Just as an aside to this Editorial – as an addendum to the last, I remember when teachers in the 1960’s began complaining bitterly about class sizes being too big, rendering the type of personalized attention students deserved to receive to be unattainable.

But thinking back . . . when I was in grade school in the 1950’s, our class sizes numbered in the high 30’s, and occasionally as much as 40-Students per class, and even at that, we all learned to READ, WRITE & DO ARITHMETIC – all of us. So it wasn’t much of a problem then was it?

And thinking back even further (before my time), many teachers taught several grades simultaneously in the same classroom, in the proverbial one room school house, which graduated some real fine individuals.

FAST FORWARD AGAIN . . . to the mid 1960’s, when I was now in high school, when the teachers spent an incredible amount of time, both theirs and the students’ – with days off and unscheduled study periods for them to ORGANIZE for the UNION, which we thought they were doing for us.

It was then, and almost all of a sudden, that class size really became a huge issue, with the claim from the UNION, that large class sizes made it impossible for teachers to provide the personal attention each student required to learn . . . to his or her fullest ability.

BUT AFTER REREADING MY LAST EDITORIAL, and discussing it with Anne (my wife), it dawned on me – that the FIGHT the UNIONS waged to reduce class sizes, had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the welfare of students, but EVERYTHING to do with the welfare of the TEACHER UNIONS.

1 – Smaller class size – LESS work for the teachers to have to perform, in terms of writing exams, marking exams, and having one-on-one sessions with students, which they didn’t do all that much of anyway.

2 – The smaller the class size also demanded the hiring of MORE teachers, which further precipitated the growth and power of the UNIONS.


And I’m ashamed to say that it only took me 66-Years to realize it.


In the COMMENT Section of the last Editorial, John F. Morgan of Dalton Georgia, reminded me of the FABIAN SOCIETY, which was established in England on January 4, 1884, which was to the best of my knowledge, the precursor of SOCIALISM amongst the wealthy and Intellectual Class, who saw themselves superior to the UNDERLINGS (like you and me), whose lot-in-life was for them to guide the poor working and Entrepreneurial Class to a better collective way of living.

I first learned of the Fabians, when I was much younger, and couldn’t at that time understand the dangers of Socialism. It‘s also important to know that the Fabians were a creation of the PRIVILEGED Class, not mostly by self-made wealthy people . . . but rather, mostly by the inheritors of family wealth.

The Fabians were also the favorite Elitist CLUB for Intellectuals, which included people who survived on the money others paid forward, through their taxes and largess, which included teachers, professors, actors, writers, politicians and well-placed bureaucrats.

IN ENGLAND – the antithesis to the Fabians, was Margaret Thatcher, who actually LIBERATED England from the STRANGLE HOLD of Socialist Elitism . . . FREEING the British people and the British economy to join the 20th-Century.

Unfortunately for England though . . . the era of Thatcher is gone, and the Fabians are back in charge, which is evident from England’s Economy and the nightmare that has become of England’s LEFTIST embrace of Islam.


Canada and the United States do not have an entrenched Fabian Society as-per-se, but that doesn’t mean that our LEFT isn’t just as embedded into our way of life, in the same way the Fabians have become the Driving Force in England, to which I CONTEND, that the nucleus of our downfall became irreversible in our classrooms, at the behest of our ORGANIZED UNION LED TEACHERS, who have ZERO experience in the real world, yet teach real world living to our children.

REMEMBER THIS . . . A teacher – all the way from pre-school to the level of Professor, has never left school. They have been students in academia for their entire lives. They have been paid by the Tax Payers to perform a task from which they cannot be fired or removed without incredibly ridiculous exceptions

It’s called TENURE . . . that guarantees a JOB AND SALARY FOR LIFE.


We bear witness every day, to outrageous statements and policies that rip through our schools from the lowest grade to graduation, where our children are ENCOURAGED to take BS courses which create HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for the educational system, and the TENURED people (Teachers/Professors) who are at the sharp end of the spear, while the students WALLOW IN DEBT, more often than not, with ZERO useful employable knowledge and skills.


You would think . . . that in a world governed by reasonable thought and fairness, that the graduates would be upset at the people who led them down the garden path, to years of wasted time, effort, and in many cases insurmountable debt – meaning all the people at all levels of Academia – BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG, because we are no longer living in reasonable times.

The graduates, who have literally been brainwashed by LEFTIST Teachers from preschool, all the way to University, BLAME THE MAKERS for their dire circumstance. In fact, they blame everyone who has become successful outside of their system for NOT leveling the Playing Field.

TO TAKE QUOTES FROM THE LIKES OF OBAMA AND CLINTON . . . It’s the ONE PERCENTERS, who are to blame for their wasted time, effort and debt. It is the system that doesn’t support everyone . . . including, and perhaps mostly, the people who are for a MERITOCRACY who are to blame.

BUT THEY WILL NEVER BLAME THE ACADEMICS . . . because, for their entire school-lives, which encompasses on average, about a quarter of a century of learning . . . they have been brainwashed to believe what their LEFTIST Teachers and Professors have taught them, that we as a society are all equal, and everyone deserves their fair share, whether they worked for it or not, and it’s the greedy entrepreneurs who are to blame for the demise of the classes.

I WILL ALSO ARGUE . . . that the WEALTHY LEFTISTS like George Soros and Hillary Clinton, get away with their propaganda, because unlike so many other wealthy people who made their money the OLD FASHIONED WAY, by working and risking for it, and by employing – from a few people, to massive amounts of people like Walmart does, that they are the enemies of the State.


Anne and I met a couple from New York City, who were recently retired, and PROUD outspoken Democrats, who bragged about voting for Obama Twice, and were looking forward to voting for Hillary Clinton in November 2016.

I don’t know if the wife ever worked, I sort of think not, but the husband had a pseudo government job, which gave him a healthy pension at the age of 55, which enabled them to buy an expensive RV and Diesel Truck, with which to enjoy early retirement.

They weren’t bad people . . . but they also weren’t our Cup of Tea, so we didn’t spend any time socializing with them, and I assume the feeling on their part was mutual.

One day though, the husband asked where Anne and I bought something that he was interested in having, and we said Walmart, to which his indignation was palpable, saying to Anne and myself that HE WOULD NEVER SHOP AT WALMART – EVER!

So I asked him, why not? To which he responded . . . until Walmart is UNIONIZED and paid their employees a LIVING WAGE, he will never step foot into a Walmart.

THIS WAS COMING FROM A GUY WHO GAMED THE SYSTEM . . . and was proud to brag to me, at how he looked at every advantage he could possibly get before he bought anything. And even then, he would find additional ways to pull a fast one.

I generally do not speak or debate with LEFTISTS, because I refuse to debate with IDIOTS who want something for nothing. However, in this case I said the following . . .

Walmart directly employs ONE POINT FIVE MILLION PEOPLE just in the USA. And causes millions more to have jobs as a corollary to what they do, and to whom they employ in the communities where Walmart is present.

Because of the salaries Walmart pays its employees, the employees have the money to spend in the community, helping to create jobs and pay salaries for non-Walmart employees. And if a Walmart store closes down, let me assure you, that far more people lose their jobs than just the Walmart employees.

Also . . . Walmart provides affordable goods, which many people who are low to no earners could otherwise never hope to afford. And Walmart employs no shortage of people whose working skills would otherwise never allow them to find work.

AND FINALLY . . . This myth, which is actually a huge lie – that Walmart doesn’t pay their employees a fair wage is tripe, since Walmart pays above the national average for the work skill most Walmart employees possess. Walmart also provides healthcare, even before the fiasco known as Obamacare, and allows their employees the training and the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from serious promotions within the corporation.

BUT I MIGHT HAVE HAD A BETTER AUDIENCE . . . if I spoke to the asphalt, because this Union Zealot was so INCULCATED with his disdain for Walmart, that the only thing he saw was HATE.

SO LET ME FAST FORWARD . . . The New Yorker and his wife were about to leave the RV Center where Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I spend the winter, when Walmart announced in January of 2016, the closing of 154 Stores in the USA alone (one of them just a few miles from where we are staying in Austin), laying-off more than TEN THOUSAND EMPLOYEES – I asked him if he was happy now, and if he was about to support these people and their families who were now UNEMPLOYED . . . and in many cases UNEMPLOYABLE?

The New Yorker didn’t answer. I didn’t ask again. He’s gone . . . GOOD RIDDANCE.

AND THIS LADIES AND GENTLEMAN . . . is what the Fabian Society and the North American LEFT are all about. And we can thank our teachers for this decline of our countries, and look into the mirror to see who let it happen.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m down in S. Florida. Yesterday I was shocked that the news referred to the terrorists as “militants”. Today, CBS won’t show the new Charlie Hebdo cover cartoon as it might “offend” some viewers. Yet there they are, weepy about the attack on “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press”. B.S! When will the left understand? Here is a thought: Islam is the religion who’s name means peace, not the religion of peace. When that is understood, maybe people and leaders will understand reality.

  2. Re class sizes: Howard, in 1942 I began grade school at St. Frances of Rome grammar school in the Bronx, New York City. The teacher, a 21 year old Presentation Order nun, Sister Mary Christopher, was teaching her first class… 72 five year old boys. 9 rows deep times 8 seats across each row. We received discipline and education in equal measure and I learned to read and write in that first grade. I learned to be disciplined in school, or a 36″ hickory blackboard pointer would visit me.

  3. I heard a term once long ago “Those who can’t teach”. When my daughter went to community college, which we assisted her in so she wouldn’t be in serious debt on graduation, dating a university boy, he explained that they had to pay crazy prices for books and course material that was usually photocopied from books for the professors, using university paper and machines and the money went to the professor with the full knowledge of the university. Alos no buying used books. Extortion.

  4. Well said, Howard; it’s all a part of the big picture…..the TOTAL LIE wrapped up in what I call Marxism. As a youngster I heard heated discussions about the teachers unionizing. Some knew exactly how things would play out. Any form of Socialism/Marxism appeals to greedy, envious, hateful, basically unhappy dumb people. And they have grown in numbers….scary numbers. Watch for November 2016. It will tell us exactly where we stand in the USA. You have Trudeau. UGH! Insanity!

  5. I went to Parochial school in the ’40. class size about 50 to 52. Dominican nuns had no problems and if a child left public school and transferred to ours, they went back one year.

    High school was stricter with the Christian Brothers.


  6. Great article .. I remember it all too well .. except I was elementary, secondary schools in TX .. the Unions were later getting there .. and we used to have a wonderful married couple (Mr and Mrs Mel Gabler) that would read every textbook that was up for adoption by Texas Education Agency and take the School Board to task if it wasn’t historically correct ..
    God Bless the Gablers .. May they rest in peace.

  7. I agree, that all of this BS, starts at school. Just another point, I think the parents way of thinking how to raise children started with Dr. Spock. He was the one who said, you should never physically punish your child, talk & reason with them. Ok – Tell me how you talk to or reason with a 2 or 3-year-old??? Psychology has taken over, instead of common sense in raising kids. Doesn’t work with that age, even Time Out fails about 80% of the time. I am not talking whippings, but a good spanking.

  8. I have total disdain for most teachers. I haven’t met many who weren’t total idiots with the exception of my best friend who is wicked smart and ends up being teacher of the year repeatedly. They have no grasp of reality. I went to a private Christian school and in 8th grade changed to public school which was a mistake–the teachers there were idiots. The rare exceptions are the teachers we remember as the ones who changed our lives, for me it was Joyce Dix who taught me biology for 3 years.

  9. The k-12 public schools and higher education are pricing themselves out of existence. They have driven out millions of religious citizens and produce an inferior product. The only choice they support is abortion. Fortunately technology is bringing forth viable alternatives that will do much better with far less cost. E G Why should a student who wants to be an accountant need a 4 year degree. Why not learn accounting and pass the CPA? Same for most professions. Businesses can certify.

  10. You simply don’t/can’t understand what your problem is/was/will continue to be. You are like the little boy who points out that the king “ain’t wearing any cloths.” Since he had nothing to gain or lose by making the observation of truth he could state the truth. Everyone else, one way or another, depended on the king or thought they did so they said nothing. Because of this they too were soon “wearing the king’s clothes” but remained afraid to admit to the truth themselves.

  11. Unions n government are the bane of business and industry. They have been the root cause of company layoffs, closures and moving business offshore. Much needed years ago in the time of the Guilds and abuse of working children they are the worst enemy today. Union teachers, 15hr week, class size 15 approved by Unionized parents. Union leaders have to make noise to justify their outrageous salaries, it’s a vicious circle. Watch Bernie for more.

  12. I went to 3 different schools,Elementary,Junior High School & High School.As I GRADUATED each school,I’d visit my teachers in Elementary school.These teachers were role models (IN A GOOD WAY). They would tell me how mischievous I was with a smile,they were correct. But they then told me, “today’s kids were outright dangerous”!That was the latter part of the 60’s.We all learned the 3 R’s,History,Social Events, Gym,Proper Social Behavior, ETC. Those Teachers were not only good they were CONCERNED!

  13. Your idiots from New York remind me of the Idiots from Canada that visit where I stay in Florida. I do my best to engage them in conversations as to what their employment was before they retired, mostly at 55, and they seem almost embarrassed to talk about it. Ran into one a couple of years ago that finally admitted he was a “sort of ombudsman” who pointed out the good hunting and fishing places for visiting dignitaries. Must have been an awful stressful job. Anyway it is fun to kind of taunt.

  14. Not all but most teachers are now parasites, inflicting more harm than good. Re: Ian Gunn comment I believe the quote is “those who can do, those who can’t teach”!

  15. Unions attract the lazy who want equal pay for just showing up. I worked as a clerk-steno with the USAF at the Pentagon when unions began for gov’t employees. I’d been there long enough to know who were the workers and who sloughed off. Guess who went running to unions? Unions create discontent/friction, use extortion to get more for less work & eventually downgrade quality & output of jobs. Could that have been the intent all along as part of Communist Manifesto to destroy us from within?

  16. Re “Remember this”. At age 16 I got a job as a lab technician at what was then the “Anglo Iranian Oil Company”. I trained army personel At night I took courses in Chemistry….organic and inorganic…..physical chemistry…..petroleum technology.
    Got married and at age 34 had 2 children, entered a teacher training college and took a three year course to obtain my teaching certificate.
    In between I worked as a sales clerk in a shoe store, a greengrocer and a jewellery store..I did leave schoo

  17. Plato’s definition of “democracy” comes to mind: “the authority of the crowd”.
    Our uneducated “crowd” is the primary cause of the impending demise of my
    country and The U.S.A.

  18. I agree wholeheartedly with your view of teachers’ unions…never belong to one…but on the class size issue, you are mistaken. It’s more work because it entails more planning and recordkeeping to individualize. Research shows that classes of 15 or less show a class size effect but most states lowered class size to 20 (no class size effect entailed). I have taught third grade class as high as 49 with no assistant. It required a lot of planning, recordkeeping and strong discipline but it worked.

  19. Who is John Galt? I’m tired of supporting the people who don’t want to work, who DEMAND that they be provided for and want to drag me down to their level. More and more today’s America is looking like Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. God help us!

  20. You are correct that not all teachers are bad. 1954 after released from active duty and back to engineering, the town in which we lived had little tax revenue because the alumina plants were in an adjacent jurisdiction. The school system had no funds for music teachers so a friend’s wife and mine taught public school music pro bono for two years. One principal begged my wife (education major, music, French) take over for an expecting 4th grade teacher. Two more years and I moved to marketing.

  21. The best big-picture look at the Fabian socialists in America is Curtis Bowers’ documentary “Agenda2”. “The issue” of the day, whether school class size, unionization or immigration, “is never the issue.” Check it out, “Agenda2”, even better than his original best-award-winning “Agenda”.

  22. After reading your Editorial, don’t people wonder WHY one wouldn’t be encouraged to vote for TRUMP? His wanting to “Make America Great Again” sounds better and better every day. Our COUNTRY has been RUINED by the LEFTISTS, et al, and especially by Barack HUSSEIN Obama. There are many reasons why the ESTABLISHMENT FEARS TRUMP and don’t want him to become the Nominee. They will lose their POWER and CONTROL! It’s time to CLEAN HOUSE because people are FED UP with their MACHIAVELLIAN TACTICS. AMEN!

  23. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…….If anyone teaches otherwise and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, they are conceited and understand nothing. They have an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction between people of corrupt mind…….For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.

  24. Lots of the people that complain about Wal Mart dont remember or were not around when there was no Wal Mart or Kmart thus no real discount stores. If one doesnt like Wal Mart dont shop there, that will make it easier for me to get around in there. Some would complain even if Wal Mart gave away their goods.

  25. A lot of what you say here has truth to it but some of it is over the top. You tar too many with the same brush. I have been a private sector union member for 45 years and my pension is no screaming hell 11k per yr. Where I do agree with you is the problem with PUBLIC sector unions. They have deep pocketed taxpayers for their largess. Most private sectors don’t. The other problem is politicians and their pensions. Those hurt.

  26. Ralph Glorioso, Oceanside, California, United State.

    Thanks Ralph, what a wonderful reflection, what ever happened to backing up the disciplined we needed and to where the soft parents of today have evolved

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