It’s not Always About The Nasties:


BEFORE READING THE EDITORIAL . . . I want to draw your attention to two important issues that are near and dear to my heart.

YOU WILL SEE AN AD TO THE RIGHT OF THIS EDITORIAL, for FOREVER GREEN STABLES, which is owned and operated by two extremely close friends, who Anne and I look upon as Family, more than friends.

THE TWO ARE . . . Christine (Allard) Seguin and her husband Frank (François) Seguin, who own and operate Forever Green Stables, where our THREE HORSES are boarded side by side in one of their two barns.

And when not in the barn, they share their own very large private Paddock with running fresh water, and their own shelters to protect them from the sun, wind and rain. And are cared for in the same manner as Anne and I always cared for them. In a word PAMPERED.

BUT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT REASONS why I put their Website on the Editorial Page (until all the ADS are sold), is because – in addition to managing a substantial Equestrian Center, they also manage the Lake of Two Mountains BLOODLESS Fox Hunt, and Stable as many as 65-Horses, Breeding, Training and Provide Lessons to Riders from beginner to high level competition . . . Frank and Christine are SELFLESS ANIMAL RIGHTS ADVOCATES, who are constantly working with various SPCA and Animal Rights Groups throughout Ontario and Quebec.

AND TO MY OWN GREAT PERSONAL PRIDE . . . from time to time, I too have been in the thick of it with Frank and Christine during their RESCUES and transportation of animals (including Horses, Pigs Goats – ETC), which needed help.

And, I’m also proud to let you know, that at my tender age of 66-Years Old, I’m still working the Hay Fields on the Tractors, Wagons and Whatever Else, to help Frank feed our horses, not because I have to . . . but rather because I want to.

AND TO ANNE’S GREAT PERSONAL PRIDE . . . Wherever she can help-out on the farm, including donating some money from time to time for their Horse and Animal Rescues – ANNE IS ALL IN.


. . . has to deal with a new (at least to me) method of promoting and growing the numbers.

Look at the TOP of this Editorial, next to my Photo with my first Horse Quest (long gone but never forgotten), and my Video Link . . . and next to these two photos, you will also see various LINKS with which to spread the word about each Editorial, Current and Archived.

What we’ve just done . . . is to make it a PIECE OF CAKE for everyone to FORWARD each Editorial through Face Book, with the LOGO and a sentence-long description of the content.


JUST THINK HOW THIS BLOG CAN GROW . . . when you tell a friend, the friend tells a friend, the other friend tells another friend – AND ON AND ON. And pretty soon, who knows? We might even be going head-to-head against the New York Times for numbers.


Anne and I will be heading back NORTH at the end of this Month, but before leaving Texas and the USA for Canada, there was a piece of business we had been promising ourselves to deal with for at least one year, but didn’t have the impetus to follow-through on, to our shame.

BUT WE FINALLY DID IT . . . AND WE JOINED THE NRA, and now we Walk-The-Walk, opposed to just Talking-The-Talk.

Life Is Very Often As Good As We Make It.


The LEFT is engaged in a FULL COURT PRESS to stop Trump. And if NOT Trump, they will do the same thing to Cruz, if Cruz becomes the nominee, all the way from organizing demonstrations to creating violent confrontations at Trump Events.

And if this does not send you the message . . . that they’re TERRIFIED of Trump and Cruz, then nothing else will.

When the AFLCIO becomes a major Player in the STOP Trump Movement, it sends as CLEAR A MESSAGE as possible, that Trump is the man to get 100% behind, or Cruz, if Cruz passes Trump by.

AND NOT TO MISS A BIGGER POINT – With the LEFT BEING ON THE ROPES, don’t let Republican Insiders STEAL the Nomination.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. France and most of Europe have a real problem. They have thrown the Jews under the bus and it hasn’t pacified their Moslem populations. Who is next?

  2. If the nomination is stolen, Trump will become the first POTUS in history elected by write-in votes. You need to get on Twitter Howard–Facebook is dying. I tweet your articles every day to my followers but your own account would be better. I’d be happy to set it up for you if you like.

  3. I firmly believe that the American electorate are awakening from their slumber, the “giant sucking sound” south of the border that Ross Perot made famous involving American jobs heading south, meanwhile America is suffering under a regulatory onslaught that is further crippling the economy under what by all accounts is a Socialist Administration. The “giant sucking sound” commingling the “crashing” economy is awakening America.

  4. I hope I am wrong but, it will surprise me if either are allowed to become our President. Think about this verse: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and ‘those that exist have been instituted by God.’ — Romans 13:1.” I have no idea how the God of Israel is going to intervene, but He will!

  5. Welcome to the NRA, Howard. Our organization is enhanced by your presence.

    Ralph Glorioso
    Patron Member, NRA

  6. Thank you Howard. I send out your Editorials whenever I receive them and post to Facebook. I hope it will help boost your readers.

  7. Thank you for pointing out the links to share your editorials. Re the election, Newt Gingrich’s position re Trump is realistic and I hope the party listens. Unfortunately, the leadership has been out of contact for decades and I wonder if their small world allows them such thinking.

  8. Any suggestions on what we can we to stop the Insiders from stealing the Republican Nomination? The sooner we stop them the better. They are not about to stop on their own, surely someone has some ideas. Let’s unite and DO IT……

  9. When ANY union says to do ……… I don’t. I make my own decisions. MYPOV

  10. Welcome to the NRA, Howard. The liberals consider us all “gun-nuts,””gun-fanatics,” or even worse. Interesting that I have yet to hear of a bona fide NRA member being accused of a crime involving a firearm, and rarely/never see stories published in the mainstream media of homeowners having defended themselves with their own firearms—mostly without shots being fired—since such stories would completely deflate the liberals’ anti-gun agenda. Anyway, welcome aboard from an NRA Life Member.

  11. I am starting to think the bootlickers in the GOP want to have Clinton for president. That is the dumbest attitude anyone can have. I don’t think Trump could come anhere close as a write in. If he had not pissed so many people off, ie Latinos and blacks, and had them onside, maybe a chance . The GOP is going to have to have to get onside with the Trump ticket if he wins the votes he needs to carry their banner forward. What is easier than that?
    Jim Anderson Victoria BC

  12. You ended the editorial with the most important advice, ” don’t let Republican Insiders STEAL the Nomination.” ! ! !

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