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87% of the people who read Galganov.com are Americans, with more Canadians signing-on every day. And even though this Editorial is partly about Canada, you might want to read it, because essentially, our two countries are not that dissimilar. And our Canadian Present might become your American Future.

ALSO . . . if the USA chooses the wrong President this coming November, what is currently happening to Canada, will certainly be a look into the future of America.


Fort McMurray . . . for the longest time – has been the HEART of Alberta’s Oil Industry, which hasn’t just powered Canada’s Main Prairie Province, but has carried all of Canada on its shoulders with the wealth that has come out of, and off of their Prairie Ground.

And now the Entire City . . . and Greater Area is aflame, with as many as 80,000-People being forced out of their homes, businesses and farms, abandoning their livestock, Horses, and in many cases their Pets.

I’m not going to point any fingers at anyone for the cause of the fire, but I am going to state that the Albertan People, who were absolutely FED-UP with their own RINOS, who completely Screwed-Up the fabulously wealthy Albertan Economy and Social Fabric, threw out the Phony, CORRUPT, and Incompetent Conservatives by staying home, instead of voting for a real alternative, giving a FREE PATH for Socialists to take over the Province.


Rachel Notley . . . the Socialist NDP (New Democratic Party) leader, who was elected about a year ago (May 24, 2015), has so screwed-up the Economy and Social Fabric in Alberta, by lavishing upon LEFTIST causes at the expense of the Province, that I can’t imagine where Alberta will get the money to rebuild Fort McMurray, which as far as I know to date, will be all but wiped-out, once the flames are extinguished.


Saskatchewan is a Western Canadian Province awash with Oil, Wheat, Cattle and Potash, governed by a REAL Conservative Party, which doesn’t define itself as one of the three Major Canadian Parties.

Saskatchewan’s Premiere (akin to Governor), Brad Wall, is Stupendous at the job, yet, he could never become the Prime Minister of Canada, even though he would be fabulous at it, because he CANNOT SPEAK FRENCH, even though Canada, with the exception of the Ethnocentric French Province of Quebec, where the UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW . . . is 97% English Speaking.

And that’s because of Tyranny of a CONCENTRATED Political Minority.

Like the USA . . . Canada used to have a tremendous manufacturing base, until we entered into Trade Agreements that disadvantaged our own Country, by encouraging our Manufacturers to become Importers.

And then with the Unions wielding enormous Political Clout, we priced ourselves out of competition, only to be smacked-down again by SUFFOCATING Rules and Regulations that DISCOURAGED investment and growth.


You know when things are upside-down . . . when a Province or a State, has to pay a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY like the Auto Industry to stay in place, by financing new and expanded factories, because that’s not growth, that’s only RIPPING-OFF the Taxpayers.


I SAID IT UMPTEEN TIMES . . . and I’ll say it again – Trump wasn’t even close to being my FIRST CHOICE. And in the very end, between Trump and Cruz, Cruz was my preference, but the people have spoken and the DEAL IS DONE, so everyone has two choices – TRUMP OR CLINTON.

I’m not interested in refighting the Nomination Debates and the harsh words and hard language. I don’t care who lied and who insulted whom. I don’t care that Trump paid off politicians in his private life. And I couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass that Trump supported Democrats in the past.

AND THIS MIGHT BE A REAL SHOCKER . . . But I don’t even care that Trump doesn’t consider himself by definition a Conservative, since past Republican Presidents like the Bush’s and Speakers of the House like Boehner called themselves Conservatives too. And if those men were really Conservatives, DEAL ME OUT.


Will Trump end Unfair International Trade? Will he really close the Borders to smuggling and ILLEGAL Immigration? Will Trump rebuild the American Military to the point of Ultimate World Power Status? And will he authorize his military to kick the Holy-Crap out of ISIS with real RULES OF ENGAGEMENT that don’t coddle the enemy?

Will Trump guarantee the SECOND AMENDMENT? Will he FIRE useless Bureaucrats and throw insane REGULATIONS onto the Trash Heap of History? And will he REALLY appoint Conservative Judges to the Supreme Court?

And will he end and replace Obamacare?


That’s all I care about. I don’t care how many times he’s been married. I don’t care if he uses foul language and insults his opponents. I don’t care if he’s religious or not, since I know far too many religious men and women who are nothing but hypocrites.

I don’t care if he’s accepting of Gays and Gay Marriages, and thinks that some aspects of Planned Parenthood are worth keeping. And I don’t care if he’s a Narcissist.


I don’t even care if some of the RINOS love him. I DON’T CARE . . . as long as he keeps the CORE PROMISES he made to the United States of America during the Nomination Campaign, once he becomes the President of the USA and Commander-In-Chief of the Greatest Military that has ever existed.

AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU . . . because it’s either Trump with all the flaws, the warts and all, or it’s Hillary Clinton, who will turn the USA into Canada, on the way to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, where you can throw your American Dream into the Garbage.


As a Canadian . . . the Political and Social Future of the USA is the only hope we in Canada have for our own future, because if you go down, there will never be a chance short of Civil War, for us to come back from when we were once-upon-a-time a GREAT country too.

JUST AS FORT MCMURRAY HAS BURNT DOWN WITH NO MONEY TO REBUILD . . . that is what will happen to the USA, if America has to endure just four more years of an extension of an Obama Presidency through Hillary Clinton. America will become as good as burnt to the ground

ASK YOURSELF THIS . . . Is my disdain for Trump’s Past and Attitude worth the end of the American Dream?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard you are 100% correct about FOX NEWS. I stopped watching them 2 years ago. Could no longer deal with O’Reilly’s “fair & balanced” nonsense. Could no longer deal with the preface that…”all Muslims are not bad and the talk about how most Muslims are so-called good Muslims. Makes no difference how good they are and how many are indeed good.
    They silently walk in the foot-prints of those leading this fascist movement.

  2. I love AMERICA, BUT I have little faith in her after obummer getting elected, not once, but twice!

  3. Manitoba has since elected a PC government. It remains to be seen whether they will stay the conservative course like Brad Wall has. Thank you
    Cheryl Nielsen

  4. Howard, all I can say it that you took the words right out of my mouth. It’s amazing how we think alike. God help Fort McMurray. Where will they get the money?

  5. Right on Howard. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Fort Mac situation. There are leftists up here that are actually cheering the demise of Ft. Mac. In their little minds they think this is another nail in the coffin of the Oil Sands.
    They are a despicable lot and the anger that is brewing in me is probably not good. 🙂

  6. Thanks again, Howard, for your comments.The people had better be in touch with REALITY. We all should be aware of what Socialism in all of its forms and names brings to a society. It is pure evil….period! And that has been proven throughout history. It is acceptable ONLY to those with warped minds and values…of the greedy, envious and hateful.

  7. You, Sir, are exactly correct. I find myself unable to suffer quietly the fools who claim to be Republican and Conservative and who state they will not vote for Trump in November. Perhaps it is just the sting of loss for most of them and time will mellow this foolish response. Still, the incredible disaster of the alternative calls to question the intelligence of those people.

    My heart goes out to the people of Fort McMurray and the surrounding area. As a firefighter, I hate to see this.

  8. Here in South West Florida, many are just fed up with the whole process. They do not like either candidate. Hopefully, things should settle down. There has been so much bloviating and so many lies, they don’t trust either of them. We have a long way to go till Poll day, going to be a wild ride.

  9. I have asked you in a previous comment if you allowed a person to copy what you put in your blog. I live in Wyoming and would love to quote so much of what you write, but need your permission. Perhaps you answered me before and I just missed the comments. I don’t always read all of them. Thank you so much, you can put into words what I think better than I can.

  10. Wow. Thanks for saying it so well: what so many of us think!

  11. “Is my disdain for Trump’s Past and Attitude worth the end of the American Dream?”

    Perfectly well said.

    I have my reservations about Trump and prefer Cruz, but with Canks only disaster looms. I’ll be voting from Trump.

  12. “Is my disdain for Trump’s Past and Attitude worth the end of the American Dream?”
    Somewhat hard to interpret, Howard. . . If you mean – ignoring your concern for what you may think have been Trump’s past behavior and remarks. . . that you think you know as being accurate statements. . . that voting for Trump is the only logical and positive action – well HELL YES!! No question – particularly as it is likely that Peggy Noonan’s summary of Trump’s policy goals are Bang-On Correct! OOORah!!!

  13. Mr. Trump will give The U.S.A. (“Uncle Sam”) and
    the rest of the world moral leadership.

  14. Howard……….. first…. so sorry about the fire and the state Canada is in! Next, I trust it’s fine to share your blogs on FB as there is a link to do so. I posted it on Donald Trump for President FB page suggesting Donald or campaign people read it…. I was one of those people that said if they don’t elect Donald I’m staying home or voting for Hillary…. Boy was I wrong. Now, I will use your blog of today everywhere I hear someone say on FB they won’t vote for Trump. Thanks

  15. Yes Howard, and others of the provinces. Please know we down in the 50 below states are shocked & with hearts bleeding for those up in the Fort McMurray area, Terrible thing! Also Howard, your yesterday piece was so on the mark and brilliant. We who read you are sooo glad to have your insightful views! And also glad & happy for you & your German Shepherd Strikers recovery! Hope he’s still doing well – those retired horses you mentioned as well.

  16. Bad news for Fort M. Even worse are the sad comments on social media hoorahing the death of Dirty Oil in Canada .
    I will withhold the fowl language commentary that I would like to type in favor of reminding Canadians how much the oil Industry has given Alberta and Canada ( trough transfer payments) over the years . Yes even the criminals in Quebec have benefited from Transfer Payments , more than most actually . By the way Gas we use to heat our homes is a by product of the same industry IDIOTS

  17. With your blog 7 the latest events of the nomination process – I will be voting for Trump. For me, there is no other choice. I worry that the stupid men & women of Congress will not get on the bandwagon, in bringing America back. When I was in the hospital, at death’s door, I still was keeping track of Trump & Cruz’s numbers. I may be gone in a few years, but, my love of America is still just as strong, as when I was in my twenties. God Bless America & Canada!!!

  18. The older I become, the more I understand things like priorities. The only thing worrying about everything gets one is a tired mind and a constantly upset stomach. Trump is my candidate now…..and I like you….do not CARE about all the noise. I say let’s just wait and see what happens from this day forward. I have a feeling that we are headed for much better days.

  19. I have tried to make people realize that Hillary, not Trump, threatens our freedoms forever. If elected, she will appoint from three to five Justices to the Supreme Court. She will pick men or women who will change the Constitution and eradicate our Bill of Rights. Many people will not see this; they don’t like Trump and will like him less after the months to come, so they are willing to not vote or even vote for her.

  20. Lets not forget that the NDP of Alberta just cut its forest fire fighting budget by 80%. Its the only budget it cut while hiring another 2000 civil servants. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with doing this? Oh, Fort Mac up in flames.

  21. Howard, another good one. Our thoughts are with the good folks in Fort Mac.
    Small point but important and I hope the start or a trend. Manitoba recently elected a Conservative government (by a land slide majority) maybe its the positive effect of being next door to Saskatchewan.

  22. You have a small error in your blog today. BC is NOT a hard left province. In fact the BC Liberals are liberals in name only and are in fact the remnants of the Social Credit Party which was right wing as in WAC Bennett. Your editorial today made small mention of the political clout of minorities such as exists in Quebec. Quebecers are the main recipient of transfer payments yet still want English Canada to buy off Bombardier, a totally fiscal fallacy or is that phalacy?

  23. This is not just OUR election, but that of the entire North American continent, in terms of it’s future.
    Being a “New Englander”, and spending 55 years, in, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire but now, a full time Floridian for the past 20 years, I have always followed the Canadian politics and it’s people. (By far the worst are the Quebecer’s as tourists and overall level of obnoxiousness).
    We ALL have enormous stakes in this year’s election here.
    ‘To be or not to be,…..”

  24. The people that voted for king obama (especially the millions that are on welfare) will vote for hillary. They are uneducated
    and refuse to get a job plus pass this on to there children,and become criminals. Lets not forget the group that were illegals
    and will vote for hillary to carry on obamas plan to legalese illegals .

  25. Millions voted for Trump, the news media ignores that fact but focuses on the few politicians who are trying so save their own ibutts. I support Trump and will continue to do so. If they would rather have the traitor Hillary good luck to them.

  26. I read so many messages on FB from people that say that they will sit this election out or will write in Ted Cruz name on the ballot due to their dislike and some say hate of Trump. For the life of me I can not see how these people can say that they are conservatives because they will hand the Presidency to Hillary by doing either of these. I say Trump is better than a Hillary who will stack the Sulreme Court with 5 young judges that will bury the US.

  27. Notley was elected by 39% of the vote on May 5, 2015. I voted against her and I hope that I live long enough to vote against her in 2019!!!

    Bob Hadlow

  28. To make America great again, the people will first have to make America GOOD again. Freedom only works for a virtuous people. Hillary, the pimping, shrieking harridan, the very personification of evil, must not be allowed to win the presidency. If that means supporting a man who is evidently not a saint, so be it.

  29. Thank you Howard for spelling out the reason Trump needs to be elected. He’s no angel, no choir boy and that’s fine by me. The difference between Hillary and him couldn’t be greater. I’m seeing here though that our religious hypocrites are going to stay home which is beyond me. I still would have liked to seen Trump/Cruz as the ticket. That option is probably gone but I can still hope for it to happen. Great commentary today!

  30. My prayers for Fort McMurray. Our OLDER citizens within my community have already decided we will campaign to make sure people get to the polling places in November. We will NOT tell them who to vote for, they just need NOT stay home and let HILLARY win by default.

  31. Tks for your continued excellent reporting via of your editorials. As usual you have gone to the heart of the issues and laid many things bare for the readers to gain a better understanding of political events in USA as well as Canada. As you stated Notley became our Premier just over 6 months ago, and in this short time she has created a debt load never seen before in this Province. She just made another blunder today by stating Alberta Gov. will not identify Ft McMurrry as a disaster area.

  32. Whether it’s the Republican or Democrat ESTABLISHMENT—they FEAR the DOWNFALL of their POWER & GREED and the FUTURE CHANGES which are included in Trump’s AGENDA! The FOCUS should NOW be on DEFEATING Hillary; otherwise, the QUEEN will replace the KING and AMERICA will be DOOMED! It’s truly AMAZING how some people are questioning their support for Trump. Do they prefer a MURDERER and a LIAR [Benghazi]? Who knows, maybe Trump COULD/WILL be running against Sanders instead? Let’s get REAL! AMEN!

  33. Congratulations to “President” Trump,
    who succeeded on his stump.
    He’ll soon be taking names,
    and kicking “shirkers” in the A**.
    Senators, Congressmen, Media, Moguls,
    Foreign leaders…no matter the class.
    It’s going to take this RICH Kingpin,

  34. In Ontario, once the engine of Canadian manufacturing that has crumbled under our provincial government and free trade. Next the ontario provincial police has become an extension of the governing partie power, this province is corrupt and banckrupt. Please pay attention south of the Border, we all need leadership that makes us proud of who we are and what we stand for personally.

  35. Saw the Ft. McMurray condolence speech by Trudy on the tube last night and I must say he is as good as Obummer without his teleprompter. Good luck to both countries.

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