IT’S HAPPENING . . . And It’s Happening Fast


Everyone knows what’s best for Trump. But they seem not to have known what it took to beat him. So they all lost. And now that the Nomination Fight is done, they’re at it again, telling Trump WHAT he should say, and WHAT he shouldn’t say, and HOW he should or should not say it.

If they were as smart as they think they are, how come Trump’s the Nominee, and not one of them even came close?

AND NOW WE HEAR . . . how the Bush’s and Romney won’t support Trump. They won’t even go to the Convention, and how Ryan needs Trump to more or less get on board with Ryan’s Conservative Philosophy, if Trump wants Ryan’s support.

As for the Bush’s . . . wasn’t it Bush 41, who said: “READ MY LIPS” about no new Taxes, and then ran up Taxes like a Liberal, only to get blown out as a result by the Clintons?

Wasn’t it Bush 43, the son of 41, who for 8-Years ran up the Debt, increased the size of Government, and ALLOWED Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to collapse the Real-Estate, Investment and Banking Systems in the USA and Worldwide, in spite of being warned REPEATEDLY of the consequences of doing nothing?

AND THEN THERE WAS ROMNEY . . . who took the 2012 Election, with all the support the Republicans could muster, which was his to LOSE, who literally handed it to Obama on a platter?

AND AS FOR RYAN . . . In spite of all the promises to stand-up to Obama and STOP the Hemorrhage of DEBT – Ryan had the House PASS the Gargantuan Spending Bill that effectively gave Obama, virtually everything Obama wanted.


The American people think less of the House and the Senate, than I think they do of the PLAGUE, and as such, have thrown enormous support behind Trump and the things he has CLEARLY ENUNCIATED THAT HE STANDS FOR.

So given this FACT, what is it that should make Ryan, the Bush’s, Romney, and INSIDERS like Carl Rove think they know what’s best for America?


Because of Trump, the 2016 November Presidential Campaign has become a NEW Movement for a return to many American Values, VERSUS a New World Order promoted by the LEFT and RINOS.

Don’t think for a second that the RINOS were or are any different from the Democrats and their EQUAL ROAD to a One-World-Government. Even Bush 41 made it clear right after his Iraq War, in a speech that I personally heard, when he said . . . THIS IS A NEW WORLD ORDER, which bothered me considerably, because it could only mean one thing, AND THAT THING COULD NOT BE GOOD.

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE I CAN SEE . . . between the Republicans and the Democrats; is which one of the two is going to be guiding the USA into this One-World-Government, which if it were to be made public, would NEVER happen with the support of the American People. And that’s why all the subterfuge.

SO . . . WHEN TRUMP PROMISES TO END TRADE DEALS – which are killing American Jobs and Society, he’s threatening the Dream of a One-World-Government, and the New World Order enunciated by Bush 41.


If you take a breath and step away from where we are today, and think back just several years, and take into consideration why the USA didn’t SEAL its Southern Border, as every President PROMISED to do as a PRIORITY from Bush 41, Bush 43, Clinton and Obama, you have to really ask yourself . . . WHY NOT?

AS A CANADIAN . . . I want to know why it is so much easier for an Immigrant who can’t speak English, doesn’t know the American Culture, wasn’t raised on the principles of Judeo/Christian Ethics and Secular Laws – to get a Green Card at the speed of light with guaranteed assistance and massive Welfare, compared to what it takes for a Canadian to do the same without any assistance or Welfare?

Why were Canadians dropped from being able to enter the USA Green Card Lottery, when virtually no other Nationalities were? Could it be because that would muck-up the works somewhat?

AND THIS THING WITH OBAMACARE . . . that costs a working family as much as $20,000 per year for OK coverage, when the real costs for Healthcare, are in all actuality a fraction of that . . . what gives?

So why would the government want to price Healthcare out of reach of the vast majority of Americans, if not to force them to accept a Single Payer System CONTROLLED 100% by the Government, which in all REALITY, the Republicans in the House and Senate NEVER REALLY TRIED TO REPEAL, in total contradiction to their election promises and pretense to do so?

Listen To What Reagan Thought About Government Healthcare:

And why would a so-called Conservative Supreme Court Justice (John Roberts), who was appointed by a so-called Conservative President (Bush 43), violate the US Constitution by ruling that Obamacare was in keeping with the Constitution, by creating a narrative, that the Law was a Tax instead of a Demand, which Obama insisted was NOT, so Roberts could defeat the opposition to Obama’s Law that took control of almost 20% of the US Budget?


Abraham Lincoln was put-up by the New Republican Party as a Sacrificial Lamb, to help establish the Party, with no expectations of him really winning. Yet, not only did he win, he went from nothing, to becoming one of the Greatest Presidents to Occupy the White House.

Winston Churchill was considered to be an oaf and a drunken lout by most of his peers, who actually thought of him as being unworthy to even sit in Parliament as a Back Bencher. And look how he carried England through its GREATEST Modern Challenge.

Ronald Reagan was opposed by all the Important Republican Insiders, who thought of him to be a joke, even though he was the Governor of the State of California.

And when Reagan finally came to office, buried in monumental debt and the MALAISE of a Nation one could never have imagined, which was nurtured under Jimmy Carter, Reagan defeated the Iron Curtain, gave America back its Pride, and created a generation of growth and prosperity unseen since the end of WWII.

Margaret Thatcher was the daughter of a small time Grocer, Preacher and Alderman, far removed from the Elitism of the Members of the British Parliament, yet, she used her skills, knowledge and courage to drag England Kicking and Screaming into the 20th Century.

It’s been a long time since the world has seen leaders of this caliber, who through their own Patriotism, GRIT and Dreams, in spite of all the odds and threats against them . . . THEY CHANGED HISTORY.

I’m kind of hoping we will see it again after November 2016.


The American People, the United States, and the Whole Wide World will be far better-off without them. They’ve already done enough.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Remember it was Clinton caused the financial mess when he gutted the glass-seagall act
    His words on that day. “The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act makes the most important legislative changes to the structure of the U.S. financial system since the 1930s. Financial services firms will be authorized to conduct a wide range of financial activities, allowing them freedom to innovate in the new economy. The Act repeals provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act that, since the Great Depression, have restricted.

  2. Thanks for another fantastic column Howard.
    There’s a saying: When all are beating up on X, bet on X.
    I’m betting on our X, The Donald, and I truly believe he is going to be the next President.
    You are so right – it is a New Movement. The old fat and happy politicians are getting nervous.

  3. WOW, I agree with everything you said. It is time for “we Americans” to stand up and vote for Trump and see how he can change us back to being a successful Country. It is time for the Rino’s to take a look in the mirror although they won’t see what we see. They have caused this mess we are in. The Rinos that are up for election should be removed also! Thanks again for your Great Article!!!

  4. Well articulated This message is one of the finest you have written. I agree with your overview of history Keep writing and you will do your part in making America honest again and when it is honest it will become great again Thanks again Wayne

  5. Most USA politicians dont represent the people, they represent themselves or those that are paying them. This country is in serious trouble, perhaps God will bless us and have Trump pull us out of this mess. The Canadians I know are more loyal to the USA than USA citizens are. GOD BLESS CANADA !!!!!!!!!

  6. Excellent points! The RINOS are VERY UPSET with Trump’s win. The PEOPLE had expected GREAT CHANGES when the Republicans won the SENATE and the HOUSE, but nothing of SUBSTANCE was gained. If anything, Obama was NOT affected in any manner because he STILL got EVERYTHING he wanted. RYAN’S lack of immediate support to TRUMP was a COMPLETE DISGRACE. The INSIDERS FEAR TRUMP and with very good reason because they SHOULD! They have YET to figure him out, but most of all they WON’T! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. BULL’S EYE!! BINGO!! No further comment needed.

    Take the weekend off, Howard–and have a Happy Canadian Mother’s Day–even if it’s not a holiday up there.

  8. Best one ever Howard.
    You see in black and white when the rest of the world looks through rose colored glasses.

  9. Spot on. Also, it was Bush 43 who sent the war to Iraq when the enemy was in Afghanistan, thereby destroying the Mideast and killing the leaders who, despicable as they were, were needed so Christians could live in Iraq, and opened it all up so Hillary and Obama could destroy Libya and kill Qadaffi just when he had received acknowledgement of having started being a decent leader — and again he made Christians safe there. Now they are being slaughtered. All conservatives are not created equal

  10. Dead on target! It is the Loyal Conservative American against the NWO OWG represented by the Bush’s, rove, romney, leftists, rinos, demorats etc. and the world would be better off if they stopped consuming oxygen. So, in Nov. you either vote for Trump and for America against the NWO OWG or you vote for the destruction of America. End of discussion.

  11. Agreed HG Only hope for Canada is the US gets Trump and some of it rubs off on us Though I doubt it will
    And I have long questioned the difficulties Canadians have in emigrating to the US , while “others’ seemingly get a free pass and a hand up . Nothing more than collusion to keep us in Canada by both governments . As noted we do not even appear on the list of “possibles”. IF any “Walls” do go up , they might be in the North to keep our newest Canadians out of the US.

  12. Excellent!! Extremely well stated!! Thank you!!

  13. Can’t help but agree 100% with you on this one. The more the scumbags come out and say they can’t or won’t support Donald the stronger he’s going to get. They are too dumb to understand that the American public is seeing through their charade and we’re tired of business as usual. The fact that he appeals to independents and the few democrats that haven’t lost their mind will make him a winner. Hillary represents the worst possible candidate.

  14. You done good, Howard. This message is the best. Hope you will send a copy to The Donald. 🙂

  15. Donald Trump does not have to cater to these RINOS or others who have placed our country in such a mess.
    The Donald needs to concentrate on getting rid of these embedded, career, self serving politicians in order that
    he might accomplish what he has said he will do to make our country great again. Donald Trump is where he is
    because the people have placed their faith in him through their vote. I voted for Trump and if you care for our
    country, you should too! Ashley Raper, Rocky Mount, NC

  16. Where’s our version of Trump; who’ll “Make CANADA Great Again!”? We’re stuck with the selfie freak, Justin Trudeau, Prime Muslim of the Wella Balsam pH Balance caliphate for the next 3 1/2 cursed years. The Trudeau’s are Canada’s Achilles heel in stereo.

  17. I don’t recall who said it, “If the Republicans fought as hard against Obama as they are fighting Trump, Romney would be in the White House”. It’s true. So sadly true. I’m not sure what the agenda of the GOP may be, but it’s not been my agenda since President Reagan left office. My donations go to the tea party. Not a dime to the GOP.

  18. Proud of you Howard and appreciate all the info you give. I’ve followed you for a long time because you impressed me from the first time I read about you. Take care of your health….and watch your back. I hope Trump has lots of security around him. He’s always had my vote.

  19. Happening quick? My how quick the toxic orange man has started down that slope to what he is. Changed position on: minimum wage, hired George Soros Goldman sacs man, universal health care back on the agenda, and looking for a dem for veep. You all fell into the poison cesspool of lies from the orange man and now are nothing more than ignorant gas bubbles “blurring” from that pool of total ignorance. You wanted him you got him. You put him in office because I won’t vote for a progressive liberal.

  20. This has to be one of the best among your best comments. I particularly treasured your overview of the formidable four anglo statesmen (woman) who dominated and honoured our history of the XIXth and XXth centuries. Donald Trump has the will and the capacities to be the first anglo giant of the XXIst century, if the Rinos don’t eat him alive.
    Thanks, dear Howard

  21. And the GOP, DEMS, Mass Media say Trump has to unite the GOP Party. There are way too many who don’t have a CLUE and THEY are the ones spouting off and pointing fingers. As You Said, Howard!!! Trump just needs to be himself..the GOP party destroyed itself from within. And we wonder WHY the Senate/House can’t get things done? Not any more. I see what John Boehner was up against. And what is Obama doing weighing in on this election? He is OVER and not soon enough for me.

  22. I feel that when “We the people” speak, that every polititian that is literally paid, by “We the people” not forgetting the huge dollars paid to then by lobbyists for one second, should be stripped of all their benefits and fired. There is many years of history of brave men and women who fought and died for their “right to exist” in the system. To abdicate that voting for what “We the people” have legally demanded under the constition is treason.

  23. Thank you Howard… as always you are absolutely right. I surely posted this to Donald’s FB page and I’ll be posting it in every comment re the idiot “good ole boys” are commenting in the negative about Donald. I still don’t trust them that they might not pull something at the conference and I’m hoping everyone that’s in a state that has a primary goes out to vote for Donald just in case as Cruz and Kasich are on the ballots still….. Everyone should please pray for Donald’s safety!

  24. Reiterating on Holly Mayfield, “Ya dun gud.” Wow. I only got through a portion and forwarded the link to someone who thinks like I. Even if when/we win, the last few years of bad thinking and policies must be destroyed. I can only hope that it is not too late to re-educate a generation or will it be easier to just eliminate them. They do not represent the values on which our nation was founded. This nation and its beliefs is the longest surviving nation. Progressing backward with progressives

  25. Your summation of political events in America are sadly right on….however, I am still not convinced I can pull the lever for the Donald. Why you ask….because of the way he treated everyone but particularly a few. The vile, juvenile things he said about some, but what he said about Ted Cruz and his children, wife and father just to win an election is beyond the pale. I do not know how he could ever convince me to vote for him…I am not blind, dumb and deaf. The last week was way too much

  26. “Amen” to Howard also! Always a lift for the day!
    God Bless America!

  27. Obama Care should have been challenged on the FACT that it did NOT originate in the House where ALL TAX bills MUST be written. The RINOs never brought this forward or said anything about it they covered it up. The Constitution says that ALL tax & spending bills must be created in the House. It was NOT Judge Roberts place to point this out to the congress, they should have known that filling the suite they filled.

  28. You have hit the nail on the head with this one….I am so disappointed in Romney, Ryan, Bushes, Cruz and the “others”. Yes, I will support Trump. This government does need a real shake down….and believe he has the “moxie” to give it to them.

  29. Howard as usual an excellent.opinion. My dream is for Trump to get elected. Picture this: a UN conference Trump on the podium on a chair with that child we elected as prime minister turned over his knee and giving him the spanking he deserves.

  30. Paul Ryan should be embarrassed for his performance thus far as Speaker and instead is resisting what the will of “we the people” is for the USA as enunciated by Donald Trump. But, he is from Wisconsin which has not been friendly to Trump this year. He must yield to Trump if we are going to win in November or been held responsible. Watch out for the circular firing squad.

  31. It was during Bush 43’s tenure, that I saw glimpses of the NWO, with changes to the World Bank. It bothered me greatly. I opposed NAFTA, knowing it would be bad for the country & it has proven to be so. I am behind Trump even though none of us know what Trump is actually going to do – It has to be better than Hildebeast’s doings!!! Excellent blog Howard!

  32. Agree with most all your blog.The last 3 presidents have turned out to be disasters,and the same goes for most members of congress. Jeb bush was a failure as FL. governor ,and jobs he had were because bush 41-42, even screwed the tax payers by selling water pumps to african countries that had no credit did noy pay were usa financed but bush made millions $.

  33. Ryan has a conservative false front. His real agenda is establishment business as usual. Many self proclaimed “conservatives ” are the same – frauds, liars, Once again “conservative is not what is really going on. If it was real conservatism, none of this B S would be happening.

  34. The republican party has been a disaster, standing by or being complicit, while the democrats turn America into a socialist state. Out of control debt, overrun by illegals, declining wages, bad trade deals, government usurpation of our freedoms, etc. While the losers, Romney, Ryan, McCain, Rove, etc, are more concerned with maintaining their cushy consulting, lobbying, bureaucrat and legislative jobs. The “greatest generation” is rolling over in their graves.

  35. Ok …. after this morning’s news, I’m totally done with the Republican Party. I’ve always been registered Independent, but now I’m thinking Libertarian.
    Trump is the nominee OF THE PEOPLE, and now these big wigs in the RNC “won’t support him.” What that says to we citizens is ….. “we know better than you do – we’re smarter.” I am absolutely infuriated and would love to be able to line them up and tell them what for.

  36. If the “establishment” Rinos keep it up, they will guarantee the election of an Obama third term. God save us all!

  37. Keep telling it like is, Howard, as dandy Don Meredith did so well. Hopefully more and more people are realizing what a conspiracy is going on. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence would have seen this a long time ago. Anyone with ties to the federal government cannot be trusted. They have to be removed one way or another. We have all been screwed without a kiss as all of us old fighter pilots used to say. Look forward to your column every day.

    don Meredith did.

  38. For the unbelievers – who, though not evident (much) in these pages – Winston Churchill had this to say: “Socialism is a philosophy of Failure, the creed of Ignorance, and the Gospel of Envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of Misery.” Since Bernie and Hillary, along with all Rhinos, and the RNC support traditional elitism – this is their label as well.

  39. Brilliant editorial! Much appreciated. For all you ‘dense’ voters out there, just remember: not voting Trump is voting for Hillary, or, God forbid, putting Obama in for a 3rd term. Wake up! As stated above, God, please keep ‘the Donald’ safe and sound. The NWO is out to get him. Why? Because he will interfere with their plans to control us. Thank you, Howard for all your research. God speed…

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