Home At Last . . . Home At Last – Thank The Lord . . . We’re Home At Last



Anne, Stryker, April the Cat, and I . . . pulled onto the Farm very late yesterday afternoon (Wednesday April 13th), just as the sun was going down, from our very long 2,000 Mile Road-Trip from Austin Texas.

We were greeted by our three Beautiful Horses . . . and our extremely close friend Christine, who along with her husband Frank own the property we lease, where we keep our Horses, and where we spend most of the summer, who made sure to have supper ready for us when we arrived – it was indeed a very heartwarming homecoming.

Before starting the three-hour last leg of our journey home from the US Canada/Border, we spent about an hour with Canada Customs, as they examined the serial numbers on our guns, to make certain that we weren’t bringing anything into the country that we shouldn’t.

But it was a kind of a fun inspection, since the Border Guards were far more interested in knowing what gun ownership was like in Texas, than it is in Canada, and how well the Texas Locals and Authorities received us as Canadian Gun Owners.

Actually, I think the Customs People were also more intrigued with the type of guns we had, than with their legality. And since we had been driving and pulling our 22-Foot Travel Trailer, which we use to transport ourselves between Texas and Ontario (for 5-Days), I was happy for the ONE HOUR RESPITE, and for the camaraderie we enjoyed with the Canadian Custom’s People . . . Talk about an Oxymoron.

And once leaving the Border, Anne’s task was simple . . . call our family and friends who we haven’t seen in about 6-months, and set-up the suppers and get-togethers, since for the first time, we actually knew when we would be home.


WE LOVE OUR HOME. We’re BLESSED with WONDERFUL Family and GREAT Friends. We’re privileged beyond description to have our Horses and the many other “things” that enhance our lives . . .

AND WE DON’T TAKE FOR GRANTED . . . all the people who know our names, and know something about us, who live in and around the small rural community we’ve called home for a great many years.

BUT WE ALSO MISS TEXAS . . . since Austin and area have also become HOME.

We already miss the restaurants and grocery stores we’ve become comfortable with. We miss the clerks and service people who’ve come to know who we are, as we’ve come to know them.

In our neck of the woods – back here between Montreal and Ottawa on the Ontario Side of the Provincial Line, we LOVE the Bread and Baked Goods we just can’t get in Texas. But in Texas, we’re already missing the Fried Chicken and Smoked Ribs and Brisket you can’t get anywhere else.

So in many ways, Anne and I are thrilled to be back “HOME”, but are already homesick for the HOME and GREAT FRIENDS we’ve just left behind in Texas.


One of the first emails I received as a WELCOME HOME this morning . . . came from a very close friend of mine, who welcomed us back – in his words . . . to the “GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD”, wanting to know how soon we could get together over a meal.

As I read his email, it dawned on me, that I just Left the Greatest Country in the World, only to return to a country that has forgotten what it was that once did make it a GREAT country, which it isn’t anymore . . . not by a long shot.

It also reminded me, why I take such an incredible interest in the USA, since in the United States, I still see salvation for Canada, for as long as there is a HOPE that the American Dream can be REVIVEDCanada will have hope too.

During our travels home over the past week . . . whenever we stopped for the night, I spent a great deal of my time reading and catching up on the News – American, Israeli and Canadian . . . with as little European news that I felt I needed to know, with the exception of England’s push to leave the EU (European Union).

AND TO MY GREAT CONSTERNATION, BUT NOT SURPRISE . . . I discovered that for the first time, since surveys have been taken, that a terrifying number of Americans believe that for them and their children, the American Dream no longer exists, and has grown beyond reach.


A VAST MAJORITY OF YOUNG LIBERAL AMERICANS . . . seem to doubt that they can ever become rich, and most seem to have settled to be ordinary. And if that’s what the American LEFT understands that leveling the Playing Field should be all about, as Obama, Clinton and Sanders keep promoting . . . they and others like them should be drawn and quartered, As Enemies Of The State.


Given the shenanigans of the Insiders in both Parties, but specifically amongst Republicans, who are using every complicated dirty trick they can muster, with which to control the vote for THEIR pick to run for the White House, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have become the 21st Century’s answer to John Galt, who was Ayn Rand’s Savior in her classic . . . Atlas Shrugged.

IF THE SURVEYS OF HOPE ARE ACCURATE . . . that the American Dream is just about dead, America and Canada will be finished in less than a decade, as Asian Countries will pass us by laughing in our face, as they scream SUCKERS for how we allowed Insiders to steal from us . . . what wasn’t theirs to take.

UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES . . . Trump would not in my opinion be the man to occupy the White House, but with every passing day, it is becoming evident, that we no longer need a simple nudge in the right direction, because, what we really need is a sound kick in the ass . . . for all of us to WAKE-UP and take back all that was stolen from us.


And anyone like the SLEAZE John Kasich, who thinks that pandering, and swooping like a vulture waiting for the carrion after the Insiders eviscerate their targets (Trump and Cruz), who also believes that Going Along to Get Along will save the American Dream, is either Deluded by his own image of over stated self worth, or is simply stuck on Stupid.

Anyway . . . all of that said – what we need is a Two Fisted Back-Alley Street Fighter in the White House, who will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and the only two men I have thus far seen who are willing to do just that, are Trump and Cruz.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are absolutely correct Howard. And the demorat and rino cowards just can’t see the truth if it spit in their face.

  2. I was an early supporter of Cruz, mostly because of my love and respect for our Constitution and the lack of respect given it by most of our “leaders.” Until I found out Heidi Cruz is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a supporter of the North American Union and an employee of Goldman Sachs. By then, it all boiled down to “who does the GOP hate and fear the most.” Trump. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That’s why I am supporting Trump. Glad you are home safe, Howard!

  3. If the American Dream is almost dead in the water, then the Canadian dream is dead and buried already. Trudeau the son is worse than his father ever was. Hie father at least was a very intelligent man and I can not say the same about junior. He is just in love with himself and does not realize that he is sending all Canadians to hell with his Islamic and economic policies. I’m almost 72 but Worry about my children and grandchild, they do not have a hope in hell. Carry on with the fight Howard.

  4. Welcome home, you Canuks….lol. Thanx for bringing the nice weather.

  5. Welcome home to Canada, home of the “not so free, and overtaxed.” After starting again on a house building project, I am again reminded how much our local govts are in our pocket, and how they want to control our every move. A number of permits and inspections required, all costing $$. And all managed by overpaid and underworked so called Civil Servants. They have the power, and are not ashamed of letting me know it! Govt Red Tape and the associated costs are killing us economically.

  6. Don’t know if you remember Clare and Carl’s hotdog stand in Plattsburgh, but it is still going strong and a couple of hours ago while I was eating there I asked the young female car hop what she thought of Donald Trump (who is supposed to speak in Platsburgh tomorrow). She replied that she would never vote for Hillary, but she thought Bernie was great. After she heard me speak my mind about him she clammed right up. GOD save us all if either one of them happen to get elected!
    Keep going!!

  7. There was a TV show in the 60’s called Dobie Gillis, his ‘hippy, drop out buddy’ was named “Maynard G Krebbs’ and when anything came up relative to earning your way , he used to look appalled and shout “WORK?’ That is the story of the millennials. Why should they, the government will take care of us?
    Ergo fasten your seat belt,…it’s going to be a very hard landing!!!
    ,……and I nominate Ted Cruz for the role of Lesley Mouch in Atlas Shrugged.
    Glad y’all are home safe.

  8. One ray of hope is that Trump, probably the Republican winner, will put Hillary in her place and defeat her by exposing her as what she is, (fill in the space or paragraph as needed). My hope is that he really is a businessman and will use his smarts to put a real team together to pull this country together economically and politically.

  9. Welcome home, Howard, to a Canada that comprises more “takers”
    (about 18 million) than “makers” (about 17 million), now that the
    Metis and off-reserve Indians can receive the same goodies. My
    first girlfriend, Mary Rose, a Metis, must be laughing all the way to
    the welfare office!

  10. Welcome home Howard, glad the trip went well with no hassles at the border. Just had breakfast with a friend who is originally from Canada but has been living in the US for years on a visa. He finally made it through the byzantine immigration process and became a US citizen a few weeks ago. Funny how hard it is for hard working professionals like him to become legal Americans while anyone can skip across the Mexican border and freeload here in the US.

  11. This country has never been run like a business. Cruz is NOT a business man but more and more an insider. Trump will erase hundreds of thousands of jobs held by relatives, and influential friends, called consultants and advisers. They make around $3-400,000 a year at taxpayers expense and are worthless. He will close many agencies that are corrput and do harm. not good. He will balance the budget, cut out pork and appoint his successful business associates for his admini-
    stration. CHANGE

  12. Thankfully, you all got home safely. Agreed that Customs, Immigration Canada can be interesting but sometimes stressful. I have been given something on Canadian Bank Note paper that all of my government friends had never seen to “having everything from my vehicle removed except the gas tank” and having to reload all luggage etc which was on the asphalt around the car. There have been times when I was tired, in the middle of the night when I had decided that I would just ask how to go back home

  13. Your story about the ‘Texas’ guns was priceless! Thanks for sharing. If the Progressive/Socialist groups have their way, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will all become united in one big mismanaged mess. God save us! Keep fighting, Howard. Relieved you made it home safe.

  14. Life takes us to unexpected places. Love brings Home.
    Hope the summer home will be as pleasant as your winter home has been.
    I pray that God will give us a man that is worthy of the office. May he smile on Ted Cruz.

  15. Thanks for the update on your arrival in your Canadian home. I can only hope you all have a Fantastic summer before your return to the great state of Texas. I also appreciate your political observations

    Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  16. Glad you all had a safe trip home, Howard. Austin will miss you and will look for you folks to roll in again come wintertime again. God has blessed you as you have blessed others.

  17. Glad you have made it safely home. Have a good summer and please keep up the good work of seeing to it that we are informed on what is going on in our 2 countries. Praying for leadership that will be honest and return us to the wonderful countries that we once were.

  18. Our situation is analogous to Valley Forge. The summer soldiers have gone home, only the true patriots remain to fight. We desperately need a win. Kasich is with the Tories. I agree that either man can do the job. I want both on the ticket as the ideal.

  19. Welcome home! Yes, “YOUNG LIBERAL AMERICANS seem to doubt that they can ever become rich”, BUT they have been ENABLED by their parents to EXPECT this status. Hence, people have become LAZY and expect to be GIVEN everything. My father-in-law once said, “Graduates want to become BOSS before they learn how to WORK!” WELCOME to the REAL-WORLD CHANGE which OBAMA has created! “A Two Fisted Back-Alley Street Fighter in the White House’ [TRUMP] is exactly what we need in the White House! AMEN!

  20. Howard–glad you arrived home safely. Missed your columns. We have two candidates who should forget their desire to be No. 1 and get together and save this country. Trump knows business and Cruz knows the workings of government–what a combination. I suppose it’s too much to ask for them to forget their craziness and think about the people who have been screwed for decades–we can still dream. They could screw the libs for a change.

  21. Welcome Home….be it Canada or America 🙂 I NEED to have America Great Again because at 76 years of age I do NOT want to turn loose of this country as I knew it….I want my COUNTRY BACK. I have stated in previous responses that the Dirty Tricks will be the UNDOING of this election. I had NOT expected the PURE EVIL being conducted heretofor. My VOTE will be for Mr. Trump. God Bless America. A tad late…but I am painting my kitchen..so I apologize for the tardiness.

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