This Isn’t About Trump Versus Cruz . . . Or Even Versus Clinton



I have to disagree . . . ONE OF THE FIRST BIG NIGHTS was several years ago, when the Republicans first won the House, and two years later took back the SENATE, and then royally SCREWED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

THE BIG NIGHT . . . was when Eric Cantor was booted from the House, and the Republicans didn’t get the message, and tried to replace him with a stooge.

ANOTHER BIG NIGHT . . . was when the Republicans chose Ryan to become the Speaker of the House, who then proceeded along with McConnell in the Senate to give Obama and the LEFT EVERYTHING THEY WANTED, including an OBSCENE Budget.


Whether Trump more or less SEALS THE DEAL tonight in Indiana, as I assume he will, that will neither be the BIG NIGHT NOR THE BIG STORY . . . it will be the culmination of a series of many BIG NIGHTS caused by political BETRAYALS from within the pretend Conservative Republican Party.


That Trump was not my man. I convinced several American Friends to contribute money to other Candidates. I wrote positively about other Candidates, INCLUDING and especially about Ted Cruz. And I would still prefer to see Cruz in the White House rather than Trump. But that is not going to happen.


When we were kids, and when you had a sore throat, your mother would come into the room with a small dark bottle and a teaspoon . . . and you just knew that you were in for a horrible few seconds – WELL HERE COMES THE MEDICINE, teaspoon and all. And like it or not, we are going to down the whole miserable thing.

I STILL THINK . . . that Trump is a serious Narcissist, probably as conceited as the Egomaniac who currently occupies the White House, and I also think that Trump will use as many Executive Orders as he freely feels like using, to get his way.


But it doesn’t matter . . . because with the Nomination of Trump, and his perhaps inevitable victory (or not) to the White House, the REVOLUTION HAS ALREADY BEGUN, which like the events that have brought the USA to where it is today, the PUNDITS still don’t get it.


The Media Elitists, Reporters, Journalists, Producers, Editors, Publishers, Broadcasters, Editorialists and assorted Pundits . . . DON’T GET IT. This election isn’t about Trump, Cruz or any of them. And it doesn’t even matter who wins the White House, and who gets to choose the next Supreme Court Justice, or series of Supreme Court Justices, because this election is all about the people.

And for the First Time in my life . . . and the Second Time in the USA after America became a Nation, the American People are on the threshold of RECLAIMING THEIR REPUBLIC, as it was more or less originally created on July 4, 1776.

AND IF TRUMP SHOULD WIN THE WHITE HOUSE . . . as I assume he will, he will have one of two simple choices:

1 – Live up to his hard promises, and move the USA hard to the RIGHT, to face a violent reaction from the LEFT – in the streets, at the universities and from the Public Sector . . . and from other Nations who will be very unhappy to pay the price for his Trade Policies.

2 – And should Trump decide to Temper or Forget his promises, just watch the States come apart at the seams, because it will create a CIVIL WAR, where people in Like-Minded States such as Texas, will simply say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, DECLARE THE FULL EXTENT OF THE 10TH AMENDMENT, and more or less leave the Union, much like the Conservative South did on April 12, 1861, when the South Bombarded Fort Sumter.

But this time, the outcome will be substantially different.


If you’ve been a reader of this BLOG for a while, you will know that this is a scenario that I have been writing about as a matter of World History, where no society has ever escaped the wrath of downtrodden people, whether amongst the Ancient Greeks, Romans and everywhere else.

One cannot escape the TRUTH, and no Nation or People are immune to History. And if the American people cared enough to understand their own history and Great Leaders, they would be paying attention to the incredible words and wisdom of the great men who created this FABULOUS American Nation, such as Thomas Jefferson and his Tree Of Liberty.

EVEN THOUGH TONIGHT WILL BE A BIG NIGHT . . . it will not be THE BIG NIGHT, because that’s still on the way – ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You should start watching OAN (One American News) channel, conservative as we wish, no advertising, more international news, educational info on other countries as well as American history and facts that we are not exposed to anymore. Please mention it to your listeners and readers. Vic Levy

  2. I have been quietly reading your last few blogs and I’m glad Stryker is better as well.
    That said I don’t think anyone realizes just how close the revolution is and how quickly the “experts” party elitists and the entire government will a) discount it b) assume the American citizens will just quietly go back to their TV’s and Major League sports….but they are dead wrong. These are scary times and the citizenry has been emboldened.
    Pay attention Government you ARE the Problem!

  3. It is critical not to forget the house and senate elections. Through primaries it became possible for Cruz to make a real shot. We need to limited the president to the constitution for his decisions by electing more constitutional conservatives to both houses. There have been great gains already. We must persevere. Many new candidates are running in Republican primaries. We need to elect them and kick out the rinos. We will ultimately get the government we elect and therefore deserve.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I pray that this is the turning point for the USA. The GOP has to listen to the members during this Primary season. If, they don’t – They lose BIG time. It’s the members that make up the GOP, not the Eliteists or Insiders. I have been associated with a national organization and was on both national committees and elected offices. Our duty in the higher offices was to plan for the future, with all of our members in mind. I don’t see the GOP doing that, at all.

  5. I do not give up on the hope that Cruz/Carly ticket will win. Doing so now will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I hope they win Indiana, and there is a chance they will. Then maybe they do well in California. In the general election, I believe they can pull off a Reagan performance and appeal to the country with high ideals and hope for the shining city on a hill. Trump is a liar, without principle other than his own business success. I’ll be hard pressed to vote for him, ever.

  6. But Hillary is such a big Spoonful of Sugar, to help the medicine go down, (in the most delightful way).

  7. I thought I have been the only one using the “R” word for the last few years, Howard….and almost expecting a knock at my door in the middle of the night. Jefferson knew what he was talking about regarding his Tree of Liberty. I remind myself that only 30% of the people wanted independence from the British….and they made it happen. The traitors in America are pushing the rest of us to our limit. Thanks once again for stating the truth!

  8. Howard–informative column except for one item–loud NO on Cruz. With Trump–not a politician, I look on him as someone who will be result-oriented and all business. He is too proud to fail. Can anyone do any worse than the Kenyan? We also can scramble the fighters if he screws up as you said. Can you believe Hillarious and the coal miners? She has to go to jail.

  9. Regardless of who wins the nomination on the right, it will ultimately be a race between the haves and the have not’s. Even then we know how the uber left can stack votes try to steal the election. The ding dongs that say they won’t vote, are doing nothing but helping this country go down the drain. If you care at all about your country, get on the bandwagon and help us all get out the vote.

  10. Speaking of the elitist press……….I don’t know how true this is but I heard the other day that the entire White House press corps were democrats

  11. I am a Texan and I can tell you Cruz is no Texan. He has been lying from both sides of his mouth and he has been playing dirty politics since his trick on Dr. Carson, then Rubio. He tells Kaisch to get out. Well, get out Cruz, you don’t have a chance. We don’t need another vascillating, two faced liar in the White Hose. Would you want to run for President if you were a multi-billionaire with a gorgeous wife, penthouse in NYC and castle home in Palm Beach? He truly loves America.

  12. Great article Howard. We have to get it right this time. Thanks for always saying what the rest of us know but you have a way with the words. Keep up the good work of keeping us informed. Wake up America!!!!

  13. I hope you’re right, Mr. G. I do not like Cruz, though, plus he is a Canadian. Nothing wrong with Canadians, but the president is supposed to be a “natural born” American citizen, which he can never be. A Supreme Court Justice, yes; he is qualified for that, but not for the office of president. Plus his lying, cheating campaign makes him less than desirable. What we need to do now is vote against Hillary, then on with the revolution.

  14. Absolutely spot on! Although I am for Trump all the way. I honestly believe he will do what he said he would if for no other reason his ego….. What matters is he is there for the PEOPLE!

    I didn’t have a chance to write about Stryker…. I was so happy to hear the good news!

    Thanks again for all you did to help me get the blogs again!

    Take care………… Let’s see what the polls say tonight!

  15. It always amazes me how some folk think civil war is such a desirable thing…..but then if you’re watching it on TV from Canada I suppose it beats other “reality TV”. Read your history again about Revolutions and how well organised and “just” they are-especially recently-and then tell me how desirable it is. Most of us want the same thing: Justice,decent work,good schools. But there are always some people waving “bloody shirts” and praying for war-mostly people who never saw any war too.

  16. Howard–informative column except for one item–loud NO on Cruz. With Trump–not a politician, I look on him as someone who will be result-oriented and all business. He is too proud to fail. Can anyone do any worse than the Kenyan? We also can scramble the fighters if he screws up as you said. Can you believe Hillarious and the coal miners? She has to go to jail. Richard O Miller please excuse me for using your words but you said what I had to say and most likely better. Thank You and Howard

  17. It is a shame that “Washington” does not grasp the attitude of what I believe to be the major portion of the U.S. citizens nearly as well as you. You observe, listen, and reason. They should be taking the clue which the media does report. For the last few years, firearm sales have set records.

  18. I am optimistic with a President Trump in the White House. It is his make-up to be a winner. In this case for the plain ordinary people of this country. Lets take him at his word. He deserves that until proven other wise. In his own way, I believe that he is a man of honor for the challenges that he tackles. He wants to give back to “we the people” the good fortune that he has had as an American. Lets give him a chance, please! He could have chosen an easier life than running for president.

  19. Howard, I agree with you, I prefer Cruz, but will vote for Trump to keep Clinton out, a no brainer.

  20. I can’t stand Trump but if I was an American voter I would still prefer him over any of the establishment goons including Cruz. That said, all the media, celebrities and insider arrogant politicians and bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle still think they know what’s best for all us unwashed rabble, that will not change without bloodshed.

  21. Howard, I agree that the people will soon just say enough is enough. When people like Pelosi , Reid and Dole can retire with over $800,000 a year in pensions then something is wrong. When members in Congress can stay in office for over 35 years then something is wrong. This kind of good Ol boys BS has to stop. It’s not going to stop no matter who wins the WH. Every member of Congress should be voted out in every election until they will change this corrupt system

  22. Howard, I can not agree with every thing you have said in today’s blog, to much gloom and speculation.
    I am angry and P.O. about the protester in LA last week.There were thousands of protester waving mexican and other central american flags ,probable illegals that obama wants to give citizenship too.They removed, and destroyed, metal retainers ,set a police car on fire .Only 17 were arrested ,if it was up to me i would have called for bus’s and sent them back across the boarder .Prison for som

  23. “leave the union”? No, the “people” won’t do too much rising up because they are on the receiving end of all of the entitlement programs (60%+ of the federal budget) that got us into trouble in the first place…plus, they are too dulled in their position on the potato couch or hunched over their smart phones to give a damn. But I share your frustration, Howard.

  24. Howard, as usual you are correct. The Republican “ruling class” is reaping the whirlwind of its treachery and self-interest in making the promises we GOP faithful longed to hear, getting elected to majorities in both houses and then doing the same old roll-over-and-get-raped-by-the-Democrats routine as when they were the minority in both houses. I am today sending in my California mail ballot for Mr. Trump, who I believe will get things done, motivated solely by what’s good for our country

  25. This column is very interesting Howard—offering a keen insight into what may very well come to be. The one big factor that I wish you would have addressed however is—what if WWIII starts??? This could certainly scatter the pieces of the world gig saw puzzle when the table turns over. Perhaps the possibilities are too varied—and for that mater frightening—but I would definitely like to read your take on the subject. Keep up the good work of sharing your “on time on target” thoughts.

  26. At any other previous point in time a Donald Trump might very well have been dismissed as being a fringe candidate. But the perfect storm of events that have shaped today’s world and America herself make Donald Trump the perfect man to be our President.

  27. After 8 miserable years of having a country absent of leadership from the White House and/or congress, I am disgusted with the choices we’re going to end up with come November. I’ve essentially given up hope for the U.S.

  28. Trump IS a NARCISSIST, thus the reason that he will NOT TOLERATE FAILURE. As President, if he accomplishes as much as he did while being a BUSINESS MAN, then our Country “should” be in pretty good shape. What particularly strikes me about Trump is the CLOSENESS of his FAMILY, and how they were thought to WORK towards their accomplishments. Although somewhat brash, he CONNECTS with the PEOPLE because he’s EXPRESSING exactly what the people FEEL and want to SPEAK OUT! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  29. I read you always as you know and comment infrequently. But, I have to commend you on your handling of that ‘idiot’ from Prescott AZ. right on the money.
    P: there are couple of canadian Lurkers that may need the same medicine eventually.

  30. Trump didn’t get into this race so the liberal press could put him and his family under a microscope. Nor did he do it for the paycheck or pension. And he doesn’t need more political connections. The man is truly discussed with the direction of our country and wants to help make real change. Lets all help get him elected.

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