I am going to be kind in my assessment of the Accepted Media, by suggesting that their UNTRUE stories are a result of INCOMPETENCE . . . more so than dishonesty.


When I was leading the fight against French Quebec Separatists, and in defense of Freedom of Expression in Quebec and throughout Canada, there were many DOZENS of Rallies and Events, which attracted thousands of supporters and a huge number of Media.

So imagine how I felt, when I would read Newspaper Stories in Major Canadian Publications, heard on Radio, and saw on Television News how I said or did things that I never said or did?

Also . . . Imagine how I felt, when these same Media Bad Actors divulged policies credited to me, which was somehow attributed to one of my “Insiders”, when no such “Insider” existed, or even if one did, he or she would never have had any authority to speak on my behalf?

As a leader against Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalism, and for Freedom of Expression, I was misquoted all the time, and put in places and under circumstances where I never participated. So I know what it feels like to be in the Media Meat Grinder. And it doesn’t feel good.


1 – There are indeed many dishonest Journalists who do LIE, and twist the TRUTH to promote their own personal agenda, or the agenda of the Media they work for.

2 – But there are far more “honest” Journalists, who are either too LAZY, in far too much of a RUSH to get the story out before anyone else does, and/or are too SLOPPY to verify the veracity of what they report.

Nonetheless, they’re reporting with good intentions.


The other day, as you and I are aware . . . Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump, which to me was a very big deal, since Carson is, and was the most respected Candidate in the Nomination Race, who was held in very high regard right across the spectrum.

SO IMAGINE HOW PEOPLE FELT . . . ‘cause I know how I felt, when it was reported on all Media, INCLUDING Fox News, that Carson’s Endorsement of Trump was really wishy-washy, and was in fact, that Trump was Carson’s SECOND Choice, which he made, because he was promised a position in a Trump White House?

THIS BIG STORY WAS CARRIED FOR DAYS . . . and is still regarded by many, if not by most, as the absolute Truth, which diminishes the value of the Endorsement, and demeans the Character of Ben Carson – BUT IT WASN’T TRUE.

What Ben Carson meant . . . was that his FIRST CHOICE to win the Nomination was HIMSELF. And that as far as being promised a position in Trump’s White House, if Trump were to win the November Election, didn’t happen, and was not discussed, other than how important the issues are that currently confront the United States of America.

BUT THE PEOPLE WHO HEARD, READ, AND SAW THE HEADLINES . . . will never know the Truth, because that’s how it goes in this world’s information cycle.


We have been inundated with the stories of the VIOLENCE surrounding the Trump Rallies, as if good and decent people are risking life and limb to stop a New Nazi Movement in the name of Trump . . . to cut it off at its source.

Trump is being BLAMED for the violence at his OWN Rallies, because of things he said, things he says, and how he says them, whether through the Media or on the Campaign Trail.

But, when you look at ALL THE MEDIA VIDEO FOOTAGE taken from a Gazillion Media Photographers, and an Army of people with Smart Phones . . . isn’t it curious, how it’s always the SAME “FEW” IMAGES that are ALWAYS played across the Television SCREENSINCLUDING ON FOX NEWS – to give the appearance that it’s Hell and Mayhem surrounding Trump?

AND THEN THERE’S THE MEDIA CLAIM . . . that Trump’s words are inciting violence. But we have to ask ourselves several questions . . .

1 – Since no one has been hurt at Trump Rallies, which attract TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, where there were no riots . . . what violence is the Media referring to?

2 – What part of anything that Trump has said in his statements, speeches, and debates, were a Call To Arms for violence, as the Media keeps on claiming, even though they never articulate how?

Because . . . if the Media doesn’t like what or how Trump says things . . . TOUGH, it’s called the FIRST AMENDMENT, which is something the Media should know more about than most.

3 – How can the Media so easily dismiss Trump as a THREAT to the civility of the American Dream, and NOT include the many MILLIONS of Americans, who from what all of us can see, are DECENT HUMAN BEINGS with grave concerns for the future of their country?

I’m not a FOOL, nor am I a PROVOCATEUR . . . and neither are my friends and relatives who are now putting their support and hopes behind Trump’s Candidacy. And for the Media to dismiss Trump as a loose Cannon . . . is to demonize all the people who are supporting the things he is standing for. And that is simply not fair.


I wish the Media would either get it RIGHT or just SHUT UP. A Brokered Convention is when a number of PARTY INSIDERS get together to decide who will be the Republican Nominee . . . AND THAT’S NOT IN THE CARDS.

A CONTESTED CONVENTION . . . is when all the Nominees come together at the Convention, and VOTE DEMOCRATICALLY for the Candidate they will want to be their Nominee, if none of the Candidates reach 1237Delegates before the Convention . . . WHICH IS POSSIBLY GOING TO HAPPEN.

SO THE MEDIA . . . should forget about promoting something that is not on the Republican Agenda. And in the extremely unlikely case that the Republican Insiders should attempt to hijack the Convention in one way or another – The Insiders could kiss the Republican Party GOODBYE.

AND WHEN TRUMP SAID – that there will be riots if the insiders try to steal the nomination from him . . . he is 100% right, and the people who would resort to violence, would be 100% justified.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. THANK YOU, HOWARD, for telling it LIKE IT IS! I find the latest cover of Charlie Hebdo to be a complete whitewash of the very people who attacked them. My impression of the march is that the Guinness Book of World Records should bill it as the biggest snow job in France’s history. Hollande did not want Netanyahu to attend and invited Abbas as retribution for Netanyahu’s presence.

    Soon the Mona Lisa will be draped in a burqa and the Eiffel Tower will sport a crescent moon.

  2. You give them too much credit by calling them incompetent. They willfully misrepresent for agenda. It’s malice. They should be held personally accountable for each lie and deliberate misrepresentation they report.

  3. The media elected Obama. Unless the alternative media is up to the fight they will elect Hillary or other leftist if she is in jail.

  4. A brokered convention is a reality, Howard, because the establishment will not tolerate Trump as the nominee, nor Cruz. Just yesterday, an official of RNC said, “WE pick the nominee.” Shameful.

  5. Why is it I’m reminded of the following:
    “For evil to flourish, all that is required is for good men to do nothing” – Sir Edmund Burke

  6. If it was merely incompetence that would be shameful, what they do is criminal.

  7. The “Establishment” starting with George Soros at the top do not want a candidate that they cannot control. Trump is just that person. They know he will end the “Honey Jar”, excessive perks and the back room sweetheart deals. Many will be fired and a few will probably end up in jail. The present “staff” in the WH will be reduced in 1/2 as an example. The fight is just beginning, this is not Romney or Cain, Trump is a force, smart, funded and focused.


  9. 60 years ago when I was a reporter for The Las Vegas Review-Journal the Press was known as the Fourth Estate and were diligent in reporting the truth of a story even if it meant rubbing some people the wrong way. Unfortunately today’s journalists are little more than shills for the liberal agenda and have no idea of the honored history and achievements of real Journalists.

  10. I have known for years that what you read or see in the normal media is always to be taken with a heavy dose is salt as it is designed to sway your opinion. Who stands to gain is not always obvious as it could be for Financial gain or there is a Govt agency at work. As they say in the Show X Files. …. Trust no one. Verify all your info before making your decisions ever a times

  11. You are entirely correct Howard!!! Most of the media are liars, cowards, and incompetent. Any one who quotes an insider or anonymous sources is lying. Either use the name or don’t use the quote/article.

  12. The rioters were very, very deliberate and well organized. For example, why was Bill Ayers in that building, or even near it? How were those signs printed in advance? Look for a more of this. 1968 in Chicago will be repeated . . . probably several times this summer and fall.
    Not because of Trump but because of outsiders causing problems!!!

  13. Howard, we can only pray that the “will of the people” actually wins this fall. I’m not sure that is possible… and I’m an optimist. If one of the left loonies get in, we’re all in trouble. I thought you were going to take a break from writing for a few days? The editorials seem to be coming hot and heavy. Not complaining though. Keep up the good work.

  14. Today’s “journalists” don’t report anything other than what they are told. The very term “journalist” smacks of one who is a liar, an incompetent, and who raises suspicion. What was once actual investigative journalism is no longer, leaving a void for a thoughtful, real search for the truth, instead of concocting truth out of fiction. No wonder the quality of voters has sunk to such a low level; they know nothing other than what they read in the printed news or see on the TV news channels. Sad!

  15. I think the media today has confused the Constitution’s reason for a free press. It’s for the press to be able to inform the public of the truth, especially about the government. Today’s journalists take license with the news, which is quite different. Also, the politicians pay the journalists at times in order to have it favorable to what they want told as news. So the people get cheated and told lies.

  16. #1..Today’s journalists/mass media programs See and Hear and Record the events. When the ‘clips’ are shown the TRUTH has been manipulated. This is why We The People can NOT take the word of those reporting..WE MUST delve for the ACTUAL event. I look for the UNCUT total version. #2..I would like to see ALL news medias taken to court for the willful manipulation of material for the discredit of ANYONE. This is defamation of character. MYPOV

  17. Romans 1:28King James Version (KJV)

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    Because we are sinful beings, from the beginning, this is the way human beings function.

    The key is in the first part of the verse, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge..” Without God’s moral standards and man’s willingness to live by His rules, human beings will be self-se

  18. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places — Eph.6:12 The evil powers of Satan are at hand. The battle is not in our hands. Yahweh is going to have to intervene in this one, and I am sure He is! In the end, the evil will not win! Plain and simple so hang on and enjoy the ride.

  19. I dont know of any news media I can get the truth from, certainly not in the USA. I saw and heard a man interviewed back in the 60’s and what he said was completely different from what they printed. I dont trust any of the media. Keep up your good work Howard and God bless you.

  20. I would add to your well written description of the media. They ARE DISHONEST AND INCOMPETENT. They almost always display a BIAS in one way or another….depending upon the person or situation. They seem to have an inherent need to MAKE the news rather than just reporting it. I could never put into words or describe the distaste in my mouth just from discussing today’s media.

  21. The only way the media people can earn a living is by keeping their name out there. No name, no pay. So it stands to reason that the more noise you can make, the more pay you can take home. Truth and a moral position don’t count. I consider the majority of the press as underlings to used car salesmen and a lot of lawyers.
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victoria BC

  22. HG, Thanks for articulating my exact thoughts, as usual. To wax philosophically: A universal law: “We are all attracted to the strongest magnet”. Even when it’s a FAKE magnet, which the Left learned during the last 2 American elections. The same goes for journalists. Their magnet is Ratings. Regrettably, far too many are willing to slowly push the envelope beyond professionalism. They’re transforming main stream into tabloids, because that’s where the money is. Happy St Paddy’s Day to all!

  23. I find it very refreshing, how, Donald Trump has guide himself throughout the primaries, very interesting to see him continue to take the bull(s) by the horns and twist. His cancelling his appearance on Monday with FOX was/is fantastic. He continues to improve and control the media. I am Canadian and was extremely happy(proud) with the way our previous government was working. I want all North America to be pulled out of the malaise (socialism) we have been subjected too.

  24. How right you are except I think you may be giving them an easy out when you suggest it’s incompetence. It’s difficult to figure out world wide who’s who in the zoo. Considering the bad taste left by the Quebec Corp scandal. During the last liberal Govt. I find It interesting the the PM took time out while he was in NY to meet with the President and CEO of Thomson Reuters. The press love politics. Unfortunately they have all forgotten that THEIR RIGHT CARRIES A RESPONSIBILITY. To the TRUTH!

  25. I wish everyone of your followers would go on face book or twitter or what ever and try to get through to people like Lindsey Graham, and others how important it is to get on the side of what is right for America. Regardless if it is Trump or Cruz, but unite for America. To be against who wins for the Republicans regardless of who it is will be A VOTE FOR HILLARY.

  26. Unbiased journalism left decades ago because the paycheck they receive is a product of collusion and bribery; Fox now and particularly Meygan Kelly. And YES, there will be a revolution. It has been smoldering for years. Still, when Trump wins the general election, we may have to revolt just to support and help him get rid of the elite and the Federal power that the Constitution was written to avoid. For starts, that would be the folks we elected who quit l listening to their own voters.

  27. It’s hard to believe that the GOP is actually attacking there own candidate. It looks as if they will actually attempt to steal the nomination from Trump if he does not attain the magic number of electoral votes. If Trump is not nominated with the most electoral votes, I will vote for Hillary Clinton and I hope many others follow suit.
    Clifford C. Westbrook, Wynnewood, Oklahoma

  28. Jacqueline Barron: I am a very strong Trump supporter. But I must say that it is true that delegates do indeed vote for us. That is the way the constitution was set up by the founding fathers because of the lack of communication in the 1700’s…no e-mail, automobiles or telephones, etc. There are rules that are followed after the 1st ballot, like it or not!
    When I was 16, I caddied at the Green Acres CC in Northbrook, IL.

  29. On CNN, RNC official said Delegates will rewrite the convention rules. WHAT? Rewrite the rules after the game has started.
    Trump accused of baiting violence; Cruz said pandemonium, much the same incitement as Trumps riots, just different words,
    but only Trump is attacked. These primaries are so biased by the media against Trump, it’s disgusting, like him or not, he should be treated evenly and fairly. Is USA becoming more like Canada now?

  30. I’m horrified by the remarks that “if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, I’ll vote for Clinton” !!!!! What kind of person can support Trump as a prospective reformer and Constitutionalist, and then switch to a lying, TREASONOUS, arguably murdering and certainly criminal narcissist, as though there was some rationale for such idiocy??? God help us and save us from such stumbling irrationality! (It certainly does suggest a Canadian thoughtfulness).

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