It’s Coming Down To Two Winners


At this point in this Bruising Republican Campaign, which has already left a string of battered bodies on the path to the Nomination . . . to me – it doesn’t matter who wins between Trump and Cruz, since both of them, in their own unique way, bring something remarkable to the table.

ALSO . . . As much as the INSIDERS HATE CRUZ – they hate Trump even more, so much so, that they would rather take their chance with Cruz as their Nominee, who is a KNOWN BULL IN A RINO SHOP, than Trump, who might actually . . . after the election, be more pliable to the CENTER. But they don’t know that, and they’re terrified to find out. So for them, it’s Cruz all the way.

Watching the likes of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney endorse Cruz, tells me that no matter how this election goes, as long as the winner is either Trump or Cruz, is that American and Canadian Conservatives like me, have a great deal of gratitude to pay to Donald Trump.

Because . . . if it weren’t for Trump, this campaign would have already been over, and Cruz would never have had a Snow Ball’s Chance-In-Hell of winning anything, as a RINO backed candidate would have won long ago. But, because of Trump, and how he obliterated the RINOS and their Candidates, America and the world has an incredible opportunity to welcome one of two WORLD CHANGERS to the Presidency of the USA.


The moment I woke up on Tuesday (March 22, 2016) morning, and saw the news about the Moslem Attacks at the Brussels Airport and Metro System, the first thought that came to my mind was . . . how fortunate this event is for the Media, since it will give the Entertainment News Broadcasters unbelievable FREE Programming for the better part of a week, showing the same poor quality VIDEOS over and over again, until we could all recognize the pixels.

We’ll hear the same reporting delivered a hundred different ways, to give the semblance of it being new and fresh, when in fact, the Media will know Diddly-Squat until someone really-in-the-know, will let them in on something new, but until then, the Media will REGURGITATE ad Nauseam.

And we will see all the Cities from around the world come together, to Fly their Nation’s Flags at Half Mast, and change the colors of the lights on City Icons in solidarity with the National Colors of Belgium.

And then there’ll be the PROMISES and STATEMENTS from Leftists and other Feel-Gooders who are NOT from Belgium, THAT WE ARE BELGIUM . . . as if that will do a lick-of-anything. And then will come the flowers, poems, hand made message signs and candles.


You won’t hear anyone in authority declare . . . that we will SHUTDOWN every MOSQUE in Belgium. That we will conduct a forensic SEARCH of every MOSQUE in Belgium looking for Weapons, Explosives and or Hate Literature, and when we find anything that shouldn’t be there – the Moslem Religious Leaders and Mosque Elders will go to Prison for a VERY long time, and after having done their time, THEY’LL BE KICKED OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOREVER! That’s what you won’t hear.


We will hear that NATO will call meetings. That they will discuss strategy. That they will work harder and more diligently to trade information with each other. And that they will work more conscientiously to bring Moslem Nations and leaders into their fold . . . BLAH-BLAH-BLAH.

AND HOW . . . we should neither blame nor target Moslems for what the Moslems did, because Islam is the Religion Of Peace.


Think about it . . . Every time Obama talks about America’s International Partners for any kind of Military Event, to whom is he referring besides Canada, England and Australia, since the French, Germans, Italians and all others bring BUPKES to the Table?

When Obama speaks about America’s Arab/Moslem Partners . . . I wait for the punch line. Or is that the punch line?

AS FOR NATO – There is no Real Alliance, because without the USA . . . NATO is nothing more than a Polite Debating Club, where the members wear fancy uniforms covered in lots of BLING, that couldn’t and wouldn’t punch its way out of a wet paper bag, if it meant the members could get dirty doing it.

So why bother to continue funding this Elitist Club . . . until NATO pays its own way in Treasure, Steel, and Blood?


When the US Military took down Saddam Hussein in his Spider Hole in Iraq, I don’t remember anyone declaring that GEORGE W BUSH GOT HUSSEIN. So why does the WHOLE MEDIA and the US Democrat Led Government declare that OBAMA GOT BIN LADEN?

I don’t recall Obama wearing full Battle Gear, getting onto an Attack Helicopter, Rappelling from the Copter into harm’s way onto the Bin Laden Compound . . . shooting it out with Moslem TERRORIST Commandos on the way to finding Bin Laden, to ultimately putting a couple of bullets into the Moslem Terrorist Leader’s Head. Or did I miss something?


It seems that everyone who was against Trump from the very beginning, now knows exactly how Trump must speak, what he should say, how he should say it, and what he shouldn’t say.

Isn’t that kind of rich, when Trump has done everything they say he should NOT have done, but regardless, he’s smashed all the competition on his way to the Nomination, which he might or might not get . . . but is closer to than anyone else by a landside?


Pinkus is the newly minted President of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), who is as ELITIST, and as much to the LEFT as it gets, who read the RIOT ACT to Trump, after Trump’s speech at AIPAC, because he dared to take a few shots at Obama and Hillary Clinton; and to that, she also slapped-down the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Jews at the AIPAC speech, who repeatedly gave Trump Standing Ovations.

BECAUSE – ACCORDING TO HER . . . the AIPAC Convention is not the place to take political swipes at anyone. So I guess Pinkus didn’t hear Clinton’s speech, where she took some aggressive swipes at Trump and the Republicans? And she didn’t hear Cruz’s speech, that led-off with a shot at Trump?


Fresh from doing the WAVE with Castro in Cuba at a baseball game, as the BLOOD WAS STILL FRESH ON THE STREETS OF BRUSSELS . . . Obama is now in Argentina talking about the FANTASY of Man Made Global Warming.

And when asked by a journalist at a press conference, about what he (Obama) was prepared to do about the TERROR Attack in Belgium, and how he was going to fight (Moslem) TERRORISM . . . Obama went from the usual BS to his normal defense of Islam, and how GREAT and Significant American Moslems have been in the day-to-day lives and history of Americans and the USA. I guess FANTASY is where Obama prefers to live.

AND WHILE IN ARGENTINA . . . Home of some 200,000 Jews, Obama was asked to visit the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aries, to pay his respects on behalf of the USA, where in 1994, 87-JEWS WERE BUTCHERED, with another 100-WOUNDED at the hands of MOSLEM TERRORISTS.

OBAMA DECLINED . . . But has had plenty of time over the years to visit or host the families and funerals of Black Thugs and Traitors in America, who were shot-down by American Cops doing their job – or have deserted from their ranks.

Its ironic, how Obama had time to do the wave with the Anti-Freedom, Anti-American Communist Castro, but he didn’t have time to lay a wreath or even acknowledge the Site of a Massacre of 87-INNOCENT JEWS. Yet American Jews have voted for him, and will now vote for Hillary Clinton, who is not unlike Obama – in droves.

ANOTHER NOTE . . . Canada’s LEFTIST Prime Minister, and all the LEFTIST Premiers (akin to governors), and the Media, are FOCUSED on protecting Moslems from ISLAMO-PHOBIA, where, if you listen to them, Moslems are targeted daily by non-Moslem Racists.

SO HOW DO THEY SQUARE THIS CIRCLE . . . when the Toronto Police, who have shown no favoritism to Toronto’s Jewish Community, came out with their comprehensive Study of Racism in Toronto (2014), showing that Canada’s Largest and most diversified City (More Than 6-Million People) – LISTED ANTI-SEMITISM AS TORONTO’S GREATEST TARGET OF RACISM?

And guess who was second? . . . It wasn’t Moslems who were third. It was Toronto’s members of the Black Community, who were second by a long shot. So go and Cry Crocodile Tears for the non-existent Racism against Moslems to someone who cares.

Wouldn’t it be nice if once in a while the Mainstream Media would report this kind of stuff, you know – like the TRUTH?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,

    I too was confused by the “All Is Forgiven” front page. But then, it IS the French….

  2. Completely accurate. Cruz is becoming an embarrassment. Instead of taking the vile superpac to task for their attacks on Trumps wife, he waits until after the vote and then attacks Trump for threatening to expose the possible shady dealings of Cruz’s wife. What a coward Cruz is! He is so desperate to win he will forgo his own Christian beliefs.

  3. I agree with Ken Lee. Cruz has lost all respect from many of us I’m sure for the way he (of late especially) has in manner & with his very eloquent speak – has conducted himself. Strong, I admit – but the word ‘whore’ comes to mind.

  4. Americans need to learn the history of Islam. What we see today has been going on for 1400 years. Perhaps if they had water boarded the prisoner they had who knew about this 30 innocent people in Belgium would be alive – including women and children. We whine about water boarding. A nation of sheep?

  5. Every time something like Brussels happens, I would drive an Oklahoma City type truck into one of these areas that the police are afraid to go into. I would have a helicopter above with a lowered penetrator lowered at the scene. As I flew off the peaceful moslems who all act like the three monkeys would find out that I wasn’t trying to make peace with them and have had enough of their culture.

  6. Dear Howard, It’s comming down to the conservatives lose and the establishment repubs win. THE ONLY REASON ESTABS ARE BACKING TED (whom they hate) is to control it at the convention! Ted drop out NOW and let Trump have it!!!! We have to end the estabs controlling the party! Ben Carson gets VP and Ted SCOTUS……. A great ending for us

  7. Anyone and I mean anyone who thinks Canada and the USofA are safe from Muslim activities must have their heads buried so far up their butts that they can’t see the light of day. What happened in Brussels is nothing short of disgusting and no amount of talk from the Imams of the West condemning the attacks will justify giving our freedoms to these people. They have displayed their future wants for Islam in spades. Stop the carnage. Religion has always been the root of wars. Why???

  8. Don’t kid yourself, Cruz is an insider. Under the Bush administration Ted directed the Office of Policy Planning at The Federal Trade Commission. Prior to election to the senate he was Texas Solicitor General. Under Bush, his wife Heidi, was deputy to National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice. Then she was special assistant to Robert Zoellick, U.S. Trade representative, chief negotiator for GATT, and former president of the World Bank. She also served on the Council on Foreign Relations.

  9. DO YOU KNOW – what I want? DO YOU GIVE a pile of feces? Glad you asked; in fact, I thought you’d NEVER ask. I WANT DONALD J. TRUMP TO WIN! Why? Glad you asked. Thought you’d NEVER ask. Because he’s exceedingly brilliant, can think on his feet faster than anyone else can and yet stay focused on the issue before him. Cruz can’t frighten an ant or cockroach by thumping bibles. Nor can he quote the testaments causing his target to break a sweat. GIVE ME TRUMP – or, at least, my Teddy Bear.

  10. Only one thought today: It becomes clearer each and every day that Obama is a traitor and thus needs to be indicted for the crime of treason and tried before a jury for that charge. Impeachment would be too kind to him.

  11. Ok, the gloves are off and the REAL stupidity is out there! So what do the candidates do now?
    My thought as a “campaign advisor” Trump is going to reveal his top 10 picks for SCOTUS nominees. Great news, BUT let’s ramp up the pressure!
    I would recommend that EVERY WEEK from here to November, on Friday at 2PM announce ONE member of the proposed Cabinet, starting before the next election, next week preferably, with his VP pick, and then “count’em down to November!
    I’m hiring a TEA

  12. Yes the flowers and hugs in Belgium and around the world re the last insult to the Free World are quite touching . The input from Obama and Turdo are truly uplifting to the rest of us TARGETS. I’m so impressed !! One question only : we elect and PAY these Elitist ass grabbers to protect us do we not ? who EXACTLY is being fired for incompetence here ?
    Long overdue we replace people who cannot do their jobs. I do not care how they offend or mistreat terrorists in the process !!

  13. Being at the point of the media spear, Howard, your website continues to eviscerate the unparalleled savages who occupy center stage apologizing for the beastial Byzantine animals laying waste to Europe. But can anyone provide a serious and defendable rationale for why America, and now Canada welcome these people to our lands? Anyone? Sure the Ski Instructor and the community organizer like to pad their voter registrations, but inviting in murderous scum????

  14. Trump MUST get enough votes to be Nominated BEFORE the Cleveland Circus. That place will be a jump ball and in that case it will probably be Romney and Ryan whole be handed the “go” card, and will lose to Mz. Joker. He now needs approx. 53% of the remaining delegates, it is reachable and he should get them. However, this is a MUST DO.

  15. When there are enough muslims in this country to attack our freedoms they will and this will become such an uproar, Obama will declare martial law. There will probably be no election. . .Obama will stay in power, we will have no freedom, guns, or anything else. This country will find our what freedom really means. We have become the laughing stock of the whole world. The muslims are an offspring of the bond woman Hagar. Wake up America

  16. While the word of people dying is dominating the airways the POTUS finds 51 second out of his tax payer vacation to Cuba then off to the baseball game. Next, at tax payers expense, he continues his vacation in Argentina. What a wonderful life he leads. I’m so glad he is taking care of the peoples business.

  17. Howard, you give the savages too much dignity by capitalizing the “m’ in moslem.

  18. Illegal immigration is the kicker for me and Cruz is softening on it so I am with Trump and disappointed in Ted with the GOPe making nice with him and wondering if I have been fooled. Marco fooled me but up to the Gang of 8 I was on board but he lost me there. It’s such a tangled web I think that it may never unravel but we have to try.

  19. Your statement “as a RINO backed candidate would have won long ago” were it not for Trump, is the exact reason why it irks me when the people (voters) continually get blamed for the state of affairs. The voters choices are those the establishment want in. We have no other choice. Trump has finally given the people someone other than an establishment puppet to get behind.

  20. Thanks again, Howard, for your sanity. We have not seen it in America since Reagan left the White House. The Marxists have taken over too much and might very well seal the deal in November. Let’s hope for the best.

  21. Donald Trump, has one major hurdle to cross. And I believe he could eliminate that hurdle. By indicating that he would like for the people to help him choose his Vice President. I believe that would express his true desire for the people to chose their leadership. Instead of A Vice becoming President on a one man selection. He will have to get the Magic Electoral Count. The caucus would steal it on single digit. I believe that Ted Cruz would be that choice for Vice. But Donald Trump 2016.

  22. Thank you Howard for your sage and accurate observations.The propaganda machine is showing clinton quotes concerning the way the terrorism needs to be dealt with. She says we should seek leadership that minimize the seriousness of the problem so as to keep Americans from getting angry. I’m sorry but isn’t that the same thing that got so many good people killed in benghazi!

  23. While I’m for Trump, I’m not convinced many of his major promises are doable. Comedian, Jon Oliver, did a hilarious analysis on YouTube.
    On another matter: I believe Trump lost many potential supporters by insulting them and making them feel like idiots if they supported him. Jeb is one of a few influential individuals. To prove my point: His criticisms of Dr. Carson were not harsh enough to make HIM feel hypocritical by supporting him.

  24. Howard, it is ALL Muslims. All Mosques should be eliminated and all Muslims deported from the US (and Canada). There is no such thing as a “good” Muslim. They all adhere to the Koran, want sharia law and believe that everyone is to convert to Islam. If we keep bringing in Muslims, that is what will happen when they have enough Muslims to control Congress. Then you can kiss your A** goodbye.

  25. I’m surprised that you didn’t comment on Obama apologizing to Communist Cuba for America. And no note that Hillary last night said Moslems aren’t the problem, ISIS isn’t the problem – the Jihadists are the problem, hours after they blew up 30+ people in Belgium. I’m thinking DNA testing will help us figure out who is who. But you did hit on the big points Howard. Thank you!

  26. Howard you are absolutely correct and may I applaud you on your article.
    As you know I live in Belgium and I have been appalled by the gutless response to this senseless, idiotic, devilish killing of innocent people in Brussels by fanatical animals.
    What a travesty. Supposed world leaders serving up the same pathetic platitudes. Not one cried “retribution”. All played the “politically correct” game. In my view they all have blood on their hands.

  27. I was up, very early AM, the morning of the Belguim terrorist attacks!!! I was blown away, again. When are the leaders going to wake up & admit that there are too many Moslems in countries around the world & they are a major problem??? As for the GOP getting down to basically 2 candidates, I still worry that there will be a Brokered convention & the GOP Elites & Insiders will win. However, they will NOT win the November Elections!!! We will have either Hildebeast or Slimy Sanders.

  28. Howard, great insight. What happened in Belgium happens when borders are opened and the fanatics flock in. I can see the Netherlands next and the other countrys who let them in including the USA. Donald is right–close the borders and deport the nuts including obama’s cabinet.

  29. We’re it not for TRUMP, politicians would never be NEVER DISCUSSING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, etc… Ironically, CRUZ is now REPEATING TRUMP’S OWN WORDS re: how to cope with this issue as well as HOW to cope w/ISIS! Cruz is definitely an INSIDER–part of the ESTABLISHMENT even if he claims otherwise. Trump doesn’t call him “LYIN TED” for nothing! Yes, TRUMP does appear more presidential when using a teleprompter. TRUMP should announce his VP & TEAM very soon to MAINTAIN his FIRST-PLACE STATUS! AMEN!

  30. Well, I have to admitt that I was 50% of my prediction’s. 1) Trump’s way of manner would finally get the canndidates some guts to tell what they think, despite the media’s re-action’s. However, I didn’t expect to see Trump go this far, and it sure has brought to light who these runners are are. So Donald, go all the way and obliterate GOP establishment and the RINO’s.

  31. Now attacking each others wife, this has nothing to do with running this country. Republicans are losers, they all cant look at the same clock and agree on what time it is. Hillary will be the next prez elected by the same thing the current idiot got elected on GENERAL WIDE SPREAD APATHY, DISHONESTY, AND BUYING HER WAY IN. We are doomed Trump or not!
    God bless us all!

  32. Gotta agree re Cruz. He is totally owned & easy to see thru & it doesn’t seem anyone much notices. Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA

  33. At a recent meeting I asked an Iranian female speaker if Canada had anything to worry about, she said, “It’s an Islamic revolution. Nero fiddled while Rome burned; Obama danced (literally) the Tango in Argentina while Belgium was being attacked. What a disgusting President the USA has.

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