This Editorial will be Boring and Mundane to many of the Readers, but, from Time-To-Time, I like to let people know what is all about. So, I apologize if it is not up to your usual Editorial Standards and Expectations.

I’ll try to make the next one more exciting.

A couple of Housekeeping Points:

1 – Unlike virtually all other BLOGS . . . I make a huge effort to make Interactive between myself and the people who read what I write. I really like the personal contact and interaction.

2 – I read all the comments, and from time-to-time, I add my own comment to comments. But it is only from time-to-time, since there are just so many hours in the day, and I’m using them all up.

3 – I try to read all the emails I receive, unless they are too long or are insulting. Then I just click delete. For reasonable emails, if I can respond . . . I do .

4 – When people COMMENT, everyone has to use decorum. No vulgar words. No personal attacks or insults against what someone wrote in the Comment Section.

5 – And also from time-to-time . . . people who comment are missing some PROFILE information, such as the City and/or State/Province where they live. And when this happens, I send a personal request for the information update to be sent by REPLY MAIL, because, without a Complete Profile, the Person making the Comment will not be able to stay on the Directory in the future.


Writing, Editing, Reading, Responding, Managing and Promoting this BLOG, has become a FULL-TIME ENDEAVOR . . . and in terms of my time, it has become all encompassing, which is not a complaint by any means.

More than a dozen years ago, when I started writing, it was really for myself, which gave me a personal venue to vent, and when people would occasionally criticize me aggressively or rudely for some of the things I would write, my response was always the same . . . IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT – DON’T READ IT, because in the final analysis, I am writing for me – NOT FOR YOU.

But the world has changed since then . . . and what used to be a HOBBY for me, has now become far more than that, and because of the incredible growth in the number of people who read this BLOG on a regular basis, and pass the Editorials along to friends and relatives, the time when I wrote just for me, NO LONGER EXISTS.


THE REALITY STRUCK ME A WHILE AGO . . . that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of good people who have come to look forward to the things that I write, and rely upon me for their own approbation and encouragement for them to STAY THE COURSE, knowing that they are not alone in their thoughts and fears, and that better days are always possible.

I clearly understand, that I am a VERY SMALL VOICE drowned-out in a HURRICANE of Media Noise that sweeps our Continent, but that does not change the reality that to a degree, I’ve become YOUR VOICE, and somewhat of an Oasis, where many can find Mental and Political Sanctuary . . . WHICH I DO NOT TAKE LIGHTLY.


This morning, Saturday April 2nd, I received an email from a guy accusing me of changing my position on Trump, just to placate the Readership, so I could sell ADS on the BLOG.

I don’t get a whole lot of this, but I do get enough to comment. I WILL NOT NOW OR EVER WRITE ANYTHING THAT I DO NOT BELIEVE.

HERE’S A FACT . . . There are a few people who actually pay for the privilege of Advertising on because they think it will help sell their Product or Service, and whether it does or not, they don’t care, because they want to help support this BLOG. Now how nice and supportive is that?

And take my word for it . . . they don’t pay much, especially when one considers what the Google Analytics Formula Determines what an AD should cost, based on the Demographics and Numbers of Visitors to a Web Site.

Some Advertisers are on the SITE FOR FREE, because they provide a valuable service, especially in Animal Care and Rescue, which would otherwise make it impossible for them to get their message out.

And then there are some people who are on the BLOG because they are particularly nice to Anne and Myself, who didn’t asked for a FREEBIE, but have earned one. And until I find Cash Paying Advertisers to replace them, they’ll stay on the Site until all TEN AD SPOTS are sold.

IT MIGHT READ GREAT . . . if I could present myself as a SELFLESS defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way – somewhat as a HERO, willing to sacrifice myself for the good of the people, which to a small degree I would like to think is true, BUT IN ALL REALITY, writing and managing this BLOG has evolved to become a HUGE PRIVILEGE and an incredible LABOR of LOVE, which grows by the day.

Depending on what is happening in the world, and how well my Editorials continue to be received and FORWARDED to other people – who knows . . . ? Maybe one day, not so far in the distant future, will be more than just a whisper in a Cacophony of Media Noise.

And if and when that happens . . . IT WILL BE BECAUSE OF YOU AND ME.

PS – In my next Editorial, I will write about Hillary Clinton, and why in my opinion, she is far more of Disaster for the Democrats than either Trump or Cruz is for the Republicans.

Thank you for indulging me by reading this Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The new cover of Charlie Ebdo with two balls on Mohamed head. He thinks with his balls. It is clever and intelligently done.

    Viviane from Italy

  2. Not boring nor mundane at all, Howard!…
    Bravo to you, as well…

  3. You are a true treasure. My husband & I read your blog all the time & consider it important to support you. The world needs more people like you.

    Irene Reznick, Tarzana, CA

  4. Gee, I read the whole thing and it was well above my mediocre editorial standards. If you asked a Chicago thug was is gun control would he reply, “an oxymoron”?

  5. Howard, you are the Voice for the Self Reliant North American – Thank-you

  6. Always good to periodically set out the rules, the philosophy, and cleanup the “welcome mat” for everyone.

  7. Angela & I appreciate you & Anne more than you could imagine. May God be with you every day, especially in your travels.

  8. I’ve been receiveing your edititorials one after another lately and I couldn’t be more pleased. I would have a hard time getting by without them and that’s why I support your blog. My only regret is not having the means to contribute more!

  9. I look forward to your writings every day and it never bores me. You are doing us all a huge service and we are very grateful for it. Keep it up!

  10. Howard…it’s good to “take a breather” once in a while! Your personal communication with your readers indicates that you truly care about them. Also, what you ENDURE on YOUR site is your PRIVILEGE. One can tell that you write with PASSION in what you believe. Your editorials are also EDUCATIONAL in many respects. Requiring some DIGNITY and COURTESY from those who comment on your editorials shows that the word RESPECT is still recognized in this world of ours. Keep up the good work! AMEN!

  11. Three cheers, Howard. Never give up! Ignore the crazies; there is an overabundance of them. Two terms of BHO and the fact that Hillary and/or Bernie could even be seriously considered in this race tells us that. The problem is that they are dangerously crazy.

  12. The worst thing you could do is stop “telling it as you see it.” I may not always agree with your position but I have never seen it to be without sufficient merit for me not to consider it, analyze it, and see if I might better it or have to find myself, in the final, agreeing with it. In a world with too many PC BS artists I would rather be challenged than spoken down to. Keep it up. Here is one US citizen who appreciates your honesty.

  13. okay so ….not too boring or mundane. a break is good. i’m sure writing well is hard. your work shows all the efforts you put into thought and words. I always enjoy, learn, get encouraged by your pages and am surely glad you’re stickin’ with it !
    thanks. and when I can…..i’m glad to send $. soon again I hope.

  14. Your Blog

    Howard I like what is written there in your blog,
    It helps the truth to bring in from out of the fog,
    You don’t mince words but express them so clear,
    The truth that our freedoms may soon disappear.

    I like your expressions with words that you write,
    Like thought process that those words can ignite,
    They give to me some encouragement and hope,
    With those negatives around me help me to cope.

    But action more than words has the need to begin,
    For words without action will n

  15. Your editorials are always welcomed, and we appreciate you honesty and clarity throughout your thoughts and opinions. Thanks for being the calm, quitet voice we hope prevails when the noise and PC stuff is washed away by reason. . .


  16. Howard, I always remember what a psychologist friend told me when I went through a bad divorce, where my wife often took pleasure at unwarranted screaming at me. He told me to tell her when she entered into a tyrade: “If you can’t say anything positive or constructive, please don’t say anything at all.” I tried it, and it usually made her stop and think. Luckily, you are always positive and constructive, even when you have some useful political criticism. Keep doing what you do.

  17. Howard Encouragement to stay the course, as you put it, is exactly why I look forward to your editorial. thank you for your satisfice of time and resources it takes to do this. The time it takes to stay informed as you do has to be tremendous.

  18. I look forward to reading your blog everyday! I agree with most every thing you say about those that are running for office. I like Cruz but think Trump will get the nomination.
    This blog just tells me where you are coming from and makes me want to read what you say even more.
    Thank you for the time and effort you put into it.

  19. I don’t think so. We need to know what is on your mind at any given time as it is important to us. If your ideas and concepts were not important to us, we would not read and reread your editorials as well as comments. Sometimes we comment because we wish to add our thoughts and other times we have nothing to add because you wrote our thoughts. I am well aware that you read all comments because there are times that you add to recent comments in subsequent editorials. We appreciate that.

  20. I look forward to your posts and enjoy reading the blogs, I have the same thoughts as you do and I sort of wonder if I am off base but then soon there appears your page and I feel quite good after reading what you have to say. I live in Minnesota that is so democratic that I hardly dare say anything concerning our political issues. I could get in a huge cat fight with even all my relatives. I think The Donald is my best choice as I am certain Hillary take over where Obama leaves off.

  21. Howard, Not boring or mundane. Am certain that it takes hours of reading and listening to be able to put together your thoughts each day. We always look forward to reading something that makes sense and is truthful not just the liberal blaaa that we get from most of the news media. THANK YOU for the time that you give too “we the people” to help make us aware of what is going on. You make a difference. Love the BBQ sauce. Keep up the good work. God bless the USA and CANADA!

  22. Howard, you don’t have to take a back seat to anyone. You are of great service in a VOICE that needs to be heard. One crying in the wilderness!

  23. I woke up at 4 am in Davao Phil. and your article was there waiting for me I have 25 emails daily but yours is the best read bar none. Keep up the good work and God bless Canada and the good ole U.S.A. A.n article now and then on pretty hair Trudeau and what he is up to would also keep Canadians informed. Thanks again Howard Wayne

  24. As a very good friend of mine once said, What’s there not to like. I find in most people that’s true. Billie

  25. Howard I sincerely appreciate your blog and agree with you 99% of the time. I know your efforts take time and money, God bless you always. May all your readers kick in financial support if they can, I am mailing a check today.

  26. Howard, You are appreciated more than we take time to tell You. I speak for many, THANK YOU !
    If all Your readers would pass an editorial to all their email list with the suggestion that they get on the mailing list to receive their own publication, we could see you rise higher in the “Limelight” soon-ER.
    We wish GOD’s Blessings on You & Yours. ~Elizabeth

  27. Concerning Trump’s having no “Presidential Decorum”, LBJ was no Emily Post charm school graduate but got more done as a Senator in one term than most Senators did in a lifetime! PRODUCTION ” TRUMPS” IMAGE BY A LANDSLIDE!!

  28. Am always amazed as to how many of your respondents are from Texas with Georgia running second. Shows to go to you that a lot of smart people live in dumb places
    Graham, TEXAS

  29. Howard first of all let me say how much I appreciate you taking the time, the effort and introspection that must go into operating this blog.If I was willing to accept any less I would spend all my time listening to the talking heads the media seems to want to employ.As for the unfortunate individual who commented on the change in your opinion of Mr Trump. He needs to understand that one of the most wonderful things about the opinions you express is they are dynamic and current in context.

  30. It’s 2:00am, and I just opened my computer. Read your article first, as I always do! You are the best blogger around, Howard – you say what you think and mean, and don’t just verbalize to cater to the public! Your research and understanding of your topics is unbeatable… keep it up, Howard, even if the day ever comes that you and Ann move to the USA. Hope you will also continue your Pledge ride also… means a lot to many also! Keep up the great work always!
    Paula Rudner, Oshawa, Ontario

  31. Thank you, Howard, for sharing your heart and soul with us every day. I look forward to all your editorials. We need courageous people like you who have the candor and honesty to say it like it is! You are much appreciated. Don’t give up on us. God speed…..

  32. Howard, you are my counselor when it comes to politics. I read your blogs, think on them & it helps me to make good sound decisions. I worry for both the USA & Canada, there are still back room meetings of the NAU & the NWO. Please, do continue with your passion & bluntness of any issue, that touches your heart. The majority of your readers think like you do & love to hear what you are thinking. We also love when you get a new issue for your blog. It’s as simple as – I love your blog!!!

  33. I don’t always agree with what you write, but I always enjoy what you write.
    P.S. Stay where you are: It’s freakin’ ccccccold up here!!!!!

  34. As a Vietnam vet, I find your comments and opinions overlap my own about 95% of the time! Pretty remarkable considering our divergent backgrounds, (I’m a WELS Lutheran born in Georgia in 1947 and raised in Ft. Lauderdale Florida for 25 years). I see the changes in American culture and values that have happened over the last 6 decades as mostly degenerative and rarely helpful to the “middle class”! You seem to resonate with me and my worldview.
    William Meeks, Negaunee, MI.

  35. I am always fascinated by critics who jump on someone when they change their mind. What are we supposed to do when we get new information? If you can’t change your mind you can’t think.

  36. Howard hello, I love your blog and like to write editorials. Can I quote anything you say, and if I do would you want your name on it that you said it? If I put your name I promise it would only be on a direct quote.
    Thank you,

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