A More Presidential And Conventional Trump – NOT A CHANCE



Some people asked me what Chag Sameach means, which was mentioned several times in the Comments. Essentially, it is a Blessing For A Great Holiday.


What I would say that I don’t get, which I actually do get, is why so many in the Media and amongst the Republican Insiders are telling Trump that he has to become more Moderate and more Presidential, when in fact he’s kicking the Holy Crap out of all of them just by being Trump.


They want a guy who is IN-YOUR-FACE . . . who isn’t Presidential. The People want a guy who isn’t afraid to tell Mexico, China, Iran and whomever else to get lost.

Also . . . the People don’t want a panderer and conciliator . . . they certainly don’t want another McCain, Romney or John Kasich who whines like a puppy dog, as he tells everyone who will listen how he’s the ONLY person who can beat Hillary, as if that’s a foregone conclusion and somehow written in stone?

That’s what the LEFT and the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) would love everyone to believe, when in fact, I believe it’s just the opposite, and either Trump or Cruz would have a much better chance to beat Hillary Clinton, or whomever else the Democrats put forward for slaughter.


What I see in Donald Trump is a Campaigner, who has shattered all the odds and all expectations, not by being a Namby-Pamby Politician, who weighs every word that is written for him, and then vetted by a staff who have his speeches market-tested through focus groups before they’re delivered to the public.

What I see and hear in Donald Trump . . . is a an extremely rich man, who lives in a Stratosphere so far removed from people like us, who nonetheless talks to us in a language, and a fashion, with words we all understand.

I see and hear in Donald Trump . . . a man, not a politician, but a man who plays his own game by his own rules, who won’t be intimidated by the Insiders, who has earned the trust and intense support of people who are rich and poor, who are owners, managers, and workers, who have good jobs, and people who want to have a job, and people who are Black, White, Men, Women, Christian, Jewish, and Latino, amongst a plethora of others, including people who would normally vote Democrat or simply sit out the election.

And I don’t see Donald Trump reading off a TELEPROMPTER.


I watched Obama during a News Conference in England this past Friday (April 23, 2016), standing beside British Prime Minister David Cameron, as Obama literally THREATENED the British people with being pushed to the back of the line in Trade Deals with the USA and the rest of the world, if England were to vote in their June referendum, to leave the European Union, which in my opinion was a disaster from day one, and has only gotten worse with each passing day.

ONE FEMALE BRITISH REPORTER ASKED OBAMA . . . straight and clear – What business is it of yours to come to England and tell the British people what we should do as a Nation? In other words, mind your own FRIGGING business.

The very popular and Conservative Mayor of London, who is also unrepentantly pro Israel, Boris Johnson, has said no less to Obama . . . that he should take care of his own politics, and leave England’s alone.

But Boris Johnson went even further than that, by accusing Obama in a Conservative London Newspaper of being ANTI-BRITISH.

I’M POSITIVE . . . that most Americans didn’t see the interview, and amongst those who did, most didn’t realize the significance of why Obama was using his Presidential Office and the Good Name of the People of the United States of America to coerce the British people with dire consequences, if they were to choose to leave the EU.


Obama was defending the greatest Dream of the LEFT and RINOS . . . ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, of which the EU is the Petri-Dish, from where this notion of one Government with Global Trade, where borders, tariffs and rules will be decided by the UN, opposed to individual countries, where absolute control of World Politics will grow and mature to eventually dictate how all of us should live.

When the FIRST President Bush . . . George HW, spoke about THE NEW WORLD ORDER after the first war with Iraq – that is what he meant. So where amongst Republicans Insiders is a CHAMPION FOR AMERICAN VALUES, opposed to a New World Order where their corporate sponsors will rule supreme as they rake in the wealth?

We can see it now with this Global Warming BS, with Gun Rights being legislated from the UN, and a World Court that will take precedence over all jurisdictions.

The RINOS talk incessantly about losing the Conservative vote on the Supreme Court if a Democrat is elected . . . but, believe it or not, that will only be the introduction to a much larger calamity, where the American Dream will be dashed on the rocks of a New World Order, controlled by BIG BUSINESS, BIG BANKS, BIG INVESTMENT HOUSES and a handful of selected Politicians, no less than what we are witnessing as it unfolds throughout Europe, which is in desperate decline.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . the explosion of Moslem growth in Europe isn’t because the Europeans feel devastated by the plight of the poor Moslem Immigrants. It’s all about destabilizing the European Continent, just as it is all about Destabilizing the United States of America by overloading the system, as it was written and pressed into action about 60-Years ago by Saul Alinsky, the Radical Socialist mentor of HILLARY CLINTON & BARAK OBAMA.

ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT . . . competing with several other One-World Governments in places like the USA, Asia, Russia, Africa and South America . . . to divide, conquer and control the masses by the privileged few.


And if there is ONLY one politician who can stand between Global perdition and us, it seems to me . . . that his name is Donald Trump.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This may not be totally relevant to your Essay; but, by association, I believe it will interest many of your readers. Way back at the end of end of 1800’s, Winston Churchill wrote a book, titled ” The River War “, if you are able to find the original, unabridged, edition (via the Internet perhaps ?), early in the book, he prophetically forecasts the dreadful mess these extremists have us in now. Even then, the majority of these people lived in “the dark ages”, in a highly feudal system..

  2. You are so right on as usual! Great editorial!

  3. Our esteemed “Leader” off on another worthless-vacation-at our expense. The Madam flew over for lunch, does anyone really care? So far he has been at his worse, and has been laughed at, at every stop. What an embarrassment for our Country and its Allies. The Brits called it right. Take the keys to AF#1 away from this Clown, enough is enough.

  4. I’m personally worried as I know what Trump is dealing with albeit on a smaller scale. The RNC told me straight up that the would expect me to donate a “minimum” of 100K per year to them. I was told I could look forward to doing fundraising 4-5 hours a day as well. I don’t know when they thought I would have time to do the work I was elected to do but I told them what I thought LOL and haven’t heard from them since. I got the “Trump Treatment” before Trump!! LOLOLOL

  5. What Obama and the Eurotards are enabling is one world government. But more than that, they are empowering the Hijra and the only demographic group that will eventually halt it is the American (mostly Christian) conservative. You know, those yahoos who cling to their guns and religion. And the language they speak is Trumpian. What Trump lacks in depth he makes up for in balls and the people who hate him most are Muslims. Bring it on! Trump 2016!

  6. Brovo and AMEN to every word in your article and the comments above.

  7. Bowing to the Saudi King again and in the same moment having the audacity to touch the Queen and tell PM Cameron the U.K. is at the back of the line on any Atlantic Trade Agreement. Obama is all for one world government and thinks he would be the great president. Not just America, nor Canada, the world now needs Trump. I have a feeling that with Trump, America will be great again, despite Cruz trying to tell the people Donald is an empty bag of promises.

  8. I really hope Trump didn’t make a mistake by replacing Corey Lewandowski with Mannefort.

  9. As usual you’re right on target. Hate to sound cynical, but hope Trump makes it alive through the convention and then the election…he’s a man with a bullseye pinned to his back and he and he’s freightening the hell out of all the establishment political hacks.
    Keep the articles coming Howard…you are an encouragement to folks like me.

    PS: Just placed an order with BBS Bodacious BBQ Co. for a sample pack of their sauces. Will let you know how they are when I get to try them.

  10. I’m sorry to disagree. Trump is NOT trustworthy. He is one of them, that is the Ruling Class, and ultimately his loyalty lies with them through the necessities of business and its demands. Yes, Cruz is a lawyer and a politician by virtue of having won an election. But he has a track record of doing what he promises, and he is hated by all the right people. As an added virtue, he is a man of faith. We need to support Cruz, not Trump, until we have no other choice.

  11. I don’t see what right the U.S. has to tell any country what they should or should not do within the confines of their own country. One wonders what the U.S. would do if some country invaded the U.S. on the pretence of them having weapons of mass destruction or they didn’t like their political system. i.e Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion or Vietnam or Korea or Granada.

    The U.S. is the greatest war mongering nation that exists on the face of the planet.

  12. If you really want to know what Obama thinks of the English, remember what he did with the bust of Churchill that was in the Oval Office

  13. You understand the feeling of the voters who are fed up. I would rather put my trust in a loose canon than to trust a politician. Mr. Trump may or may not be a loose canon but even that is an improvement on the career politicians. He certainly has nothing to gain from “One world government..” The politicians are jockeying for high ranking positions in same.
    Hopefully Trump will get us out of the useless and negative US, United Nations. I am too old to be a conformist.

  14. “Atlas Shrugged”, “1984” and “Animal Farm”…you nailed it Howard! But I fear John Galt will call on Donald.

  15. Al of the talk of politicians is not properly focused, in neither one of our countries. The electorate should ask themselves one question. The lobbyists are full time employees spending the monies to promote “their” cause or company. Th whom or to where does that money go? That’s the question, now electorate, what’s the answer? The politicians? The Party? The Government?. Not the Government, that would be enough money to pay off the national debt. How many wealthy politicians have you heard of?

  16. It’ll be fun to hear the Donald drop an f-bomb during a press conference! Regarding a UN takeover, expect the Tree of Liberty to be heavily nourished before that happens.

  17. With Obama, we’ve had NO prez. Enter hopeful FELON-IN-CHIEF – NO prez again! Trump has enough ammo to send her crying as she exits the debates. FACTS: 1)her call to then Egyptian P.M. Hisham Kandil 1 DAY after Benghazi attack, “had nothing to do with the film.” Then she publicly states the OPPOSITE! 2)PERJURY: LYING to Benghazi Committee. 3)Body trail; Dead men can’t testify against her or Bill in ongoing FBI investigation. WTF – ? We either elect Trump or face terrorists at our doorsteps.

  18. A UNITED STATES IS WHAT WE NEED. ONE NATION, UNDER GOD! We are more divided than ever! We are so UN-INVOLVED
    with the going on’s in Washington, we have so abdicated our rights secured by our Constitution, payed for by the Blood of many, this may be our last shot to hold off what may be coming. I’m not an alarmist, I’ve done my historical research. We’ve gone from leading to following. We’ve gone from a light on the hill to mere candle, maybe not even that. We’ll see come November.

  19. Howard–agree with you as always. The people who support the Cruz’s should see where they are involved with the world order. both of them. Love people who tell it like it is. Trump is one of them.

  20. There is no way Trump can win the presidency. It is foolish to believe he can. He has alienated all groups except for his hardcore supporters.

  21. Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s LEGACY will be the president who: FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED our Country for the WORST; WAS the WORST president EVER; increased the DEFICIT by TRILLIONS of dollars more than ALL PAST presidents; DESTROYED our positive relationships with other countries; and was the most DIVISIVE president EVER. TRUMP is the only one who can/will DEFEAT HILLARIOUS (IF she’s the nominee). With SUPPORT, he WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! “BA-BYE” Barack, Michelle, etc… in JANUARY 2017! AMEN!

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