"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?"

In contrast to the amount of financial support Galganov.com generally receives from benefactors, this has been nothing less than a FABULOUS financial response to the last Editorial, which has refreshed our bottom line.

With this money . . . we will be able to cover all of our monthly Web Hosting and Maintenance Costs, and will allow me to get the REAL FIGHT ON THE ROAD.

Several people, who wanted to know the game plan before they gave anything, sent me emails requesting a reason for them to send support through PayPal or by Check.

HERE’S WHY . . .

Not long before the BIRTH OF CHRIST, born CIRCA 110-BCE, and reportedly died 10-Years following the Death of CHRIST (10-CE), Judaism’s most respected (Sage and Religious Philosopher) . . . HILLEL – who has been attributed with creating the impetus for the foundation of the Talmud, which is a compendium representing Judaism’s Blue Print to a MORAL Life, established a moral code that became the foundation of Judeo/Christian Ethics.

Hillel preached a plethora of philosophical thoughts, but the one which impacted upon me the most, which pertains to all men and women, regardless of religious beliefs . . . including Atheists, which has guided me from my very first recollection . . .

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?”

This incredible thought has been interpreted throughout the millennia by many Patriots to include . . .

If not now? . . . When?

If not here? . . . Where?

If not me? . . . Who?


BEFORE EVIL TAKES HOLD . . . before Hitler and the Nazis took power – before Stalin – before Mao Tse-Tung – before Castro – before Pol Pot – before the Inquisitions – before all the bad actors in the history of the world . . . all wars were fought with words before the spears and bullets flew.

But, by the time the spears and bullets flew . . . it was already too late, because words had done their deed, and EVIL had taken hold.

Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party understood better than anyone, that before you can win a War of Bullets – FIRST YOU HAVE TO WIN THE WAR OF WORDS.

And now in America . . . same as in Canada, the GOOD GUYS ARE LOSING THE WAR OF WORDS. And this has to stop. Not only that . . . we, the GOOD GUYS, have got to start winning. AND THAT’S WHERE I COME IN!


And for all of those who wonder what I intend to do, and how I expect to do it . . . IT’S SIMPLE – WIN THE WAR OF WORDS, by going everywhere I can to sell the side of the RIGHT, to promote the virtues of CONSERVATISM, and expose the BIG LIES of the LEFT.

REMEMBER . . . before we can hope to Win the War On The Ground, we better Win the War for Hearts and Minds, which will not be done by being timid or polite. This is an IN YOUR FACE BATTLE, calling out the LIARS, CHEATS & TAKERS for whom and what they are. And it will be a FIGHT that will take no prisoners and show no mercy.

THIS IS NOT A FIGHT FOR THE WEAK OR FRIGHTENED . . . but it is a fight that must be fought and cannot be lost.

SO . . . when people ask me what I intend to do with their support and money, the answer is simple – MEET THE ENEMY HEAD-ON AND ALL OUT. And live by the 2000 Year-Old Words of Hillel . . .

If not now – WHEN? If not here – WHERE? . . . IF NOT ME – WHO?

This is a movement much like I organized and accomplished in Canada from the mid 1990’s. But this time, I’ll not do it alone. SO HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN . . .

I am fully prepared to travel the length and breadth of North America (the USA and Canada) addressing and speaking to all who will listen, stirring the pot with all that I have.


I will speak to the young and the old. To the rich and the poor. To the educated and those who never graduated. I will speak to business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and to men and women who punch-the-clock. I will speak to people who still put in 9-5, and I will speak to people who are retired, or who can’t find work. I will speak with people who work with their hands and their strong backs, to farmers, and people who push pens, or tap on computer keyboards, or simply earn a living by communicating by phone . . .

Because – when it all comes down to it – we’re all in the same leaky boat, paddling and bailing water for all we’re worth . . . just to stay afloat.


THE TEA PARTIES WERE FANTASTIC . . . at least until they decided to become politicized, and began competing against each other for Media Attention, OF WHICH I HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING.


TO THE GOVERNMENT – give us back our Freedoms – and do what you’re paid to do. No more . . . and no less. AND TO THE PEOPLELet’s take back what is ours.

STOP APOLOGIZING . . . for being White Skinned, Christian or Jewish, and Successful, since every man, woman, and child has the chance in our societies to succeed if they have a mind to do it, regardless of color or religious background.


THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN, since there is no shortage of women who have done great things with their lives in spite of being women. One woman who comes to mind is Margaret Thatcher, who against all odds led England out of destitution and national despair. Another is Ayn Rand, who gave us the Blueprint for Conservative Freedom.

AND AS FAR AS GAYS AND LESBIANS, or any other combination of sexual preferences, knock yourselves out – just don’t include me, or any others who aren’t interested in participating in your specific lifestyle choices. And don’t teach our children in school, that any Sexual Relationship other than between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN is normal, because it’s not.

It might be normal for the multi-sexual couple . . . but it’s not normal for society.

END THE INSANITY OF BUREAUCRATIC PRIVILEGE . . . No Public Sector Worker should ever get paid a penny more for his or her work, than what is paid in the Private Sector for comparable labor . . . INCLUDING BANKED SICK PAY, DAYS OFF AND PENSIONS.

AND END ALL PUBLIC SECTOR STRIKES AND TENURE, which includes teachers, all the way from pre-school to postgraduate university in the Public System. If the Public Sector worker doesn’t want to work for the money offered, let him or her understand that he or she is free to find another job.

CREATE A FLAT TAX . . . and tax the banks and investment firms no less and no differently than all people and sectors who are taxed elsewhere. Stop the special privileges.


In other words . . . one country, and one set of rules for everyone, where everyone has the chance to succeed and reach impossible dreams regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender and age, all of which is already protected, while the government and courts are here to provide vital services, which WE THE PEOPLE decide we want and need, as the government’s job is to protect our Rights and Freedoms from within and without, while maintaining our infrastructure.

And end any opportunity for the spread of Sharia and Islamic Hatred.


If we are going to be successful, I NEED YOU TO HELP SET THE AGENDA. I have raised enough money, and will put more money into it to begin the process of travel, meeting and organizing. BUT I NEED YOU TO SET UP THE MEETINGS.

There is nowhere I will not be willing to go. And no group which is too small or too seemingly “irrelevant” for me to address.

Anne and I have been speaking about this for quite some time . . . going back and forth, debating whether or not to give up so much of our lives together, as we did up to a couple of years ago, when I paid a HALF MILLION DOLLAR PRICE, and suffered from a mild stroke brought on by the pressure of fighting almost singlehandedly for the rights and principles of others, but Anne understands as we both do, how much is at stake for all of us and our Rights and Freedoms if we don’t fight.

Since two years ago, I’ve more or less recovered from the Stroke, and have positioned ourselves financially to be secure . . . so there’s nothing stopping me from doing what I do best, other than the will to do it. But I cannot and will not do it alone.

SPEAK TO YOUR FAMILIES, your friends, your neighbors, your Church or Synagogue Groups. Speak to your clubs, your retirement homes, your military groups and others you associate with, and let’s get this thing going.

THE ONLY THING I ASK . . . is for whomever I address, to simply arrange to cover the bare boned cost of travel and hotels, which can be done by charging people a fee to attend. And believe me, with other people’s money, I travel on the cheap.

If not now – WHEN? If not here – WHERE? . . . AND IF NOT ME – WHO?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard thank you so much for your honesty as always. Though some people might not always agree with you, we get a fair and honest evaluation not a one sided opinion. I too believe in the freedom of speech and equality, but like you said in previous editorial you can’t go into a Bears den, hit it with a stick and expect it not to bite! With a country 40% Muslim and knowing that making any type of image is against their belief, why would you do it in the first place except STUPIDITY!

  2. Several years ago, during hearings related to changing the Texas laws related to access to home equity, previously NOT permitted in Texas, I made a grand and sweeping gesture in the Texas Capitol Legislative Chamber related to the mural describing the siege of the Alamo at the rear of the Hall, stating “Hell , even they had a choice”! And now, years after that success in the change of THAT law, I am inspired and hope to somehow join you in THIS effort Howard, however modestly! Bud Farrell

  3. Congratulations–apparently, your minor surgery went quite well. As usual…EXCELLENT EDITORIAL! You “hit the nail on the head” in every respect. The POLITICALLY-CORRECT conditions which now exist in our society are ABSURD and affecting our children! Our Country’s environment has been POLLUTED by various groups who continue to SCREW, BLUE and TATTOO our Country to its fullest! Yes, WORDS DO MATTER! There’s no doubt that you will be able to PUT THE MESSAGE ACROSS when addressing the people. AMEN!

  4. Perhaps you wold like to expand on this comment.
    “And end any opportunity for the spread of Sharia and Islamic Hatred”
    Do you have a speaking schedule? Words do matter

  5. If not you WHO? It is time for a change before it can not be changed peaceably. You are a fighter for both
    Freedom & Rights with a tenacity that surfaced in Montreal with language. Supported you then and will continue until the end.

  6. That’s a fantastic undertaking for you & Anne. I’ll do what I can do here in Liberal world. I’ve been coming from another direction. The educating of our youth from Kindergarten thru High School, re: the foundations of America, Judaeo/Christian principles, History, to hell with common core. Back to the 3 R’s.Remember the PTA? when Parents were INVOLVED! Patriotism, Love and Pride of America, THE GOLDEN RULE.Technology, re-institute Creationism instead of crawling out of a MUD HOLE or Monkeys.

  7. Howard, so well said. Thanks for stepping up and being THE WHO!!! Your words are so needed in both of our countries. Blessings to you and Anne in your undertaking.

  8. Many Tea Party groups are alive and well. Search the Internet, type in “Tea Party Groups”, and you will be amazed at the information regarding names and location. My group, The Romeo Area Tea Party disbanded a few months ago, partly due to harassment from the IRS. We had over 1,000 members. Have you thought about using “Skype”, or making a DVD to offer different groups? Could save some traveling. If I can help, send me an email.

  9. God grant you the words to encourage and inspire, the words to stop the enemy in its tracks, the wisdom in delivery, and safety in and through it all. And God grant you right people to join the ‘fight’ to regain our rights and freedoms and re-establish our Republic as a nation of, by and for the people – not government bureaucrats and monopolies. Thank you for your bravery to stand in the gap for those of us who are too infirmed and old. God bless you and Anne in this endeavor.

  10. Howard you are already half way there, the point being that staying in the RV parks are a lot of Americans and Canadians that need some education. Most of these parks will have a Club House that is usually available for little or nothing if booked by a guest. And I am sure they would let you use the Club House if political parties were kept out or to a minimum. If you used the caravan approach it would be difficult to deny usage. Got to hook up with the right people to book.

  11. I was a tea party member back in 2007 and 2008 when we were fighting the Obama election. I’ll see if any still exist in this area or Austin, where I do know a great many people. I’m starting an email campaign tonight. Have you thought of a “YouTube video”? You can reach millions of people very quickly. And time is of the essence now. Let’s fight the fight!!!

  12. My prayers are with you. Please target those already voted states with uncommitted delegates who need turned around in their present mindset along those right wing states who still have to vote. If we can’t pull this out, we are doomed. How can I help?

  13. Dear Howard,
    What a brilliant idea.I wish that you could visit South Africa, as our rights are being trampled on here, and we are experiencing Anti Semitism, we are being singled out by the radical left, black university students who gained places in university by obtaining a pass rate of 30%. These students are illiterate and innumerate, but since they were previously disadvantaged, they now outrank white students with 70% to 90% pass rates.

  14. Howard; What do you know about UN Agenda 21, which was originated during the Clinton administration? The apparent purpose is to spread the wealth equally over the world, at the expense of the successful countries. Communism on a world-wide scale! Bernie and Hillary on steroids.
    John Ross
    Vero Beach

  15. Howard
    It’s looking more and more like the GOP is willing to do anything to stop Trump. Ted Cruz now says that he will be the nominee by other means. Other means to me seems to sound like he will acquire those delegates by hook or crook (pun intended). It is my understanding that the delegates that are private individuals can legally trade or sell their votes. I believe that Trump just needs to play the game and offer $100,000.00 for each vote he needs. Just wonder what it would end up costing.

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