the Star of David.

On the side of the Coin with the Image of the Pledge Ride & Flags, it will read . . .


On the other side with the Star of David, it will read . . .


These Coins Weigh ONE TROY OUNCE, Sterling Silver – 999 Pure.

Each coin will carry the Worth of ONE OUNCE OF PURE SILVER at Market Value, plus the cost of creating, minting and distribution. But at the very worst, each Coin will have a REAL Value based solely on the content of Silver (1-Troy Ounce 999 Pure).

So . . . if I decide to MINT a number of these coins, WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO PURCHASE THEM FOR A VALUE FROM $35-$50 EACH USD, including taxes and shipping?


So . . . the talk amongst the Pundits, is that the RINOS might want to back an Independent Run with Romney as their Champion.


I would love nothing more than for the RINOS to finally crawl out from Under their Rocks, and remove all doubt about who and what they are, and who pulls their strings, because as I see it, there are enough REAL Conservatives, Independents and even Blue Dog Democrats who would not only VOTE for TRUMP, but would campaign hard to get him elected.


If I were in the House or the Senate (coming up for reelection), I would decide right here and now whether I am onboard WITH Trump, or will want to ride with the RINOS, and if any of them decide to Stay the Course with the RINOS, let them say so, and if they OBFUSCATE . . . SCREW THEM, and let REAL Conservatives campaign against them, using the same Clear Language Heard From Trump.

Because of the way I see it . . . Trump doesn’t need the RINOS, nor does he need IDIOT Women who buy into the BS about a War Against Women, nor does he need the Black Lives Matter CRAP, or the Latinos who fly Mexican Flags in the USA, or the Global Warming Fanatics.


What would most thinking and caring Canadians like me, NOT GIVE for a real leader, who would say that he or she wants to make CANADA GREAT AGAIN?

IF THE RINOS REALLY WANT TO FIGHT . . . let them show courage and get it on.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “ISLAM IS RADICAL-ISLAM, and RADICAL-ISLAM IS ISLAM.” Period ! ! ! Get it? Now, share / spread it!

  2. Romney – the TRUE conservative flag bearer. What a cruel, cynical joke!
    None of these, dare I say, ivory-tower-conservatives understands what the feeling is at street level. If they did, there wouldn’t even be a Donald Trump candidacy.
    One coin SOLD. You know my address!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and to all who celebrate mothers!

  3. I have “Bastards” from the first printing, and with your signature. Sure I would buy another book by you. Interesting reading.

  4. It can’t be said too often- either lead, follow, or get out of the way. Trump is leading and the rinos should join him. This GOP needed to be shaken up and Trump is doing it rather well. It really is amazing how things have turned so rapidly because of him.
    I would very much like to see a new book and $10 is peanuts. And, how about an audio book? You describe a beautiful coin, and why not a coin as well?

  5. Dear Howard, I would contribute to your efforts more if I could. Pro-Life tops my list of the efforts on my list, as well as those judicial efforts to defeat Planned Parenthood & their murderous agenda. Your voice and principles are so important to us all. A book project takes huge commitment so I will pray about that for you.
    I admire your dedication to the cause of freedom in our country, Canada and Israel. It is precious and so costly in all resources. May God always bless you.

  6. The book will be well worth the effort. Make the cover, in color, tell some of the story. My wife Katalin Kadar Lynn and I are currently in Europe introducing her latest publication, “Comrade Baron” (which may interest you) and you’ll see what I mean. Keep up the good work. Best, Doug Lynn

  7. OF COURSE…a very GOOD friend of mine tells me my Korean War B-29 Combat Crew Memoir is worth more UNSIGNED but NOT YOURS HOWARD…DEFINITELY not YOURS!! GOOD LUCK and get going with compiling what you have already written! Very Respectfully and ANXIOUSLY! Bud Farrell

  8. Read all your editorials. Always something learned. I support the need for and appreciate your understanding for the USA, Canada and Israel to remain vibrant and strong. Your perspective of the current political circus is “spot-on”. As Heidi states the need in today’s political climate/crisis is to do one of the following: “Lead, Follow, or Get of the Way”. The only one really leading is Trump. I support your financial endeavors and would definitely purchase the book and coin!

  9. Howard: Yes on the book. Both paperback and electronic versions, please! I’ll order a dozen paperbacks and turn more friends on to you, your thoughts and writings. Fpr me, love reading the electronic version… good for travel! Re Romney, Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the RINO’S? They will lose their shirts, if they go up against Trump. Good riddance. We’ve had to put up with their do nothing actions long enough. Let them ride off into the sunset and leave us to try to repair the damage!

  10. I’ll support you the best I can. My husband recently passed away and I am not rich by any means. Do write! I’d buy several paperbacks and pass them on.

  11. Absolutely 2 grand ideas. An additional supplement pamphlet style e-book to go with each order for a small surcharge could be written for High School/College age children that us gomers could give to our grandchildren etc. Their education is sorely lacking and we need something written clearly, as you do, to outline the history/politics/economics for which we are fighting. Or we could give it to people that won’t take the time to read a whole book but obviously need to know more.

  12. Please count me in for 2 of them – absolutely
    Gary Burd, M25 Amarillo, TX

  13. You should do it if it is profitable. I’ll take two of each please, and LUV to Stryker.

  14. I would purchase both the book and the coin Howard! I like the idea of publishing your editorials, maybe the original and what you think now when you look back on them and how they relate to today? Good luck on these projects and I look forward to hearing that you have succeeded with all. Take care and CHEERS!!! Colin Victoria B.C.

  15. Yes to buying a book. Yes to buying the coin at $35 (10-15 as gifts) – One if $ 50 for myself. Is your first publication, BASTARDS, still available?

    Tom Beach, Alvin, TX

  16. One book and one coin for me. Keep us advised on how to obtain them please. Keep up your great work!

  17. Yes on both book and coin, Howard. By the way, have you heard the cause of the Fort McMurray fire is finally out? You guessed it……Global Warming! Where is our deserted island we can escape to?

  18. Howard have you ever considered hiring an agent to get you on some electronic media panels as a representative and face/voice of the Right? I can’t think of anyone more knowledgeable and direct that would be better at defending and explaining the conservative mindset. If any panel had the guts to include you, I have no doubt that your viewpoints would register with the viewing and/or listening public to the point where voters would give pause. You would also be paid good money.

  19. I would definitely buy the book. I agree with Susan above what better gift to give to your grandchildren? Unfortunately you have people in Canada, just like the U.S. who think things are just fine there. My sister, who lives there is one of them, and she just doesn’t understand why I am so upset with the way things are here. Maybe a book would make her understand. So I have to add a book for her also.

  20. As a Pledge Rider, I will wear the coin as a pin on my leather vest when I ride. YES, please.


  21. If you do a book, please make it stories with a point, not just political analysis. We read political analysis day in and day out, ad nauseum, on the web, on the radio, in the mail. Yes, your political analysis is more on target than most (except for your support of the idiot Trump), but I cannot bring myself to read another whole book of it. Stories, please. The people you meet when you travel back and forth between home and Texas. Other stuff you experience. I’d buy that.

  22. I could afford a book, not sure about the coin, though. I love supporting your blog when I can. I know that I will get to read more of your thoughts and kept up to date, with the latest political events. Back to the issues at hand – Trump beating Hildebeast is not going to be easy. Trump really needs some political savvy people around him, to help him win the Presidency. As far as Trump not being a Conservative, what have the GOP Conservatives done for us, anyway???!!!

  23. I would definitely buy the book. Perhaps, insofar as commerative coins go, you should look into what are called “challenge coins”. These have become a hot items amongst us in the volunteer fire service, roughly alkin to trading baseball card like we did in the late 1950’s. They are rather less expensive as well. If you are interested in an example, send me an email and I can get you one of the ones my FD has had struck as collectors items.

  24. I would buy the coin. Your article is spot on as usual.

  25. Romney the “choker”, no thanks! Count on me for two coins. I stand with Israel! (and Trump)

  26. Good coin idea. There are “BUY SILVER” ads all over TV, radio and in print ad nausea…A few years ago I did invest in gold and silver, getting a bunch of old quarters and dimes (pre-1964) allegedly worth the money I paid. Seems to me I might be interested in buying lots of coins if I had a clue as to their (fluctuating) “resale value” as an investment in case Trump doesn’t get elected…perish the thought. Maybe you could call them ‘in case of Shrillary’ coins…!

  27. You can put me down for a coin, but I would prefer to download the book. Edgar Sellers

  28. Yes on the book, real life stories. Yes on the coins. Would like to see some packaged wrapped on a 3X5 card with your picture and a statement, “A gift from a friend – visit”. I would buy a lot to give to friends and customers. Whatever you decide, keep writing your blog!

  29. A Hi-FIVE to Joel Goldman’s suggestion! I’ve been recommending it for years in private emails. Your world-class editorials are brief and riveting. That’s why they compel me to drop almost everything as soon as they arrive. Due to the rapid increase in the speed of Digital, paper is in decline, as is the COST of marketing your blog. Kindle is best for fiction. I urge you to hire a competent SEO who, like yourself, places quality over $$$.

  30. And we don’t need, #NeverTrump, which, if this is sucessfull, could bring about same consequence, when the Republican, conservatives, etc., split in 1992 election, (Clinton vs. Bush & Perot) – and who won that election. And the 1996 election, (Clinton vs. Dole & Perot) – and again, who won that election.
    And now if there is another split, who do you bet is going to get the election Clinton.
    America does-not need this to happen again!

  31. Yes to paperback and also coin at $35-$42. “Bastards” is still available from re-sellers on Amazon.

  32. I will buy both the coin and book! Would love to read about your Jewish roots and how you became conservative.

  33. You are a political prophet and messiah for people with common sense and no voice. The book? Watch and wait – the add the results to your predictions. THAT WOULD BE A TRUE HISTORY BOOK unlike the ones being rewriting history now.

  34. Thank you for giving voice to my thoughts. I would buy anything you publish and am also interested in the coin for my children.

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