Let The Revolution Begin


It’s not so much that Ted Cruz did the right thing by stepping out of the race, which was in fact the only thing left for him to do him with dignity. It’s good too that Kasich did the same.

As I wrote in a host of recent past Editorials, I would have been fine with either Cruz or Trump being the Nominee. And in my last Editorial, I wrote the same, but stated that I would be happier with Cruz being the Nominee.

But now that the DEAL IS DONE . . . I am more than satisfied with the way things have progressed. And I am pleased that Trump was so kind to Cruz in his victory speech, SINCE TO THE DONALD, this was not really personal – and once the last punch was thrown, and a winner was declared, all the vitriol went out the window.


I watched interviews of several ANTI-TRUMP Republicans and the Stupid Media on FOX News and other Channels after the Cruz Concession Speech, who all asked why Trump would essentially STOOP SO LOW as to spread the specious rumor that was published in the National Enquirer about Cruz’s Father, somehow being tied to the assassination of JFK, even though Trump was 15-Points ahead of Cruz in Indiana, and that he already knew that a huge victory was his?

IF THESE SISSIES KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT WINNING . . . they would know, that in a Street Fight, or any kind of a FIGHT, where only one man or woman walks away, you don’t stop punching until your opponent is down and out for the count.

And if you’ve ever seen a professional Fighting Match, you will see that the punches don’t stop, no matter how wounded the opponent is, until the opponent is either knocked out, quits, or the referee ends the fight.

But our Media and RINOS have become so SISSIFIED, that they just don’t get it, that in a real fight, there is only one rule . . . AND THAT’S TO WIN! And that’s the type of Man or Woman in you want in the White House.

And because our Media and Government has moved so far to the SISSY-LEFT, that they all want to play nice and be liked, and fight by the Rules of the Marquis of Queensbury, which is why we can’t beat ISIS, and the Israelis can’t end the drip-drip-fight against the Palestinians, because America won’t let them.


Trump also said something this morning (May 4, 2016) that should not be overlooked, neither for the contents or the message – (in my words) . . . TRUMP WILL NEITHER FORGIVE NOR RECONCILE WITH CERTAIN REPUBLICANS, which sends a clear message to everyone, that . . . BUSINESS WILL NOT BE DONE AS USUAL.

Now how refreshing is that?

Trump also made it clear to the Still Standing Elected Republican Sissies, like Ryan in the House and McConnell in the Senate, that the people will NOT BE VOTING FOR A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT . . . that they will be voting for Trump to become President.

In other words . . . if Career Politicians think that Trump has to be concerned with what they think, believe, and say – they have it all backwards. And if they want to see their Political-Gravy-Train continue, they better get on the Trump Train before it entirely leaves the Station.


I recently read the words of a German Minister, who is currently in Angela Merkel’s Cabinet, who chided Trump for not being a Global Player, and for his program to bring jobs back to the USA by renegotiating International Trade Agreements, which the German thought was unfair.


What the world doesn’t seem to understand . . . is that Globalization is DEATH TO THE FREEDOMS AMERICA HAS BROUGHT TO THE WORLD. And besides, who the hell needs UPPITY Europeans telling America what is right and what is wrong for America and Americans in America?

Who in America, which has saved Europe’s SORRY ASS TWICE in Hot Wars, and then from Communism in the Cold War, and helped rebuild England, France and Germany after WWII, needs sniveling European LEFTISTS calling the USA a GUN-NUT CULTURE, while through the UN, they try to Block American Freedoms in of all places – the USA?


The people who read this BLOG are old enough to remember the same phony arguments about Ronald Reagan, that he was a nut-job, who was going to Blow-Up the World if he ever became President of the USA.

AND THEN A FUNNY THING HAPPENED . . . on the way to the forecast of Armageddon if Reagan became President – The Russians disbanded the Soviet Union, listened to Reagan’s Speech he delivered on June 12, 1987 and Tore Down the Berlin Wall, and then opened their society to FREE Enterprise, which led to a generation of Détente, only to be screwed-over 21-Years later by Obama and Clinton, with Clinton’s Ridiculous Reset Button that became an International Joke.


The Question now . . . is if Trump will actually do the things he said he was going to do once he wins the White House, with the ferocity he has been promising?

OR WILL TRUMP SUCCUMB TO THE TAKERS AND LEFTISTS, who will inevitably take to the Streets to Stop Him? Who will call for, and participate in National Strikes? And who will resort to all forms of violence?

OR WILL TRUMP DO WHAT REAGAN DID . . . to the Air Traffic Controllers, and stand his ground with firmness and resolve, no matter how Ugly, Large and Protracted the Protests will get?

If you want a clue, as to where Trump is coming from, and where he might be heading, don’t listen to the hype, listen to the consistency of his words, and the fact that he has no interest in playing nice with the RINOS, who’ve done all they could to STOP TRUMP.

PS – Yesterday, Beau Ellingson of Prescott AZ, in the Comment Section, accused me of liking War, and hoping to see the USA involved in a Civil War.

As I responded to him . . . I have never said, nor had I ever intimated anything of the such . . . and asked him to show me proof of me proposing anything akin to what he accused me of proclaiming. Of course he couldn’t.

So I gave him the option of removing himself from the Directory, or I would do it for him. And then on reconsideration, I figured why give him the choice, and simply BLOCKED his name and email address from the Directory.

It’s not like a big deal to be BLOCKED from the Galganov.com Directory, since there are far greater punishments in life, like having a hangnail. However, having the capacity to BLOCK someone who lies, insults and makes such accusations is a privilege I reserve for myself.

I love to read all the Comments, as well as the hundreds of concise Private Emails I receive everyday . . . but as I’ve written many times, I won’t TOLERATE Foul Language, Links, Lies, Abuse and Insults . . . not to me – and not to anyone else.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well said, Howard. It is about time that the truth be told. The main-stream media are so scared of offending the Muslims, that they refrain from mentioning the atrocities that the radical Muslims perpetuate in the name of their religion.
    Keep up your good work.
    John W. Rosen.
    South Africa………

  2. I read the comment and was hopping you would react SS you did. We don’t need that kind of atact here. Thank you.

  3. You didn’t answer how Trump gets away with lies about Cruz’s father. Or gross personal insults about Heidi, Ted, and Carly. That is unforgivable, and I doubt that I will vote for that creep. I just can’t stand him. Nor Hilary. Guess that means I sit this one out.

  4. We all need moral leadership, and the likes of Donald Trump, and you, will
    provide it!

  5. Linda Gommel, by sitting out this coming election, you are doing exactly what Hillary the Democrats want. If Hillary gets in because of people that do not like will sit out, think of what’s at stake.

    There will be 5 Supreme Court Justices position come available over the next few years. If Hillary stacks the bench with YOUNG LIBERAL candidates, you can kiss the US good bye the way it is today. EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE….THERE WILL BE NO MORE AMERICA. SO PLEASE RECONSIDER.

  6. In the gritty, unforgiving world of politics perception is everything. The Clinton attack machine will tear Trump to pieces, using the exact words with which his rivals attacked him during the primaries. At this period in time Ted Cruse, the solid, unwavering conservative, was the perfect candidate to challenge Hitlery. Trump may actually lose to a shrieking harridan who pimped her husband, gave Libya to the ISIS invaders of Europe and will turn America irrevocably into a fascist tyranny. Sad.

  7. I’m from Canada, living in Ft. Laud. FL. I specifically had my voter reg. changed from NPA to the Rep. party to vote for Trump in the primaries here in FL. I want to see him make it to the WH and I too, hope he lives up to his words. As for people that say they are moving to Canada if he gets voted in, I say let them go…Canada is being ruined like Europe, w/all the liberals. Thank God I got my citizenship here, I could never move back to Canada. It’s ruined, the Canada I knew, is gone.

  8. Again, you observe, listen, reason, and respond with tremendous expertise. As I see it, Trump has stated major objectives for his administration. The people have responded to these as much needed achievements. The means of achievement must be flexible. Peter Drucker’s management by objectives sets intermediate goals toward the end achievement and means are changed as needed. A good friend, Trump supporter, negotiated for Marla in the divorce. In any lasting deal, everyone is happy.

  9. If one does not vote for Trump in Nov., they are voting for Clinton without going to the poles. A vote for Clinton, is a vote for higher taxes, less Social Security for those who paid into it, more free “stuff” for those who come from other lands legal or illegally and for those who will not work. Your choice Linda & others like you.

  10. MY comment is directed to those who angrily “sit this one out”. Remember you will be helping put liberals on the Supreme Court, no matter how you feel about Trump now that Cruz (who actually voted for) is out!! Your vote matters!

    Vickie McCoy

  11. Howard: You’ve done it again! This ‘review’ of the political machinations in the US is the best…barely….of the last 3…the two previous and now this masterpiece! Your new nick name for me is ‘The Nailer’ because once again…as in 7 out of 10 editorials I’ve read and saved for future reference….YOU”VE NAILED IT!!!! Excellent….makes me proud to call you a fellow Canadian. Soldier on my friend. Thank you for your service along with all the young folks in the Canadian and US forces.

  12. Life is not accidental,…we watched Trump fight the honorable battle, and vanquish the “foes’.
    After every battle it is incumbent for the victor to both forgive, and acknowledge the bravery and formidableness of the vanquished. It goes back thousands of years, and rightly so.
    But now it is down to the reality of our ‘”republic”, some win,…and some lose, but we have allowed this republic to get to this point! IF we enforce our laws laws,…we are moral, not just right&#55357

  13. Howard, as usual you have clearly described the RINOS and how the Media perceive their own importance. They are such hypocrites and seem to have only their own interests at heart. I DO fear for our wonderful country. I sincerely hope for Trump’s election. AND that he can be helped by like-minded, good Americans, to begin to change the horrid policies and laws passed by the Congress or executive orders by Obama. Help us keep faith, and keep up your commentary and encouragement.

  14. Dear Howard: As you are probably aware, here in Canada we have a reputation of voting AGAINST instead of FOR. It appears that our south of the border friends have learned to do the same. True, many Americans will hold their noses and vote for TRUMP, but believe me, it’s probably the right thing to do. America and the West must change, the Europeans must start listening; the West is tired of sending their sons and husbands into the European meat grinder. Good Luck Mort.

  15. While I agree with you, and I don’t believe he will succumb to the establishment, my only concern is power corrupts. Let’s see if Donald and family can avoid the Rockefeller/Soros syndrome.

  16. I stunned you’re fine with Donald lying about his opponents and spouting vicious smears of them and their families if that’s part of winning. He refused to debate Cruz one on one and have a discussion of the issues. If he did, his left-wing authoritarian views would to light and people he was successful in firing up would see through the smoke screen and see he’s just like Hillary on most issues. I cannot vote for a big government leftist with a King complex. I guess America’s done for.

  17. Trump is now on “CRUZE CONTROL”.

  18. Linda, I guess you want to participate in the destruction of America. Why don’t you just move to a pagan moon god worshiping country and get it over with?? You do not deserve the freedoms we vets for the last how many wars have given life, limb, and blood for!!!! Howard, you are dead on target as usual!!

  19. Right on, Howard. Stay the course! Beau?

  20. The people that are voting for Trump are the same people that voted for obama. America had a chance with Cruz .
    All is fair in politics but Reagan never did personal attacks unless you could point out that he would not hold his opponent’s age against him. Reagan had a wonderful sense of humor. I see nothing humorous in Trump. Soro’s money will win out.
    Billie a dryed in the wool Constitutions’ person.

  21. In my lifetime we have been screwed so many times by so many politicians, especially those who professed to be on our side, that regardless of who or what we know or how well educated and politically savvy any of us may be, there is no such thing as being able to predict what anyone will or will not do once elected to office. The batch of Republican scum we sent to DC in 2014 proved that, in spades! For now, let’s just say… We’ll see. Because, at the moment, that’s really all we’ve got.

  22. As Howard won’t permit a link, I am simply going to refer to the weekend article by Peggy Noonan in the WSJ about Trump. It simply eviscerates ALL criticism of Trump by detailing what he DOES believe in and I believe WILL DO! There has NEVER been a better man or more capable in the history of The United States!!!! And there never will be one unless he is elected and virtually rejuvenates the Country!

    EVERYONE must read Noonan’s exemplary article on what Trump believes in!

  23. Go Trump 2016! Let’s make America great again!

  24. Howard I believe that Donald trump is what the USA needs to reestablish. The vast difference between a Great Nation of equality by “grades” of Performance. A rotten apple can not be awarded the appreciation of a Virginia beauty . Just because it came from the same tree. Liberals around the world all believe that failure can be recognized as greatness simply by yelling ‘hurrah’ loud enough and long enough. They also believe they can thwart our selection of Donald Trump to lead “WE The People”.

  25. Right on Howard. I too would have preferred Cruz, but Trump is a breath of fresh air in the political process. He tells it like it is. Finally a politician that is not full of platitudes. This country needs someone that can shake up Washington and the Rinos. Let’s all get behind him!! I’m not believing these ding dongs on the right that are so stupid, that they would not vote for Trump, and help hand the election over to the loons.

  26. Hillary has never faced an opponent who is not a politician. She does not know how to play the up-front, truthful game. She has so much baggage. Wait until she tries to get on the Trump Train. Trump will turn her into dust. However, she may be wearing an orange suit by then and Biden may be their ticket. Hope he still knows someone who he can steal speeches from.
    I hope when all the bad air clears, that Trump will appoint Cruz to the Supreme Court. He is perfect for the job.

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