Chicago Leftist Thugs SHUT-DOWN Free Speech



I don’t use VULGAR Language, and do not countenance VULGAR Language being used by people who COMMENT on this BLOG, but . . . it’s almost impossible for me not to drop an ARSENAL of F-BOMBS to describe the IDIOT S.O.B’S, who were cheering, that in the United States of America . . . THEY STOPPED FREE SPEECH.


When I saw a young woman screaming with delirious joy, as she was interviewed on FOX News, that they shut Trump Down, and stopped him from speaking, I could have puked.


I flipped to CNN, to hear CNN LAY ALL THE BLAME ON TRUMP, because he brought this on by his statements, so they said, and that Trump has to address the people to change his tone, as if this is somehow Trump’s fault.

I flipped back to FOX News and Greta Van Susteren, when one of her analysts was repeatedly blaming Trump for the disruption, because of how he says Trump campaigns.


If I didn’t support Trump FULLY before this despicable event by an assortment of LEFTIST IDIOTS – I will give him every ounce of support I can now.


She said that she was an Italian, who lived through the years of Mussolini. So, for someone like her, who grew up under the thumb of FASCISM where FREE SPEECH was forbidden and subject to arrest or death . . . to celebrate the SHUT-DOWN OF FREE SPEECH in America . . . just boggles the mind and challenges the reasonableness of attitudes of people who have no idea, of what FREEDOM REALLY IS, as they celebrate their own loss of FREEDOM . . . but are too stupid to know it.


I HATE what Hillary Clinton says and stands for. I HATE that Clinton betrayed her country through Benghazi and her Emails. I HATE that Clinton uses her Phony Foundation as a Piggy Bank. I HATE that Bernie Sanders is a Self-Hating Jew who is a Socialist, and wants to move the Freest Country in the world towards the Social System of the old Soviet Union.

SO – GIVEN HOW MUCH I DETEST THESE LEFTISTS . . . should I start to promote Demonstrations on this Website to shut down Clinton’s and Sander’s Events?

And if you think I shouldn’t . . . WHY SHOULDN’T I, since if it’s OK for LEFTISTS and for the Media to give approbation to the LEFT, for them to STEAL Freedom of Expression from Trump and his Supporters . . . why shouldn’t Conservatives do the same to them?

In a simple comparison . . . Conservatives are respectful – AND THE LEFT DON’T GIVE A DAMN.


For a LEFTIST, or a kiss-Ass member of the media, this will be very hard to understand, but, if a DISRUPTER shows up to an event, and then tries to DISRUPT that event by any means he or she can . . . and if he or she gets ROUGHED-UP in the process – TOUGH!

If the DISRUPTER gets ROUGHED-UP, whose fault is it? Did Trump drag the DISRUPTER into his event to make trouble? Or did the DISRUPTER crash the event on his or her own FREE WILL to make trouble? So whose fault is it?

I stayed with FOX News through the night, and watched Megyn Kelly give the impression of being Fair And Balanced, as she juiced her guests to crap on Trump. I listened to Rubio and then watched Cruz as they disappointed me to no end, by BLAMING Trump for what happened in Chicago, instead of BLAMING the people responsible.

And then I listened to Chris Stirewalt, who is a political reporter and analyst on FOX News, who came right out with it, and BLAMED Trump for the actions of the horrible people who shut down the Rally.

But Stirewalt went much further than that, and OUTRIGHT ACCUSED Trump’s supporters of going to Trump Rallies in the hope of seeing FIGHTS, much like people go to World Wrestling Federation matches to see the bodies fly, all the while, while Megyn Kelly never objected to even one of Sirewalt’s UGLY accusations.

And FOX News says they are nothing like the Mainstream Media . . . WHAT A JOKE.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No comment necessary! You’ve said it all perfectly. Our democracy and political correctness will be the death of us.

    Mort Levy Montreal.

  2. Not sure of the percentage but a huge majority on these numbskulls should be removed from the gene pool!
    Typical of the “don’t confuse me with facts, I have made up my mind” types.

  3. Move on is the guilty party—-Soros funded know nothings
    that want free stuff – occupy type people.

  4. When lefties can no longer support their ideas with facts, they resort to hurling insults. This, is when you know that you have won.

  5. Never fails to amaze me how liberals act like an idiot going into a crowd of bulls and waving a red flag and then blaming the bulls for his/hers injuries when the bulls run over the idiot waving the flag. If this ain’t 1984 in spades I don’t know what is. I was for Trump before (voted for him in Michigan primary) and now will do all that I can to help him win. This country needs him more than we realize or are in many cases willing to admit.

  6. Maybe Cruz and Rubio should look in the mirror as they started part of the anti-Trump movement with their attempted goading of Trump in two of the debates until one or both found that their childish baiting of Trump was having a negative effect on their own campaigns

  7. Good morning, AP is reporting that the Chicago PD did not recommend shutting down the rally, Trump and his staff did.

  8. No, don’t promote demonstrations, everybody except Trump is grovelling in the gutter. Protesters appear when it becomes personal. Illegals understand unpolitical speech, as do Muslims. Trump spelled it out loud & clear, that is why he is getting unprecedented support. It was reported that the protesters comprised a large number of Mexicans & Muslims. We would have had the same demonstrations in Canada, against bringing in thousands of Muslim if there had been a politician with a backbone.

  9. I thought that Sanders and Hillary made me ill, now I see they aren’t alone, there’s a class of them out there. Thier first amendment rights are trumping my first amendment rights. The ignoramus news drive by’s now have Trump to blame for charging them up. Obama’s chaos is not a factor in this, nor is his executive lawlessness…. What is it about illegal don’t the illegal immigration crowd not get?

  10. Oh yes Howard. In my opinion after watching this willing figurehead in office perform, I have little doubt they have been planning disruptions as this for many years and it is finally coming to fruition. Beware America for what you have set yourself up for. We shall see and I pray I am in error.

  11. Donald Trump is the last, best hope We The People have to take our country back. If we let him down, we fail and allow the enemy to take our freedoms and our liberties. I am in Florida working hard for a Trump win here. I will sign wave today, walk neighborhoods with other Trump supporters tomorrow and Monday and sit at my precinct all day Tuesday in support of Trump. I hope others in Kansas and Ohio and Illinois realize that these next four days can actually determine the future for America.

  12. MEGYN is now OFF my FOX list..can’t stand watching her! Wouldn’t be surprised to see her ratings DECLINE REAL SOON either! TRUMP had her pegged! Last night’s demonstration was a COMPLETE SET-UP by the ESTABLISHMENT! Some couldn’t even state as to WHY they were there! Answer for some=$$$! RUBIO is so PISSED that he’ll be losing in FL that he was part of this whole scenario! It will be VERY INTERESTING to see HOW Trump’s NEXT EVENT will be HANDLED? TRUMP GAINED EVEN MORE SUPPORT last night! AMEN!

  13. Yep. Like the same tip of the iceberg that sank the “unsinkable” Titanic.

  14. Howard, I watched Fox last night’s stifling of free speech by the “Lib-Tard” Left. The shutdown of free speech was appalling! What horrible journalism from those reporters and hosts at Fox. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot to all of them??? Are we now left with no journalistic professionals other than Marxist Leftists at CNN/NBC/CBS and now Fox and M. Kelly last night? On Chicago, the city has terminal cancer. And we wonder why Nabisco is moving 600 jobs and it’s Oreo cookies to Salinas Mexico? God Help Us

  15. As Plato might have commented, a number of the members of
    “the crowd” in The U.S.A. have sunk into despotism, further
    illustrating why a leader like Trump is needed.

  16. What we need is a straight conservative TV news network. It will be a very big winner. Listening to justification of leftist idiocy is too much. Beck may get there first.

  17. when one gets done peeling this stinking onion they will find its core traced to soros/alinsky and by defaut or design the pawprints of the repub establishment….and of course the bernie ‘commie’ sanders ilk…always ready for a demostration/protest since they have enough welfare benefits to get involved with this sort in chaos….and the media …all the media including fox…thrive on confict and sensationalism…we are well along on the road to serfdom…john hosemanin,rising sun wisconsin

  18. I have to admit, that the Conservatives have stood by the wayside for too long! We kept our mouths shut & didn’t speak up, when we should have. This is what is wrong with the GOP, they haven’t defended their own rights in decades. I don’t mean uncontrolled rallies, but, Official stances from the GOP standing for our freedoms & backing Conservatives in Congress, instead of being pansies. The GOP’s silence has been destructive, too.

  19. Why is it that even some pundits cannot see the truth for what it is? In some minds right is wrong and wrong is right. Black is white. Some people cannot see, cannot think, certainly cannot reason.

  20. It looks as if there ARE Dirty Tricks afoot. Shutting down Mr. Trump appears to be the catalyst for the Saul Alinsky tactics. Too bad the mass media is IN ON THIS….however; this just may backfire. In my almost 76 years I have NEVER seen the depth of grung being exhibited . I would believe it is being pushed by those already in power. This is why we need CHANGE …. we need to clean house from top to bottom. It is time. MYPOV

  21. This is a time when everyone, especially the other candidates, should circle free speech and come out of campaign mode. Neither Rubio nor Cruz could to do that even for one night. Rubio started out well but lost it in his lingo. My opinion of Megyn Kelly has gone from very high to very low in eight months. She has her Cobra styled hair again. That represents her attitude now

  22. I have never been a supporter for Trump and considered him a blow-hard. After last night, like you, he has my support and I bet there are 1000’s more who feel the same way.

    Dick Polson

  23. Excellent on the mark tack on the Chicago evening Howard! Kudos also to writers here to Pauline Demers, you’re on the mark about miss Megan, took her out of our DVR long ago! Fred Henke, BINGO! Geo. Soros $$ again!! Thanks to you others too, how great is it that Howard from north of the 49th. gives us this forum! Support him as you can! and pass on his link to all yours whom still recognize the values many of us take for granted & are on the precipice of loosing – that is if socialists prevail!

  24. Yes, this is just the beginning.
    Megyn Kelly set the stage with her very first question in the first debate, and she’s still fanning the flames.
    I am sure, if Cruz or Rubio were the front-runner, the mob would be invading their rallies. There were people there who couldn’t even say what they were protesting. Are they paid to be there? And Madam Kelly dismissed that as just coming from a simple little person (or words to that effect). Rather dismissive, and insulting to that girl, I would say

  25. Howard you’re exactly right on all of this, but I fear it’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Look around and watch universities and colleges prohibiting free speech…for example pro-Israel speakers being banned, to name just one example. It seems to me that the First Amendment is down for the count and nearly gone.

  26. There is a news network that is conservative “One America News” or OAN. I believe it is on Dish and you can get it through your Roku box (as I do). I am so disappointed in Cruz last night that he gave himself over to the establishment lock stock and barrel. If he had any chance of winning the nomination, it is now gone. He should have stood up for Trump, also when he brought Neil Bush into his organization that took him off my list.

  27. The First Amendment is a two-edged sword; wield it with vigor!

  28. GOD help America in 2017. Think of how we on the Right will react to a Clintonian White House. With Bill living there? Hopefully, at least Texas will begin secession procedures. And, if Donald Trump is elected, maybe it will show the world that you don’t have to be some do-nothing, politically correct, elitist politician to be elected. Wake up America. Big changes are about to happen.

  29. I live in FLA & this is exactly why it is never ever smart to vote early. Things can turn on a dime. I was not going to vote for Trump and after last night’s events in Chicago (as well as Ben Carson’s endorsement) I am now strongly leaning towards supporting Trump. My mind will not be completely made up until March 15. Howard, you are making very valid arguments here. The blame for the divisiness of our country lies squarely at the doorstep of the current administration. What a mess we have!

  30. The reason the young people don’t respect the first amendment is that they have not had any civics, american history classes in high school. They have only been told by a one sided lesson by their hippy trained teachers. We now see the result.

  31. I just happened to see part of the CNN clip and IIRC, it mentioned something about MoveOn’s planning the outrageous protest. If this is so, it looks as if MoveOn has shot itself in the foot. I would bet that MoveOn has inadvertently added to Trump’s voter base by thwarting his right to free speech/1st Amendment. Same thing happened to conservative Ben Shapiro at a public university in Southern California recently. Libs love 1A, as long as it applies only to them.

  32. You’ve questioned often how leftist crowds can be so ignorant. I believe it is fulfillment of Scripture in I Thessalonians about God sending strong delusion because people know of God but refuse to believe the truth about Him. So the delusion allows them to believe the lies rather than the truth. Haven’t you felt for some time that there are lots of people who seem to believe up is down, right is wrong and vise versa, etc.? I have and it’s being borne out more every day.

  33. Right on, Howard. It was like revisiting the Chicago of the 60’s. It has been reported that Bill Ayers was even there. The Communists use Rules for Radicals and the wimps on the Right use Marquis of Queensbury Rules. But for Reagan it is disgusting how the Right has responded for 50 years with nothing but apathy. Trump is holding a rally today in a safer place, but do not dismiss the possibility of major Marxist chaos followed by the declaration of Martial Law over the next 5-6 months.

  34. I have an acute attack of “Itoldyousoite”, Howard, after witnessing last night’s events in Chicago. Like you, I had been an anti-Trump devotee when he declared his candidacy in June 1915. About three months later, having witnessed the helplessness of the “elite” bunch of Conservatives in the running, I became an ardent supporter of “The Donald” ; last night’s events and the despicable reaction of Rubio/Cruz to them only reinforced my conviction, and I will be joined by many others.

  35. Constant follower of you Howard but I was slow to agree with your former views on Fox. But as of 2 days ago I am 100% with you. Chris Stirewalt pens a daily piece for Fox. He is so anti-Trump that he should move to MSNBC. As a Canuck, Fox is my main US news source and will continue to watch but i also will continue a stream of derision fpr Stirewalt.
    Had an epiphany when Ben carson threw in with Donald. I support Trump all the way.

  36. Howard, what you saw last night is Bible phrophesy happening. This could be a long statement but I will not go into detail. can be compared to Nazi Germany and Louis Farakans ( pal of Obama) can be compared to the KKK. In my opinion they should both be treated as enemies of this country and it’s constitution. Trump should sue hell out of them for violating his first amendment rights and the ones that were arrested as well. By the way did you see all the Bernie Sanders signs. Hillar

  37. As for Trump’s immigration bar are the political clowns too stupid to realize what the practice of quarantine was, and still is, all about? Heavens, Elizabeth Taylor’s cat was barred from landing in Britain for 6 months. Where was the smashing rioting from the Hollywood crowd on behalf of humanity’s and their’s, self esteem, animal rights, climate warming, ……. ? What about a boat load from Ebola land?
    R. A. Crane, Beaconsfield , quebec

  38. As usual Howard, your comments are right on. Please note at some point in your commentary that what we saw in Chicago is being played out on campuses all across America. The BDS and Students for Justice in Palestine movements shut down invited speakers and student speakers on a regular basis. It is truly sickening.

  39. Like Howard says, only the tip of this iceberg.
    I am not a Trump supporter, but I am quickly reconsidering because of this kind of bullshit!
    For the record, up until this past year I’d been a long-time supporter of Fox, because I believed them when they claimed to be “fair & balanced”! I’ve since learned they are no better than the rest of the so-called “main stream media”, (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.,) They have all failed us!!!!!
    Gog help us, because those who claim to “have our backs

  40. Amazing how little time passed before the desperate Ted Cruz exposed his true being, and slid into the waiting political cesspool. I’m sure we once all noted Ted as deserving of an important role in government, if not president, however, the path he has now chosen, clearly runs through the sewage system….it is wonderful that the American election process quite often exposes those with questionable ethics and morals. Adios Ted!

  41. Well said, Howard, as usual. If Trump ran for Prime Minister of Canada I would be in the front line of every rally! He is exactly what the U.S. and Canada need right now – a man of the people! It is the ‘establishment’ who are running scared for their plush jobs and are, with the help of the tainted media including Ms. Kelly, promoting these riots. The blame is on them if anyone is hurt, not Trump! Shame on them all!

  42. I didn’t know that Pansies were the Florida State Flower…and did so well in Washington D.C!! B-29

  43. Cruz LOST my vote in the primary because of his bs statements blaming Trump for the problem. Sleazeo will never get my vote. fox news broke the camels back as they are no better than the msm and are a front for the rnc and the blue blood establishment who despise the common American . Especially those who are serving in the armed forces. I refuse to vote establishment sellout!!!! Go TRUMP! Pea on you rove, prevass, and all the rest of you rino traitors!!

  44. Free speech for me but not for thee. For (un)American Leftists, the First Amendment only pertains to leftist speech. Welcome to Obamerica, a society that has morphed into a version of Animal Farm even George Orwell couldn’t possibly have imagined. By the way, last night’s Chicago debacle was organized in advance by, a leftist organization founded to protect Bill Clinton, funded by Nazi helper George Soros, and which basically owns the Democrat Party.

  45. If Trump had hired these miscreants himself to disrupt the event, which I do not believe he did, it would have been a brilliant move! I think it bolstered his ratings considerably! The left employed its usual M O of low class tactics which seem to backfire on a regular basis. Once again the liberal left has proven itself to be the bastion of moronic ineptitude we all know it is! Trump is looking better every day compared with the mamby-pamby competition!

  46. Please tell me why and how the so called “secret service” let that man get so close to Trump. Must have been the same bunch that was”guarding” Reagan when he was shot. Now big mouth Obama gets his say blaming Trump. What a country we have become!!!!!!!

  47. Looks like Soros responsible for yesterday’s cancelled trump rally, see following quote:

    Trump did not leave the stage and carried on with his speech, adding “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree?” This comes after last night’s violent protests (which Soros-funded have taken credit for) and this morning’s misinformation about the cancellation of the Ohio rally.

    take care Howard and say hi to Anne

  48. I have another perspective on this matter.. Why did Trump walk away? If he is the man all of you want as your leader what and where else will he flee. Reagan had the same demonstrations against him in Oakland Ca. He called their buff and walked right through them. That’s what I call a leader.

  49. How are you so sure it’s the left That is at blame. These are crazy times

  50. Re: “Why did Trump walk away?”
    Answer: The Chicago police assessed the scene and asked him to. He respected their request.

    Sadly, it’s clear that leftists in Canada and the U.S. cannot tolerate ANY dissent from their ideology. They’re just like religious zealots of old. “You’re either with us or against us” is their battle plan.
    And if you’re a centrist who questions their agenda, you’re deemed a “right-winger” — or, one who’s unworthy of respect, tolerance and equality.
    Just watch th

  51. Trump did the right thing to shut it down, he was ill advised to hold a rally in a wasted City. People were not protesting Trump, they are fed up with Barry and his dividing this Country. Every social entity is worse than when he stumbled into the WH.

  52. Howard, I have lived under 13 Presidents. The 3 worst were Democrats. Carter, and Obama. Then Clinton. But since Republicans have taken control of Congress, they done nothing to undue the damage that Obama has done. Social Security is going broke. Why? Because people are getting SS when they have never paid into it. Fraud and abuse has saddled Medicare and nothing is done. McConnell has caved in to Obama. The House said that once they controlled Congress that they would not fund the ACA.

  53. Perhaps it truly is something in the water that is making people insane! I do believe that liberalism is a form of mental illness. I did enjoy the fact that Trump got huge press coverage with an hour+ of speech time to several million people. Than might be better than a rally! But I was depressed this morning to hear a poll result saying Obama would win reelection if he were able to run. I hope it can be turned around, but it doesn’t look good. I am so sad over the state of our nation.

  54. It appears that the GOP establishment and two of the Republican candidates have surrendered to Alinsky Rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institution.

    Man, do we have a dirty fight on our hands! I lived under Hitler’s occupation, and Donald Trump is no Hitler. Suck it up buttercup, and spend some time studying real history!

  55. I remember what Donald Trump said about the health system and how he will open it up to competition by making it competitive bidding for drugs and care in each and every state. This is what should happen in all Canadian provinces also. One of the reasons we have such high health costs is because of the subsidies supplied by Governments.

  56. As a Trump supporter I, and we Trump supporters, as is Trump, are diametrically opposed to the type of thuggery and mob rule that shut down the Trump rally in Chicago! That is the reason for the attack on the Trump rally.
    What is surprising is that Cruz, Rubio and Kasich and their supporters don’t realize the reason they are not being attacked is they are not perceived as a threat by the thugs and mob!

  57. If this keep up, Obama and his hinchmen will get things to the point they can do what they want to do and that is delcalr
    Martial Law and pick up all the firearms and really claim victory.

  58. I am sure it is too late now but Donald Trump does not represent the Republican Party which he is running under. He certainly has not said anything pertaining to being a Conservative or the Constitution. In the real world he is running under the Party of Trump ! Doug Mc Clintock Sarnia, Ont, Can.

  59. That’s just way too much common sense for a large population of Americans to process. Wish I could rub their noses in it however and MAYBE something intelligent would stick!

  60. I have been a Cruz supporter from the very first, but after listening to him and his little cohorts blame Trump for Chicago, I am extremely disappointed in his judgment. Cruz and those other candidates should have supported the right of free speech for Trump, not play politics with the Bill of Rights. Looks like they’re all cut from the same cloth after all. I’m afraid they did serious damage to themselves, supporting anarchists over the front runner for the republican nomination.

  61. I was sickened at the blaming of Trump. Those people are so out of touch, they do not see the caldren of anarchy that is about to boil over. From Occupy Wallstreet, to Fergusen, to Boston, even Dallas just before the 2012 election, these people are about to rise up and no police force is going to be able to quell them. Liberals created it. Liberal justice system. Stupid liberal laws to harass the people. Liberal education. Liberal welfare system. Liberals created a whole new dependant class.

  62. Alma, The other 3 are controlled by the Party. GOP had TRUMP sign a contract that he would NOT run on a third party ticket. They fear what they cannot control. They thought they had him cornered, but they do not. Larry Moe & Curly Joe are trying their hardest to mess him up. Not good enough! Neither are they good enough for this job….POTUS! If you want to teach the establishment elites a lesson vote for TRUMP. CHANGE is really in the air this time!

  63. Imagine my surprise here, Howard such an impassioned blog yet I know there was no such blog when the Trump folks just four days ago beat into the ground the peaceful protesters in St. Louis . Does this mean you have no trouble with the trump incited non informed can beat bloody protesters practicing their first amendment rights
    Trump has set the example, his campaign manager just a day before the chi town protests, set the example and might you be advised to read the pages of his incitement co

  64. Follow the money Someone is being paid to organize this mob There is big business that dislikes trump Chicago has a history of organized mobs Trump is the winner one more time in the big picture

  65. I am now officially in the Trump camp. Cruz was and is a disappointment.


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