They Didn’t Hear What I Heard


BEFORE THE EDITORIAL . . . Please accept my apology for not keeping you up to date. Many of the readers of this BLOG have asked how that Minor Surgery I was scheduled to have – went. It didn’t.

Anne and I showed up for the surgery ahead of time, did all the paperwork needed, met with the Surgeon in the operating room ready to go, only for all of us, the Surgeon included, to discover that his OR Nurse had called in sick.

The Surgery has been rescheduled for May 9th. I’ll keep you posted.


Stryker the German Shepherd could use your Prayers.

While we were in Texas, close to the date when were about to head home, we noticed a strange flat growth just under the skin on Stryker’s side, and a slight discoloration in his fur, which didn’t bother him in the least. So we decided to see our VETERINARIAN as soon as we got home.

THE SHORT STORY . . . is that Stryker underwent Surgery on Monday, with a 14-Inch by 4-Inch Incision held together with more than 30-Staples.

Being the SUPER-DOG that Stryker is, he came-to from Surgery extremely well, with Anne lying with him on the floor at the Clinic, from the very moment he came off the Operating Table.

And once the anesthetic wore off . . . Stryker was his old self, he immediately went back to being his usual loveable pain-in-the-ass, demanding all of our attention, as many cookies as he could bully us into giving, and plenty of walk-time.

Stryker is wearing a T-Shirt over his head, covering his neck and shoulders all the way down to his hips, which actually makes him look kind of cool. And if you can’t see the wound, you would never know that he had been operated on by the way he behaves and moves.

The Surgery was a 100% Success, but we’re waiting for the BIOPSY to tell us that whatever the mass was, that it was BENIGN, so we can stop holding our breath. According to the vet who did the Surgery, and I assure you that he is one of the best vets anywhere, he says that he doesn’t know what it was, but it didn’t look malignant, but we won’t know until we know.

SO THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN . . . Anne and I are not religious people, but we are also not Heathens, and during our Passover Seder, two days before Stryker’s Surgery, Anne asked me to make a Prayer for Stryker, which I most certainly did.

And knowing that a huge number of people who read this BLOG are True Believers, and might have more important things to pray for, I would ask you nonetheless, to remember Stryker in your Prayers for a BENIGN result when the Biopsy information comes in. IT WOULD MEAN A GREAT DEAL TO ANNE AND MYSELF.


So I was in the truck on my way to an Appointment near Montreal yesterday (April 27th), listening to all of Trump’s Speech, which I thought he delivered extremely well for a man who never made his life by giving polished speeches.

As a matter of fact, because he was NOT NEARLY AS SMOOTH and as well rehearsed and polished as Obama is for instance, it came-off as really sincere and from the heart. It was easy to see that this was a speech he wrote for himself, since he read it off the Teleprompter in the exact same way and manner Trump speaks off the cuff.

I for one . . . prefer when he doesn’t read off a Teleprompter or from a Written Script, since it is incredibly refreshing to hear the unscripted and unvarnished TRUTH coming right from the spontaneous lips of the man speaking.


Much, if not most of the Media, the LEFT, the Insiders and the RINO’S panned the speech as being all over the board, repetitive, and lacking in details . . . which is a funny thing to me, since, even though I was just sitting in the car listening, with no visual reference – I heard and understood every word . . . which was CRYSTAL CLEAR to me, in how Trump saw the world. How he saw the USA in the world. And how he was going to remedy the problems.

AND I’M NOT ALONE . . . since it seems that everyone who pays the incomes of the critics in the Media, the Insiders, the LEFT and the RINO’S – you know, the everyday working folk like you and me, also understood every word Trump spoke, which shows how far removed the people are, who’ve been running things for far too long, from the people like us who pay the bills.

I kind of figure it this way . . . after Trump’s huge New York Victory, his incredible 5-State Grand Slam this past week, his really Comprehensive Foreign Policy Speech, the desperate deal between Kasich and Cruz, and the premature announcement by Cruz for Fiorina as his Running-Mate if he wins the Nomination – the REAL people who NEED AND WANT A CHAMPION have already sealed the deal.


I think . . . that once the votes are counted in Indiana and the other DO OR DIE States for Cruz, it will be all but over, and Trump will become the Nominee before the Convention, not because he’s a Brilliant Politician, but rather because he is saying what the vast majority of people are thinking.

And whether he will actually do all the things he says he will do, who knows? But what I do know, is that the people believe he will do what he says he will do, and are far more prepared to give him the chance to make a difference, rather than go back to the LIARS, CHEATS AND THIEVES, who for generations have been destroying our societies.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Always bear in mind that a healthy chunk of New scorpion (FoxNews parent company) is held by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The same arrogant Muslim billionaire that Rudy Giuliani told to shove his 10 million dollar check where the sun don’t shine after Alwaleed blamed 9/11 on US [then] favorable foreign policy toward Israel. How can FoxNews not be corrupted by his Arab influence? We cannot depend on any one source if we want to be well-informed.

  2. So happy that everything went well with Stryker! I love German Shepherds and they a truly a part of our family, always have been and will be. Bless you for being his best friend!

  3. I will certainly pray for Skyler. I know that our dogs become family. God bless you and yours.

  4. Howard, will pray for Stryker’s prognosis. Dogs are wonderful gifts from God and deserving of prayers & well wishes.

    You are so right re the sincerity sound of a speech not as polished as professional orators and teleprompter-reading clowns (hello, Obama?) might do. I, for one, am not voting necessarily for the best speechmaker or the most articulate person in the running. I am, however, voting for the person I think will do the best job of leading our once-great USA back oncourse.

  5. Should Trump be the nominee it will make for an interesting election . Hillary will have a challenge on her hands , as it should be . Good or bad the US at least has a choice of nominees : not so for Canadians . Finally some “interesting times ” .
    Unfortunately for our neighbors not us . The stupidity continues unabated for the rest of us in N.A..

  6. Sending (prayer) energy to Stryker! My cat is too old for surgery, but I’ve started using a pet formulation of Essiac Tea, which is a liquid reduction of several herbs used for treating such growths. It is helping my cat already, but we’re not out of the woods yet. If interested, search and research Life Gold – it was invented by a vet educated at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph — good luck! Hope this isn’t considered “advertising.”

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Stryker. I understand the feelings you guys have for your furry child. I have been a dog parent my whole life, and am currently going thru a tough time with my beloved boxer who has lymphoma. He’s been treated with chemo and a very comprehensive natural protocol, which I believe has kept him in great condition to this point. If you need any advise on the alternative treatment don’t hesitate to call me.
    BTW Trump’s speech was great. He’ll be next POTUS.

  8. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming surgery and
    hoping Stryker has positive results to take home with him.
    A good Pesach to you and yours.

  9. Trump, if nominated, will lose the general election by double digest to Hillary. He is not a conservative nor is he electable. We have a constitutional conservative in the race and I still hold out a sliver of hope that he will prevail. If not the Republicans will lose by the biggest margin since Goldwater in 1964. I am sad and depressed by this prospect.

  10. As for me, I’d take every teleprompter and bash them.Speak from your heart the rest is empty Rhetoric and BS! I do understand needing to remind one self of certain points.(We used index cards to help with that).The more I see Cruz the more I see the “Political” establishment!Do we have any Patriotic STATESMEN around?!Again it was the People who aligned themselves with the leadership that guided the country.GOOD or BAD!If those in the USA are now leading to Socialism, Communism,then there ya go!

  11. I hope Stryker makes a complete recover,he is a beautiful dog , dogs are mans best friend
    Viewed the Donald speech live and was impressed with his truth and his ideas 100% ,he is not beholding to any one
    that gives him free range to his policy’s ,If elected congress will be his biggest problem

  12. Howard,
    I am praying for Stryker, and you and Anne that he will be OK, along with your cat.
    Sorry we missed you in Austin this trip, but am glad you like Texas.
    While praying for Stryker, let’s also pray for Trump – that he will overcome all obstacles, defeat Hillary, and start our country back onto the road of recovery to make our country great again – a long, uphill road.
    Paul Rothband, Harper TX

  13. I totally disagree with Jim Adams from California. He may lose in your liberal state of California but here in the rest of the country he will win big. Hillary will be a disaster for the United States.

  14. All our prayers for your wonderful Stryker! May he recover fully and keep you and Anne busy keeping up with him for many years to come. . .

  15. Praying for your beautiful dog/companion/guardian/kid Stryker! My dog has fatty deposits under the skin, no surgery needed…just fyi.

    And, how is it that you are in Canada yet know more about our politics than WE do, eh?!? You are always SPOT ON and it amazes me how our ideals align. Good on ya!

  16. God Bless Stryker…he has my prayers. As for Trump, I hope he is aware and prepared for whatever the Clinton’s have dreamed up for him. Have read they are already enlisting the help of New York’s Attorney General in filing suit against Trump for what they are claiming his “University” was a fraud and scam…and that is probably only the tip of the iceberg. These idiots will stop at nothing in my opinion…they all belong in prisons.

  17. Howard, I will keep you, Anne, Stryker, & April the cat in my daily prayers, especially you for your surgery to be successful and for Stryker’s results to come back BENIGN. God Bless You and your family always.

    Thank you for all you do for so many. You are truly a Blessing.

  18. I’m praying for the magnificent Stryker, although I’m not worried. As for Trump’s speech, I heard Fareed Zakaria and other pundits and they made me sick, complaining that he was all over the place, etc. Your editorial said it best, as always.

  19. I pray that Stryker heals completely and returns to full health and vitality. Re the US election …. personally, I think Trump might be a breath of fresh air as opposed to the ‘good old boys’ crowd – in which Hillary fits. To me she is dangerous. Every time I see or hear her name I think of her remark re Benghazi …. “What difference does it make??” I personally don’t trust her as far as I could throw her (which is nothing … I don’t think I could lift her, as I’m under 5 feet tall).

  20. Hope that things will be good with Stryker and things will be benign. Also, all the best for your surgery. May 9th is my birthday and I have never received bad news on my birthday, so all the best and success with your surgery.

  21. Like you Howard I’ve had horses and Alsatians and know the feeling and anxiety when one falls sick, they are members of the family and we love them equally. Best wishes for a full recovery for Stryker and pray the operation was a 100% success and no further problems. Trump said he is going to deal with ISIS but he’s not saying how – that’s strategy and why he’s successful. Media knows it, we know it, but they attack because doesn’t tell us. LOL

  22. As I read your article in it’s entirety, I could not stay as focused as I should, due to thinking of Anne lying on the floor by Stryker, thinking of the love you two pour into this beautiful creation of the creator. I remembered singing Happy birthday to him on our Never Again ride. May the Lord bless His creation and bring you two peace. I also am praying for May 9 – May the Lord bless!
    Gary Burd, Amarillo, TX

  23. Today’s conservative blog by another internet group pans Mr. Trump’s foreign policy speech of yesterday because that generally fine blog is more aligned with traditional conservatism and does not trust Mr. Trump’s dedication to our principles. I thought his speech was just fine and I’m really relieved, Howard, to see that you were favorably impressed with it. An interesting side note is that MR. TRUMP WON EVERY COUNTY IN ALL FIVE STATES THAT HAD PRIMARIES TWO DAYS AGO!

  24. Absolutely praying for Stryker’s complete recovery and no cancer and for peace for you and Anne.

  25. That is a great looking dog you have there Howard…I love German Shepard…my prayers are with him.

  26. Prayers asked for—prayers said… Remember what “Dog” is when spelled backwards!..Ps..Ps and Ps Cruz and his hatchet woman Carly are doing no favors to the Conservative voting block when they/she viciously paints and states that Hillary and Trump are ..both… political insiders… ARE Their Brains Stuck in STUPID.. Trump should warm up in Howards Galganov’s “”Pinata bullpen”” with a few swings at these Ego Damaged Candidates who are being the true spoilers in the Contest now…

  27. Howard, you and Anne were there for us when we went through our trials with Shooter. It’s something we’ll always remember. We’re here for you guys and Stryker, Shooters big buddy. Give him an extra hug for us and we’ll do everything we can at this end. I can just see Anne lying on the floor with Stryker, holding him and loving him…. it’s the best medicine.

  28. Howard and Anne, Our thoughts and prayers are are with you and Stryker. I can remember when Stryker became part of your family – how time flies. We are praying that Stryker is cancer free and that your operation is also successful. Your blog is simply the best.

    Tom and Melanie Risk – Mesa, AZ

  29. You and Stryker will be in my prayers. I am not sure that he read the speech or just had an outline from which he spoke. In any case, he made me feel good about our country for the first time in a long time and that there is still hope. He covered it all. Re details, it will take a while to undo the horrible state of affairs that this administration and both parties have created. It is hard for me to fathom how divided we have become a a nation. Flag burning.. open property destruction.

  30. H.Galganov, thank you for including Strykers picture. My prayers are always with you, Anne & you’re entire animal kids + your horses. Wish you the best for your upcoming surgery.
    Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA

  31. The Cruz-Carly match up is a real life example that “TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT.” I am not sure who is the biggest dope, Cruz for his selection or Carly for her acceptance.

  32. Prayers for Stryker, his FAMILY and FRIENDS. You all will be included in my daily Rosary and Prayers. Big HUGS for Stryker, you and Anne. God Bless. Now….RE: Mr. Trump’s speech. Honest, heartfelt and I know he is gathering many persons with knowledge on HOW to accomplish his goals. Cruz needs to GO HOME. PERIOD. Boehner certainly said exactly how I feel regarding Cruz. Lucifer. Our country has been turned upside down. NOW we need to RIGHT it. It won’t be easy. God Help Us.

  33. Had to share this. My son LOVES dogs (he is a grown man). He had a female ready to have pups, he bought a child’s play pen and laid in it with her while she was in labor. He has 4 collies trained to chase geese off of lakes in residential areas. He took one of his dogs to the vet and was told to keep dog quiet. No problem Vet you said U need to put him in a cage until he recovers. My son said, “You don’t understand I tell him not to move & he won’t, we have our own language.” True love!

  34. God bless Stryker and make him well and bless the family that cares for him.

    Norm Johnson
    San Diego, Ca.

  35. Howard, dogs seem to bounce back from operations as if nothing ever happened. All they seem to need is love, and Stryker has that. As for the Trump speech, he was pretty clear. CNN made a big deal about him mispronouncing a country’s name; so what I say. Also, that he didn’t give details how he would go after ISIS, though he clearly stated he would not let ISIS know his plan in advance, as Obama & Co. keep doing, was also its complaint. If he solved world hunger they would still find fault.

  36. Thanks, Howard, for including a photograph of Stryker. Somehow I find it easier to pray for an image my eyes can focus on. He looks like one of the good old-fashioned heavy-boned shepherds of the past. God bless.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  37. While I get much from your position, I got the most in your sharing about Stryker. Remember what dog is spelled backwards. His healthy outcome is in my prayers. Tom

  38. May God bless you and family, praying for you and Stryker, he is a beautifull dog. Keep up the good work with your blog.
    I still think Obummer will create a crisis and declaree martial law and remain in office. He likes flying around at $180,000 an hour. Imagine how many widows and orphans could be helped if the money was used for them. Must be an astronomical total by now.

  39. The move cruz did with vp will turn around and bite him in the butt hard!!! I for one, will always question his judgment from here on out. He picked a islam supporter for vp. Strike 3 you’re out. Kassich needs to quit too. He must be getting paid a lot to stay in the race. Follow the money.

  40. God loves all His creation, and if he favors any of his creatures, I bet it’s dogs and horses. No problem is too large or small for God to handle, so I’m going to pray for you and Stryker that you both will be healed and remain in good health.

    Thank you for sharing Stryker’s picture. He’s GORGEOUS! Our family has had dogs for many years and they have always been German Shepherds. We love that breed especially! Right now I just have 1 horse and 3 chickens!

    Thanks for all your input, Howar

  41. Howard, congratulations on Stryker’s recovery. I watch Donald Trump’s speech on Cspan and thought that the did an incredible job. He was very Presidential and certainly did speak with clarity. Instead of platitudes like most politicians.

  42. We also have a four legged spoiled dog/child. As Newt said, it looks like Trump will be the nominee and the big problem is for the Establishment, career polliticians, and liberals to get over it. Why would a billionaire with a gorgeous state of the art penthouse on top of his tower on Fifth Avenue, a castle/home in Palm Beach, a gorgeous wife, super kids, loads of wonderful friends all over the world want to be president and walk into Obama’s mess? HE LOVES THIS COUNTRY!!

  43. Stryker will be fine. God is still dealing with the Tai-beast he took from me a year ago and knowing the Tai-beast, God can’t get another pet right now. The speech Trump made sealed the deal. It’s done. President Trump. I like it!

  44. I was surprised that you consider yourself ‘not religious.” Do you believe in the Almighty, do you pray? Do you live an honorable life, helping those less fortunate; do you treat people fairly? Isn’t answering “yes” to these questions reason enough to consider yourself a moral, religious man? Staying in a church or temple all day doesn’t make you a religious person. The way you live is your testimony. And, yes, I will add my prayers to all others for Stryker.

  45. What a magnificent animal. Stryker is absolutely beautiful. My thoughts and prayers are with him along with you and Anne as you travel down this road with him. Prayers also for your up-coming surgery. As for your post, this was one of the very best I’ve seen. This one did not only show your political side, which by the way was right on track as usual, but it also showed to us your tender side. I’m pretty sure it makes all of us feel that we know you just a little bit better. Love that.

  46. Hi Howard .. If you’ve not seen this, it’ll put a big smile on your face! This link is only for you privately, if you choose. Trump Interview 25 years ago.
    And look at that sweet, young baby-face, same attitude, same voice! Nell Hinson .. San Diego, CA area

  47. I will add Stryker to my list for a couple of days! I also have a hard time trusting a person that speaks easily and smooth. My mother drilled it into my head as a very young boy to be leery of anyone that talk comes easy for. I remember those words of my mother often.

  48. I thank you so very much for speaking out for the citizens of this country. I hope and wish (and I work hard to forward your messages to everyone I know and spread your testimonial) that your diligent work raises and inspires awareness, common sense and fortitude. You can’t do it alone. We need the nation to pull together. You can’t pull it off alone! AND, Striker, you have been blessed with best family. Please get well for your humans – they can’t fathom life without you.

  49. Hi Howard — still appreciating your Blogs and agreeing with all of them! You definitely have Godly Wisdom, whether you agree (or not).

    I love this quote: “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ~~ Immanuel Kant

    Stryker is blessed to have you and Anne caring for him and he WILL live long and be in perfect health! Amen!

    Melba, San Antonio, TX

  50. Shalom, prayers and blessings for you, your family and loved ones during your upcoming surgery and for healing with no complications for this beautiful companion and best friend Stryker, a soul on loan from God. Bless you Howard and dear Anne
    for your excellent forum that we can all obviously vent and praise!

  51. Stryker is a gorgeous dog…what a beautiful photo! He will do well, as the surgery was successful, and your Vet also indicates a successful recovery. For some reason, I never realized the reversed spelling of “dog” before–very appropriate! RE: POLITICS–I agree with Mr. Branch’s example re: “the Cruz-Carly match up”. This “match” only proves how DESPERATE they BOTH are. They’re certainly NOT realizing what the FUTURE holds for them, especially when TRUMP begins to “taunt” them! AMEN!

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