Some Days Are Lemons . . .



Some days are LEMONS . . . Some days are LEMONADE – but these past few days have surely been LEMONADE, for which I can’t sufficiently express my gratitude.

Normally . . . my Editorials are somewhat all Doom and Gloom, full of despair based upon reason with a glimmer of hope once the dust settles . . . so this one might be a bore, because I’m excited about the current 24 hours – which might be a drag to you, since I’m not suggesting Tar and Feathers or Lynchings at the Town Square.

AS YOU ALL KNOW . . . the original news that I conveyed for Stryker’s challenge wasn’t very good, but what I didn’t let-on, was that it was actually very bad, which had Anne and myself STEELING ourselves for the worst.

And every day that passed without the Biopsy Result was sheer Torment.

When Anne took Stryker to the Vet for his Surgery this past Monday, I couldn’t go, because I was as sick with a stomach ailment during the early morning of the surgery, as I could ever remember ever being.

It got so bad and painful for me, that at 3:00 in the morning, I was almost to the point of waking Anne to call 911, and have them dispatch an ambulance. But, somehow through the night, I was able to catch a few fitful moments here and there to grab some sleep.

And when I awoke in the morning, I was still really sick, very weak, but not in that much pain, so you could only imagine how HORRIBLE I felt by not being able to go to the Clinic with Anne and Stryker for his Surgery, basically putting all the stress on Anne’s poor shoulders, including her worry over me, with how poorly I felt.

By 2:00 on Monday afternoon, the Surgery was done, and part of Anne’s instructions to the Vet prior to the Surgery, was that within no more than a minute of Stryker coming off the Operating Table, he was to be placed on a blanket on the floor in an examination room, where, when he would wake out of the anesthesia, the first thing he would see would be Anne’s face. And the first thing he would feel would be Anne’s gentle touch.

And as Anne saw Stryker and the 16-Inch Incision along his side, held together with more than 30-Surgical Staples, Anne called me to say that Stryker pulled through between sobs and tears, as she tried to describe his wound and her relief that he made it.

And as horrible as I physically felt, which was much better than I felt several hours before, I jumped into Anne’s Miata Sports Car, which I fit into like a sardine fits into a can, and drove the hour to be with Anne and Stryker, hoping to keep whatever I ate where it belonged.

And by the time I got to the Clinic, Stryker was awake, groggy and happy to see me. Then came the prognosis from the well-seasoned Surgeon. What he said, was that the growth was nothing like anything he had ever seen before, but it wasn’t on the muscle, and only on the skin, which gave him reason for hope that it wasn’t Cancer. But he didn’t know, and exhorted us to keep the faith.


SO LET ME FAST FORWARD A BIT . . . with every passing day, and without wanting to be pains in their backside of the Vet, we called the Clinic to see if they heard anything about the Pathology. And every day it was the same polite answer, that they will call us the moment when they receive news.


On Friday, while Frank, Christine (his wife), Anne and I were chatting, Frank mentioned that he had to pick-up several Horses from someone who couldn’t keep them any longer, and as an act of kindness, he would move them to a new home where they would be treated like royalty. Then he had to deliver another beautiful Horse, which he and Christine had sold to another wonderful home, where he would be pampered and spoiled, and would pay for his keep by being ridden by a kind new owner who rode with the Toronto Hunt.

And then we would be picking-up three additional Thoroughbred Race Horses, which were being retired from their duties, from a fabulous Race Stable, also near Toronto, whose owners don’t believe in throwing Horses away like used-up meat after their best days are behind them.


Anne, Stryker and I met in the kitchen of Frank and Christine’s House, as others joined us for an early Saturday morning breakfast, which is always like controlled mayhem, with activities of every description being discussed for the farm and animals. And at about 8:00AM, after a wonderful morning start, the three initial horses were loaded onto the Horse Trailer, and we were on our way.

I’m not going to bore you with details of the drive to the destinations, other than to say, that for me, and the Stress I lived with over the past week, this trip was better than MEDICINE.


I received a TEXT from Anne telling me . . . “STRYKER IS AWESOME – CALL ME RIGHT AWAY” – which is exactly what I did, to hear Anne crying and sobbing on the phone as she told me that the Vet had just called, to tell her that the mysterious growth was NOT Cancer, and was a severe spreading subcutaneous infection, caused by an external force, which could have been the result of many things. AND THAT HE REMOVED IT ALL.

AND IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . Stryker will live more than long enough to continue to bitch and tell us what we have to do to make him happy, as everyone who will still come into contact with him, won’t be able to help themselves from falling in love with our 92-Pound Schutzhund German Shepherd.


And when we dropped-off the first 2-Horses at a small farm near Kingston Ontario, where they will be used for Therapeutic Rides for children with problems, that was like Whipped Cream on top of the Sundae, as we saw the faces of the owners children Light-Up as the Horses were paddocked with their ponies.

Then we continued far North West of Toronto, where we dropped off the Hunt Horse, where I marveled at the gorgeous barn and grounds owned by the two Guys, who couldn’t be more excited, more grateful, kinder, and generous if they tried.

And instead of just dropping off the Horse and exchanging some small talk, Frank and I hung around for a longer period of time than we had planned, only because the VIBES couldn’t be better.

AND FINALLY . . . WE PICKED-UP THE THOROUGHBREDS – at this gorgeous facility, from people who were amongst the LEFT’S DEFINITION OF 1-PERCENTERS, who didn’t need to give a damn about the welfare of Horses that could no longer produce for them, but rather, they made every effort to see that their Horses wound up in the best care from people who will love and protect them.


Frank and I drove from 8:00AM Saturday Morning until 1:30AM Sunday Morning, covering a round trip of just about 1,000-Miles to deliver FREE HORSES, to a great home where the horses will provide comfort to children.

WE DROPPED-OFF A WONDERFUL HUNT HORSE to people who will give it a fabulous Home, with love, care and attention.

WE PICKED-UP THREE THOROUGHBREDS, which went from an exciting life of breeding and training for the Track, to a great finish in what should be long and happy lives at Forever Green Stables, which you can see on the ADS to the Right of this Editorial


AND HERE’S THE CAPPER – Today is MAY 1st, which is our FORTY-THIRD Wedding Anniversary when Anne said I DO – and I’m still saying THANK YOU.

How can 24-hours possibly get any better than that?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “I dance with them who brung me.” Said the homely country girl.

    “Follow the money.” Said (purportedly) Deep Throat to Woodward and Bernstein.

    Thus explains just about everything. Even Faux News which is fauxier than before. Fox News crashing success is due to Joe The Plumber not being stupid enough to buy in to the other network’s slanting of events.

  2. So glad to hear all the GOOD news! Happy for Stryker and happy for the horses . . . and of course, happy for you, Howard. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. Happy Anniversary and so great Stryker is well again. Stay safe!

  4. Wonderful news all around. So happy to hear Stryker’s great prognosis. Congratulations to you and Anne on your happy anniversary. Look forward to seeing all of you next winter at La Ha.

    Ralph Hays

  5. So distant yet so close, so missed, so blessed to know you! Bud & Carole

  6. Congrats on Stryker, the horse moves and of course your 43rd wedding anniversary! We have two cats, no horses, but are also having our 45th anniversary today (May1st). Plus I did a 10.5 hour cross country for my Private Pilot Instrument rating last week. Only 14 hours to go out of the 50 required by the FAA. So the good news just keeps on coming. Way to go you guys! I wish each of you humans and of course each of you furry best family friends every happiness. Cheers!!

  7. Wonderful news all the way around!!! Thank You God that Stryker will be fine again. Happy Anniversary to you and Anne. God Bless You both always.

  8. What wonderful news about Stryker, and an awesome day that will make all horse lovers proud. A day that I’m thinking you will remember forever. Thanks for sharing, as the article made my day as well.

  9. Could not be happier for you, Anne, Stryker, and the horses! Happy Anniversary! Treasure the good memories!

  10. First and foremost, Happy Anniversary to you both. What a wonderful story about your trip. Hallelujah for Stryker and for you his family. Totally enjoyed the entire refreshing post, thank you of sharing. A big fan!

  11. Being an animal nut myself it sounds like you died and went to heaven. Days don’t get better than that. The greatest love of my life was the worlds most wonderful and beautiful great dane who died in 1988 and my bedroom still looks like a memorial with all the pictures and dane paraphenalia. Fortunately my wife understands. He once played the bad guy on a Littlest Hobo TV show so I can still see and hear him.

  12. Made my day also when I read the wonderful news about Stryker and Happy, happy forty-third wedding anniversary to you and Anne. Look forward to your editorial every day! Kudos to you and your friend, Frank for delivering and picking up horses for a wonderful cause! Can’t get much better than that! Have a wonderful day and hope you’re feeling up to par again!
    Shirley Temple, Surprise, AZ

  13. Congratulations to two of the finest Canadians who ever lived! Need I add that the more leftists I meet, the more I like my dog.

  14. What a marvelous day! So happy and thrilled for all. Looking forward to the return of your blood and guts analysis.

  15. Hi, Congratulation on the recovery of Stryker
    Wishing you the best
    Steve Acre, Montreal

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and Anne. And so happy for Stryker–know what it’s like to love an animal.

  17. What glorious news about Stryker! All of our prayers were answered. 43 years is awesome – Happy Anniversary. My heart was lightened, when I read what Frank and you were doing with the horses. Absolutely wonderful. Horses are awesome creatures. I have seen what the owners of horses feel with them. It is a very close, special relationship. Dogs love unconditionally. I have a cat who really does love us, but of course, in her own time. LOL

  18. WOW, I’m sure all of us commenters are having a great day because of reading about yours, Anne’s and Stryker’s. Sitting here with a huge smile for you guys. Happy 43rd you guys!! And happy days with your beautiful dog. Great editorial – thanks for the blessing of your good news all the way around.

  19. Happy anniversary to you both and thank God Stryker is ok. God bless you!

  20. God Bless you, everyone of you, humans, canines, especially the humans who are making proper homes for those horses! You have made my day. . .

  21. Some days God smiles on us and reminds us how good life can be. This was one of those days for you and Anne. Happy Anniversary from us, who are coming up on our 57th.

  22. So glad to hear the good news about Stryker. I know exactly what you were going thru waiting for the test results. Thankfully it turned out well.
    Happy anniversary to you both!

  23. Super editorial…..Good News abounds. (HUGS) for Stryker and to you and Anne a very Happy Anniversary. May all the horses enjoy their new homes and to those who opened their hearts to them….THANK YOU. God Bless.

  24. Well I already knew you were an animal lover. I suspected but didn’t know before you are a very caring and loving husband. You are an awesome friend. You are tough with a soft heart. I am glad to know you for your intelligent blog, but also for the kind of person you really are. Thanks for sharing some of your personal life. It is good to know a person’s character when it is admirable as yours is. So happy for Stryker’s report.

  25. WOW! What a time in your lives you’ll never forget. In a world gone mad it is really a pleasure to hear such good news, Howard. May you, Anne and Stryker live long, healthy and happy lives…..obviously surrounded by an abundance of Conservative values. 🙂

  26. What wonderful news. It couldn’t have been better. Our prayers were answered. Happy anniversary to you and Anne.

  27. Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both on your Anniversary! May you and Anne be blessed with many more wonderful and exciting years together! So happy to hear all the good news concerning Stryker and the horses. Thankfully, all the prayers were answered, and this day probably couldn’t get much better! Take care, my friend, and God bless you all, and your work, Howard!

  28. Made me so happy to hear ALL of your positive words & everything is looking up for you two…I’ll bet Anne is feeling much better after her tough times & trials!! Yay!!
    Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA

  29. Howard, happy to hear that about Stryker. We may have to put down our dog this week so I sympathize with the stress you and Anne were under.

  30. What can I say that has not already been said by your eloquent commentators…except: where is the promised boring part?

  31. Your email was totally opposite from being a bore. Actually it was refreshing because it was far removed from politics from which I am exhausted. The things you were able to do are work but I am sure you enjoyed doing them every minute. That’s real freedom. It’s a shame there are so many people with mental disorders (i.e. liberalism) that aren’t happy unless they can make everybody life miserable. Very happy to hear Stryker is doing well. Also congrats. Ironically today is our 40th.

  32. We loved hearing ALL your comments. We were not bored. Such good news for everyone. We are rejoicing with you. Prayer works!

  33. Well done mister.
    Happy anniversary
    I have owned many German Shepherds since 1984. I now have 2 new ones. I know the pain all to well of losing such beautiful friends. I’m so glad things have worked out. Go Stryker Go!

  34. Its good to hear good news. Put a smile on my face. Thanks!

  35. Am in NZ -just had to tell you how relieved I am to hear the good news about Stryker !! Hope he recovers from his operation soon – know how precious he is to you!!

  36. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and thank God for the magnificent Stryker!

  37. Happy anniversary Howard, and Anne and best wishes for many more years of happiness with Stryker, your horses, cat and all the friends you have generated with your never ending exciting, interesting and never boring editorials.

  38. Happy Anniversary to you and Anne. Great news about Stryker. Was good to hear all of the horse transfers and the many who will benefit from them. Nice to take a break from the political circus that is going on. As always thanks for your articles that keep us informed. God Bless.

  39. Nice that you do all these good things !

    And by all means, Happy Anniversary

  40. So happy for you and Anne. Our fur babies are our children and we hurt for them just as much. Life can be good!

  41. Stryker’s growth and diagnosis sounds almost identical to what we experienced with our 80lb Rottweiler mix, Maggie. She had licked her leg raw and when we took her to the vet, he found a growth that needed removal. During the surgery, he discovered that the growth was much larger than he had anticipated, and the incision ended up 8-10″, with many staples. He said almost the exact words that your vet said: sub-cutaneous skin growth, got it all, should be fine. She’s ok now.

  42. Mazel Tov on your wedding anniversary and wonderful news of Stryker’s good health!

  43. First; your editorials are NOT gloom and doom. 2nd; This was a Wonderful news day. Third; Mazel tov!

    Your riding buddy;


  45. Thank you for sharing your stories,I look forward to everything you have to say! KEEP IT COMING! Blessings, Cheryl Chapman, New Jersey

  46. Helo Howard & Anne, I’m very glad to hear that Stryker is doing good. I truly understand the agony and concern you both had. With that now past, good times await. Happy Anniversary to you both. Gloom and Doom? Hardley, how bout just honest and un biased Reality!

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