Forget The Propaganda On Hillary Clinton – IT’S BS


We keep hearing how much Trump is HATED by Women, HATED by Latinos and HATED by Moslems . . . and as a result of all this HATE, he couldn’t possible win the General Election against Hillary Clinton.

We even hear how COMMUNIST Sanders, who never worked an honest day in his life outside of Government, with the exception of “Promoting Pornography” before entering Politics . . . would also CLOBBER Trump in the November General Election.

ISN’T IT ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE . . . how all these Pollsters, Pundits, Republican Insiders, Democrats, and Members of the LEFT know for a FACT that Trump is so HATED by Women, HATED by Latinos and HATED by Moslems – that he doesn’t stand a Snowball’s Chance in Hell to win the Presidency in November 2016?

BUT NOT ONE OF THEM SEEMS TO KNOW HOW AND WHY the American Dream is in the Tank, and who’s responsible for it. HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT?

IF THEY’RE ALL SUCH GENIUSES . . . to know that Trump is such a loser, who is somehow worth BILLIONS of Dollars in an Empire he himself built, but don’t have the courage to stand up and say I DID IT, I SCREWED-UP MY COUNTRY . . . and I’m responsible for the collapse of the Middle Class, the Debt that’s Suffocating the USA, the Collapse of the American Military, the Decline in Education, the Hatred brewing between the Races, specifically amongst BLACKS, who are thus far waging what is somewhat more than just a War of Words AGAINST WHITE FOLK . . . what else won’t they admit to?

HOW ABOUT I DID IT? . . . I’m responsible for Healthcare that virtually NO ONE IN THE WORKING CLASS CAN AFFORD? I created the conditions that have made finding a decent job in the USA almost impossible to find. IT’S ME who has raised your TAXES SO HIGH, that you’re virtually working for the Government, the Politicians, the Bureaucrats and the Elitists more than you’re working for yourself and family.

And if you want to know why our Country is buried in asphyxiating REGULATIONS killing the American Dream . . . LOOK AT ME – BECAUSE I’M RESPONSIBLE.

Do you think you’ll ever hear any of the preceding come from the mouths of any of all these EINSTEIN’S who KNOW for a FACT that Trump is HATED by Women, HATED by Latino’s and HATED by Moslems with ZERO chance of Trump winning the General Election, but can’t tell you who is responsible for the debacle that’s facing the USA?


ARE TENS OF MILLIONS of White, Hard Working, mostly Christian and Jewish (who are not Liberals) NON ELITISTS – virtually all of whom who are in one way or another MAKERS opposed to being TAKERS, who are RESOLUTELY supporting Donald Trump . . . WORTH LESS THAN Women who play the Gender Card like a Concert Violinist plays a Stradivarius?

ARE THESE WHITE FOLK FOR TRUMP WORTH LESS THAN Blacks who are leading the Nation down the slope to Perdition with their mantra of Black Lives Matter?

ARE THESE WHITE FOLK FOR TRUMP WORTH LESS THAN the 11-Million (or More) Illegal Hispanic Immigrants?

Because the way I’m seeing, reading and hearing it . . . it sure seems to me that the LEFT and Republican Insiders are telling everyone they can, that the TENS OF MILLIONS of Trump Supporters are either Stupid, Racist or IRRELEVANT, because all of the people who either want Something for Nothing, or want to tell you how to live your life, either don’t like or understand the Promise of the American Dream don’t like Trump.


How insulting are these LEFTIST and Republican Insiders . . . for them to ASSUME that all Thinking Women, Caring Blacks, and Legal Hispanics don’t support Trump and his PROMISE to Make America Great Again?

Do these LEFTISTS and Republican Insiders really believe that Black Americans, Female Americans and Legal Latino Americans don’t really want to have their Borders Controlled and Protected?

Do these people really believe that Female Americans, Black Americans, and Legal Latino Americans don’t want to have good jobs?

Do they believe that Female Americans, Black Americans, and Legal Latino Americans want their jobs done by others overseas?

Do they believe that Female Americans, Black Americans, and Legal Latino Americans want to pay UNGODLY amounts of their HARD EARNED MONEY in Taxes, only to live at the whim of Bureaucrats?

Do they believe that Female Americans, Black Americans, and Legal Latino Americans want to wait for the Moslems to come to the USA to do to Americans, what they are now doing throughout Europe to Europeans?

These issues are just a few policies which Trump has clearly enunciated, which Insider Republicans wouldn’t even talk about as Republicans in the House and Senate, who have BETRAYED the Trust the people placed in them with their votes.


This Editorial is Pro-Common Sense. It speaks the Truth of the World we live in, and the Choices before the people. The mess we’ve all come to live-in, whether in the USA or Canada . . . NONE OF IT HAPPENED IN A VACUUM, and none of the LIFELONG Politicians and Bureaucrats are taking the Blame, and ONLY Trump and Cruz want to make some Drastic Changes, which the LEFT and Republican Insiders would do anything not to allow to happen, which would include causing the destruction of their country, rather than to surrender their Power and Wealth back to the People where it has always belonged.

THE BIG QUESTION IS SIMPLE . . . Do the Makers Win? Or do the Takers cause the next Revolution because it can’t go on like this for much longer?


In my last Editorial about the BLOG . . . I had no intention whatsoever in using what I wrote to promote Financial Support for, It was written strictly to give people an idea of what it takes to write the Editorials and manage the BLOG, so imagine my surprise when several people Contributed Their Financial Support.

Make no mistake about it . . . I was very happy to receive the money, but I never solicit from people who can afford to support what I do, before the middle of each month. So come Mid-April, I will make the monthly request.

Also come Mid-April, I will be undergoing some Minor Surgery, which will more or less keep me off my feet for as long as two weeks. So, if you thought you had enough of me over the previous several months because of how many Editorials I’ve been publishing, imagine how much trouble I can get into with all this extra time on my hands?

Thank you for all the nice and supportive Comments for the last Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe it was General Patton who was reported saying… “I much rather see a German division in front of us that a French division behind us”. The pile up in Paris was missing the most classic of France’s symbols, a huge white flag. Or a sea of individual white flags. The pretend stern poses of the French soldiers “on guard” topped the whole fabricated spectacle.
    Bottom line. France has completed its repeated natural cycles. SURRENDERING this time to bestial Islam…

  2. If the Dems. stay in the White House I think the country may as well get ready for a total breakdown. There is no way we can support another four years of the total disregard for the people that work and pay taxes to support the do nothings. This includes the Politicians who feed off the public and do nothing to earn their pay. It has to stop!

  3. Howard: I enjoy your comments and especially the common sense that they are based on. I am going to contribute, but since I am a pensioner living in Ontario, my disposable is limited and shrinking. I will contribute what I can. I feel that what you post is very important and I post quite a few of your editorials to facebook. In Canada, we do not have enough common sense commentary nor news organizations. Keep up the good work.
    Jim Dean

  4. Your question involving the takers causing the next revolution was very prescient. What is occurring in this country cannot continue much longer. The Middle Class is rapidly disappearing and being replaced by a poverty stricken majority who are attempting to get by on minimum wage and credit, when the credit dries up the tipping point will be reached. Expect the tipping point to occur this year.

  5. What scares me most of all is our First Muslem, Obama, and what he is doing with Iran. He is totally in bed with the Mullahs and is selling out the West to them. They are the basis of all the unrest in the Middle East and beyond. This action is also spilling over into this Country as this bunch gains more and more influence in our schools and communities.

  6. I hope your surgery goes well. My second surgery showed no spread of the cancer as the first surgeon got it ALL even though he didn’t even know it was there! Now the question of to chemo or not to chemo… Get well soon Howard–America needs you! Charles you are so right–we are doing a takeover now by ballot box. I don’t want to have to use a different box.

  7. Pre-election polling seems to have become less reliable. Part of it is innocent enough, looking to the past on which demographics actually showed up to vote, for whom, for what, and why. They miss the megatrends of both political parties in rebellion against the deception of the established political class in concert with the crony capitalists. What really belongs to Caesar? To us? To the Church? “Rectifying” polling data can also be sinister, destroying a candidate’s perceived momentum.

  8. Good blog, Howard, as usual. I am hoping that the new President will be either Trump or Cruz. Both of these men will need to choose good Cabinet individuals. Neither of them really know what it is like for the President to “handle” Congress, to get things done. Actually, no new President ever knows how to do that, except those who have been a Governor & had to work with their State Legislation. Being President is not an easy job, it is stressful & most Presidents age greatly during their tenure.

  9. Howard, I pray that God will be with you during your operation and give you speedy recovery. Every now and then I try to see that some of your words reach my senator and rep in congress & will do so with this report. I have already informed them I will vote for a 3 party if they deny the leading vote getter the right to run in Nov. God bless.

  10. Well Done, Howard. A couple of thoughts: Three former Presidents deported all the illegals and we can’t do it now? The politicians did it to us–how can anyone want to elect another one? They stole the Trust funds, are taxing Social Security, among other wrongs, they have screwed us and want us to elect them? Contribute to their campaigns? Not realistic in my book.

  11. GREAT Editorial—it is definitely PRO-COMMON SENSE! We all know, however, that not much COMMON SENSE exists these days, which is one reason WHY our Country is in such a mess! Will the TAKERS Win? POWER and WEALTH have continued to DESTROY our Country! Unless the GIMME-GIMME programs are changed, the TAKERS will win and hence, there WILL be a Revolution! Hope that the TRUTH does conquer! Lastly, Good Luck with your Surgery. Wishing you a VERY SPEEDY recovery. We will miss your Editorials! AMEN!

  12. Good luck with your surgery and hope your recovery isn’t so rapid you can’t create some chaos with your commentary! Also, hoping this country smartens up this fall and saves us from further demolition from the enemies within…If not, I may cash in my chips and head to Vegas or the track…the hell with the low life takers and fakers…aka a Bernie Sanders or Shrillary rally. Be well and keep smiling…

  13. To the point, Sir….as always…!

    Imagine what could be done were sufficient numbers to listen….Canada unfortunately has chosen to support a government pandering to the ‘takers’ America has an opportunity to show us and the world another way….I for one, pray they take the opportunity and that Canada can reverse course next-time….

  14. Thank you Howard for all your common sense articles and all truthful. We all better get on our knees and pray for forgiveness for ousting God from Our Country (USA & Canada).

    I wish you the very best results from your surgery. You will be in my prayers. God Bless You.

  15. Good luck with the surgery, and keep us posted. (I was down for 5 days last year, but as soon as I got out of the “horse spittle”, I went right back to going like I never had a triple bypass!) Like always, you’re spot on with the blog.

  16. Howard, thank you, as always, for the clarity and insight, and for helping keep THIS conservative on the straight and narrow.
    Blessings to you, hope all goes well with your surgery.
    Prayers, Maggie Evans

  17. You speedy recovery will be in our prayers. We will miss your regular thoughts of wisdom. This one, as usual, is very insightful. I have wondered if the polls are not sometimes manufactured. They know that, psychologically, people wish to be on the side of a winner and not a loser. Thus, if Trump is portrayed as a likely loser, votes will be swayed toward another candidate. The talking heads, in their expert knowledge, initially, said that trump would fade away. Again, thank you..

  18. It’s nice to hear some common sense, Howard. For the most part it died decades ago, thanks to what I prefer to call Marxist correctness vs PC. Revolution, indeed; the greedy and treasonous politicians are playing with fire. Best of luck with your procedure this month, Howard…..Be well! We ALWAYS welcome your comments and those of your readers.

  19. RIGHT! On the money Gain Howard and hope the surgery his well!!!

  20. Every day I look forward to reading your blog. I usually don’t comment because what I would say has already been said by others, but I agree with you 100%. I wish you well with your upcoming surgery and I’m hoping you will use your downtime to fan the fires for freedom in both our countries. Keep up the good work…and my mere pittance of a contribution is on the way.

  21. I hope your surgery goes well and a speedy recovery. We discuss the current situation facing the US in the office and my ongoing challenge is to understand how many brainwashed people there are. Part of the problem is the establish controls the media, who in turn control the message. The current message is “Trump=BAD” My concern is how many people actually sole source of information is the media. What % actually research this drivel? They have served their role well for the establishment…

  22. If the FBI and the federal attorney general do there job in the FBI investigation of hillay clinton and indite her ( big question on attorney general a stooge of obama’s) that would leave only bernie the commie.
    Good luck on your operation having a positive attitude will get you back on your feet soon.
    Lawrence ,Aventura fl.

  23. HG, I inferred from your statement, “imagine how much trouble I can get into with all this extra time on my hands”, that the 2 weeks recovering from your minor surgery, would give you more time to write editorials. Yet, so many commentators implied the opposite…that you would be gone for 2 weeks. Nevertheless, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  24. Being succinct has great value, therefore, 1. Be well & get home quickly. 2. Enamored with your Blog. 3. Trump wins or I move to Canada.

  25. I live in Ontario, in the mid 90’s we elected Mike Harris as provincial premier, elected on the common sense revolution, was great, he made people responsible for themselves but, the “you owe me generation” got their fangs and claws into the policies and we have now become the most indebted sub national government in the world. Fast forward(2015), we had a federal government that were also enabling the individuals to be more responsible for their future while reducing our above

  26. A Speedy Recovery for you. God Bless. You wrote exactly how I see it. Thank You, Howard.

  27. Glad you cleared that Big C suggestion up, Howard. Scared me a bit. Keeping you off your feet for two weeks with not much more to do than work twice as much and twice as hard should be enough to scare any lazy person like me. LOL. I wish you well.. and quickly!

  28. Missing from the political mess is…..Ross Perot, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, they all are worthless. Seriously one of the big problems that has truly hurt us all is the break down of the family unit. No one home when the kids leave for school and no one home when they return. Parents spend no time with them, just give them a cell phone or game and give them some money, let them raise themselves.

  29. Howard, you should be Trumps speech writer when he wins the nomination. I’m still hoping that some miracle will give it to Kasich, but I think Trump has it locked up, and I will take him over Hillary or Bernie.. or Cruz any day! But he needs to say what you just said!

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