Trump Versus The World


As everyone who reads this BLOG regularly knows, especially if you’ve been reading from the beginning of the Republican Campaign . . . I HAVE NOT BEEN A SUPPORTER FOR DONALD TRUMP.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . I have always been exceptionally hard on the man for the same reasons many others have been taking him apart. I find him to be a BULLY, BRASH, a NARCISSIST, BRAGGADOCIOS, and not particularly well versed in Geo-Politics.

As anyone who is familiar with my writings and opinions knows, from the beginning of the Republican Campaign – I favored Scott Walker, and made certain that some of my American Friends contributed to Carly Fiorina’s Campaign after Walker walked away, with a promise to take whomever donated to Fiorina, to an expensive supper, that would cost me at least as much as what they spent to DONATE, to show my gratitude.

AND AFTER FIORINA . . . I moved my support to Ted Cruz, who was always amongst my favorite frontrunners.


But I didn’t just write nasty things about what Trump said, and how he said whatever it was that he had said, and how he insulted and disparaged other Candidates, rather . . . I backed-up my thoughts with FACTS, about how little content and policy Trump offered in such things as treaties and the such, which would make many of the key Trump Promises literally undoable.


Several really important realities started me thinking – HOW CAN SO MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SEE WHAT I CAN’T? And what is it that is driving the INSIDERS (Republicans and Democrats) so crazy, that Republican Insiders would be willing to throw the Election in November, than to have Trump as America’s 45th President?

MY ORIGINAL THOUGHTS ABOUT TRUMP HAVEN’T CHANGED . . . I still believe that he is a BULLY, BRASH, a NARCISSIST, and BRAGGADOCIOSSO WHAT, since he wears his true personality on his sleeve for all to see, unlike Obama, Hillary Clinton and all the other Politicians, whose FACES are deftly CONCEALED behind highly crafted MASKS?

BUT MOSTLY – AFTER ALL THAT IS SAID AND DONE . . . The American people are so CRAZY FOR TRUMP, because he speaks in a language everyone understands. Because he says EXACTLY what he THINKS as he’s THINKING IT. Because he is saying what every THINKING American is saying to each other behind closed doors, and now because of Trump, they’re saying on the streets.

PEOPLE are not necessarily in love with Donald Trump, as much as they are in love with the fact, that even with his HUGE Fortune, he truly comes across as one of the everyday common-man in the street.


Trump inherited a great chunk of serious business acumen from his father, along with plenty of money, which didn’t sit idle, like so many other rich “kids” who inherited fortunes. HE WORKED HARD . . . REALLY HARD – and through every means he could navigate, whether we like it or not, whether we find it to be ethical or not, he legally ran his wealth up into a BILLION Dollar Empire.

Donald Trump bought-off and paid-off more government employees, bureaucrats and politicians in one-way or another in his life-long business dealings, than any of us will ever meet in several lifetimes. So much so, that it is doubtful that anyone inside or outside Politics knows the DIRT within the game as thoroughly he does.

Trump reminds me of the original Wealthy Class, who originally made America Great – like the Oil Barons, the Publishing Magnates, the Steel Tycoons, the Auto Czars and all the other more or less Corporate Elitist Class who became America’s Royalty, who laid the foundation that allowed everyday Americans to DREAM of themselves and/or children grasping the Brass Ring.


THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN HERE COMES TRUMP . . . the 21st Century BULLY TYCOON, who is BRASH, a NARCISSIST and as BRAGGADOCIOS as one can imagine – ready to take on the Elitists and give the American Dream back to the people, by taking it away from the White Collar Sleaze Masters in Government, Education, the Unions, Banks, Investment Houses, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Drug Manufacturers and all the other Government Approved Cartels, large or small, which the American people have woefully come to take for granted.

IN THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS . . . all Hell and Damnation has befallen Donald Trump as the entire WORLD has descended upon him, from Foreign Government Leaders, to Republican Insiders, to Democrats, and all their LEFTIST ELITIST ALLIES.

Even the Justice Department in Florida has leapt onto the LET’S KILL TRUMP BANDWAGON, by charging Trump’s Campaign Manager with a non-existent assault.

And by the way – before I forget . . . According to Florida Law, under which Lewandowski (Trump’s Campaign Manager) is being charged, by the mere UNSOLICITED TOUCHING of another human being, whether to intentionally do harm to that person or NOT is a felony assault, so shouldn’t the Reporter (Michelle Fields) who Lewandowski has been charged of touching, also be charged for TOUCHING (assaulting) Trump?

THE FACT THAT SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO STOP TRUMP . . . makes me believe that he should NOT BE STOPPED, since he seems to be the ONLY voice the people have with which to express themselves in the ONLY important issue the populace cares about . . . GETTING THEIR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE POLITICIANS AND INSIDERS.

And make no mistake about it . . . the People don’t give a Rat’s Ass about all the crap that’s being thrown at Trump, or the things he MISSPEAKS about during GOTCHA Interviews with slimes like Chris Mathews.

They don’t care if he Brags and uses Harsh, or even crude words when he speaks. They don’t care that as a businessman he did and said one thing, but as a politician he says something else entirely . . . ALL THE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT, IS THAT TRUMP WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

AND I BELIEVE HE WILL DO JUST THAT. And that’s what bothers the rest of the World and all America’s Insiders, who have so much to lose if the people have so much to win because of Trump.

AND BY THE WAY . . . Trump is very much like America’s ROCKY IN THE FLESH – they keep pounding on him, and from time to time he goes down under relentless attacks, but no matter how bad it hurts, he gets back up, bloodied and bruised, and comes back swinging.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The photo of the world leaders marching in Paris had one glaring omission; no, not Obama. Neville Chamberlain.

  2. I agree with most of what you say, Howard, but I just don’t believe Trump is the right guy. His appeal is the appeal of a reality tv show, which for me is repugnant. I will fight to get Ted Cruz elected as long as I can and then vote for Trump only when I have to. I hope and pray that God’s will be done, or rather, that we accept it, even if it means He creams our country like He had to do to Israel many times, because they deserved it, as do we now.

  3. The Donald is famous for putting his mouth in gear before his brain fires up which is causing him no end of grief. To become a good president, and I reference Ronnie here, one should be able to speak with his mind without having to be directed by a teleprompter like the mindless orator the Americans have now, no brain only a left wing bias that thinks he is master of the world. Donald has made statements he surely regrets but damn he is a straight form the lip kind of guy isn’t he?

  4. Well, Howard, I certainly agree with you anytime the folks in Washington that try and keep the American People in a box i think it is time someone moved them out. We need a LEADER not a LIFER and i think Trump is the man for the job at this time in history. If we don’t get someone like Trump in office the end is near for the American way of life. I was born in 1951 and grew up in the best time this country will ever see unless we have someone like Trump in for a long time

    David Hughes

  5. Like Linda, I’m for Ted Crux (R-Alberta), a true constitutional conservative, something the country desperately needs. Indeed, I’m not yet convinced that Trump is more conservative than Hillary! Sure, the Clintons are liberals but Bill’s 8 years saw a plethora of MAJOR conservative policies become law (working with Gingrich’s Congress): NAFTA, DOMA, welfare reform, balanced budget, etc. Like Nixon’s mirror-opposite, Hillary runs from left of center and may very well govern right of center.

  6. Thank you once again, Howard, for the raw, unabridged truth in your editorial. Like you and many others, my mantra has been from the get go, WHOMEVER can beat HiLIARy !!! At this juncture, the only hope we have is…THE DONALD !!!! I’m more than willing to give him 4 years to work just a minimum of magic in this country. After that, we will assess his progress and decide if we want him for another 4. He reminds me of the thousands who started this country many years ago. God bless the U.S.A.

  7. Right on the money yet again Howard…!

    I would so much prefer America was guided by one who knows clearly ‘how things work’ because he has made them work, than another attorney with no meaningful experience creating….experience Mr. Trump has in spades…

  8. By all means if you want to live under the United Nations rules you need to vote for anyone but Trump Mr Trump is 100% against this New World Order the rest are pushing
    So think before you vote . I will vote for Trump . The United nations is not needed in our World

  9. What I like after all this wishy-washy guys,Trump is politically incorrect. He doesn’t have to bow to anybody. He doesn’t have to please the Muslims. I would like to have him in Canada rather than Mr. Nice Hairstyle.
    Trump is not a president type but rather him than Hillary or the other sh….k.

  10. Howard, thank you for this column. You make me feel better after all this ‘hell & damnation’ directed towards Trump. In the 8 months that he’s joined the race it’s amazing that he’s had so few true gaffes, especially considering that he talks off the top of his head. This latest, falling into Matthew’s trap, will knock him back a bit, but it won’t keep him down. He is a ‘Rocky’.
    I’ll take the Honest ‘Brash&Bragadoccio’ Non-politician to a sanctimonious senator anytime.

  11. Before voting for anyone for Pres, you need to do your homework. Bobby Jindall, Teddy Cruz, and Marco Rubio were not Natural Born Citizens and should never be elected Pres or VP. Yes,Donald is all that Howard says and then some, but he is saying what all of us have been thinking for eight long years. Teddy Cruz’s wife, Heidi helped draft the NAFTA agreement, is on the CFR, works for big banks, etc. I want an American to be President. Trump will have the best of the best on his cabinet.

  12. And Trump would be great for Canada and the rest of the “free” world.

  13. (1) Ted Cruz is a naturally-born U.S. citizen because, no matter where in the world he was born, his mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth. Otherwise, no offspring born of any other U.S. citizen working in another country at the time said offspring is/are born can claim U.S. citizenship as a birthright. (2) Marco Rubio was born in Florida. Bobby Jindal was born in Louisiana. Florida and Louisiana were U. S. states at the time! The Constitution states they are U.S. citizens.

  14. From the start of the campaign, even though I would prefer Cruz, in some respects, ….. I think Trump, in spite of his brashness and even speaking before his brain is in gear, is the one who can pull the US (and perhaps help Canada at the same time, since we have the man-child in office) out of the malaise it (and Canada!) is in. His very personality exudes confidence, and for all his talk, he is nobody’s fool! I would DEFINITELY prefer Trump over Hillary!!

  15. I agree with GO Trump !!! I’d like to see him GO back to his stupid TV show and leave politics (which are dirty enough already without his help). I will not vote for Trump or Clinton and I’m extremely tired of picking the least of 2 evils. We need NOTA on the ballot-None Of The Above so when we get 2 evils we can eliminate them. Maybe this way the People can take back America.

  16. I agree with Sherry Fowler (above). This country will die if we have another democrat.

  17. There is no way Americans are going to elect Donald Trump to be president of the US. He has ticked off so many groups of people he cannot win. The Republicans have to find another candidate and must stop Trump from running as a third party candidate. Otherwise the Democrats will win for another Obama term. That is reality.

  18. When I lived in Texas I voted for Cruz. I supported him for president financially, not once but twice and bought the shirts and bumper stickers. When he went negative, I wondered but still supported him. I voted for Trump in MO. He is more like Ronald Reagan than the rest. He is not meniacal as presented in the media. Ben Carson meant alot. Mayor Gulliani and Speaker Gingrich like him too. I looked hard and believe for the most part he is a good man and is the best hope for the USA.

  19. Trump is the Archie Bunker of politics, but with a little more finesse than Archie, who misspoke many times, but on balance, resonated with his viewers in strong fashion, which resulted in the series lasting 9 long years.

  20. What did I read from Linda Gommel, GOD”S representative from California ?? So the Israelis (Jews) deserve God’s wrath, as he did several times??? Linda, does that include 1.5 million children into gas chambers?? …plus the same fate for 4.5 million of their adult relatives. Linda, I have news for you,…even God can get it wrong occasionally, like in your case when your mom delivered you ….she got her orifices confused. M.L.

  21. Good Lord! I can’t believe what I’m reading. The same old story, “the guy who talks like you”, “the guy who will make our Country great”. Pardon my french, but “that’s a pile of bullsh…” The very same thing happened in Venezuela, people got tired of the status quo, and voted for “the guy who talks like us”, “the guy who will make the country rise again” and see the results. Please don’t make the same mistakes we did.

  22. You are spot on Howard. Trump has been my pick from day one. It is because he is brash, arrogant and not PC that I like him. We need his strength and intelligence to get our country out of the BIG MESS IT IS IN! He knows business and given a little time he will know Washington. TRUMP 2016. God Bless America!

  23. There’s a very nasty smell hanging over the media in their effort to prevent Trump from winning. It would seem the intensive attacks indicate there are a lot of corrupt politicians and business people afraid of being exposed if Donald becomes President. Even some world leaders are shaking in their shoes for they too could stand to lose a lot of graft. It’s hypocrisy not democracy. The media and RNC should be ashamed.

  24. My wife and I are amazed by your Editorials. Every one is exactly how we feel. Almost like you were reading our minds.
    Thanks for being the voice of truth and reason that the free world needs. You should be President. Dr. and Mrs. Ed Carver

  25. I agree. What scares everyone most is that Trump is a loose cannon they can’t submit or control, by whatever means. Those on the gravy train fear to lose their free ride and those used to being king of the mountain fear to lose their status. What scares people is that Trump may just make decisions based on ‘right or wrong’ and ‘good or bad,’ without personal agendas, and not throw distorting, corrupt politics into it. I kind of like that.

  26. I hate to say it, but Trump is definitely not Presidental material. He talks a good line, but when asked to come up with concrete answers, he fails to fill the bill. Hillary would have a great time with this provocateur in any debate, and can anyone tell me how they would like the Witch as President? No difference, anyway; George Soros has planned to destroy the nation, so we should all just kick back with an ice-cold beer and enjoy the wrestling match!

  27. Be careful what you wish for. It seems to me the people in this country has no decorum. Trump to me is the most unpresidental candidate, no class. I’ve never considered Obama as a president so there. Billie

  28. Good article again Howard. I am with you on this one. Trump all the way for the USA. He deserves to win. Can’t believe how mean spirited human beings can get. Animals are above the human race for heaven sake.

  29. Trump is an embarrassment to the Republican party while Hillary is a fraud & an embarrassment to the entire political process. The most important job of the presidency (besides national security) is the nomination and confirmation of the next 2 or 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices. Even just 1 liberal, left-leaning, progressive justice will change the total structure of the United States & destruction of the US Constitution. ABC… Anybody But Clinton! (Not to be confused with Anybody But Cruz)

  30. As a Texan, I was gungho for Cruz. When he had his staff pull the dirty deal on Dr. Carson who was then in second place. Carson’s polll numbers dropped and never came back up. Cruz did the same thing to Rubio, now to Trump. DO WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER LYING DECEITFUL PRESIDENT IN THE WH? Why is Carson bcking Trump? He knows what Cruz did to him.

  31. Thank you, Howard for your new and wise choice. All those who hate Trump throw stupid & tricky questions at him. Who could take such onslaught, except a man who truly believes he can make us great again? The NWO (esp. the Illuminati) want him dead, because he is a THREAT to their complete control of us. Make no mistake, he is the only one who has the guts to fight them. Since he’s been a very successful businessman, why wouldn’t he be a very successful 45th President? God bless him!

  32. Donald trump has got to be the Liberal socialist Democrats worst Nightmare. And that has my Vote Everyday.President Donald J.Trump 2016 “YES”.

  33. Howard, you were right initially about Trumpet. Do you really think Trump will actually do what he says? As a lifelong Dem he now suddenly, at the age of 74 has seen the light and become a conservative? Or is he a demagogue who will say whatever he needs to say to fire up the voters to give him the ultimate power he craves? Then he can cut deals with the corrupt DC establishment and nothing will change except an accelerated end to our Republic.

  34. Thank you, Howard! I happily support Donald Trump! I was a Cruz supporter initially, but disliked his response to the mobs including Bill Ayres in Chicago. Blaming Trump? And asking about the CFR report is bashing Cruz’s wife? Nonsense, there are ligit questions. Hi

  35. Howard, I get all of your commentary. I am an Australian and live in Australia I saw a lot of what we face now way back in the early 1980’s, I could see it all developing then. I am becoming more concerned with all the apparent political correctness all over the world that the freedom of lifestyle (for what it is) is already lost. My concern now is for the futures of my children but more particularly my grandchildren and their children particularly with the deniers and the liberal leftists.

  36. Can you imagine, a real businessman leading the biggest money operation in the world, the US Government, after we learned how poorly a political activist from Illinois worked out? And his cabinet made up of fewer academics and liberals? I can’t wait!

  37. Trump is an intelligent man with many skills, and the ability to lead. A take charge hard working guy. I do not worry that he does not tell the world and our enemies just exactly how he will do things. Sometimes you must hold your cards close to your chest.
    Barry, do you use novocaine when you extract teeth?

  38. As for getting the facts straight, George Soros NEVER contributed to Kasich”s campaign. The contributions came from Scott Bessent , a former associate of Soros, and who no longer works for him. Bessent also contributed to many Republican candidates, including Jeb Bush ,Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. There was also another contributor
    making up the $700,000 total contribution that the media and many Republicans keep perpetrating the lie that Soros is supporting John Kasich. It is not true.

  39. Howard–right on. We’re down to Patriots vs politicians. Crud and Kasich are the Establishment. We need no more. Can anyone out there believe someone could do worse than the current crook? I would rather someone made an honest mistake than screw us all again by design. Get real people, haven’t you had enough?

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