I TOLD YOU SO ABOUT DONALD TRUMP . . . I told you that he would make a mess of things for America, if he were to win the Nomination. And not only did I tell you so – I EXPLAINED WHY.

But even I had no idea how badly all of this would develop – and now that it’s HITTING-THE-FAN, the only thing I can say is . . . GO TRUMP GO!

THE FACT THAT THE LEFT . . . and Republican INSIDERS are APOPLECTIC over Trump, is as pleasant to someone like me as eating as much of my favorite dessert as I want, or listening non-stop to the music of my life, or sitting on the dock at my favorite fishing hole, as the clouds above drift by.

THE FACT THAT WORLD LEADERS . . . are chiming in against Donald Trump, tells me that he is already WINNING for America, and scaring the crap out of the useless Bastards who have been RIPPING America Off for generations.

THE FACT THAT MEXICO . . . is railing AGAINST Trump and his WALL, says to me that Mexico with all of its gross HYPOCRISY, can simply Bugger-Off.

THE FACT THAT THE LEFT . . . from the Union Bosses, to the Black Lives Matter Jerks, to the Occupy Schmucks, to the University “Children” who want a FREE RIDE, to the Green Idiots, and the totally uninformed NINCOMPOOPS who think they really know something, when in all actuality they know very little, who are TERRIFIED of a Trump Presidency . . . is to me – SUNSHINE, RAINBOWS & LOLLIPOPS.


AND THEN THERE ARE THE INSIDERS . . . who have been conning and raping the working population through Lobbyists, the Politicians, the Bureaucrats and the Courts, for so long, that the people have accepted it as normal, much like a spouse who has been abused for so long, that she can no longer see who is the VICTIM . . . and who is the VICTIMIZER.

BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH . . . And if I were any of the above mentioned, I too would be scared all the way down to my skivvies. And I too would be organizing for all I could, to keep their GOOD SHIP RIP-OFF ALIVE AND WELL.


AT EVERY TRUMP EVENT . . . here come the DISRUPTERS, with their Nazi signs, including Swastikas, chants of hey-hey . . . ho-ho . . . Trump has got to go . . . and the SCREAMING.

And then there are the defenders of Islam, a religious cult devoted to changing the world to the FIDELITY OF MOHAMED AND ALLAH, by guile or force, all of whom have a FEARFUL Hate-On for Trump.


I want the LEFT to rush the gates at Trump events. I want them to shut down roads and bridges. I want them to tussle with the police and throw punches. I want the LEFT to RIOT, and show all of America who they really are, and what they really stand for.

I want the LEFT to be POSTER-PEOPLE for all that’s become wrong with America.

BRING IT ON . . . Because it’s high-time that the decent hard working people, and the people who want to work hard, have their say, and come out fighting to preserve and protect what they’ve worked and sacrificed so much to have.

FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER . . . in Canada or the USA, it’s been nothing but a one-sided FIGHT, where the hard working-class; blue collar and white collar alike, have been taking it on the chin from the LEFT, being made to feel guilty for individual accomplishments.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . I’m not guilty, nor should I feel embarrassed for being White, Educated and Successful. And the Black Person who’s fighting hard to live a decent life and raise his or her family right, so that he, she, and they can get to the TOP . . . ARE NO UNCLE TOMS.


1 – Should America stop protecting HER Borders, and let-in whomever wants to come-in, no matter the cost?

2 – Should all manufacturing be surrendered to other countries, to the point where Americans no longer have jobs, money and a Dream?

3 – Should America’s Military become so weak, that any country wanting to smack down the Stars & Stripes, would be able to do so with impunity?

4 – Should America’s debt become so overburdened, that there will be no money left with which to maintain the country?

5 – Should privileged INSIDERS, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Social/Academic Elitists set the rules, so that Hard Working Americans must work for THEM, rather than work for THEMSELVES and Families?

6 – Should the FIRST AMENDMENT be controlled by people who will determine what can be expressed . . . and what CANNOT be expressed, and who should have the RIGHT to express it?

7 – And should the RIGHTS of Law Abiding Americans to defend themselves against EVIL, and their own government, if and when the need arises, by surrendering their SECOND AMENDMENT be infringed?

BECAUSE . . . If you said NO to all of the above – YOU’RE SUPPORTING Trump, Cruz, your FREEDOM, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


ON THIS PAST WEEKEND . . . I watched the RABBLE Screaming and taunting in the streets of Salt Lake City outside the Trump event, where I saw at least one Mexican Flag, one Schmuck wearing an American Flag wrapped around his head the same way the Arab TERRORIST Yasser Arafat wore his Palestinian Kaffiyeh. And I heard lots of chants and cursing . . . but nothing that was PRO-USA.

But inside the Trump Event, not just this time in Salt Lake City, but every time, where we see and hear Proud Americans deliver the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, sing the NATIONAL ANTHEM, wave US FLAGS and chant USA-USA-USA.


And no matter what happens . . . THE DIE IS CAST – THE FIGHT IS ON, and there will be plenty of mayhem before this is all over. AND THE GOOD GUYS WILL WIN!

AND BY THE WAY . . . this is not just an election of policy – it’s the fight for Good Versus Evil, the future Freedoms of the United States of America, and what the world will look like in the next generations.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This made my Sunday morning.
    Quote, “HITTING-THE-FAN, the only thing I can say is . . . GO TRUMP GO!”
    Best ever editorial on Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see you on CNN Howard.
    Come back and do one on Trudeau.

  2. I don’t disagree with what you say, but I also do not feel that Trump is a reliable conservative. He has been a Democrat most of his life and even now his policies,such as they are, tend toward big government solutions for many of the issues of the day. My biggest issue is that I firmly believe that he is unelectable. His negatives are even higher than Hillary Clintons and he loses to her by a lot. William F Buckly’s: “I am for the most conservative candidate who can actually be elected.”

  3. This one made me feel warm all over, one of your best editorials.
    Bob Rankine Jacksonville Fl

  4. Agreed HG However too much strife = martial law and Pres Obama for another term at least , until rule of law is re-established ! I look forward to the first and probably last Trump / Clinton debate , entertainment at it’s best .
    At the very least the US has interest and input into their elections , I feel we have much less of both here in Canada .

  5. I agree with EVERY word but I grow more fearful for Trump’s safety and that of his family. May God protect him from harm and allow him to succeed in making America great again!

  6. Howard
    You are so right. I hope the pendulum is finally swinging the other way. Just hope the same happens in Canada and mocks Justin off his high perch.

  7. You know what? I can’t believe you guys can be so naive. If you’re in love with Trump. Go for it, vote for him and pay the consequences. Trump is just like Chávez, “opposites atract” both are populist, both can bring good news to the equation. Deal with it.

  8. My fear is that Obama will find a way to declare Martial Law and thus remain in office indefinitely. I have had this fear since he was reelected in 2012.

  9. Well, Howard: This just could be the best summation you’ve ever done of the whole political, cultural, religious, dufus ‘mess’ our countries are in at this time!!! Thank you,1000 times thank you! You’ve covered it all…..job loss etc. I will frame this one and hang it on the wall. This is a brilliant work of concise summation to be read and savored and understood for future students of Political Science to learn important lessons of life concerning the messed up ‘human collective’ on Earth

  10. I would agree with Jim Adams, above, but when I visit my wife’s home town in rust-belt Indiana, I think Trump may be electable. Those people feel forgotten and betrayed — by everyone. They have seen their employers (Makers, Producers) harassed by Government (Takers, Looters), mainly Federal (think EPA), unable to compete against foreign imports (thanks, NAFTA, etc.!) move to Mexico, China, etc. Lots of empty factory buildings; lots of boarded-up retail shops. Lots of idle people.

  11. Trump will be the next President if the Republicans leave him alone, however the elite Republicans are part of the problem in America. They have been doing for themselves for so long and nothing for the people that they want this from now on. If the GOP pulls a fast one and replaces Trump with one of their own Hillary will win. If the GOP had any smarts they would get behind Trump and help him make America and the GOP great again, also they could put Hillary where she belongs, behind bars.

  12. Only a warrior will win this election at this time in our country. Like him or not, be offended by him or not, Donald Trump is our warrior. We all may have different view on manners, etc., but when it comes to winning a necessary fight, I want a man with a plan who is fearless. There is nothing pretty about a warrior. Go Trump, Go!

  13. Trump’s general attitude is that he wants to speak what he thinks we all want to hear. Fine, but he provides no specifics or concrete plans on how what changes he would make. He drags much negative baggage with him that will provide fodder for Witch Hillary and her gang that might well help her win in November, and what about post-election? The sly Democrats, RINOs and corrupt foreign leaders might easily chew him up and spit him out, rather than vice versa. I hope I am wrong.

  14. I (almost) totally concur with your remarkable exposé, dear Howard, with the exception (and it is a sizeable one) of clumping Trump and Cruz: the latter is a foil, a sophisticated Trojan Horse from the Establishment. After all, he is a Senator who cleverly thought he would fool THEM by staging a couple of grandstanding filibusters, WHICH DID NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING, since he was not backed by his peers. TRUMP IS THE “ONE”, period, and I am wary about the monied cabals out to get him. GO DONALD, GO

  15. Your momentum, together with Trump’s is right on the mark! You’re doing a lot of good, Howard, and being a cheerleader for RIGHT (in all it’s contexts) as you have been, is a remarkably powerful assist for the Good Guys! The atmospherics today today must be getting very close to those of 1774-1776, and your column represents the Twenty First Century version of the Federalist Papers. Bravo! keep up the powerful work!
    Tom Childs
    Cape Breton NS

  16. Howard, i concur most highly with your column today but the only but i have is saying Cruz in the same breath as Trump. as soon as Beck started calling him what the Mormons have been waiting for in their prophecy and he lets Beck say it and by letting him say it agreeing with it …he now is dead to me[.

  17. President Harry Truman once said, “I never did give anybody hell, I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.” The ESTABLISHMENT fears TRUMP more than we even realize! Trump says, “I won’t attack them, unless they attack me first.” Those who ARE attacking TRUMP & his family are in for a rude awakening. If TRUMP resolves the RIOT situation, there will be NO NEED for Martial Law which Obama wants very badly. Also, it would prove that he IS ABLE to FIX AMERICA’S PROBLEMS. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. Yes it’s gratifying to see the left and their fellow travelers in an uproar, however you’re kidding yourself if you think Trumpet is going to actually do anything he says once elected. He’s no conservative, he knows less about our Constitution than he does the Bible. He’s a loud populist who will say whatever it takes to rile up the masses. Do we want the Constitution and the rule of law restored or continue with the rule of man? Trump will ignore the Constitution just like O.

  19. This election will be won by the Republicans only if the “makers” out vote the “takers”.
    The takers probably outnumber the makers. These include all Public Servants (what an oxymoron). I was a Cruz supporter, but since he has chosen to hang around with Glen Beck (who I think is delusional), the only option is Trump. At least in the US, there are some right wing news and cable outlets. We don’t have these in Canada. Our press and CBC single handedly took out Harper & got Trudumb elected!

  20. Great, Howard–have been for Trump since day 1. Politicians got us into this mess–we need them no more. We have had enough lip service to Veterans, we have spent billions on lawbreakers, everywhere you look, stupidity reigns supreme. We need term limits, two terms and back to the farm for all of them. keep up the good work.

  21. Couldn’t have said it better. Trump has already taken a wrecking ball to the establishment. The only people who fear a Trump presidency more than insurrectionist libtards are our Muslim enemies. I am proud to say that after much gyrating and mental calisthenics, I voted for Trump in last week’s Florida Primary. So did my wife who has been a Trumpette from Day One. The dishes are being broken in the stores of America’s enemies within: establishment politicians and anti-freedom Leftists. Go Trump.

  22. Wow. This one covers it all. Regarding solutions to our problems, I feel certain that Trump has his ideas but as a businessman, he will use a staff of experts (not political hacks like Kerry etc.) for the best solutions considering cause and effect. He has identified the problems that the progressives have caused which have destroyed the US. In general, what is good for the US will be good for our true friends. Trump is not spending his money so he can play more golf or have access to a 747.

  23. In Canada we used to have SUN news channel much like FOX news. The same folks that appeared on SUN (decommisioned) have their own website at the Rebel.com. Google or Youtube it. It’s great TV.

  24. Meanwhile, in Canada we have Trudeau Junior opening our doors to THOUSANDS of Muslim immigrants, removing our military families off bases so he can house his Muslim friends. The photos of Trudeau and Obama in their recent ‘mutual admiration’ get-together were absolutely SICKENING! Trump may be the man to ‘clean up’ the US ….. but who is going to clean out the Liberals in Canada???

  25. These are NOT good times for those without conviction…or for those who believe there is nothing worth FIGHTING for. Time will tell just how much back bone we truly have. Time will tell if the people are truly ready to stand and confront those who have come to believe that America has lost its fight.

  26. The LE in Arizona should have called for immediate backup when the blockade started. They then should have ordered a bulldozer to clear the road. Any protestor that tried to stop the dozer would be arrested on the spot and turned over to Sheriff Arpaio. Their right to express themselves ended when they prevented people from exercising their rights to listen to Trump. They also prevented interstate commerce. You are correct. GO Trump GO!!

    And, Barry, no one will be chewing up TRUMP and spitting him out. Hillary will win IF more lefties come out to vote because they are so dumb they don’t know she is a greedy, two-faced criminal who sold her soul to our enemies for personal gain. She is playing Granny now in her sickening commercials…hugging children of illegals. What a gal!

  28. What a wonderful expose`. Now is our time to call on our Creator, whoever you concieve him to be, to come to our aid. Besides rationality and ethics, that is our greatest strength. A strength they do not have, a strength most of the elitists have to despise. They are their own god. They will lose. Truth will not die.

  29. I also fear for the suicidal whacko who may try and “take Trump out”, that said my basic question would be “HOW WOULD THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA react?? And HOW should we react, in terms of waking up to the problems we face.
    Recently I read a piece that indicated Trump was a PRAGMATIST, and as such “problem solving” was his DNA!! That is why he is sweeping the country, but more importantly why we need him to be elected.
    I am as sure as I can be, pragmitists strive to solve!

  30. Excellent commentary.. Can’t agree more. Trump has united America’s enemies for all to see.

  31. Well put Howard! The more of these useful idiots that show their true colors by demonstrating against Trump, the more support he gets! We are all fed up with the hypocrisy and double standard on the left supported by the liberal media! Give ’em Hell, Donald! Both the liberals and the RINOs!

  32. Thank you for this latest commentary, Howard. As always, cogent and to the point. Canada seems to have sold out to the liberals. We are on the brink of doing so as a country ourselves. I pray for my child and grandchildren that does not happen here in the USA. My main concern is that the establishment Republican insiders are doing all they can to derail the legal election process and all the while saying that they will follow the rules! Ya, sure!

  33. Howard, Thanks for the contact. I have been disabled for 14 months and a cable company, Zito, stole my telephone and internet line. Pretty boring to lay in a bed with no radio, television or internet day and night. Thanks.
    You are the first contact I’ve had.
    Thanks for you truthful outlook on the condition of the world.
    Larry Camp

  34. Bingo! You’ve got it right on, Howard. We the people who have seen our American values so trashed over decades have finally reached the fed up stage and anyone who doesn’t like it….be damned….whomever they may be!!!!! Regardless of title or station in life they are just people who put their pants on one leg at a time. They have proven their elite & indoctrinated judgement is no better than ours.

  35. If Putin fears Trump, and he does, that should be the best endorsement Trump could get.
    Gordon Bosley

  36. “If we don’t say “NO” to Donald Trump we will continue drifting ever further left, diluting conservatism into the vacillating, demagogic, absurdity of Trumpism. Conservatism will become the crypto-racist, psuedo-strong, quasi-tyrannical, toxic-brew, leftist have always accused it of being.” – Ben Sharpio 3-8-16

  37. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! & NO! I am an American, but, I watch Rebel TV & love it. Please, where did the people NOT get the message that Trump himself, said he was NOT a conservative??? He really hasn’t claimed to be, those who frequently do are his followers who want him to be. Kasich wants a Brokered Convention – NO vote for him, ever! Cruz has some BIG issues to rectify before many conservatives will vote for him. Cruz has allowed his Campaign Manager & those on his staff, to lie. A BIG NO-NO!

  38. Where were the tow trucks, to yank those cars blocking the road to the Trump event, to the police compound? As Ken Lee suggested, why now bring in a bulldozer and clear those few vehicles blocking the highway! Law enforcement (LE) fell down on this. And I hear LE tagged and towed the cars left behind by those who had to abandon their cars and had to walk to the Trump event three miles away? LE needs to study this and plan a solution for the next “blockade”! Dick Bouchard, WNRI, Woonsocket

  39. My oldest Son lives on one end of Palm Beach and the Donald lives on the other. I was here for St. Patricks day in West Palm Beach with thousands, then on for two days to the PB Boat Show. The Donald had a fund raiser at his home last night. This place is alive for him. Boat Show people are all for him and what they feel will be a hugh rebound in the economy and the positive feelings of the people. I agree totally.

  40. I find it all exciting to finally see Americans wake up to the sound of someone speaking of the Greatness of America. And the restoration of the Jobs and production oriented Economy. That once made us the wealthiest most prosperous Nation on Earth. Donald Trump has been the Greatest breath of Fresh air and Encouragement, since Ronald Reagan. There are more and more people. Who are recognizing the Socialist party take over of the once Democrat party. And are now fleeing to the Republican views

  41. Dittos to Don Bos. We have perhaps reached the point in both the USA and our splendid neighbors to the North where the votes of those who work, or have worked, for a living will be outstripped by the votes of those who vote for a living. Makers versus takers. We have paid welfare ad libitum to the indolent breeders and now we must deal with the problem of them outnumbering us and shaping the future of our countries. God help us.

  42. Simply put, it is no longer “Anyone but Hillary” (you know, the liar, the ill-tempered, the Don who “pushes buttons on her enemies”, the felon, etc) but now it MUST BE TRUMP – AND ONLY TRUMP who does not wave Bibles (not that there’s anything wrong with that?) because Trump is real, outspoken yet truthful, tough as all do-do, powerfully intent on getting done that which he promises, a fargin’ Dragonslayer, not to mention I WANT HIM AND WILL NOT BE DENIED HIM BY THE RNC OR ANYONE ELSE! SO THERE!

  43. My top concern is the morality of the American people – our hearts. No president will be able to save America – not by himself anyway. He needs a remnant in government and as citizen watchdogs to speak truth to power. As catastrophic as our economic-political-military glidepath is, the least common denominator to all is our moral corruption – wanting the government to become something for everyone, all at the expense of God’s design for individuals, families and churches. God help us.

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