Sometimes I’m so tired . . . that I find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to sleep through the night. And when I’m awake during the day, I find that I could use a nap, for which I have no time to take, all of which is far more indicative of a problem that has much LESS to do with age or activities, than it has to do with POLITICS.

AND I’M NOT ALONE . . . since people throughout both of our countries (Canada and the USA) are drained, because of the incompetence, arrogance and dishonesty of our Political Leaders and Bureaucrats, we’re collectively exhausted.

In Our Non Public Sector Lives . . . Living Is Uncomplicated – we work, we get paid, we pay our bills, we pay our rent or mortgage, we raise our families, and we do whatever has to be done to keep our heads above water. In essence, we are all living mostly on a level playing field, with no guarantees for tomorrow.

AND THEN THERE ARE THE LAWYERS AND POLITICIANS . . . all of whom CONVOLUTE the rules to suit their own purposes, and the benefits of the PRIVILEGED CLASS, which is where we are being torn apart.


We are in so much trouble, that it’s hard to know where to begin. But regardless, WE ALL HAVE CHOICES – we either FIGHT or we SURRENDER. And frankly, I’m not in the surrendering mood.

Our social structure is very much like a balloon, which is being filled beyond its capacity to expand, by a free-for-all of FREE STUFF, for people who haven’t earned what they get, and by Public Sector Workers and Politicians who are GRABBING everything they can, which means that much sooner rather than later, THE BALLOON IS GOING TO BURST.


If I do nothing because I’m tired . . . IT’S ONLY AN EXCUSE – because being tired does not give me or anyone else who can make a difference the right to do nothing. And if I don’t stand up and fight – WHO THEN SHOULD? AND WHO WILL?

I’ve taken on the establishment more times in my life than I would like to remember, and I’ve got the wounds and bruises to prove it. BUT THEY’RE RELENTLESS, because they are not about to give up an iota of their ill begotten privileges.


NEVER FORGET THIS . . . We are as far removed on the outside of the Public Sector as we can possibly get, which makes us nothing more than the means by which the Public Sector Feeds, and like PARASITES, once the Public Sector LATCHES-ONTO their Gravy Train, which is us, they are not about to surrender an inch until their host DIES.

And ladies and gentlemen . . . MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT – we are indeed dying as we struggle just to get by. When the most recent polls have asked how many people could come up with just a $1000 in cash to pay for an emergency, and as many as 70% said they couldn’t, what does that tell us?

When young people “graduate” from USELESS Universities with USELESS degrees, which prepare them for NOTHING other than demanding a FREE-RIDE, owing as much as $100,000 and MORE for their 4-Years of a good time in school, which most will never be able to pay back . . . you tell me where the future is going?

When regulations make it either impossible or undesirable to create jobs and run a business . . . where is work and money supposed to come from to finance society?

When “environmentalists” and other assorted LEFTISTS make it impossible to benefit from CHEAP and abundant energy, because of the phony altar of GREEN ENERGY . . . working people and families can’t afford to heat or air-condition their homes, businesses and farms, where do we go from there?


I can tell you without any reservation whatsoever . . . that electing more Bad Actors who will tinker with the system, RATHER than CRASH IT and start over from the Foundation of the US Constitution is not the answer.

I don’t know where John Galt (Atlas Shrugged) has been hiding. But sometimes, I’m thinking that Trump and/or Cruz might be the two closest people we have who could possibly be John Galt. But I’m not about to bet the farm on them.


Who have you ever elected, who has run on a platform and a promise to TAX US TO DEATH, so the Politicians and everyone in the Public Sector can live on Easy Street at our expense, while we lay awake at night worried to the bone, about how we’re just going to get by?

Who have you ever elected, who has promised to create smothering regulations, to the point that we need permission from the government to do just about anything?

And who have you ever elected, who has run on a platform to tell you how to live your personal lives, raise your family, and give away your hard earned wealth to people who don’t deserve it, and whom you don’t even know?

I’M NOT JOHN GALT . . . but I know which side is up. I know the difference between Right and Wrong, and I know the difference between Good and Evil. I speak articulately, I write well, and I have no fear of getting in the face of the government.

BUT I THINK MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT . . . is that I understand that we must ORGANIZE, since fighting our own Government, the Bureaucrats, the Banks, the Investment Houses, the Academic Elitists and the Unions, who are all deeply organized and ENTRENCHED will not be easy, and they will not go down without a fight.

AND IF WE’RE HOPING THAT THE POLITICAL PARTIES . . . will engage in the fight on our side – we will be dreaming in Technicolor, because our side isn’t their side.


TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY, in addition to writing, I’m going to begin traveling and talking. I’m going to do whatever I can to organize men and women, young and old, for them to understand how close we are to the edge, and if they don’t want to go over the cliff, they better smarten up and be prepared to fight for their FREEDOMS.

I have ZERO FEAR of promoting and participating in Civil Disobedience, since any action I take against the Government and their edicts, will always amount to nothing less than Civil Disobedience, no matter what I or anyone else does to rock their Apple Cart, since that’s how the Government has rigged the system.

SO WE HAVE A CHOICE . . . we either go along to get along, and hope for the BESTOR WE FIGHT. And since I have no hope for the BEST if we don’t fight, I’m not about to go along to get along . . . AND I DON’T THINK YOU SHOULD EITHER!

SO HERE’S THE DEAL . . . In addition to writing as I always do and always will, I am going directly to the people, to stir-up the masses to get them informed and involved, so they understand that the government MUST work for us under our terms and conditions, opposed to us working for the government under their terms and conditions.


In every Revolution, it takes a small number of Patriots to light the Spark that starts the Fire. While Washington was holed-up during that horrible winter in 1776, there were the Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots, who fought while the weather wasn’t grizzly and the fighting was good, and then . . . there were the Winter Soldiers who were ALL-IN, no matter how cold and miserable it got, and no matter how overwhelming the odds were against them winning a victory.


As Thomas Paine, An Englishman who came to America to Fight for Freedom wrote in 1776 . . . “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

And just as a despondent George Washington was about to give-in to defeat, and the end of the American Dream, he wrote the following . . .

“I think the game is pretty near up, owing, in a great measure, to the insidious arts of the Enemy . . . but principally to the accursed policy of short enlistments, and placing too great a dependence on the militia.”


FIVE DAYS AFTER READING THE WORDS OF PAINE . . . and delivering them to his Winter Soldiers on December 24th 1776, on the next day, on Christmas Night, Washington and his Citizen Winter Soldiers crossed the Delaware, and proceeded to deliver a crushing blow to Britain’s Skilled Hessian Mercenaries.

And that ladies and gentlemen changed the world, since it proved that no matter how entrenched and powerful any enemy is, it can be beaten, even under the most critical circumstances, which Washington proved once again a year later from Valley Forge.

AS ALWAYS . . . SOMETIME NEAR THE MIDDLE OF EACH MONTH – I come to you for Financial Support to help me with the BLOG, and the things that I am trying to do. In this case, I might be biting off more than I can chew, but if I don’t try . . . we will never know.

My intention is to set up an HONEST TO GOODNESS MOVEMENT throughout North America, where WE THE PEOPLE can muster a voice and attitude to stand up to the government and the LEFT, because if we don’t do something now – we will be done.

It won’t be political, since the last thing we need is yet another Party Playing the Political Game. It has to be much bigger than that, much akin to the Tea Party, which seems to have run out of steam, since that too became political through their ranks.

I CAN’T PROMISE SUCCESS . . . I can only promise effort and sacrifice. And at worst, whether we turn our world upside down or not – will continue to publish, and I will continue to fight as I always have, because for me, I don’t see another choice.

So . . . if you’re in a financial position to help, and to contribute to the battle, please see how you can send your support for by CLICKING HERE.

As always, I thank everyone, who in one-way or another supports this BLOG, since it’s a long hard fight that will never end . . . BUT ONE THAT MUST ALWAYS BE FOUGHT.

Thank you in advance for your support . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I would argue MOST people see the truth. Its just that many ignore it or spin it to justify to themselves their own prejudices, greed, corruption, spite, jealousy, fear, hate, poor judgement, poor choices, poor actions and ignorance.

  2. Howard, I enjoy your blogs and have given once and will give again as and when I am able to as I’m retired and live on my pension. I’m with you and will support you when you start this movement as I’m tired of being told what I can do, when I can do it and where I can do it by our government and our snivel servants and its army of Lawyers and Accountants.

  3. Good luck, Howard. I have wondered for a long time if we might just end up in a war of bullets when ballots have become so corrupted they are useless. Please understand it is not what I expect from anything you might organize nor would I recommend it. I am at a point in my life, after watching the traitors at work for many decades, where I see that our last resort might be arriving. I pray for a revolution at the ballot box in Nov…..but it might be too late.

  4. Fabulous article, Howard! You have spoken for most of us. Not only does big government make it difficult while feathering its own nest, it actually DESTROYS the lives and fortunes of many, many people! They feign compassion and altruism while ruining everything they touch! Maybe, though, more and more Americans and Canadians are waking up to this gargantuan scam. And the everyday, ordinary liberals are incapable of perceiving reality for what it truly is. And….they look at bad and see good.

  5. We now have about 18 million Canadians, half the population, sucking from the “public service” trough. The other 18 million of us are serving the “public service”, and are forced to borrow to
    serve them!
    Somehow we must educate the 36 million of us that it is suicidal for all of us.
    Sign me up, Howard! My cheque’s in the mail.

  6. Some bucks from this old codger are on their way. Keep up the good work. This will have to be a team effort since no one person can do everything. We all need, no must, do our part however small we may think that part to be to make the changes necessary for the future of our country (both the US and Canada).
    Thanks for your continue words of wisdom.

  7. Howard, you must have been up all night to get this out so soon after your long trip back to Canada. I know what a fighter you are and would be happy to accompany you whenever that would be possible for me to do.
    Wynne is increasing Hydro rates 1st May because the easy winter didn’t create enough revenue – how crazy is that.
    The previous rate increase was because less revenue due to less usage: people had to be smarter than the smart meters.
    Don’t use any hydro they can’t afford not to produc

  8. Count me in, and if you need an organizer in Florida, I’m the man!! We have reached that point and the next four years are the crux of the swing. We either take it back now or memorize the ‘Lemming manual for flying”.
    I think the problem with the. USA is the lack of Term limits for politicians. Simply stated, “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!’
    Born and brought up in Boston, a devotee of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, and a veteran who wrote that check,”up to, and including,.I’m in!!!

  9. I agree with your basic premise, however I disagree that either Party will ever be involved with your program. They are THE PROBLEM. I do find it interesting that you now support Trump-but then if he’s elected you can always stay in Canada while America suffers under his megalomaniac, lying ass. Check the truthfulness of Trump’s statements and then if you still want to vote for him-think again. I propose we write in NOTA ( None Of The Above ), as there are NO acceptable candidates IMHO.

  10. One thing that could make a very big difference is if the new media would organize. The present mainstream media is/has been miseducating our people for at least 30 yrs. We need to network, share resources – publicize the best politicians, conservative books and articles – the new media can make any book a best seller by making us ware of it. Work for a straight conservative TV network – a sure winner. Fox gives=time to leftists. Beck is trying to establish one. A massive audienc is waiting

  11. Liberals, no doubt, have placed a bounty on the head of John Galt! Our saving grace is none of them have the intelligence to find him! Keep up the great work. We are with you!

  12. Howard,
    Now more than ever we need you. If we fail in this next Presidential election, this nation as we know it will have been destroyed from within. It is imperative that we retake our educational system from kindergarten through graduate school. This is going to take several generations and I’m afraid that very few of us now living will see the signs of victory.
    We will continue to support you financially and regret that we cannot do more.
    A grateful WWII veteran and wife,
    The Crowge

  13. Howard, when the people of Ontario can give that woman a majority government and not be pissed with the outcome, and the people of Alberta can do the same, your battle however well intended will be uphill all the way. The unions run Ontario, not little ms. Wynne. She did all she could to bend over backward for the police, teachers and public sector unions before the last election to ensure her her place in history. Pathetic as that is, the battle will be hard.

  14. You can have excuses or make things better – just can’t have them both at the same time! I am in, if it is a call to action, more than signing a petition. I’m anxious – been waiting for someone to give us direction, rally us. I have proven, I think, my willingness. My own money, ridden thousands of miles to stand with Jewish people, shipped motorcycles to Israel to honor the IDF, ridden 1000’s of miles for both country veterans & to offer life instead of abortion! Watching –
    Gary Burd, Ama, TX

  15. Will someone explain to me how the USA can give or sale our planes to Egypt and the Saudis and others and yet not have the money or desire to keep our U.S. Marine Corps planes flying? No parts no nothing. When China occupies California it will be to late, yet folks will expect our military to protect them.

  16. God is always with you and this is why home anywhere should always be a blessing. We can pray that it will be so for all in our world..
    As for Politics I still say remember “SCOTUS” especially for those who say that they wont vote for him if it is Trump or if it is Cruz. I also hope more young folks recognize just how much “SCOTUS” will influence their lives. Have a wonderful summer–Bill Buckingham, Houston,TX.

  17. As I was reading your editorial, I kept thinking “We have to go to the source of the problem – the people!” But as is often the case, you were way ahead of me. We have the political scoundrels because the people vote for them. What a huge challenge we have if we are to awaken those are just going about their routine and teach those who only think of what may be given to them. Life is always better if your rewards are for the things you have accomplished and earned.

    So glad you are home sa

  18. Howard;
    As usual you are absolutely correct. I was at the first tea party meetings here in Vero Beach and the unity of purpose was palpable. It seems to have been morphed into just another political movement. Continuity of purpose is needed to be effective. By the way I believe that our congressman, Bill Posey is the rare good man. He is rejecting most of the perks and increases of the office.
    John Ross

  19. John I enjoy your blogs, I have contributed once and I will try to contribute about once each quarter.
    If you can set up an automatic contribution each month or quarter, I would use that feature.
    Thanks, Edgar Sellers, Amarillo, TX

  20. Oh my gosh great article. You have a wonderful idea. I and another person started a Tea Party on Amelia Island where I used to live. It fizzed out after a couple of years as people seemed to get less interested. As of today only 7 or 8 are still interested. One of the original group wanted to do what you are planning on doing and but he didn’t have the funds. I will forward this on to them and maybe they will help you. I wish you luck and am behind you 100%. My prayers will be with you.

  21. So just what action do you plan to take? I too am fed up with what is going on, but as you can see, it is only going to get worse. What Wynne is doing to Ont, and Notley to Ab, is beyond criminal. But the takers (all Public employees, teachers, nurses, unions) will keep voting for them because everything is “me”. No care about the future. I want to help you, but what can we do that will make a difference.

  22. Howard, count me in. I live in the Central Valley of California and am a retired 1sgt with two tours in Korea. California is ruled by those on the left coast but we here in the valley are mostly conservatives who are frustrated by what our government is doing to our country. I would hope it would not come to armed rebellion, but that may be the only solution. I’m 80 years old but if it comes to a fight then I’m locked and loaded.
    Support on its way.

  23. Howard my friend ,thanks for keeping up the fight.No longer is Government functioning for the purpose of serving the people ,but of their own self interests.
    People are starting to awaken to incestrial relationship of Government and their Unions ,but as well mainstream media manipulation of a populous that has blind faith in them.
    Social Media had outed Germany’s Police ,Government and Media who denied on New Year’s Eve Colognes Multiple assaults and rape of Women for “politically correctness”

  24. Keep writing, Howard. You give me hope. I’ll help the best I can.

  25. I hear you Howard! This USA Presidential campaign is getting on a lot of people’s nerves. God help us all the way this world/country is going. I am afraid there may be some violence before it’s all over. God, please no!

    Janet Clement
    Ocala, FL

  26. Howard, when people like Pelosi can get over $800 thousand in pensions, you know where the taxpayers stand. Bob Dole and his wife receive over a Million dollars a year in pensions. This is plain stupidity. NO one in the government should be getting anywhere close to this kind of pension. This is a bigger Ponzi scam than Bernie came up with. Yet the Congress keeps giving themselves this boon..

  27. Going along to get along is what the Republican Party has done for decades and why there is such a vigorous backlash against the party leadership and, indeed, against many of its politician members. Going along to get along is the way of the lazy and the cowards. Your readers do not fall into either category. We are tired of business as usual, but we are not too tired to make our voices known.

  28. Thank you, sir. Your editorials remind me that my suffering is neither solitary nor unreasonable. I frequently share your thoughts with family and coworkers.

  29. Howard, Canada needs YOU as our PM!! I would vote for you in a second!! (not that I expect you to run!!) However, our current PM is giving away the farm, quite literally, changing the face of Canada to accommodate his new voters in the next election! I read Atlas Shrugged many years ago, when it first came out, whenever that was, and it caught my attention back then. I’m going to have to find me a copy of it and read it again. If you’re still planning on a trip out west this summer ..

  30. I just told a friend yesterday that if you were American born, you would be the winning candidate in this election. With that very sad impossibility on my mind, suddenly, here you come today offering to help conservative Americans grab themselves up by their pockets, grow some courage and step up to campaign and/or revolt for change. If we don’t, this country will implode. We need numbers Folks! And guts again!! Keep up informed. And count me in.

  31. add this to your arsenal…university pres,community college pres, professors retire in the illinois system with pensions exceeding 300000 a year….adds up in the millions over their retired years…to which they pay in 7-8 percent….no i mean no univ pres or professor of any discipline is worth anything close such a retirement bonanza…am pretty certain that this is widespread in both our countries…and illinois is bankrupt…while typical politicians complain that college costs too much..

  32. I started reading your blog a few years ago when a friend referenced one of your writings. I have since been a faithful reader and appreciate your truth and wisdom. It disturbs me that my children and future grandchildren will be living in a world where the government controls all aspects of their lives, “for the good of the people”. It is unfortunate that so many have been brainwashed with the progressive agenda. I agree that we are on the precipice of a new revolution. Keep up the good work

  33. Like Trump, or not. He opened a can of real gluttonous worms A retired Lt. Gen friend told me several years ago that it is not “if” we are going to have a revolutin, but “when”. If we don’t now, then we will be overtaken by career corrupt, self grandizing politicians, illegal aliens, welfare recipients and entitlement people. Then we will be in a Socialist/Communist government. Everything will be owned by the State and we will be in servitude to the State.

  34. I agree with Charles King. When pensions are through the roof for political retirees, the term “government ‘service'” becomes a hideous joke. No wonder these parasites want to keep running for office; it’s not to “serve;” it’s to bilk the taxpayers. When will it end?

  35. Howard–you’ve read my mind. The Tea Party has lost it after we put so much faith in them. You are the Rallying Point in Canada. We need someone in the USA. I am a tired 91, a retired veteran of three wars with lung problems. I will support whoever comes forward. Remember we cannot live forever so we have to do all for the Cause. Words of Jefferson.

  36. Howard, you have got it right. The politicians are like a sky full of buzzards fighting over a dead cow leaving nothing for the mice. When these buzzards have got all there is to get the mice will do without. We are the mice.

  37. Howard, I believe that we all get tired and even discouraged at times with this fight for freedom. But that is the exact point at which our true character is defined. I have sent you a donation “beyond my ability” to bolster your efforts and to encourage you. If you get near Huntsville, Alabama on any Tuesday, on the second Thursday of the month, or the fourth Sunday of the month, we have like-minded audiences which will receive you warmly and encourage you greatly.

  38. I am behind you 100%. I recall some of you writings in the past being pretty much hopeless, so I welcome your new ideas with all my heart!! I think our countries and our way of life are in dire need of new thinking. We have to return to our forefathers idea for living and working without big brother watching over us. We all may agree to your ideals, but we ALL have to get involved, not just watch from the sidelines. Let’s get busy… throw out some ideas!!!

  39. Spot on Howard. Politicians (lawyers) seem to have a knack for bastardizing everything they come in contact with. The United States Constitution for example, why can’t they read it for face value and let it go at that. Love it. defend it, live it.
    I am an American, I love my country, fear my government. I have a picture hanging on the side of my file cabinet, “Every decent man should be ashamed of the government he lives under”. H.L. Mencken. The picture is no less than of BHO

  40. The difference between a Rooster and a Lawyer?

    The Rooster clucks Defiance !

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