Nothing Happens In A Vacuum


If Obama Is A Traitor From Within . . . and is opening up the USA to Islam, and is literally DESTROYING the Fabric of the USA according to Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals – and you want to know who is to BLAME, and you voted for him even once, LOOK IN THE MIRROR and see for yourself.

But don’t just look at Obama, Hillary Clinton, or any of the other despicable Politicians the people have repeatedly placed in Power. Because they couldn’t have done all the horrible things they’ve done without the support of the voters.


A Friend of mine in Montreal sent this YouTube Video to me . . . you might have already seen it, but in case you didn’t – I implore you to watch it, even now, before you read the rest of this Editorial, because what will take just a few minutes of your time watching and listening to this Brilliant use of Music we all grew up with, and Extraordinary Lyrics – this Video sums up everything we should be aware of, and have a right to fear.


I’m always blown away as a I watch and listen to the “EXPERTS”, all of whom seem to know what Trump should say, not say, and how he should say it when he does . . . when they couldn’t be MORE WRONG, while MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of hard working and caring Americans vote for him?

Can so many people who passionately support Trump be so utterly stupid? And if this is what the Republican Insiders really think of them, which they apparently do, then I can’t see how these people could ever vote for a Party that sees them as Idiots if Trump is SCREWED OVER BY THE PARTY INSIDERS, and pick a candidate who will be more compliant to them.


Every POLL according to the EXPERTS – says with 100% Conviction, that literally every Black American, Latino American and Female American HATES Trump . . . but if that’s true, it seems that EVERY WHITE NON-LATINO MALE is voting for Trump in massive numbers. Otherwise, how can all of his victories be explained, especially in a HUGE market like Florida, where there is an enormous number of Blacks, Latinos, and Women?


It is remarkable how Obama refuses to call Islamic Terrorism by its Real Name, even to the point of CENSORING the translation of a LIVE SPEECH by France’s President Hollande, who used the term Radical Islam in French. Or perhaps, most troubling of all, is how it might not be all that remarkable for Obama to have done that.


All of a sudden it dawned on me . . . that I too have become unknowingly complicit with the International Cover-Up For Islam.

Think about this for a moment . . . When an Israeli does something that could be perceived as criminal, he or she who is guilty . . . is not referred to as a Radical Jew, or Radical Israeli. He or she is simply described as a Jew or an Israeli.

When a lunatic like Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building on April 19, 1995, he was not described as a LONE WOLF, or a Radicalized American . . . HE WAS PAINTED AS A FAR RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN.

And even today . . . when the LEFT wants to create equivalence between Murderous Moslems and Murderous Americans, they ALWAYS bring up Timothy McVeigh as the POSTER CHILD, as a FAR RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN AMERICAN TERRORIST, no better and no different than in their words – are Radicalized Moslem, as if there actually were or are American Christian or Jewish TERRORISTS.


1 – Timothy McVeigh wasn’t really a Conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

2 – Timothy McVeigh wasn’t acting in the name of Christianity by any means whatsoever, when he Blew-Up the Alfred P Murrah Building.

3 – And McVeigh wasn’t working as part of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, as the LIKES of Hillary Clinton and other LEFTISTS want everyone to believe.

4 – Timothy McVey was put to death at the hands of the American Government for his crime of TERRORISM.


5 – Virtually EVERY Act of TERRORISM carried out in the World, is carried-out by Moslems in the Name of Islam – who ALWAYS proclaim Allah Akbar as the BLOOD of their innocent victims FLOWS.

6 – Since Moslem TERRORISM . . . and or Moslem TERRORISTS can be found on every Continent that does not include the South Pole, the North Pole, and perhaps Australia, as of yet that is, it is really easy to call Moslem TERRORISM in the name of Allah and Mohamed a GLOBAL MOSLEM CONSPIRACY.

7 – Timothy McVeigh was EXECUTED by the American State for his CRIME against Americans – SO THINK HARD . . . How many Moslems have been executed by Court Order of the American Government for the huge number of Americans Murdered by Moslems in the name of Islam?

If you answered NONE . . . you would be right.

8 – Now ask yourself this . . . how many MURDERING Moslems have been released by the American Government, ALL OF WHOM are heroes to their people upon their return home, and how many who have been released by the American Government who have returned to the battle of MURDERING Americans and others who they want to conquer?

If you answered most of them . . . with the balance at Guantanamo to come, you would be right.


I will no longer just use the term Islamo Fascist. Nor will I just use the term Radicalized Moslem. And I will also not just use the description Islamist.

FROM HERE ON-IN . . . the proper description for the people and religion, which is intense on murdering or conquering Jews, Christians, and everyone else who does not adhere to their Brand of Islam – ARE MOSLEMS . . . PERIOD.

And if they don’t like it . . . let them get into the FIGHT against those who they claim are usurping their religion. Let them take it to their Mullahs and Mosques. Let them take to the Streets DEMONSTRATING against Moslems who they claim are misstating their RELIGION OF PEACE.

And until any of that happens . . . SCREW THEM – they’re all Moslems until proven otherwise, and until they accept SECULARISM and DEMOCRACY above and beyond the tenets of their Koran, they are nothing more than VILLAINS or ENABLERS.


It’s Important to write clearly, so people understand what is meant in the proper context. But, it is also really important that people read clearly. In my last Editorial, I wrote that I will undergo some Minor Surgery in Mid April, which will keep me off my feet for a couple of weeks.

That’s pretty clear, so I have no idea how some people took that simple comment, to come away with the understanding that I will be recovering from Cancer, and will not be able to write for two weeks.

1 – Even though I had a Life and Death Battle with Cancer almost 20 years ago, my impending MINOR Surgery has NOTHING to do with Cancer.

2 – And because I will more or less be off my feet for about two weeks, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to write. TO THE CONTRARY . . . it means I will have an enormous amount of time on my hands to do little else with, but to write.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bravo Howard on your straight and courageous stand. I was totally appalled when I saw that smirk on Mahmud Abbas face. First of all, he is NO head of any legitimate Government, and secondly he is in bed with Hamas which is a terrorist organization. Shame on you Mr. Hollande and the French Government for inviting Abbas to this anti terrorist march. I am sure we will see more of these attacks in France and elsewhere in Europe. Keep up the good work Howard. Steve Acre.

  2. Great editorial–what you say is so true. I pray that Trump wins!

    Hope your surgery goes well.

  3. How can so many people who voted for Trump, be so utterly stupid? Good question and the same question I have asked myself many times about those that voted for Obama (TWICE)!!!!! It is not that the Trump voters are so utterly stupid as it is they are so utterly disgusted with all our current political do nothing hacks. I agree with you concerning Moslems. If it is a religion of peace, then stand up and be counted.

  4. What if the President’s closest advisor where a Muslim born in a country referred to as part of the axis of evil of terrorism? What if that closest confidant of decades had close relatives who were radical Islamists? (What if this long-time mentor had introduced the president to his now wife?) What if it were Iranian-born Valarie Jarrett with blood ties to the Muslim Brotherhood advising President Obama? How could he then not execute the cultural jihad of America?

  5. Most of the more-than-4,300 religions and cults thrive on fear.
    Christianity was one, until Copernicus, etc., started the industrial
    revolution circa 1493. The Muslims are about 600 years behind
    the Christians, so by about 2093 their fear (and hatred) will begin
    to wane.

  6. I wish you could go world wide. If more people were educated we would have a lot less problems. I agree with what you said completely.
    I am saying a prayer for your complete recovery. Elohim is using you in an amazing way. Thank You and Get Well Soon.

  7. Howard, you know what minor surgery is??? That’s surgery on somebody else.

    I have been saying that muslims are muslims – there is no such thing as a radical muslim. They all follow the Koran, and will not oppose those who are fighting for allah, against the world.

    As for my advice; buy food, water, guns and ammo, and be prepared for either the second american revolution or the battle against the usurper, Obama.

  8. Howard, it was fairly easy to understand what you meant. Being a prolific political editorialist, it was a natural step to figure off your feet meant on your laptop near constantly. One must stop occasionally to nourish themselves and/or other necessities. I figure your readers will be in for at least one editorial a day, on average. BTW, the video is likely considered as anti-Muslim propoganda (left), too scary to watch (head in sand), or enlightening & frighteningly inevitable (right-minded).

  9. Thank-you for such a well-written and to the point editorial. This topic fills me with emotion and leaves me with the belief that this is quite possibly the one thing we most need to be worried about for the future. Bringing death and destruction to us and our families is what motivates their very existence. At least Trump has forced the issue to be talked about. If the GOP uses a brokered convention to push him out, then they will be complicit partners with the next Hell the Moslems bring us.

  10. Why is Trump so wrong in dealing with blacks and Mexicans
    H sees no color!! Cruz is a wannabe ..
    Why should i be required to pay for something that took place before i was born?
    I am first generation United States of America
    i served my country in the military with honor and pride!
    No one gave me anything – lets get get off of their dead
    ass an serve the United State

  11. What has been identified in this current editorial is a recognition that we are at WAR. The War we will fight will be on Western Culture verses that of the Islamic Culture. The two Cultures do not have similar values, hopes or aspiration and Islam does not and never will recognize the Equality of Men and Women. As John Kennedy once said…. no direct quote…. ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country.

  12. Great video and so TRUE! Had it not been for Barack HUSSEIN Obama, our Country wouldn’t be as INFESTED with MOSLEMS and other REFUGEES, as it is now. It’s very scary to think that VALERIE JARRET (Moslem) and BHO have 9 more months to “screw up” our Country even more! No doubt, MICHELLE must be very “proud of her country” right now. While NERO plays his fiddle, Rome is BURNING! There is an END to EVERYTHING, however, and there WILL be an end to his/their REIGN! GO TRUMP GO! Good luck, HG. AMEN!

  13. Video – WAKE UP!!!!! I had not seen it – a MILLION YEARS HANKS for sharing it with us.
    Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  14. I read a speech recently about the Blind Sheik of the 1993 Twin towers bombing by Andrew McCarthy. In his investigation he found that when the Sheik quoted the Koran about ” Muslims must strike terror in the hearts of Islam’s enemies” the scriptures backed him up. Islam is not a “Religion of Peace” but a call to arms against anyone not a Muslim. People who do not believe that they want to dominate the world are fooling themselves. Also that song was terrific and so true.

  15. Excellent blog, Howard! We will never be able to solve any solution until we recognize that there is a problem! This applies to all issues in our countries & the world at large. The world must recognize that Islam is NOT a peaceful religion when it maims, rapes & murders others, in the name of Allah. Then to cow-tow to Moslems is as stupid as it gets! Europe is learning their lesson of what “tolerance” really means. If Canada & the US doesn’t wake up – We will be facing the same “tolerance.”

  16. Read chapter 9 in the Koran. That tells you all you need to know. The term radical Islam is redundant. If Trump is the candidate I will vote for him but with great anxiety.

  17. For Americans with their head in the sand…the YOU-TUBE video you offer should give them a much needed JOLT! It brought tears to my eyes.
    Does anyone really need to ask WHY?
    WHY is O destroying America?
    WHY do Muslims want to kill Western Civilization?
    WHY do the left and the Socialist, One World, Gun confiscators lead the charge in this destruction?
    WHY is not the question, but “WHAT” is the question.
    WHAT are we going to do about it?
    T R U M P is a good place to start! Kay

  18. You are correct Howard. IT is the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam. ALL OF THEM are the problem. There is no such thing as a moderate/peaceful pagan moon god worshiper of the cult of isalm They never assimilate into the society of the country they are in. They continually want to establish their laws and customs without toleration of the native customs and laws. Send them back to a pagan moon god worshiping cult of isalm country. There shouldn’t be a mosque in the USA or Canada.

  19. Again, I nod my head up and down in agreement with your writing as I read.

  20. Great editorial , good enough to put you in Imam Turdeau’s and Ayatolah Obama’s good books .
    Somehow ” Spade is becoming Spade again !

    Thanks , Jan Krejcik Cochrane , Alberta

  21. Howard,
    You hit-it, right-on! They are Moslem! THEY are Moslems! THEY ARE Moslems! THEY ARE MOSLEMS! ! ! Whether “quiet” or LOUD, THEY ARE MOSLEMS. And they, each one, is ready for their purpose, place and time to move at the right time to take-over. ISLAM is-not a religion, it-is-an ideology! ISLAM IS-NOT- A RELIGION, it-is an ideology! ISLAM IS-NOT A RELIGION, IT-IS AN IDEOLOGY! AND THEY WANT, THEY WANT US TO LIVE, TO LIVE IN THAT STUPID IDEOLOGY, “SHARIA LAW”! ! !

  22. Timothy McVeigh, in my opinion, was NOT a Christian. And in my opinion, these so-called “moderate” muslims are just biding time waiting for the jihadists to take over. They’ve been patient for the last fourteen hundred years. I’m sure they think they’re getting close to the takeover. That’s probably why you don’t see outrage from them. The Lefties and muslims are in for a rude awakening. God bless us all.

  23. Did you hear that the “Elite” are rigging the nomination for Paul Ryan? That has been reported by one news group and they said one of the Koch Brothers is backing Ryan with several million dollars. I sent Rep McCaul & Sen. Cornyn an email telling them if that goes through we will be voting for a 3rd party & never more for the Republican Party.

  24. Thanks for your usual, shocking eye opener!!! By creating the extremely expensive Star Wars program, Reagan caused the Soviet Union to bankrupt itself because it could not compete economically. I suggest; ISIS is attempting the same by creating an economic vice grip on the west, through spending LITTLE on frightening their enemies, who are already in economic deficit mode, into spending HUGE amounts in beefing up security.

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  25. Like “Jew-hater” as opposed to “anti-Semite” I concur on “Muslim” without any unnecessary adjectives. It’s very “Cher”.

  26. Howard,
    I take issue with ‘Conversely – paragraph 6’ I thought you were more widely read and conversant with wider world issues, but to include Australia with no moslem/islamic terrorists? I have included in some of my comments that way back in the early 1980’s I saw a problem emerging with moslems in Australia. There have been numerous attacks already, been many raids and arrests by The Australian Federal Police and various state Police Forces of in relation to moslem/islamic terrorism.

  27. Please remind your readers the difference between “Muslim” and “moslem”, and why “moslem” is the correct name.

  28. It is actually quite simple. Do we believe and rely on the U.S. Constitution ? Obama and Trump do not, they believe they are above it and are not constrained by it. Without the constitution we are doomed. We have the oldest constitution in the world. Yes, we the people ! Whom has been defending are constitution ? That is why he is despised by all of the elite money grubbers.

  29. Howard–always learn from your editorials. As I wrote many moons ago–we don’t need another politician(the establishment). we need to deport the illegals, build the wall and run the country as a business, which a politician can’t do. Who made the mess we have now? Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. The GOP has done nothing significant since we voted in a republican senate. Hopefully a day of reckoning is coming.

  30. Howard, When not If your view is censored we will truly have lost the fight!

  31. NEWS FLASH!!! Obama will be interviewed on Fox by Chris Wallace this Sunday at 1pm CST.
    So don’t eat lunch, light breakfast, three Alka-seltzers and go to church in the morning.
    Oh , and keep your barn oat and “mucking shovel” close to your TV.
    And I can’t wait to see your Monday column,
    And may the force be with you!!!

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