The America . . . The Left Will Never Know

And that’s still how it’s done in FLY-OVER Country.


Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I have been on the Road . . . as of now, for 4-Days. And with every trip we take through the HEARTLAND of America, we learn more and more of the psyche of the People who live in what is known to the media as FLYOVER COUNTRY.

It’s called FLYOVER COUNTRY, because, in this fast-moving age of  transportation, not all that many people take the time to travel the Highways and Bi-Ways through the American Core, from the Canadian Border all the way through to the Gulf of Mexico by Car or RV.

But for Anne and myself, this is the ONLY WAY we want to travel through America.

LET ME TELL YOU THIS . . . The people who live on either Coast, who don’t really travel by Car or RV across their own country, or who might take to the Highways, but without paying any attention to the People, have no idea whatsoever, what is really important to the People in the CENTER of their own Country.

I have known no shortage of people, who travel from the North to the South, right across the continent, stopping mostly to gas-up, grab a quick bite, generally at a known National Fast Food Brand Restaurant, sleep when they really need it, and get to their destination as soon as they can, spending little to no time absorbing the local Flavor.

And if we were to ask what they thought of the people who live and work in places like Wytheville Virginia, Helen Georgia, or Luckenbach Texas, they wouldn’t know.

Outside of Alaska and Hawaii, Anne and I have traveled to just about every State in the Union. And the few we haven’t yet visited are on the Top Of Our List. But, we don’t just visit. We try our hardest to fit-in with the people. Not the tourist promotion types, but rather with the REAL People. And wherever we’ve been, we’ve been warmly accepted and treated like one-of-their-own. Not quite like KIN, but not far from it, because, that’s how friendly, open, and inviting these people are.


I’ve lived almost half my life in a large Liberal City (Montreal), and travelled for business to other large Liberal Cities in Canada and the USA, but also to small rural areas in Canada and the United States, selling my services and products. And unlike most of my competitors, who worked for Large Corporations, going after Large Clients, I had to be content with selling and servicing smaller businesses, almost always managed by the Owners.


Unlike BIG Companies, where Agreements are actually CONTRACTS, drawn-up by lawyers, my AGREEMENTS inevitably were/are understandings between two individuals, agreed upon by the FIRM GRIP OF EACH OTHER’S HAND.

Once in my life . . . I turned to a lawyer to have an agreement drawn up, which I intended to use as a blueprint for all future Contracts I would use with Clients.

The Agreement the Lawyer presented to me was about a dozen pages long, covering all the bases, which cost me several thousand of dollars, and ended up in the garbage, NEVER EVER TO BE USED.

Instead, the agreement I always presented to our Clients, just so we understood each other, was . . . I will do this, you will pay that, and thank you for your Business, which never exceeded a few lines in each other’s obligations to each other. We would then Shake Hands, congratulate each other on a good deal, and get along with making our agreement work.

And that’s still how it’s done in FLYOVER Country.

But, to someone from the Big Leftist Cities . . . that’s as Foreign a CONCEPT to them, as is Limited Government, Low Taxes, Patriotism, Individual Rights and Freedoms, Old-Time Values, and the Second Amendment.


You can’t be in Nashville and not visit the Grand Ole Opry, since, nothing in my opinion exemplifies Southern and Western Music, Culture and Traditions, than what you’re going to experience at the Opry.

Anne and I have gone to many great performances, performed by fabulous Musical Artists at celebrated Performing Art Centers throughout North America. So we aren’t Neophytes to good talent and production values, which meant that our expectations for the Opry were pretty high.

WE WEREN’T DISAPPOINTED – but let me tell you about the six other Canadians, Anne and I met just by chance, while standing outside waiting to be let into the Late Show.

The six of them were from the Province of Ontario, same as Anne and myself. Four of them spent their time in Florida for the winter, while two, who were separate from the other four, spent their time near Brownsville Texas.

As soon as they discovered that we were Canadians, the first question asked by them to us was – What do we think of Justin Trudeau, our still new Canadian Prime Minister? So imagine their surprise, when I told them that he is a DISGRACE to Canada, and has already caused our country serious and perhaps irreparable problems that are going to lead to long-term national pain.

AND IMAGINE MY SURPRISE . . . when the SIX OF THEM told me they voted for Trudeau, and two said they vote would for him again. And then the JERK who would vote for him again, and his wife who stay in Southern Texas over the winter, let me know, while using foul language (plenty of the F-Word), how much they HATED American Conservatives, and only Trudeau can protect us from the USA.


This impromptu and unsolicited conversation lasted about two minutes longer with my fellow Canadian, who was about the same age as me, who never expected my aggressive and far less than friendly retort. I think he thought this would be a pleasant and friendly exchange of ideas between two Canadians far from home. SURPRISE – SURPRISE.

I asked him . . . “what it was, in his opinion that made Canada a GREAT COUNTRY“, to which he said FREEDOM. To which I replied . . . “WHAT FREEDOM?” And then I let him have it with BOTH BARRELS, not hesitating to reload and give him another couple of rounds just for good measure.

This guy, virtually like all of Canada’s LEFT, is a FRIGGING IDIOT. He had no idea what he was talking about. But he talked anyway. He didn’t know about French Canada’s DRACONIAN Anti-English Language Laws, because it didn’t yet impact upon him. He had no idea how Trudeau, in just a few months, had managed to smother Canada in Crippling Debt. And he didn’t understand Trudeau’s Immigration Policy, which is flooding Canada with FIFTY-THOUSAND half-vetted to non-vetted Moslem Immigrants.

AND EVEN THOUGH HE HATED AMERICA’S GUN RIGHTS . . . he had no idea whatsoever what the Second Amendment stood for or meant. But, nonetheless, he saw all Americans who wanted to own guns and carry guns, to be nuts, or so SCARED OF THEIR NEIGHBORS, that these people weren’t mentally fit.

IMAGINE HIS FACE WHEN I LIT-INTO-HIM WITH . . . “I own guns. My wife owns guns, and we keep them with us wherever we travel in Gun Friendly States in the USA.” Which is very UN-Canadian of us.


“Did you ever brawl in a bar or on the street over whatever? Did you ever get into a bloody fight at hockey games while playing on the ice? Did you ever fight in International Karate Competitions? Did you ever have to live with armed bodyguards, just because millions of people hated your guts for standing for Freedom Of Expression, while the threats came in fast and furious?”


“In 1996” I told him, “that I was one of Canada’s News-Makers-Of-The-Year. I spoke before Parliamentary Commissions. I had private and public Meetings with US Members of Congress at their invitation in Washington to discuss Canada, Quebec, and US Agreements. And to add to that, Anne and I were hosted by your hero, Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien, whom Anne and I both had no use for.”


I reminded this Jerk . . . “that When the Nazis took Power in the early 1930’s, one of the first things Hitler took away from the Jews was their RIGHT to OWN and BEAR ARMS. Stalin did the same to the Russian people. Moa Zedong did it to the Chinese. Pol Pot did it to the Cambodians, and the North Koreans are in the same boat as the aforementioned.”

“READ THE SECOND AMENDMENT . . . before shooting-off your mouth, and you’ll understand that the Founding Fathers of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution foresaw the EVIL that is inherent in Big Government, and wanted the Government to live in FEAR of the PEOPLE, rather than the PEOPLE living in FEAR of the GOVERNMENT.”

“And if you ever read documents written by GREAT Americans such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, you would understand why there exists the SECOND AMENDMENT.”

With that . . . I said to him – “As long as GOOD PEOPLE CAN OWN AND BEAR ARMS, I have no fear of EVIL within government and people like you, who are ENABLERS and useful IDIOTS.”

With that . . . I turned my back on this Insult to the Canadian Flag, and the exceptionally Brave Men and Women like my Parents, who sacrificed plenty so this JERK can SPIT in the FACE of those who have fought and will continue to FIGHT and DIE for his FREEDOM, and wondered why he would want to be at the HEART of the most Conservative Place in America – at the Grand Ole Opry where almost every song sings the praises of Conservative America, lauding all the FREEDOMS the Stars and Stripes represent?

Because we were amongst a huge crowd of some 4,000 people, waiting in the cold last night, to get into the Opry, while the early show was about to let-out, there was no shortage of Americans who quietly listened intently to this argument, and when it was all over, I saw through the corner of my eye how a few of them simply shook their heads – I guess in disbelief.

By the way . . . before the invectives began to fly from me to them, as we exchanged the usual pleasantries, the six of them were only too happy to have told me that they were long retired from the Canadian Civil Service. Have I ever told you how much disdain I have for the LEFT AND CIVIL SERVANTS?


And I hope I screwed-up their night, as much as my stand in their face made me feel real good about being a Conservative in the land and home of the Grand Ole Opry.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It must be ESP. Don’t even need to read your whole editorial to know you have the familiar common sense take on current event situations. While some things change, some remain the same. Obviously, frustrations were running high in Moses day, too, as Leviticus 18 covered the memo about the camel and the hump.
    With all the substitutions of terms, and definitions, it’s questionable how much longer it will be allowable to use the term “camel” without offending somebody’s tobacco company?

  2. Well done, Howard. We all know how hard it is to argue with a liberal! They cannot see reality for what it truly is. And they perceive good and see bad, see bad and think it good.

  3. Howard, I have read you for years and never comment but this time I can’t get this grin off my face! BRAVO!

  4. The U.S. has so many great people, and as you said, Howard, they can be met best by road travel. As for being “gun nuts,”
    I am proud to be one of them (life NRA). Without firearms, we would be open to unbridled totalitarianism from Washington. Note also that millions of law-abiding American gun owners pose a threat ONLY to those who would gladly invade the country’s shores. Not on our watch! Sadly, low-info anti-gunners have fallen to outrageous lies and innuendo from the liberal, biased media.

  5. Bless you Howard. Kinda makes you wonder what flavor kool aide they are drinking . Please stay safe and healthy while you are up north and hurry back .Keep the good work up .

  6. most delicious. I thought I was among the few. I never met a civil servant who did not think that only government workers deserved perks. The rest should not have them at worst or else taxable at best. Ray Moscatoi .Calgary, Alta

  7. WoW! Howard – I wish I could have been there to see this exchange!! Most Canadians are so polite & just too nice to say anything that would result in an argument. You’ve been through the mill in Quebec and Ontario – fighting the good fight for the beleaguered English-speakers in several court battles and you’ve never backed down. Bet those idiotic Liberals never saw what hit them!! The Americans who are moving to the left will regret it if they don’t smarten up before the next election.

  8. I mostly never argue with these very uninformed people who have either been brain washed or they were always stupid.

  9. I have always a disdain for government employees and their pensions. As you live in the “government” area of our country, you get a double dose of stupid, once by the Trudeau feds and a great big dose of more than stupid from the Wynne Liberals in Toronto. You just talked to the reason she got the majority. Public sector pension leftist morons. I am afraid we need more than luck now because you can’t legislate stupid. Look at the US Democrats as an example.

  10. I’m a retired civil servant. 32 years working for University of Alberta and The University of Calgary. You can’t put all cival servants into the same basket. I worked my ass off because it was my job to do so, and I’m proud of my work ethic. That was the way I was educated by my parents. Yes, I have a pension, but please remember that I paid for more than half of it. Being born and raised in Alberta really makes me a right wing red neck.

    Bob Hadlow

  11. Visit Hawaii and Alaska , some of the best Americans I have met . As to your meeting up with Canadians abroad … what are they doing there if they HATE the people and the politics ? I meet these embarrassing , loudmouth pr***s everywhere I go in the US . If they do not like the politics etc have the courtesy to shut up while representing the rest of us . I guess they have no idea they are in fact “Aliens in a Foreign Land” ( A State Trooper once explained that one to me ) Lesson Learned

  12. Since all of my Ala, Ar, Va, and Co. friends that were close 50 years ago, have expired and all of my newly established friends are from the Ottawa area, Facebook is my easy way of contact. It is like fire and dynamite if I really express my views. The ones who express views are totally Bernie fans. The gov’t can/will solve our problems. Canada’s strength is its natural resources and mining technology. When the world normalizes, the socialists will use this strength.

  13. When the guy was complaining about everyone having guns in the States, I would have ask why he came here if he thought it was such a terrible place with all the guns. I doubt anyone invited him and he certainly is not welcome back to the USA and much less to Texas.

  14. Howard, I knew damn well that sooner or later you’d run into that “odd rock”…and of all damn things, they turned out to be CANADIAN! HA! Sincere Best Regards Bud Farrell

  15. Thanks, Howard! I gave up on these robots many years ago. They are totally clueless and have zero ability to understand logic and reason, and they know absolutely nothing about our Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence that give us the freedoms we enjoy. It’s tough trying to fix stupid! I’m glad you still have the patience for it. At 82 I am fried trying to pierce their insanity. Have a wonderful trip home. 🙂

  16. Well Done Howard ! its about time these Boy wonder supporters got told off

  17. Good job! Hard to imagine of all the places in the U.S. these libs would choose to visit, it would be the deep south… a hot bed of second amendment supporters. I just added a new bumper sticker to my pick-up truck that says “Keep Calm and Return Fire”. 😉

  18. Howard,bless you I consider time to be the most valuable thing in life. So I find it very difficult to believe they brag about voting for the mindless boy child.but then it could be loyalty.his first budget included a big increase in pay for upper level bureaucrats. It also included retraining programs for the workers who’s lively hoods have already been ruined by his policies.

  19. Proud of you Sir…and regardless the fools among us; I remain proud to be a Canadian Conservative and I pray that our American friends and neighbors vote in Congressmen/women and Senators and a President who will rebuild and retain the United States as the Founders intended it be….if they don’t there will be no where in the world where a Freedom loving man, or woman will be able to look for the Liberty my Father and so many in Canada and America fought so hard to maintain…..

    Ed Tait

  20. Though you are amply capable, I wish I had been there with you Howard. I’ve spent the last 40 years verbally defending America to Europeans and deluded Canadians who should thank God every day that America is our neighbour. We traded in the best Prime Minister we’ve had in my lifetime for a kumbaya-singing dolt but the worst of it all is that so many of my fellow Canadians abetted this mindless act. Just like in the fairly tale we traded the cow for the worthless beans.There’s no cure for stupid

  21. John Wayne (aka Marion Morrison) said “Life is hard and even harder if you’re stupid”. I, too, have traveled to and lived in the “fly over states” and that’s the best place to be. Too many idiots have no clue but that does not shut their mouth.

    Write on……..

  22. Well done Howard, but remember, you can’t help stupid!!! [Or the totally uninformed]

  23. Well done sir. Most people have opinions and beliefs for or against certain things. It’s when they defend those beliefs and stand firm before others who hold opposing beliefs that ‘the proof is in the pudding’. Then one can tell if beliefs held are well researched or simply passing on what they’ve heard and choose to believe. Howard, you’re sounding more like an American all the time. We’d love to have you and Anne become one of us wholly. Continued safe travel back to Canada.

  24. Well done Howard, I fear we are losing the conservative battle, a real shame.

  25. Amen to all your comments! I thank God every day that I live almost next door to the USA! I will never understand why those hateful Canadians don’t just go farther north for their holidays and hopefully get caught drifting on an ice flow!

  26. Put a smile on my face this morning – just imagining being there to hear this exchange. Well said as usual!
    Brenda Yu, Kelowna, BC

  27. I would like to have seen a recording of your ‘exchange’ with those Canadian lefties – ‘be prepared’ next time, that video could be powerful ammo! It is correct and manly to stand up to the morally bankrupt/intellectually challenged Marxists and progressives, the problem is they aren’t listening, they can’t hear you and they don’t care! Their indoctrination is impenetrable with logic, reason, facts, common sense and moral absolutes. Thanks for trying though, and keep preaching to us, the choir.

  28. Howard, these people were certainly in for a “rude awakening”! Would have loved to have heard THAT discourse! People’s opinions defer and everyone has the right to defend his/her own opinions, when needed. That being said—“Never interrupt an idiot when you find one”, and there are plenty of them out there. It’s very sad to say that some people will “NEVER GET IT”, but these are often the first and main people to complain about our Country’s CRITICAL POLITICAL status. God help us all! AMEN!

  29. I am here courtesy Of one of your fellow countrymen and subscribers. You will find no finer people then those in the center of the country period top to bottom with some exceptions in the north. I stay in Fl for the winter and have no greater fun then asking the Canadians what they did for a living. The French immediately can’t speak English and the English speaking hem and haw before they can find the words for their government jobs almost without fail a red face turns into a blank stare.

  30. What were those useless idiots there for? What are they expecting? What about Brownsville, TX? If they hate this country why the hell are they here. When anyone rejects the truth, a dillusion comes upon them. Their in a coma, walking zombies. They are ‘liberaly’ braiwashed. What is needed is a Divine slap in their pride to humble them and bring them back into reality or an awakening. All I can suggest is to pray for them.

  31. Hi Howard,
    I read your posting, can you do me a favor and give a question to Ray Moscato,
    Did he live on Cartier Street in Montreal? , if did give him my e-mail address.

  32. Howard,
    your blog is a genuine tribute to the Canadians and Americans that you meet and celebrate as being conservatives
    and just plain sensible. Living in the Maritimes is alarming as I run into the vacuous and aggressively stupid who overwhelmingly voted for our dilettante ski instructor. As you point out, the liberal left survive on the benefits and massive pensions that the majority of Canadian Bureaucracy consider their due at the expense of the rest of us. It won’t be long
    and it stop

  33. Good on you, Howard. Most people are fools who cannot muster their own valid opinions (opinions based on truths and facts) and would rather follow or parrot sensational headlines or feel-good, lefty sentiment so they can robotically and unthinkingly be part of the crowd. People who bash America (and Israel) simply don’t understand and know nothing about America (and Israel).

  34. Congrats Howard… You are now more Texan that you are Canadian!!! I don’t mean that disrespectfully to any Canadian, but you opinions and your writings are so much in line with we Texans, that I proud to claim you as one of ours. We look forward to seeing you next fall. As one of you writers said earlier, “can’t argue with a liberal”. No sense even trying. It’s like talking to a fence post.

  35. If a liberal stands there saying nothing, nobody knows how dumb he is. It is vital, therefore, that he be encouraged to speak. That way everyone within earshot will come to appreciate his stupidity. If you do not challenge a liberal, his uninformed opinions will be reaffirmed in his closed mind. Every punch must be met with a counter-punch. It is almost impossible to reason with a liberal, since he never used reason to get to where he is in the first place.
    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec

  36. Still love your logic…keep ’em coming. Hope the best for your upcoming surgery & a quick recovery.
    Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA, USA

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