Anne and I are both overwhelmed with the Comments, Emails, and Prayers we’ve received on behalf of Stryker, and were very warmly reminded by our Dear Friend and “Partner in Crime”, Pastor Gary Burd of the M-25 Mission of Hope Motorcycle Riders, who mentioned in his Comment, how after Morning Prayers on the way to Boca, when all the RIDERS were about to mount-up and head out for the Boca Pledge Ride, everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to Stryker.


It’s Fascinating and SAD . . . and I mean REALLY SAD, that all of a sudden the Politicians and the DUMB-HEADED MEDIA came to the conclusion that our economies, jobs and incomes are not only NOT growing, but are in fact in rapid DECLINE.

Surprise – Surprise . . . where the hell have they been living?

ALL THE MEDIA HAD TO DO . . . was to ask any working class person what it is like to shop for groceries, or go out to eat, or put fuel in the car . . . AND MORE THAN THAT – how much is left-over after paying taxes, heat, air-conditioning, light and electricity?

As far as I’m concerned . . . the Media has been so focused on promoting the LIES peddled by Obama and the Democrats, that they became willing partners of a COVER-UP, and Guilty of Collusion with the Government.

AND WHAT ABOUT THIS MADNESS CALLED OBAMACARE . . . where average married couples (forget about families), who have to pay as much as, and more than $20,000 per year in after tax dollars, PLUS a HUGE deductible if they need healthcare, just to be covered by some insurance?


The next time you walk into your local Butcher Shop look at several things:

1 – How much less Meat is on display in the glass counters.

2 – How much more Pork is on display in place of Beef.

3 – How much the price of Pork has increased.

4 – How the quality of Beef has gone from PRIME to GRADE.

5 – And how unaffordable a simple quality Steak, like a Rib Steak, has all of a sudden become a luxury instead of a staple. Even at a back yard BBQ.

If you’re retired and living on a fixed-income, as most people who are not retired Public Sector Workers are, how can you afford to eat they way you’d like to, even if your dietary wants are simple?

Anne and I rarely eat out that much anymore, because we simply can’t afford to squander as much as $50 for a modest lunch at a real restaurant, with the price of the meal, the tax and tip, opposed to eating Junk-Food at most Fast Food Joints.

And forget about going out for supper to a decent place where the tab will almost assuredly run over $100. That’s now reserved as a real treat for special occasions.


Everyone thinks that Restaurant Owners are flush with money, but that’s a CROCK. I know many restaurant owners, who have been forced to close, go bankrupt, or are hanging-on by the skin of their teeth, because of how terrifying their business prospects are.

THINK ABOUT THIS . . . The rents on the average restaurant are always going way up. City Taxes are through the roof, plus all other Taxes, which in many cases are levied on water usage, environmental services, and inspection. And then there is the Raise the Minimum Wage Jerks are DEMANDING, who are pricing themselves out of jobs.

And if you think everyone who eats in a restaurant leaves a 100% profit to the owner, think again, since the food costs are not all that much less for the Restaurateur, than it is for yourself at home.

He or she also has to pay for huge amounts of energy, which often includes a combination of Gas and Electricity to cook, wash and clean. Not to mention Heat and Air-Conditioning, when the Electricity is at Prime Time, and it’s at most expensive rate in many jurisdictions.

And what about the food that’s sent back by fussy consumers, because the food was either a little too well done, or not done well enough for his or her liking? I know plenty of people like this, whom I refuse to accompany to restaurants.


WE’RE ALL TAKING A BEATING . . . My Motorcycle Insurance came due this past February, while Anne and I were in Austin. And being a Canadian, unless I’m willing to bring my Bike to a warm weather State for the winter, even though my insurance covers my bike for a full year, it is generally only used for 6-months.

SO HOW ABOUT THIS? . . . I have a perfect driving record with my BIKE and my Car. I have no accidents, no claims, no demerit points, and no tickets. I am 67-Years old, which puts me in the safest age category for Drivers, and we live in the Country away from the risks of Big Cities – SO HOW COME MY INSURANCE COST WENT FROM $1,000 TO $1,500?

AND IF I WAS A YOUNG MAN OR WOMAN . . . under the age of 25, even with a stellar Riding/Driving Record, it is literally unaffordable. And if I didn’t have a PERFECT Driving Record, I could kiss the idea of Riding my Bike Goodbye.

It’s not as bad for our Truck and Car, but it’s also not that good either.

The Insurance Company already gave me the Song and Dance answer to why I’m getting RIPPED-OFF, which according to them has a lot to do with the government, but regardless, if I want to continue to enjoy my Motorcycle, I either buy the Insurance or I RIDE Illegally, which is not an option.


BIG GOVERNMENT . . . BIG BUSINESS . . . BIG LOBBYISTS are the reason. You know it and I know it. They REGULATE and REREGULATE from dawn to dusk. They promote the growth of tax-subsidized crops for FUEL opposed to crops for FOOD.

The Government REGULATES and TAXES every facet of business, to the point, where LITERALLY every Small to Medium sized Business is working for the Government, instead of the Government working for the Businesses.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . No Business that I know of needs the Government to be working for them. All Businesses need – is for the Government to get out of the way and leave them alone.

As ANGRY as I am that our Governments have brought us to this Precipice, and how FURIOUS I am that our electorate has been so utterly IDIOTIC to keep voting these Jerks Back-Into Office, I am actually MORE UPSET, that all of a sudden, our Media has woken up to realize what every Middle Income Family, non-Public Sector Retired Person, and Working Stiff knows about MIDDLE CLASS POVERTY, every time he or she has to make a purchase or cover a bill.

And none of all that I just wrote even begins to scratch the surface.

The Revolution Is Long Overdue.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Being a DISH TV subscriber I have been without FOX News since December and the longer I do without FOX the more I realize I just don’t miss it as much as I did at first. Having to hunt harder on the Internet for real & complete news has made me realize that as usual, you hit the nail on the head, FOX isn’t all I had thought it was. And they do seem to go out of their way not to loose those advertising dollars.

  2. Most of us knew it sooner than this, but our corrupt Congress refused to impeach our First Black President. Why not impeach the half white part? This administration has been in business for no other reason than to load their wealth with our money and destroy America. Obama is going on a trip around the world as his last Hurrah on our money. Theivery!!

  3. It is infuriating. My theory is insurance companies are gouging other lines of insurance to offset for the huge losses in health insurance (because of obamacare mandates) and because of other rules/regulations imposed by our government. My motorcycle insurance (on 2 motorcycles) has almost doubled in the past 3 years from $478 to $822. Like you, I have no tickets and perfect driving record.

  4. Once again Howard you give us a voice. Everything u just said is spot on and they say Trump is inciting people to be angry. We are ALL READY angry by everything u just mentioned. I work for an insurance company and spend every day calling people to find additional discount. I went from $28k a yr to $17k making $10 an hour. But I’m too old to Chang now. Been working 40 years and will never see retirement. Leslie Amelia, VA

  5. Agreed.I watched a news report last night about doctors and nurses wanting to give FREE medical care to the Homeless in Los Angeles because Obamacare did not give them coverage. Did you know that there were thousands lined up to take advantage of this. The SHOCKING PART of this was that MOST of these thousands were working class people that had some coverage but never went to a doctor as their deductible was so high that they had not seen a doc for years. Even did surgery at convention centre.

  6. Keeping you, Stryker and Anne in my prayers! Our animals are family members, too. Also praying that God will allow the “best man for the job” to become our president, who in my opinion is Trump. Our economy IS a disaster, but I believe that, in time, Trump can UNDO much of the damage (ObamaCare for one) done to America, especially over the past 8 years! He will appoint experienced people in every field and allow the military leaders to do their job! I pray that America will be great again!

  7. I cannot say what kind of president Mr. Trump will be. I just hope he is our next one. He is the symbol of change and possibly revolution. We are so split right downtime middle and he is the only one telling it like it is. I suppose it really does not matter if the Clintons or the trumps make it to the White House, we will see more and more of the divide. Can you imagine states trying to secede to form another government? Well, possibly that is what should be. The Liberal and the Conservative.

  8. I’m thinking how lucky that some people are living off the grid way back on a dead end road in the mts. of some southern state. They raise a big garden, have some cattle which one is a milk cow and a few acres. They don’t hear about our country being in big trouble except when they take a few garden items to town to sell. Most of the time they just live in piece and quiet.
    Has anyone noticed how nutty some of our young people are? They are the ones who will be in charge in a few years.

  9. Great editorial Howard–prayers for Stryker and prayers for your surgery.

  10. Well, Howard…you’ve done it again! We just get finished trying to analyze ‘it’ in the ‘coffee shop’ and you’ve ‘NAILED IT’ with your editorial…as usual….when I get home and ‘open up’ my emails!!!! Great analysis…well done….unlike any steaks etc. that we can’t afford to buy anymore…and don’t! 50 plus years of hard work and achieving an upper middle class living with 2 fine young adult children and retired! No debts and we can’t afford the cost of living that keeps jumping up!!!!

  11. By golly, I KNEW there was another reason to be vegan! Sorry…no crocodile tears from this writer over the escalating price of meat.

  12. You asked where the politicians & media have been–in their nice homes & cars w/regular pay increases. Their circle doesn’t include low-income folks, so they have no clue. Because we planned ahead & paid off mortgage early, my modest widow’s fixed income allows me to live comfortably enough w/no excess, I’m frugal. There are folks out there who recall when utility costs combined weren’t as much as hse pymt; not today! No teaching on nutrition these days, nor how to budget. Prayers 4 U & Stryker

  13. howard…the roots of our problem can be traced to the college professahs who have given us the throngs of ignorant crazy bernie supporters…did you know that illinois retired professahs and university/community college typs retire in illinois…another bankrupt democrat state…with pensions exceeding 300,000/yr…to which they contribute a measely 8 percent …runs in the millions of taxpayer outlays for each retiree…surely this is widespread in the u s and canada…

  14. Here is another question for you to get an answer. How come we are told that so many people in the USA are on food stamps and yet we are told that the rate of unemployment dropped to 4.7- how can that be? is somebody playing with the figures to show that unemployment under Obama has declined? Are we that Naïve to accept that.
    Steve Acre

  15. Down here, in the USA of A, the Federal Government (as opposed to GOVERNMENT FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE) has mandated that as much as 40% of an electrical coop’s energy HAS to be purchased from alternative energy sources. My friends in the coop here say that is the cause of the doubling of my electric costs. The oil industry is going down the tubes due to low costs of oil, and yet we support alternative sources that have to take our tax dollars as well as our electric bills just to stay alive???

  16. Howard:: Every day I read your editorial I see that there is hope and all we have to do is vote correct and hope all do the same. Keep on keeping on

  17. Received my NEW 6 month premium to be paid on my auto, yesterday. $972.46. At 76 I have a perfect driving record. So I called the agent……’The cost of everything is going up’…..In Michigan we are still RED LINED. And the older you get the more you pay. Anyone over 62 is affected. So I wrote a letter to our Insurance Dept of Michigan. Also on my Health Insurance, OBAMACARE pays next to nothing…I get to PAY the balance. (Medicare WAS affected by Obamacare). Call me FED UP.

  18. COMMUNIST MANIFESTO 1930’s. We will not go to war with the USA We will infiltrate their government,justice and education systems to the highest. We will steal the minds of their children thru education. We will destroy their Ethics and Morals. We will lock their GOD out of public places and speech and they will fall from within. 2008 will bring CHANGE no lie it is in TREASURY. We will go in new direction NO LIE away from ONE NATION UNDER GOD Away from Constitution and Bill Of Rights. DECEIT!

  19. Some years ago I moved from Toronto, the five lane traffic area, to Ottawa, twists n turns and never ending construction, my car insurance was increased. Later I moved again to Greenfield and bought a place on the quiet RR5 Alexandria (to keep horses), and my insurance was increased again. In each case the reason given was higher accident statistics as I moved from high density to low in the countryside. 45 years in Canada, no points, no claims and no real discounts for good driving. Go figure

  20. Howard, wonderful comments, as usual. We are in a spiral that will be really difficult to alter. No one pays attention to the financial reality. It’s not tough….get rid of the fraud, change the age of majority for SS and increase slightly the withholding on Medicare and SS. The penalties on business are just stupid…..the Gov’t just tries to find more $ to spend on free stuff to get voted back in to get the free stuff…..we need some hope!

    God Bless……..

  21. Twenty years ago I remember telling the morning coffee group to keep an eye on the local politicians. They were all complaining about DC screwing them…I said then that the local bureaucrats are the ones to watch as they were stealing at least as much as DC. Anything and everything they could tax would be and is taxed. Most of the group were shocked to discover I was right. Every voted in politician should be changed at the next election regardless,
    and the bureaucrats fired on the spot.

  22. It is called…….. M-A-R-X-I-S-M. The term…Democrat…..has no place in the political lexicon any longer. Actually it has not for several decades.

  23. Angry hurts only the one that is angry. Blood pressure rises and we know not what else it does to our body and especially
    our souls. When in an angry mood we tend to do unreasonable actions that will sooth our anger but might harm us latter.
    Just like the fella who cuts you off in traffic. You may blow your top but he could care less.
    Now for more important things. Wow what a beautiful animal. GOD made them all Great and Small. Buona Notte!

  24. We’re downsizing the millennium way, we’re selling the house and moving in with Mom. I’ve been living with her in Louisiana for two years as she battles Alzheimer’s and she needs both of us here, I can’t do this alone and work as well. Luckily we won’t have to live in the basement! I just want to know, are we tinks? (Triple Income No Kids?) Hope Stryker is doing better, we are having to put our Siamese Diva to sleep for FIP, John is heartbroken, she’s only a year old!

  25. i did quick calculation for just income tax that I have paid in my life. Figure it is somewhere over $2,000,000. I am 65, worked all my life, around 50 years and yesterday got letter from Manitoba health congratulating me on my drug, dental, maybe eye care, benefits, deductible it $10,650. After I reach that level they will kick in a bit. What a joke, never on welfare, never bailed out by parents, wife stayed home for 10 years, raised our kids with out morals, Was tough at times! Thanks Manitoba

  26. All of you and Howard, get it through your heads, it is not about Obamacare, it is all about Obama’DOESN’T’care. And that term is confirmed constantly by your comments and countless other people on his actions towards this country, NOT-ONLY in the health care of each of us, but also in the wellfare of this nation over many different issues. And extend his actions to Israel, and the influence around the world. obama has not only been a traitor to this country, but also to the rest of the world.

  27. For100 yrs. or more the direction of this country has been down. Now that your insurance and food is being effected all you do is complain. You were Not listening then I am not listening now. You are still sitting around waiting for someone to bail you out. Surround your city, state and federal gov’t buildings and demand they change their course or get out. Never mind, go ride your motorcycles or play golf or whatever you do with your spare time, I have shown up and stood alone for the last time

  28. I just got caught up with all the latest editorials. WOW – Lots has been happening. Prayers for Stryker & you of course. I have been in the hospital, on April 10th, I literally was a death’s door. I am doing fine, many prayers said for me & I have responded excellently. I was FLOORED that Cruz selected Fiorina as his running mate!!! Sorry, but Carly is not the right person. With Cruz’s selection, I will not vote for him! This election is the most convoluted mess that I have ever seen.

  29. Count me in on the revolution. We have got to make serious changes in Washington this fall, “or else’. I think we all know that is why Trump resonates so much in this election that is upon us. People are sick and tired of the “status quo” in this country. There are only two solutions… vote the bums out or revolt!! We are quickly coming to a turning point in this country!!!

  30. Many reasons have caused our economic woes. ABSOLUTE IGNORANCE is first, combined with UTTER STUPIDITY. Add on a “say-hey” for LACK OF UNDERSTANDING THE CONSEQUENCES OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIAL’S ACTIONS! Toss on a bit of GREED and CRIMINAL BRIBERY along with a dash of WHO GIVES A FLYING F–K! As for our elected morons its “WHAT? ME WORRY?” All reading this should agree: ITS REVOLUTION TIME in the form of THINKING, RESEARCHING and WEIGHING BEFORE WE VOTE! Hopefully, TRUMP WILL SHOW THEM THE WAY!

  31. Howard: Please stop painting all public sector retired people with the same brush. I’m retired from the CT department of Correction, and I can tell you we’re not all living high on the hog.
    Bill Verrastro, Plainville. CT

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