DYSTOPIA is the word that best describes the entire breakdown of a civil society, where mayhem rules the streets. Example: the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit and Washington DC amongst many . . . are DYSTOPIAN.

Anne said to me the other day . . . that I’m writing quite a bit about our Educational System and the Unions, not that she was complaining or criticizing, but was curious as to why. To which I responded . . .

Our countries are in a mess of trouble, which I sincerely believe cannot be fixed without some major upheaval – and we can’t even begin to understand the reason for the upheaval, unless we know the source. And to me, the source of all our troubles emanate from the things our children are taught.

And it all starts in the Schools with the Unions.

As for Unions, one reader COMMENTED . . . that he was in a private Union for 45-years, where his pension at the end of the day was only $11,000 per year. But I wasn’t writing about private Unions that don’t feed off the people through the government. I am writing explicitly about the insatiable appetite of Politically influenced TAX FUNDED UNIONS, which know no bounds, which are avariciously fed YOUR MONEY & MINE by the LEFT.


There are three countries I really care about . . . Canada, the USA and Israel – and not necessarily in that order. And what I am seeing from these countries, is how the LEFT is creating nothing but trouble for their societies and their FREEDOMS.


But what I do know . . . IS THAT I DON’T CARE.

As for Europe especially . . . for more than a century, Canada and the United States have been spilling blood and treasure saving them from each other and themselves, only to have Europeans look down their long noses at us as if we were their Untermenschen.

And as for how Europe treats Israel . . . with friends like Europe, Israel didn’t and doesn’t need enemies.

I don’t want to waste even more time trying to analyze the LEFT, since we’ve done that for generations with zero success. I just want them to leave us the hell alone.

IN ISRAEL . . . The LEFTIST SUPREME COURT, just annulled a massive agreement the Israeli Government made with several Oil and Gas Companies (Israeli and American), who won the right to a Ten-Year Non-Cancellable, and after signatures Non-Renegotiable contract to pump-out what would have amounted to HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars of Natural Gas from the sea floor in the Mediterranean, but, because the Supreme Court thought the Contract wasn’t fair to other companies after it was signed, when other companies might want to jump-in, even though they had the opportunity to get in when they had the chance to compete but didn’t, the LEFTIST Israeli Supreme Court RULED the Deal NULL and VOID.

NOT ONLY DOES THIS SCREW THE ISRAELI PEOPLE . . . it seriously diminishes the trustworthiness of Israeli government agreements.

ALSO IN ISRAEL . . . A short while ago, during the apprehension of a Moslem (Palestinian) TERRORIST who had stabbed innocent Israelis – the TERRORIST was shot and killed by a soldier while in the process of being subdued.

SO WHAT DOES THE ISRAELI LEFT DEMAND? . . . They want the soldier arrested, which he was, and they want him tried for murder, which is being debated, which is infuriating the Israeli Public and the Israeli Military, since the day hardly goes by without an Arab Moslem (Palestinian) STABBING an Israeli somewhere in Israel.

The Israeli LEFT want to understand how the Israeli people could be nicer to the Palestinians, who want to die KILLING Jews in Israel, so the Palestinians won’t want to KILL Jews in Israel. If this is not LEFTIST Idiocy . . . what is?

IN CANADA . . . Our IDIOT LEFTIST Prime Minister has opened Canada’s doors to 50,000 Moslem “refugees” with a promise to bring in more, while the Canadian economy is in free-fall . . . And that’s not the worst of it.

AND IN THE USA . . . It will only get much worse until it all falls apart, and America will be rebuilt in a fashion under blood and steel that will be unrecognizable from the United States of America, which I and others grew-up to love and want to emulate.


It’s not complicated . . . at least not to me – and because you’re reading this BLOG, it’s probably not complicated to you either. The people are FED-UP with trying to understand the LEFT and the RINO Politicians, who either don’t have the courage to stand on REAL principles that got them elected, and the excuses that got them reelected because they all claim they’re doing a great job, and that eventually they’ll make it all better, while in reality, all they do is TALK-TALK-TALK, while they KOWTOW to the FIXERS . . . AKA Lobbyists with Money.


They want either Cruz or Trump because they want it to end, and they want their country back, and they want the bastards who screwed it up to be punished. And if they don’t get their country back through the BALLOTS, they will get their country back with BULLETS.

Remarkably . . . the only people who don’t realize how incensed the country is . . . and to what extent the people will go to punish their politicians, elitists, bureaucrats, and intellectuals . . . are the politicians, elitists, bureaucrats and intellectuals.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I love it… “Screw you Mohamed and the camel you came in on…” That is precisely the response we should all be making… with apologies to the camel..

  2. If our US Senate approves Obummer’s candidate for the Supreme Court, then the USA is royally screwed!!! There will be no turning back to the way it might have been. My days are numbered, but, not my children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren. They are the ones who will suffer deeply. I am getting more & more of this sinking feeling, that Hildebeast or Slithery Sanders will win the election. The GOP is literally trying to make that happen, by screwing themselves.

  3. It is nothing short of astounding to me that the DC elite. donor class, lobbyists and political class continue to fail to realize how precarious their positions are. Paul Ryan has a primary challenger that his campaign “shrugged off” which may come back to bite them–remember Eric Cantor and Dave Brat? Cantor’s campaign shrugged too until the morning after the 2014 primary when Cantor was out on his butt and Brat was the congressman-elect. Cantor didn’t even finish his term, scumbag that he is.

  4. ….and don’t ANYONE tell me that our country is better off than it was 50 years ago! I was born before WWII, and I have seen the slide downhill, thanks to gradual incursion of government’s uber-leftist influence that involves more and more welfare, higher taxes, anti-profit motive, hate for its own military, an ever-expanding government complex, and…well…you know the story.

    It MUST be turned around, or the country is doomed. Period!

  5. Thanks again Howard. As always you are right on with the problems faced in this country, Canada, and Israel. America needs to get it right with this election or it is all over for us to remember this as the wonderful nation it has been and could be again. We the people are speaking but is anyone listening. Thanks for always working to open our eyes to what is happening. Hope you, Anne & company have had a good winter in Texas and wishing you safe travels home. Keep up the good work. THANKS!!!!

  6. Howard–Have you noticed the threatened strike by all of the U of C’s if they don’t get a 5% raise instead of the 2% offered by the Chancellor? Social Security and the retired military received no cost of living raise this year. The idiotic college professors who really deserve a salary decrease because of the drivel they espouse are rewarded. Time to unlimber the the persuaders.

  7. The only school system that works is a teacher empowered to teach and a student motivated to learn. The only effective fix to our government – excuse me – public school system is to empower parents with an education voucher that follows the child to whatever school or homeschool the parents choose. The progressive evolution needs to shape and control our children’s minds so be useful idiots unable to self govern.

  8. As usual, right on! The problem is that way too many people are just plain stupid and refuse to get and understand the facts. It ends up that it is all about the money ($) and how they control and keep it. Unions served a purpose about 100 years ago but now just operate just like the government…..like a consultant…they take your watch, tell you what time it is and keep the watch!

  9. History is repeating its self from the Barbaric Year 1000 when torture was the order of the day. Easter weekend jarred my mind to see the refection more clearly. Dot

  10. A POX not on BOTH of their houses but rather on ALL of their houses! Farrell

  11. Another winner, Howard. A long time ago while watching the Left do its thing in the 60’s it became very evident that their Marxist ideology is true mental illness. It requires a screwed up mind to accept it…..PERIOD. I think it was Plato who said…”Whoever teaches the children”… will control the society. Dumb and deranged minds do not learn from the past; facts are of no interest. They readily accept the lies that will transform good and decent societies into tyrannical governments.

  12. Dystopia

    Howard Gargaov so aptly did trace,
    That dystopia is an imaginary place,
    Where everything is as bad as it can be,
    Everything around you that you see.

    A place where everything is very bad,
    But when it is not imaginary it is sad,
    Howard Garganov’s Blog of the day,
    Meaning of dystopia not really in play.

    The subject of his blog is quite scary,
    For it is factual in no way imaginary,
    Meaning of dystopia his blog abused,
    Disaster not dystopia should have used!

    Tony Melli

  13. Howard, you are so right about what you write. That is why I readily read you. Thanks again.

  14. Once upon a time in the USA there used to be the Civil Service Commission, which was thought to be an end to political corruption in hiring civil servants. However there is a place for unions in both the public and private sectors; however, public unions should not be able to argue for pay changes and other aspects of work that require a monetary action by the gov. Unlike a private company, the government has no way to adjust the work force or place to compensate for increased expenses.

  15. Over the weekend, I spent time considering just where all of the lobbyists monies go. If all of the monies paid by lobbyists where to go to the government as opposed to the politicians, perhaps these “dedicated ” people who would be done out of the wealth that is availed to them, more people who would be “dedicated” would come forward. Congressmen or Members of Parliament who weren’t millionaires before being elected sure as hell shouldn’t be millionaires after leaving office

  16. Shalom. May you and Ann have a great Passover. We just celebrated our return from Israel. The best 10 days of my life. We pray daily for the Hebrews/nation of Israel . You are absolutely correct in your column. America is dangerously close to erupting. I don’t know about Canada. Israel’s leftists, as in America, are dedicated to selling out/putting the shaft to Israel. They are the judenrats of the 21st century. I question their linage back to Shem. Mine is Japheth. Their’s must be Ham

  17. The politicians, elitists, bureaucrats and intellectuals see and hear us perfectly well. They are ignoring us. Treating us as though we are not even here. Are you engaged over that? Does it piss you off that they have the nerve to think that will work on you? Why wouldn’t they think that? It always has in the past. THINK ABOUT THAT!

  18. Hi, I was totally baffled by the Israeli court disallowing the deal that the Government had in regard the oil and gas fields. It is mind boggling how can couple of guys destroy the future economy of their country? I wish we can take all he leftists and ship them to Gaza or North Korea. As for who will fix things in the USA after the total Obama debacle, I cannot see that Ted Cruz has the magic to do it. In my humble opinion, I think Trump will have a better chance.
    Steve Acre

  19. And along with your writing about the unions, just recently the s(ick)cotusa, ruled 4 to 4 even split to give the unions the win for more power. I believe and bet that Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, for more than likely, he would have voted against the lower court decision in organized labor’s favor.

  20. Howard, As my friend R.G. says to me all of the time, “Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel”.
    So glad you tell the truth, so glad you tell it like it is, no sugar coating!
    I plan on holding my breath until November to see if America will stand up for itself and it’s citizens and rid us all of the leftist morons and the Muslims infiltrating the White House and Oval Office! Kay

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