Before anything . . . let me make this 100% clear – Some people seem to have come away with the idea that I suggested in the last Editorial, that they should vote for a Democrat instead of a RINO, if either Trump or Cruz is cheated from the Nomination by the Party Insiders. This is simply UNTRUE.

I never suggested Conservatives should ever vote for a Democrat in 2016.

What I wrote . . . was that I would prefer to see a Democrat in Office, rather than another Insider-Placed-RINO. But, I never wrote, suggested, or intimated that Conservatives should vote for Clinton or Sanders.

But that doesn’t mean Conservatives need vote for another Republican sell-out.


There is nothing that would stop anyone from writing in a name on his or her Ballot, rather than voting for one of the Two Official Party Endorsed Candidates.

From everything I am reading, hearing, and seeing from the Republican Party and the Media . . . THEY STILL DON’T GET IT. They keep on saying, that they understand that the people are angry at the government and the way things have developed, which is a RED HERRING.

IF THEY CARED AT ALL ABOUT THE TRUTH . . . the Republican Insiders would understand that the people are FURIOUS with THEMTHEM being the Party Insiders, the Media, the Elitists and the Bureaucrats.

And nothing they can do or say at this point will change that.

After OWNING the House and the Senate in the last session, aside from Ted Cruz who stood alone against the Insiders, what have the Republicans done to live up to any of their Promises they made to the people, just to get elected, other than to PASS ALL OF OBAMA’S POLICIES, with BS excuses suggesting THEY HAD NO OTHER CHOICES?

Maybe the Insiders figured they didn’t have any choices, because choices would have meant not serving their LOBBYISTS and SUGAR DADDIES before serving the people – BUT THE PEOPLE HAVE CHOICES, and they’re exercising their choice loud and clear.


Several months ago, shortly after Anne and I came to Texas this Autumn, one of the people who reads this BLOG, wrote to me with serious concerns about how the Wounded Warrior Program was spending the Hard Earned Money people were donating for WOUNDED WARRIORS.


I took this writer’s concern seriously, and believe me, I am no accountant, but nonetheless, I spent as much time and effort as I could to learn the truth, which brought me to the Financial Statements of the Wounded Warrior Program, which didn’t take a World Class Economist or Forensic Auditor to see at a glance, that key spending information in terms of Executive Salaries, Travel, Advertising, Star Endorsements like Trace Atkins and Group Getaways were buried so deep in so many places, that just finding and understanding them RANG WARNING BELLS as loud as one can imagine.

SO . . . What I wrote as a result was simple: From reading the Financial Statements of the Wounded Warrior Program, I strongly suggested that people should stop donating until the Wounded Warrior Program Executives would make the issues I brought up as clear as crystal.

It’s interesting, that after a month or so from my Editorial, the Mainstream Media started to ask questions. And on the Bill O’Reilly Show on FOX News, whose Media Show Motto is “WE’RE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU” said that he (O’Reilly) was bothered by the allegations against the Wounded Warrior Program, and that he would get to the bottom of it.

HE DIDN’T GET TO THE BOTTOM OF ANYTHING . . . and I contend that he didn’t get to the BOTTOM of it, BECAUSE IF HE DID, it would have cost FOX News MILLIONS of DOLLARS in Wounded Warrior Advertising Revenue.

So who’s looking out for you? And don’t tell me Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, because, with no thanks to the Mainstream Media, several Wounded Warrior Executives were forced to leave the organization, because they were CAUGHT RED HANDED screwing with MILLIONS of DONATED dollars.

And I assure you . . . they were probably just the tip of the iceberg.

So, where was the Media onslaught of stories over this HORRIBLE TRUTH . . . that the Wounded Warrior Program was literally STEALING hard earned money from people who wanted nothing more than to support Wounded Warriors, other than a mention here or there? And, do you still see the Wounded Warrior Ads on Television? I REST MY CASE.


FOX News, CNN and all the others . . . created the same BOLD LIE the Media has used with incredible success to DEMONIZE Israel, with the claim that Israel is EQUALLY responsible for the TERROR waged against Israeli Jews, as were the people who stabbed, shot, struck with cars and murdered INNOCENT Jews with explosives.


Donald Trump can no more be blamed for the DISRUPTERS at his events, than you or I can be blamed, because we AGREE with his position on the things that have to be CHANGED, which are killing America. And as a Canadian – Canada too.

BLAMING TRUMP FOR THE VIOLENCE . . . is like blaming a RAPE VICTIM for being pretty.

And the FACT that the Media, INCLUDING FOX NEWS and all the others, chose to ATTACK Trump’s right to speak and say what’s on his mind, rather than the THUGS who tried to take Trump’s Right to FREEDOM of Expression away, says all that needs to be said about today’s Media . . . THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED.


I am NOT comparing myself to Trump, but much like Trump claims, which thus far seems to be true – that he is obliged to no one, I TOO AM NOT BEHOLDEN TO ANYONE FOR WHAT I WRITE.

The ONLY Revenue this BLOG receives, is what comes from ONLY A FEW of the THOUSANDS of people (and growing every day), who are regular readers of . . . and from what I personally put into it.

AS I’VE WRITTEN REPEATEDLY . . . The cost for me to do the things that I do, and to maintain this Web Site IS NOT FREE . . . IT IS FREE to all the people who enjoy and benefit from reading what I write.


And if you think this BLOG has MERIT, and is a good FOIL to the Mainstream Media, which at this juncture has proven itself to be anything other than FAIR AND BALANCED, I ask for your SUPPORT.

Whether you SEND FINANCIAL SUPPORT OR NOT . . . I will continue to write and publish I will continue to make the COMMENT Section available to all reasonable people to voice their Conservative Opinions. I will continue to allow people to add themselves to the Editorial Email Directory. And I will continue to read and respond to the best of my ability, to the hundreds of emails I receive every day.

SO, IF YOU CAN HELP SUPPORT THIS BLOG . . . as always, I will be very grateful. BUT, if you are tight for cash, as so many people are during these very difficult times, you can support simply by spreading the word, because the LAST THING I WANT, is for anyone who is on hard times, to make things even harder for himself or herself by helping to fund this BLOG.

If you find MERIT and VALUE in, and you can afford to support it, please CLICK HERE to see how.

To those people who have already sent Financial Support this month, whom I have already thanked . . . please accept my gratitude again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Though I agree with your sentiments about the march, Netanyahu and Abbas, and my first impression of the Cover was that it was weak…on further inspection, it was difficult to miss the Ballsy (Literally) aspect to the caracature of Mohammed.

    Aside from that some of the less informed and downright ignorant are now more aware of what France and specifically the Jews in France have been suffereing for quite some time. The more that wake from their slumber the better.

    L. Brien

  2. I tweet your editorials to my followers every day Howard, I’m glad to see it’s growing.

  3. Galganov is . a Champ.
    .Great Editorials
    .Mostly. if not always, right on.

  4. There should be no such thing as needing charity to support “wounded warriors”. If ANY nation cannot fully support their military veterans to better treatment than their politicians receive they aren’t worthy of being a nation.

  5. To Mr. Dimmick in Ontario: right on! My sentiments exactly! Cut the entitlements to welfare queens and help the vets!

  6. We are so very lucky to have you spreading the truth.The media have all seemed to have forgotten what the truth is Just unreal what lengths they will go to Still think Cruz is pushing NWO crap But sure he isn’t the only one . Please never stop Howard Counting on you .

  7. They don’t pay the WWP CEO $$$ to be blind sided by the truth. When the WORD was leaking out about them only serving a couple of hundred vets with 10% of the $’s they started groups of “brain trauma vets which increased the numbers many times to make them look better at little cost! Brain Trauma=PTSD

  8. I can’t stand it, when someone puts words in my mouth, that I didn’t say, either!!! I read the comments and just want to say – For those who don’t get it – Howard is a proud Canadian & still wants to be one. He can NOT vote in the US Elections. However, he loves the US, almost as much as he loves Canada. He is rightly concerned with what happens in the US since it affects Canada. Our two countries have a LOT of history together. A good Conservative does NOT want the New World Order, peroid!!!

  9. There is and has been a sense of entitlement amongst the political “ins”. How else can you explain the fact that plain simple people who become politicians become wealthy? Greased palms? Maybe, but here in Canada right now the government is making statements to the recipients of the CPP, (our pension plan), a plan the gov’t did not contribute to, only administer, that we have this entitlement. They spent our and our employers contributions and we are entitled????

  10. I was about to start contributing to Wounded Warriors too, Howard, and finding out about their top-heavy policies stopped me from tossing my money down that hole. My husband was a “wounded warrior,” so I take that status seriously. He was a WWII combat veteran and had spent his 19th birthday in a foxhole in the Vosges Mountains. I take that seriously and don’t appreciate veterans being used the way these pseudo charities use them.

  11. Mr. Dimmick. 100% correct. Charity for VETS does not make them feel good either. They DESERVE the best after their service. I don’t think Senators or Congressmen should be paid more than a living wage. They don’t so much as flip a burger!

  12. Howard, long time reader that Love and look forward to your posts.Agree with most of your views, both political and personal.Wounded warriors and other charities work on the basis of rewarding their executives and crony associates, like advertising.Because of this, I support the Salvation Army only as they seem to work more with volunteers and low pay for the execs.Governments send people to fight, YET THEY IGNORE THEM WHEN THEY COME HOME wounded or with PTSD.First time able to donate today.

  13. President Reagan + protestors, search it on You will find Ronald Reagan’s -RR comments about protestors, “Take em out by the scruff of the neck”, “Aw Shut Up!”, etc. He vehemently defended Law Enforcement for harsh treatment of Berkley protestors, occupy Berkley. I am not sayng Donald Trump is RR, but c’mon RR is almost diefied into something he was not. He was not PC and he was very tough, and the RINO’s used the same terms about him they are using against Trump.

  14. #1…I heeded your research on Wounded Warriors and withheld my FUNDING. Until that debacle is TOTALLY exonerated I shall continue to do so. #2 Any protester who has NO idea what purpose they are serving or who, should NOT be protesting. (MYPOV) IF anyone would use their brain they would logically conclude that the more MASS MEDIA plasters this 24/7 there are those who can NOT resist making their ONE MOMENT OF FAME. And for OTHER politicians to JUMP to point a finger at Trump .. Shame on YOU.

  15. Just wish your site was like Facebook in that after reading the comments, if you agree with someone, you could tick “like” or a happy face as there are some really good comments on here. Of course always enjoy your perspective on things to get the ball rolling……..

  16. thank you Howard for your mention of the convoluted “blame” for the palestinian/Israeli—action/reaction cycle. First it is under reported and second it is under reported.and third it is grossly ill reported. NEVER AGAIN

  17. It’s election year and as always people start lying about those who are running for election. I only believe facts while some believe anything they read or what someone says. For the Wounded Warrior Project there are better places to donate your money that don’t spend it on themselves. The Salvation Army is maybe the best.

  18. The other day someone sent me a picture of a Bernie sign torn in two. The missing side had a note, “You had one of these signs and I didn’t. I thought you’d understand. Thanks for sharing.”
    A more apropos action I have not seen. May we all carry a Sharpie and a scissors.

  19. The American Legion has a program called ‘Comfort Warrior’. The American Legion administrates it and every cent goes to wounded veterans in hospitals. It furnishes the articles to that hospitals don’t furnish to the veterans. This helps to fill the gap between what they receive and what helps in the healing process.

  20. Circa 1945 I was old enough to see that the policies of FDR were unconstitutional and socialistic. I voiced this to those with whom I had contact. As a result, the chairman of the area Republican Party presented me with a book: The life of Thomas E Dewey. It is on my bookshelf behind me but I am too increpid to reach it. Re Korea, I was a reserve Chemical Officer. I had 6 friends who were in Mortar Battalion HQ when the Chink grenade was tossed in. All gone. Ionizing radiation now plagues me

  21. Howard–Your Editorials are very encouraging and inspiring. Keep up the GOOD WORK! Now…..”Beware the Ides of March”! The Super Tuesday results will reveal MUCH regarding TRUMP’S future political status! Also, won’t it be interesting to see what TYPES of TACTICS the ESTABLISHMENT, et al, have planned on using AGAINST Trump to deter people from supporting him? DESPERATE people do DESPERATE things! AMEN!

  22. Fred Dimmick has said it correctly and I echo his sentiments. The USA should not have to resort to charity to payback the veterans for their wounds, physical and psychological. This should be a well-understood contract of responsibility between the military and those whom they protect. We owe them, pure and simple. It should not be charity.

  23. Common sense you have in abundance.
    In the primaries the states that have crossover voters scare me. When it comes time for the Presidental Election who will the crossovers cast their vote. My guess would be their own party. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  24. I know I have become very cynical in my retirement years. There was once a time in my life when I trusted our political system, the Republican party, and some of the media. Now, most of what I see is rigged in one way or another. Trust is an extremely important and valuable item….but it seems the media and our political systems do not value it much anymore. Lies, deception, misleading statements, and a general disregarding of honest interpretation seem to have taken over.

  25. Howard keep up the good work! The Dems,Rinos and press are doing everything they can do discredit Trump. I only hope and pray that enough people will vote for him tonight to seal the deal.

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