TO GET RIGHT INTO THE CRUX OF THIS EDITORIAL  . . . the vast majority of people who read this BLOG are Americans, by 87%. The next group is Canadian, with the following Nationality being Israelis.

I know this, because of Google Analytics, which is SCARY precise, and is far too knowledgeable of the People it is monitoring . . . but it is what it is.

And with each passing day, more and more Canadians are signing up to the Galganov.com Directory, which is GREAT. And with each passing day, more Canadians are asking me to write more about what’s happening in Canada. And with each passing request for financial support for this BLOG, more Canadians are contributing . . . which is also GREAT.

That’s not to say that this BLOG will be getting rich anytime soon, but it is showing a definite trend . . . but to get back on track.


TO MY CANADIAN COUNTRYMENand my American Friends – I say the following:

I write almost exclusively about what’s happening in the United States of America, because the American Constitution makes Political Change possible from the GROUND-UP, where the people still have control over National, State and Local Politics . . . which for all intents and purposes, is virtually NON-EXISTENT in Canada. Which is a tragedy.

When the FRAMERS of the United States of America’s Constitution established the Bill of Rights following the Declaration of Independence, it was done by the Anti-Federalists to give as much Power to the People and the States . . . with limited Power to the Federal Government, in order to have a Government Of The People, By The People, And For The People, as was much later enunciated so brilliantly by President Abraham Lincoln during his Gettysburg Address.

In Canada, we have NEVER Declared our Independence from anyone, and to this day, we still recognize the Sovereign of another Country, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd of Great Britain, as Canada’s Official Head of State.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . Canada’s current Constitution was created, drafted and passed WITHOUT the input of the People, and WITHOUT any serious guarantees that gave real PRECEDENCE to the of WILL OF THE PEOPLE, over the Will of the Government with INALIENABLE RIGHTS, as are GUARANTEED in the FIRST TEN AMENDMENTS of the US Constitution.

When Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, father of the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, created and ratified Canada’s Constitution in 1982, it was primarily crafted to establish Government and Collective Rights, opposed to Individual Rights, which would be defined through the Courts as a work in progress.

And was so fashioned, as to make any changes or AMENDMENTS to the Canadian Constitution literally IMPOSSIBLE, leaving the POWER of Individual Freedoms in the hands of the Government and the Courts.

And because of the cost of fighting for a Constitutional Right in Canada, such as FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, as I have done several times, where I have argued that no Government in Canada, at any level, should be able to FORCE a Private Businesses to use a language, which they do not wish to use in their advertising and corporate description, would cost MANY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to defend, only to lose from the lower Courts to the Supreme Court, if the Supreme Court even deigned to hear the challenge.

In all reality, and much like what is regrettably happening now in the United States of America, the cost to FIGHT for individual RIGHTS in Canada, where the loser pays the costs for both sides, has made it Nearly Impossible to challenge government assaults on Individual Rights and Freedoms.

In essence . . . the government is using a weapon of FINANCIAL INTIMIDATION against anyone brave enough to defend Individual Rights.


As long as Constitutionalists hold Office and Power in the USA . . . Canada and all Canadians will have a beacon to look towards. And if push ever came to shove, it is also a country Canadians of merit can hope to immigrate to, where we could enjoy the Freedoms the US Constitution provides to all people on American Soil.


It’s not as if Anne and I ever questioned the greatness of America. But there is a difference between reading and hearing about it . . . rather than living it.

A couple of years ago, as Anne and I were crossing into the USA to spend the winter in Texas with our Firearms and Ammunition, with written permits from the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) to do so, we were told by the New York State Police, that we could travel through the State of New York with our guns and ammunition, as long as we didn’t do . . . and did do the following:

1 – Keep the Weapons Trigger Locked and Locked in a Case.

2 – Keep the Weapons locked in the trunk of the vehicle, or away from where anyone can touch them.

3 – Keep the Ammunition Locked in a separate Case away from the Firearms.

4 – Have no Bullets Loaded in any Magazines.

Since these are laws, which apply to Canadians who are allowed to own Guns in Canada, they were no big deal . . . But the following blew us away:

5 – Do NOT stop in the State of New York with our guns other than to get gas, go to the washroom, and/or have a quick meal.

6 – Sleeping in the State of New York with guns is ILLEGAL.

7 – And if stopped by a State Police Officer FOR ANY REASON, the first thing we are MANDATED to tell the officer, is that we have Guns and Ammunition in the vehicle, to which he or she can decide what to do next.

BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT HOMELAND SECURITY SAID . . . which got us thinking:

At the Border . . . in the USA, we declared to the Border Agent, that we were traveling with Firearms and Ammunition, and presented the Permits we received from the ATF to do so.

At that point, we were asked to pull over and park, so Homeland Security could check our ATF documents and match them to our Firearms. Not only was this requirement NOT confrontational, it was extremely informative and helpful.

IT WAS HOMELAND SECURITY, which brought up the rules of New York State.

We were told by Homeland Security the following about the things we should know about the demands New York State places on the transport of Firearms and Ammunition:

1 – The moment we crossed into the United States of America, we were FULLY PROTECTED by the American Constitution and Bill of Rights . . . meaning:

2 – Even though we had to abide by New York State’s Laws on transporting Guns and Ammunition – we had RIGHTS, which New York State had no authority to ABRIDGE, such as . . .

3 – We were protected by the 2nd Amendment, meaning that we could transport Guns throughout the United States of America, as long as we abided by State Rules and had a RIGHT enter and travel through the USA with Firearms and ammunition by the ATF.

4 – If pulled over by the Police for any reason whatsoever, because of the 5th Amendment, we were under no obligation to INCRIMINATE ourselves by volunteering that we had Firearms and/or Ammunition on board.

5 – Because of the 4th Amendment, no Officer of the law in any State can search or seize property without PROBABLE CAUSE.

6 – And finally, by Federal Statute, we have the RIGHT to travel throughout the United States, where no State can impose a law prohibiting us from sleeping in its State while lawfully passing through with or without Firearms and Ammunition.

CANADA HAS NO SUCH LAWS . . . and if we have any laws that are even remote to these American Constitutional Laws, they are at best fragile, and at worst up to the discretion of a Judge, who might be biased in one way or the other, without any clear delineation of what our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS REALLY ARE.

Just knowing that we were protected by the US Constitution in this fashion, made both of us think really hard, feeling kind of special in the USA and deprived in Canada.

So . . . Taken all of that in – I hope you can understand why my concern for the RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, which are thus far GUARANTEED in the USA, are so much of SELFISH importance to me . . .

Because, as far as I’m concerned – As long as America is FREE, there will be hope for Canada and the rest of the world. But the rest of the world aside, I SIMPLY CARE that America’s Freedoms will act in some way as an anchor for Canada.

AND IF NOT . . . At the very least, there might be a home for Conservative Loving Canadians like Anne and Myself to look towards South of our Border . . . for a place where we could go, to where our Freedoms would be understood and defended.

SO FOR MY SELFISH-SELF . . . America must remain FREE, and I will do whatever I can to help this remain true to the American Dream.

PS – As of last night (March 15, 2016) . . . I would feel equally good if either Trump or Cruz would win the Nomination. At this point I don’t really care which.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you Howard for all you do in keeping all of us informed.
    I always agree with your ‘take!’

  2. Given the history of WWII (granted we had help) and the cold war, there would be no freedom in the world without America. You are correct that it all rests on our constitution which is under political assault. Cruz is a down the line constitutionalist. Trump never mentions the constitution.

  3. Howard, Next time travel thru Michigan where we have gun rights and you are welcome at my place anytime.

  4. You wrote “…SO FOR MY SELFISH-SELF…” but it is not true. Self preservation against tyranny is hardly selfish. Protection of your loved one is a fundamental right.

  5. Like Trump or not, we must vote for the Republican candidate and support him because the possibility of a Hillary Clinton election is too awful and damaging to the United States to imagine. We’ve taken a terrible blow to the Constitution and the image of the Country under the arrogant, ignorant mistake we’ve made for the last 7 1/2 years and to repeat it with a self serving liar would be a disaster.



  7. Great editorial. I thank God that we are next door to the USA. I would move there in a minute if I were younger but I’m stuck here for the duration. I love my country but I get indigestion when I think of who is in power both provincially and federally. Ontario is a basket case and will be for a very long time – hopefully not forever.

  8. It is so refreshing to see Canadians understanding the dire consequences of a Hillary Presidency… We here in the USA..at least many that I know..wish for Donald Trump to win the election…He is the only one that can set this Country straight and rid it of the Lobbyists and Special Interests that have invaded and stolen our Free Democracy.. Lately you cannot tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican….because of these evil groups the two have blended into one hell of a mess.

  9. Interesting on the register of firearms. NY is tough, drive on through. Because I go to the Bahamas on my boat, my guns are registered with US Customs. Most of my pals are licensed and carry. With all the vets as well, I sure we could take care of ourselve

  10. Great one HG As a Canadian I am embarrassed by and shamed by the people who elected Turdo Jr , and even more envious of the freedoms and rights enjoyed by my neighbors to the South . I am however pissed at the fact that the same country accepts “persecuted” people from around the world , except for Canada , not even on the list . You get what you deserve I guess , so we have the “Wonder Boy” . we think !!

  11. Thanks for a great lesson.
    I have gotten on face book recently so I could go to Rubio’s, Kasich’s, and Cruz’s pages to very respectfully encourage them to support the winner like they said they would a couple of weeks ago. If all of these president hopefuls will support the winner we have an excellent chance of winning. Hopefully a lot of people will try to encourage them that America could use all of them in the government at this time. Please no convention.

  12. Folks like you and Anne should always be welcomed anywhere. It is an honor to have met you…..and your point of view is both delightful and interesting. Keep up the good work and the fight for freedom everywhere!

  13. Can’t remember the year of the happening, but many years ago the U.S. made a failed attempt at annexing Canada. the region of upper Lake Champlain I believe. After reading your today piece Howard I can’t help but wonder what today would be like if that effort would have been successful and we were one under one flag? Also wonder if it’s to late to even think of at this point in time?

  14. The first Trudeau was nothing short of a pain in the butt, especially if you are from Western Canada. The NEP was a nasty piece of work that seems to be OK with the new twit in Ottawa. 1982 was a bad year for Canadians with the Constitution coming home along with the Bill of Rights and the farciacal Human Rights Tribunals where you, if brought before one had to pay your own fees, you fought the government with your own money. Disgraceful to say the least

  15. WOW! Great blog! I do understand what you are saying. While Canada has “Wonder Boy”, the US has ” The Silver-Tongued Emir of Eloquence!” Our US History is what we are all about. It’s a wonderful history full of sucesses & mistakes. Most of all it is full of FREEDOMS!!! Or was until that past 15 years or so. — Of the People, By the People & For the People is what the United States of America is all about. God Bless America.

  16. The Bill of Rights were proposed subsequent to ratification of The Constitution, not the Declaration of Indendence, and ratified by the states in 1791. Otherwise a usefully succinct summary of the Constitutional differences between the 2 countries.

  17. I looked for the “share” with Facebook but there is none. Most of my Capital Region friends wish for the US to be more like Canada and are gloating about the so called “celebs” who are going to move to Canada. Good riddance. Bernie is their ideal. I asked why the US elections were so important to them. The reply was that the results affect Canada. I guess they believe that Canada will fold if Trump or any Republican who is non far left, is elected. Trump or Cruiz would be great in my eyes.

  18. I’m with you Howard and as you know by my emails I picked Trump and Cruz last July and am also comfortable with either one as POTUS but I prefer Trump as I think he will get rid of the illegals–although if Cruz shutters the IRS that would rock too!

  19. Howard, the point that you are sharing what this is on your heart,,,, to us,,,,, proves that you are not selfish.

  20. Howard, I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment concerning the Canadian Constitution. The father of our boy leader did far more damage to our freedoms when he gave the supreme court the ability to create law and over rule the house of commons.And to order the elected government to make laws as they instruct. as for the ability to go to the supreme court they are politically appointed and tend to make laws that are as frivolous and trendy as in line with the party that a pointed them.

  21. The greatest thing about the US Constitution is that it does NOT confer any rights upon Americans. Our rights come from a higher authority than the government, our Creator. We are born free. All government can do is limit that freedom. What the Constitution does do is to limit the power of the government, ensuring the freedom of the American citizen (or even visitor). It is quite incredible.

  22. Abominations, mass murder, sexualperversion, arrogance, covetousness, idolatry, and nauseum — are all leading to the downfall of the U.S.A by the crowning achievements of the Obama presidency. The nuclear accord with Iran which, in effect, replaces Israel with Iran as America’s main “Middle Eastern Ally,” as it has been sanctified. The only thing that has kept this “corrupt nation’s” ship afloat, is its at least nominal support of Israel. When this ends, America as we know it is doomed.

  23. @Douglas G. Lynn: True, true, true. And the Muslim-in-Chief is trying to load the Supreme Court with a Judge Garland who is an avowed anti-gunner. I hope that his nomination is stopped in its tracks, lest the federal government will have us U.S. citizens completely under its thumb via a solid 5-4 SCOTUS majority. The 2nd Amendment is all we have to protect us from our own government; that’s why our founders included it in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

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