Forget The Emails, The Server, The Foundation & Benghazi



The person who says that Hillary Clinton SCREAMS when she gives speeches, is IMMEDIATELY branded a WOMAN-HATER and MISOGYNIST, who is waging a War on Women, even in truth and reality that Hillary Clinton does SCREAM like a BANSHEE when she delivers a speech.


In essence . . . whether the Clinton Supporters and LEFTISTS in general, like it or not, Clinton’s voice grates on the people’s ears like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Then there’s the nodding of her head, up and down like a bubblehead on the back ledge of a car, with her lips held tight, and focused eyes as she agrees with, and emphasizes her own points.

CALLING HILLARY CLINTON A PIECE OF WORK . . . doesn’t even begin to describe how wretched she is as a Candidate, a Politician, and as a Human Being. And when Trump calls her CROOKED HILLARY – that too doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how absolutely CROOKED Clinton really is.

So . . . when LEFTISTS and RINOS state with utter conviction – that Trump can’t possibly beat Hillary Clinton, they are either lying like cheap rugs (as usual), or are bringing STUPID to a whole new level, showing their utter contempt for the intelligence of the average American voter.

ONE OF THE MOST COMPELLING BENEFITS FOR TRUMP . . . is that he doesn’t seem to have any baggage to hide. He’s PROUD of his very public achievements and no less proud of his failures, from which he learned his lessons and came back even stronger.

He doesn’t try to hide from his divorces and personal life, especially from how he has raised his family to be hard workers, polite, drug and booze free, and world-class leaders.


So . . . what is Clinton and the LEFT going to try and stick on Trump, that he bought-off Politicians on both sides of the aisle? That he gave them cash, gave them expensive meals, gifts, hotel rooms and getaways? They won’t have to, since Trump will do it for them, showing just how cheap and easy it is to buy off politicians to guarantee their favors.

And If That’s The “Best” Clinton Has On Trump . . . Good Luck With That.


Somewhat less than half of the Republicans . . . according to the Pollsters and Insiders, say that they HATE Trump, because of the many hard and clear positions he has made public. Because of how he speaks and the words he chooses to use. And because of how he had eviscerated his political opposition.

BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHAT IS TRUE AND ACCURATE . . . The moment Trump wins the nomination and trains his guns on Clinton with the same intensity that he used to wipe out his Republican Opposition, just watch as the Republicans who swore never to support Trump will scramble to get on board.

Just watch as Bernie Sanders supporters trade in the BERN . . . for MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And how the Independents and Soft Left Liberals will either stay home in November or vote for Trump.

And for those people who say that WOMEN HATE Trump, how can they explain the HUGE Female Vote Trump won in New York?

And don’t think for a second that the LEFT will win the Senate and the House because of America’s supposed derision for Trump, since if Trump wins the general election by slicing and dicing Clinton, or whomever else the Democrats put forward . . . why would anyone think the people would want LEFTISTS running the Congress, who at the same time would have discarded Clinton, or whomever from the LEFT they would have thrown on the Trash Heap of Political History?


If the people surge for a Brash and Braggadocious Donald Trump, whose entire Platform and Campaign is about tearing the system apart and making America Great Again, why would anyone think for a second that the people would vote for Trump the Demolitionist, and then vote for the same-old . . . same-old?

To me . . . if I was in this game as a Candidate for either Party, in the House or the Senate, whether Democrat or Republican, because of Trump, I would worry much more about how the voters perceived me, whether I was just another TOOL of the Insiders, or an INDEPENDENT THINKING REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE?

And by sheer FEAR amongst the Insiders represented by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, that at this stage, so far ahead of the November election, Ryan is working OVERTIME to layout and establish a REAL CONSERVATIVE AGENDA to carry into the Republican Primary and November Election.

That says everything about how much Donald Trump has affected the political atmosphere in the USA and around the world, which has brought out the VISCERAL PENT-UP ANGER the people have for the Politicians and the Political Process, all of which can no longer be ignored.


I watched and listened to Obama’s speech and Press Q&A today (Sunday April 24, 2016) in Germany, when he spoke about, and defended huge Trade Deals like the very much-disliked TPP.

In essence . . . Obama said that because of GLOBAL Trade Deals like the proposed TPP and Trans Atlantic Trade Deal, America’s economy has never been better or stronger. WHAT PLANET DOES THIS MAN LIVE ON?

Is Obama not aware that America’s economy has NEVER been this ANEMIC for such a period of time in American History? Between his and his wife’s MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR VACATIONS, does Obama not know that almost 50-MILLION Americans live on Food Stamps? What about, the fact that as many as 25-PERCENT of the American population are suffering from real unemployment and underemployment? Is that something no one bothered to tell him about?

And in Obama’s DREAM WORLD of being the President to heal interracial disparities and violence in the USA, because of his LEFTIST policies and agenda, that Black Americans have not had it this bad for generations?

I guess in OBAMA-LAND . . . Black Lives Matter ONLY to the Privileged.

SO . . . When Obama says that Global Trade has been absolutely GREAT for America, what the Hell is he talking about, especially since Donald Trump has totally captured the imagination, frustration and anger of the American People on both sides of the Great Political Divide, including people within Canada, and further abroad . . . TO TAKE OUR JOBS BACK?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, somehow in your e-mail fixes i ws dropped . Please add me bak.

  2. Boy you nailed it this time Howard–the American people are fed up with the status quo! Actually it’s worse than the status quo! So—here is one woman that will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. And I think many others will also–we are not that stupid–most want our country to prosper.

  3. Hope your right…and it doesn’t turn out like the last election when so many of us expected Romney to win.

  4. As usual you are correct. This could be the biggest landslide victory for potus, senate, and congress for the republicans since I can remember. Or at least the biggest loss by both sides of establishment, status quo, members who get replaced by those who owe no one anything.

  5. We were all in agreement that Obama COULDN’T win a second term; that the American people could see what he is; but he did, whether by hook or by crook, he DID. I am so afraid that the idiots and low information voters will not see hillary for what she really is, and will vote for her and in doing so, will foster either the demise of the USA or a full blown revolution.
    I’m really afraid for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren if that happens.

  6. The following quotes all “FIT” HILLARIOUS to a tee! 1)”The TRUTH is the TRUTH even if nobody believes it, and a LIE is a LIE even if everybody believes it.” 2)”PAST behavior is the best PREDICTOR of FUTURE behavior.” 3)”LIARS make the best PROMISES.” 4)”Watch out for people whose WORDS don’t match their ACTIONS.” 5)”A LIAR begins with making FALSEHOOD appear like TRUTH, and ENDS with making TRUTH itself appear like FALSEHOOD.” 6)”Clinton LIED, people DIED.” TRUMP will do a NUMBER on her! AMEN!

  7. It will be a landslide for Trump no doubt. The only reason that some of the Republicans in our Government don’t want Trump is that their ways of old will be gone and they will be down to business like the should be. These Republican’s have no choice but to support Trump or it’s could be Hillary if they don’t and the Republican Party will be no more. If and when Trump debates Hillary you will see her true colors come out and you will see her really scream. Trump debating Hillary will be a show.

  8. No matter who the Repubs put up, this boy is going all out in support of them and will push anyone I know on the right side of the aisle to do the same. We lost last time because of laziness and a level of disinterest while the libs got out their base. We had the votes but simply didn’t activate or motivate our base. Get your hurrahs out this time and push wherever and whomever you can to get their butts to the polls.

  9. “Is a puzzlement”, Howard. We’ve never seen anything like this one. At this point it is really anyone’s guess what will occur. As one radio talk show host says….”For me it’s ABC…..anybody but Clinton”. It’s a long time until Nov. 2016. Keep the faith.

  10. Obama knows exactly what he is doing, we all know that. It’s that he is getting away with it, hence the incredulity. “Remember it’s not who votes but who counts the vote”, Uncle Joe. “Freedom comes from the barrel of a gun”, Chairman Mao.

  11. In one of Obama’s little photo ops and speeches, held without his prompter, he looked more like a dolt than a president. He definitely sounded like a dolt.
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victoria BC

  12. Trump is a reaction to the republican party, which has been a disaster, standing by or being complicit, while the democrats turn America into a socialist state. Out of control debt, overrun by illegals, declining wages, bad trade deals, government usurpation of our freedoms, etc. While the pooh-bahs are more concerned with maintaining your cushy consulting, lobbying, bureaucrat and legislative jobs. The “greatest generation” is rolling over in their graves.

  13. Even more importantly what’s that say about both Ontario? And Canada? After 7 historically unprecedented yrs of an American scourge, named Obama, in full global destructive charge; useful idiot Ontarians not only reelect the 2 previous minority McGuilty Liberals to a MAJORITY, under the aegis of Dalton’s myopic spawn, Katie sWynnedler, but go even one worse by also giving a MAJORITY to the tour de farce, Trudeau – to denigrate the institution of gov’t even further. Such replications be damned

  14. I am glad you said it first Howard. Hillary screams….When I first heard her voice going raspy, I thought doesn’t she know she has a mic? I cannot stand to hear her speak (yell, scream). I am a woman and I will say it. She is shrill and angry and it shows. She can hug all the immigrant children she can find and it will not make her kind or lovable!

  15. Howard, your reference to Madame Clinton as “screaming like a banshee” is equivalent to my name for her, “Shrillary Clinton”. If I were an American, qualified to vote, her electioneering style would certainly turn me off from whatever message she is delivering. I suppose that I could turn off my TV that is sometimes wall-to-wall U.S. election primaries, but as Canadians, we have been and will always be interested in and affected by the U.S. election results.
    D.F. Burns, Montreal, Quebec

  16. Trump is a progressive, he likes the open bath room law and abortions, Hillary also is a progressive. Take your pick.

  17. This quote from Perry Cross of FL is good, “Remember it’s not who votes but who counts the vote”, Uncle Joe. Can’t help but wonder if it hasn’t been an issue in the past & may be again. But then the GOP “establishment” hasn’t been giving us candidates we true conservatives can feel great about, much less good about. McCain was a poor choice; Romney wasn’t the best either. Personally don’t like the mud they seem to prefer to fight in, but Trump is best GOP candidate since Reagan. Cruz is 2nd best

  18. Howard I for one would love to see Mr. D. Trump become the President of The U.S.A., for I do believe he will put our P.M. Treudou in his place. Mike

  19. At this stage of the game in North America, I really hope that Trump gets in, because he won’t put up with the “charming’ of pretty-boy Trudeau, and hopefully will teach him a thing or twelve!

  20. My philosophy of life is one sentence: God has a sense of humor, he drinks and his last name is Murphy. LOL I have been behind Trump from the get-go but Cruz was my choice before Trump got in. I am still astonished that Obama was re-elected and I am still stunned that it happened but the long nightmare is almost over. I believe that Trump will Make America Great Again if for no other reason than to protect his family’s wealth and future security–and I’m OK with it. I want a strong America!!!

  21. Obama is not my president, he is not constitutionally qualified, a fake birth certificate, a social security number from a dead man, nothing about him is genuine except this………I think he is part of the effort npt tp change our gpvernment but tp cmplelterly replace it. Just wait and see how this happens, starting wth the murder of Judge Cailia

  22. We’re in agreement, Howard. Trump will win handily over “Crooked Hillary”. I expect him to bring out the foul deeds of which she’s guilty. She’s already known in the States as “The Clinton Crime Family” and for good cause. The Clinton Foundation has been dubbed a “Money Laundering Scheme”. Untold Billions are deposited there, and sent directly to where instructed by her “depositors”. Include, by all means, the Clintons who now have untold tax-free wealth. Need I go on? I just hope Trump does!

  23. Trump meeting pretty boy. “Hello son, what did you say your name is”? “Oh Trudeau, and you are the what, the PM of Canada, whoever sent you must be joking”. Roll on Donald, lets get him anointed, goodbye and good riddance to Obama.
    Obama’s behaviour and comments while in England and Europe were abominable, he was interfering in their politics while he is totally incompetent dealing with his own in the USA.

  24. I am a republican & a woman and I love Trump. The republicans who hate him are insiders who are afraid of him. If their records show they don’t deserve to be running the country Trump won’t care who they are IF THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS THEY WILL BE REPLACED, SCARRY FOR THEM. If he calls one person a f_t p_g doesn’t meant he hates women. She called him a worse name, so what! Only women who want to be equal to men, then complain because they are treated like them, hate him

  25. Well the fight is on our next president Mr. Trump has now got the field down to just one this morning. I have no idea why Kasich waited so long to show real colors and then throw in with the Washington establishment. He had a possibility of being the VP If he had chosen wisely who he wanted to back. Maybe Trump chose not to let him drag him down which I fully agree with. We need a clean slate with now Washington baggage in November.

  26. I cannot agree on Trump. He is not conservative. He is not to be trusted to maintain the “outsider” shtick once in office. I will support Ted Cruz to the very last. He IS a principled conservative, a believer, and a true and proven outsider.

  27. Great resume, Howard. Those supporting Cruz and wife should do some research and see what they are involved with. They want to turn all of North America into another European conglomerate. They are not outsiders, but instead staunch members of the establishment. Do your homework and change your status from Idiot to Informed. This from a 91 year old veteran of three wars who remembers what the USA was. I compare Trump to General Patton.

  28. Loved every work Howard, one of your best and all so true. The REAL Americans can’t wait until “Dr” Trump takes the Crook apart. I have said over and over lets hear the story about Vincent Foster and Ron Brown. Thanks for your great effort.

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