I don’t care if Trump’s wife is HOT, and had sensational MODELING Photos taken of her showing more skin than I would want to see my wife show. And I don’t care if Ted Cruz has had Marital Problems with his wife over the years.

ALSO – at this point . . . I don’t care if Cruz Screwed-Around on his wife Heidi, as the rumor mill suggests, as long as he didn’t force himself on unwilling women.

And I don’t care about any of this . . . because the FUTURE OF THE WORLD is far more important than the TRIPE that is being bandied about by the Candidates, their Surrogates and the Media.


If being Loyal to your Wife is a critical measure to be President of the United States of America, Americans should then be aghast at John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

Kennedy slept with a myriad of women in the White House, including Marilyn Monroe during wild, drunken, and drug filled parties. Clinton was partially impeached for lying about having SEX with a White House Intern . . . So – if who screwed whom, or posed for a photo-shoot this way or that is so important to you in this context . . . give it a rest, because it doesn’t amount to a HILL OF BEANS.

I don’t care who wins, if it’s Trump or Cruz, because either man will go to war against the Insiders and the LEFT, whether they want to or not, especially Trump, who has put himself in a Conservative Box by all of his HARD and specific Campaign Rhetoric.

And also . . . because of Trump’s War on the LEFT, the LEFT won’t relent and will not let him off the hook if he wins the White House. So . . . it will go on.

And for all the people who repeatedly DECLARE that Trump can’t beat “Hillary” and they have the POLLS to prove it – IT’S NOTHING MORE THAN BS SERVED ON A PLATTER.

Not only can Trump or Cruz beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election, either man will make MINCED MEAT out of this LYING, ELITIST, LEFTIST, PIECE OF WORK.


It’s official . . . The Jupiter Police in Florida, the “Highest Law and Order” establishment in the United States of America, have charged Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, with the heinous CRIME of “perhaps” moving a Journalist away from Donald Trump.

Lewandowski’s CRIME was so severe, that his VICTIM . . . Michelle Fields was apparently so “brutally” injured, that she exhibited substantial bruising on her arm. It’s an additional crime that no one even called EMS to give her on the spot First Aid. And what about counseling for PTSD?

So here’s the video that got Lewandowski charged . . . YOU BE THE JUDGE:

I can’t see for-the-life-of-me in this video, if Lewandowski even touched her. And if he did, I don’t see any noticeable response from Michelle Fields that it was in any way harsh, as the bruises show it should have been.

She wasn’t knocked off balance as she initially claimed. She wasn’t jerked backwards. And she never displayed even the most remote sign of physical pain and/or distress.

She certainly didn’t grab her arm as a person would, who was so grievously injured. BESIDES . . . who’s to say that the Bruises weren’t there before the alleged incident, or that she didn’t Bruise herself afterwards?

AGAIN . . . Don’t take my word for it . . . look at the above video and come to your own conclusion.


When we think COUP D’ÉTAT, we think of a violent takeover of a government with guns, bullets, tanks and lots of destruction and death, but we never think of a PEACEFUL COUP D’ÉTAT, that happens so slowly and peacefully, that we never see it coming until it’s too late, because that’s what’s happening in our societies.

I’m going to focus entirely on the US Bill of Rights, not because it’s the only Constitutional Document that matters, but rather, because, as it was so clearly written with so few words and such SPECIFIC INTENT . . . that it is UNIMAGINABLE that it could possibly be usurped by the government through interpretation, because there’s nothing really to interpret, since it was so well crafted.


To my way of thinking . . . the PRIMARY obligation of the Supreme Court is to defend without exception the INTEGRITY of the US Constitution as it was written.

BUT THAT’S NOT WHERE WE’RE AT . . . as rulings from the Supreme Court have already SHREDDED much of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, from Religious Freedom, to the RIGHT not to be FORCED to purchase a product AKA Obamacare.

It literally takes an ACT OF GOD to create a new Addendum to the US Constitution, however, with the blink of a Simple Majority, the Supreme Court can REMOVE any Right they perceive to be unacceptable – including and ESPECIALLY the 2nd Amendment.

And once any of these RIGHTS are taken away by a LEFTIST Supreme Court, they will never be returned.

So forget about the VOICE and the VOTE of the PEOPLE having any real meaning and authority in what we believe are our Democracies, since it all comes down to a group of Black Robed Elitist Individuals, who are APPOINTED for LIFE, by a President during his or her term, who can lean as far to the LEFT as he or she wishes, which will set the SOCIAL AGENDA for our respective countries, opposed to the FREE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

IN ESSENCE . . . we are being governed by the Courts, and not by the Politicians we elected to do our bidding – Of the People, By the People and For the People is nothing more than an illusion that has gone the way of Norman Rockwell, Mom’s Apple Pie, and the American Dream.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,
    propelling the disgust to a higher level and nearly making me lose my breakfast on Monday morning was the picture on page A7 of the Montreal Gazette. 5 people to the right of Netanyahu stood that snake Abbas, GRINNING LIKE AN IDIOT! The rest of them at least had the good taste to keep a sombre face despite their true feelings I’m sure. Abbas was very pleased to be there, happy that Jews had died. The only thing he could have done worse would have been to hand out candies as is the cust

  2. I would love to go back and see what the Supreme Courts of this country ACTUALLY took on and how they ruled and the why of their rulings. Sure would make some interesting reading and an interesting autopsy of American Rights and Freedoms.
    I agree we’ve gone as far down the current road of being ruled other than an out right rebellion with politics being worthy of a death sentence.
    Apparently “We the people…” just don’t care. God help us all!

  3. I agree with you Sick of the scandal crap Who ever can get this country back like it should be is my choice Listened to Kasich last night He sounds like a NWO man citizens of the world Bull We need to be citizens of the USA period

  4. The woman is a shill for the rino rnc and the demorat party. I would have fired her if I was in charge of Breitbart. You are absolutely correct Howard in your analysis.

  5. it’s coming. the second revolution. buy food, water, guns, and ammo.

  6. “Specific campaign rhetoric”??? Obviously I missed something-perhaps you could elaborate? As far as The Bill of Rights goes, the biggest attack on them has been the so called “Patriot Act”. As far as the “Leftist Supreme Court” goes they have given corporations civil rights-the most RW and stupid decision in years. They’re not “Leftists”, they’re just inconsistent. As for the 2nd Amendment,no one’s taking anyone’s weapons.Too many UNTRAINED citizens carrying weapons doesn’t make us safer either.

  7. I grew up in Jupiter Florida (Jupiter High Class of ’74 LOL) and the cops there are a bunch of PC idiots. Palm Beach county is the home of the Wm Kennedy Smith rape trial back in ’92 or so and has it’s share if left wing dingbats due to all the rich idiots than live here either full or part-time. Glynn Mayo and Bill Reichardt were the last two good cops Jupiter had.

  8. I don’t think the bruise was caused by that tug she was given. I think the bruise should have been on the bottom of the forearm where the pressure from the finger tip would have been the greatest. It’s my belief, for her to have bruises on top of her forearm, a midget would have had to grab her, as they stood underneath her forearm.

  9. Howard, like you I must have looked at that video 10 times and couldn’t see where Lewandowski even touched the woman but thought it was because of my 73 year old eyes? What a world we live in where Muslims are killing innocents up all over the world, celebrating Easter by crucifying a priest and blowing up innocent mostly Christian families with kids at a park.
    But not to worry Obama will show them who is boss man with a stiff Tango and doing the wave with Cuban dictators.

  10. Howard–I yelled at the TV last night when Megan Kelly said …Spin’ing.. something like ((( deny Our Lying eyes)))-Wow were you ever right on her–She really is Far from fair and Balanced…..Is this The “New” Insider Fox News – or is it just me.. or do other Bloggers now See what Howard has been right on with his editorial views all along!!!..Galganov has opened my mind–Kelly is twisting events like a Liberal left news slant show–I am appalled .. That said I’ve been Disappointed before…

  11. Main FoxNews owner, Murdoch, LUNCHES with Bill Clinton. This equals — Hillary! Google Megyn with Sheik who owns parts of FOX!

    Howard, Cruz often poses in front of a crucifix, but he STOLE VOTES from Ben Carson in Iowa. It was a metaphoric modern day ‘lynch job.’ Cruz’s character is defective – like the kid we all knew in school, who passed gas and after the stink arose, blamed it on the person sitting behind him. I do not want Cruz for President.

    I am supporting Donald J. Trump

  12. Howard – Clinton was totally impeached, and Impeachment is Forever… However, he was not removed from office by the Senate.

  13. It is amazing how all these diversions form the left keep us from discussing the real problems with our country and real election issues. Huuuuumm… What is wrong with our media? Any quesses?

  14. It appears to me that if Lewandosky tried to protect his employer (Trump) by grabbing Fields by the arm, he was doing the job he was supposed to do. Does anyone remember Sirhan Sirhan’s fighting his way through a crowd to assassinate Bobby Kennedy? IMO, Lewandosky was justified in his actions. Fields’ nose was just bent out of shape, resulting in Lewandowsky’s being charged with a “crime,” as Megyn Kelly described it. Come on, Megyn, I like you, but your coverage here was a bit over the top.

  15. @ Terry Newman. Our men in Blue are being attacked and disrespected all over the country by bad ass assassins and snot noses like you that need defending. Next time you are in Jupiter don’t dial 911 if there is a non-medical emergency. If you do, you will get well mannered, trained, respectful professionals arriving to help you. As a resident of 26 years here, I say you are living in the past. These are under paid professionals that deserve our utmost respect.

    Alan in Jupiter, Florida

  16. Apparently Michelle Fields attended or graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, to be so easily traumatized.

  17. Breaking News: From the Drudge Report: Lewandowski prosecutor outed as Hillary supporter.

  18. I saw Trump in a new cast, when asked what was the three most important jobs of the US goverment, the first he was spot on. The defence of the country. It was what came out of his mouth next that showed his true colors. Health care and education. Two things that are not allowed by our Constitution, and you say that Trump would pick a good judge. I think not!

  19. All I can say is I agree with everything you have said. I used to like Megyn but all her success has gone to her head. It was nice to have her on vacation for awhile. It was obvious on the tape that what the woman said was not right but Megyn stood with her because neither one of them like Trump.

  20. The Alabama Republican Assembly, a conservative political group here, has called on the Alabama Legislature to impeach Governor Bentley for infidelity in his marriage. Why? Because they believe as our founders, and as I do, that only the religious, moral and knowledgeable citizens are capable of self-governance. Otherwise we need a powerful government to keep us in line. With that power comes corruption, then tyranny. Morality is the core problem and the core solution against progressives.

  21. That crap is going on here in Canada as well. Judges, supposedly the interpreters of law are making laws as they see fit the case at hand. Difficult to get off the bench as well. One must ask, who are judges? Lawyers in robes Y/N? The big problem as i see it is there is far too much leftist crap being put forward in university. Law school, journalism school, teachers schools, it goes on and on.

  22. I could never vote for Trump. He twists the truth to serve himself.

  23. Can this possibly happen? John Kasich has refused to drop out of the running despite his lack of support. The reason? The Establishment GOP is determined that neither Trump or Cruz will receive the 1,237 Delegate votes necessary for a first-round nomination which will call for a Brokered Convention, and they will manipulate to have Kasich be voted in as the nominee. They feel he is more easily controlled than Trump or Cruz. Kasich is backed by George Soros with donations of $700,000.

  24. These candidates have made this country the idiocy contest place. No wonder so many hate us as they take our money. Now indications to me are Trump is self destrucking. Hillary will waltz in if not in jail.God have mercy on the USA and Canada.
    Thanks Howard for all you do, you are a breath of fresh air.

  25. This may put in the extreme minority, but if a person isn’t able to honor his/her vow before God in Marriage. How can one think that they’ll honor their vow before God to uphold the Constitution, or any other vow? Compromise has become the acceptable law of the land! Life goes on, but the character of that individual is no longer above reproach & questionable. At what price does one compromise? What is 5 or 10 minutes of lustful pleasure worth? What price is paid because of it? TRUST!

  26. Corey clearly took hold of Michelle Fields above the elbow and the bruises are below the elbow. Corey would have to be a contortionist to cause those bruises.

  27. It sounds like some are prepared to let the U.S. go down in smoke rather than vote for the one man (Trump) who would certainly do all that needs to be done to turn it around and “make it great again”!

    Maybe some need to “hold their nose” and vote Trump in — for the good of the country.

    Or would they feel better with the country heading into the crapper and knowing they could have helped save it … ??

    He’s the only real hope America has …

  28. Spot on Howard, the courts have usurped our freedoms and liberty one step at a time. So it’s critical our next President chooses Constitutionalists for the Supreme Court and all the other federal courts. Trump speaks highly of his extreme leftist sister who ruled in favor of partial birth abortion among other hideous rulings. That’s exactly NOT what we need.

  29. On FOX this evening, Judge Andrew Napolitano, a very prudent jurist, said there was not the shred of a chance that any judge in the USA would allow the reporter’s charge to result in a trial of Trump’s aide. Good enough for me. And yes, we all should remember the assassination of Robert Kennedy when Sirhan moved in close to the candidate and murdered him.

    Right on, Howard!

  30. I was so angry when I saw the video of Chris Mathews badgering Donald Trump in his interview! Wouldn’t it be great if he did the same to Hillary.
    It is bad enough to watch radical liberals, like Mathews, try to destroy the Republican candidates, but Trump and Cruz are destroying each other and now say they will not support the nominee if its not themselves. Kasich is the only one whom polls from the beginning say will defeat Hillary. Why are we not throwing our support to him? I don’t get it.

  31. This reporter was fired by Breithart News right after she filed these charges. She had previously filed charges against a police officer for the same thing. Anyone can impose those faint bruises on themselves. she’s a nut case. The pressure is on to oust Trump. He will stop their “North American Union” scheme where Canada, USA and Mexico become one union – no borders. Do we want to become like Mexico? Do we want to give up our freedoms and soverienty?

  32. NO LONGER watch Megyn = not “fair & balanced”! Had Trump felt that Lewandowski was at fault, he would have immediately been FIRED! The ESTABLISHMENT is being CONFRONTED like it never has before. It is NOW being CHALLENGED to face the TRUTH vs. using RHETORICAL excuses/messages for its failures. Thus, this is the reason WHY they don’t know how to HANDLE “The Donald”. As mentioned above, George Soros did donate to Kasich’s campaign. The “bottom line” is that it ALL boils down to MONEY! AMEN!

  33. Rounds of applause for your comments, Howard! You’re on the mark. We are witnessing an exposure of corruption in our government, so we need to band together in a righteous vote for president. Donald Trump is the right choice for these turbulent times.

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