The CNN Debate last night (March 10, 2016) SEALED THE DEAL, at least for me, about Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.


Mahatma Gandhi is famous for many things – but the thing that he once said that stuck in my mind, and will be there forever – is . . .

“You Can Judge The Progress Of A Nation By The Way It Treats Its Animals.”

So, for the people who are trying to inject God knows what into my support for Animal Rights, and my sincere passion AGAINST DOG FIGHTS . . . I don’t know where they’re coming from.

EVERY CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST WILL TESTIFY . . . that literally all Serial Killers were Torturers of Animals before they became murders of people.


1 – Donald Trump won for several reasons: He didn’t lose, he answered the questions with policy, he was reasoned, and he didn’t back-down on issues like Islam’s War On America. And he didn’t take any of the RAW MEAT the media threw at him.

2 – Rubio had a great night, but was too little too late. That said . . . he should at this point walk away with dignity and find something else to occupy his time, since I don’t believe that being a politician should be an entitled JOB.

3 – Cruz was the BEST Debater by far, and he is still my favorite, but as of last night not by much. And if I had my druthers, I would want to see Cruz either occupy a significant position in Trump’s Future Cabinet, perhaps as the Attorney General, or preferably in the Supreme Court as the Judge to replace Scalia.

4 – John Kasich was his usual self, taking credit for all the successes of the Reagan Years, as if he were the ONLY person responsible for such a great Presidency, as he served in Congress. Kasich might win in Ohio . . . I hope not, but even if he does, it will be for himself, but not for the American People.


I’m watching Ben Carson speak about Donald Trump at the 8:00 – 9:00 Press Conference as I’m writing this, as he gives his FULL ENDORSEMENT TO THE DONALD, if nothing else Seals the Deal for Trump – Nothing Will.

I’m now watching Chris Wallace analyze the Carson Endorsement (Right Now) as I’m writing. And according to Wallace, this Carson endorsement won’t amount to much, which says far more about how out of touch people like Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer are from the people they lecture to.


Special Note – Several months ago, I wrote about my suspicions of major abuse of the People’s Hard Earned Money at the hands of the Wounded Warriors Program, based upon my interpretation of their Financial Statement that didn’t make sense.

Unfortunately . . . my suspicions have proven to be only too true. But let me assure you, that the Wounded Warrior Project is only ONE of MANY Charities that is not what it appears to be. Be careful where you send your money.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Way to go Howard. Just the look on the smiling face of Mahmood Abbas in the Paris procession made me sick. He is one of the big terrorists and supports terrorisms against Jews and Israelis. Even though he is NOT representing a country, they still let him walk hand in hand in Paris will all the mourners. This was the biggest farce ever. The time has come to stop calling the Palestinians refugees, and stop pouring billions of dollars for a fake group of people who don’t deserve it.
    Steve Acre,

  2. Thanks for this column Howard. It’s amazing how quickly the whole tone has changed with the “introduction” of Dr. Carson on the scene. I am heartened by last night’s and this morning’s events.

  3. Ben Carson, a man who thinks things to the end and weighs the pros and cons carefully, endorses Trump. Carson may not be electable for President but he is highly respected. If he endorses Trump, I can too. I doubt he would endorse Trump for any personal gain. Christy on the other hand I do not trust. So, I did not think much of his endorsement of Trump.

  4. One of my friends retired as a 4 star army general and has been advising Ben Carson on foreign policy. I texted him this morning and said I am a bit more relieved on the possibility of a President Trump with Ben Carson by his side. Ben is SO smart on so many issues and he understands the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you. I think this is HUGE for Trump. If Trump listens as Ben Carson alluded to, then he will be in good counsel.

  5. Right on bulls eye comment Howard. I am starting to become hopeful again maybe our country can be saved.

  6. I watched the presser this morning of Dr. Carson endorsing Donald Trump and it was beautiful. I think people have not realized how smart Trump is but Dr. Carson knows and that by all reports a very nice man. Donald has changed from the blustering bully to more Presidential tone and the press can’t keep up with him. On our local news they were citing that Trump is against “Free Trade” LOL, he is not against Free Trade, he is for “Fair Trade” which is very very different.

  7. Mama mia! Ain’t seen nothin’ like this in my 82 years. Will it be Ben for VP? Cruz is so enormously talented! Mike Lee has endorsed him, and that should be very meaningful to folks. Will I ever get used to Trump’s facial contortions and unpredictability? Who was it who said….”May you live in interesting times”?

  8. Thank you Howard for your editorial today and always. I now see hope for our country (USA). I feel God has forgiven us for turning on HIM again but we best bring HIM back into our daily lives. I pray HE will guide us to vote for the right person to save America & make it “Great Again” as DJT says.

    God Bless You, Anne, April the Cat, and Stryker.

  9. Right on the money, Howard ! My reasoning in this election is that we need a “quick start” for the country NOW ! In four years down the road, we will be able to afford to be more “selective ” in our choice. Who knows, the winner in November may be our repeat selection in 2020 !! We CAN NOT survive another 4 year Liberal in OUR HOUSE !!! Keep up the great work!
    Sherry Fowler, Gurley, AL

  10. Have not been a Trump guy, BUT he actually is showing some class and grasp of the issues, finally. Feel a lot more optimistic since last nite. He shows some courage by not backing off the Islam remarks and he’s 100% right. Keep up the great work.

  11. Well, if the Donald goes forward as the persona he had last night, and if he does tap The Ben to be the VP, much better Strategy (are we still interested in that political stuff?), well, as Ben said himself in his little RedWhiteandBlue book, he will steal so many black and Hispanic voters from the Dems that they may as well quit spending other peoples’ money.
    I agree with Heidi (above) “the whole tone has changed,” and changed over night. “Fate is Inevitable”, to quote B.Cornwell’s heros.

  12. Shocking that an honest, ethical man like Dr. Carson would endorse a corrupt blowhard such as Trump. Probably one last poke at Ted Cruz by Carson due to what the former Cruz staffer did, who knows. Trump will likely lose to Hillary but if he should manage to win, it won’t make much difference as he’s as unethical as the Clintons and has even more authoritarian impulses. Sad to Americans fall for the con once again. This time I won’t hold my nose and vote for the RINO.

  13. I really think Dr. Carson’s endorsement is important; I have long thought Trump and Carson could work together in spite of what seems to be great differences – or because of them. Carson has a large following among the people in spite of the “mainstream” media’s efforts to make him invisible. This group together with those already in Trump’s camp may just be the mixture that tips the scales, whether or not Carson is running with Trump. These two men are not part of the establishment.

  14. Howard, I was somewhat encouraged by Trump’s demeanor last night, but he’s still painfully weak on foreign affairs, doesn’t think our entitlements need overhauling, and still thinks the U.S. and Israel can fashion a “peace” in the middle east. In other words, he’s as dumb as Joe Biden or John Kerry in some respects. Why Carson wants to throw in with him is a complete mystery. I have gone full circle on choices for President, and have now rejected all of them. Up with Ross Perot!!

  15. Finally they had real debate without all the name calling and sticking to the issues. I have always really liked FOX and Megyn Kelly, However, l watched her program last night after the debate and was disgusted with how she and most of her guest felt the debate was boring without all the fighting. made me realize how they try real hard to instigate the name calling during their debates. The only guest that felt it was more presidential and just stuck to the issues was Danna Perino.

  16. Ohio Governor John Kasich is either ignorant of or being paid to support Common Core. I hope he is not knowingly supporting a federally-run socialist education system. If it’s The Donald, he may choose the Governor in order to deliver Ohio, a swing state, in the General election.

  17. Great column. I am sure Trump will win but would like to see him use Cruz in some capacity. Carson would make a good VP.

    As for animals, I do agree with you. I cannot abide by those who abuse their animals. And you are right they usually end up killing humans later in life.

  18. Your passion on man’s treatment of animals is excellent and I wholeheartedly agree but I would add this quote: “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” Fyodor Dostoevsky. Man’s treatment of man ranks higher on the scale I believe.

  19. Trump was very composed, performance and restraint improving, not afraid to say “Muslims are a threat to be worried about”. Others like CNN panelists climbing up the Trump wall faster than it can be built. Interesting how opinions change when a winner is in sight. Rubio had his best and probably last night. Cruz was more polished, Katich is a lost cause I,I I.
    This is how I see it from Canada. Trump will remember those who castigated him.

  20. I just heard part of a local interview (kelo radio) with South Dakota Senator John Thune. He is quite conservative as senators go. And I do respect him. He was asked if he supported Ted Cruz. He said no. Why? He said Ted Cruz came to Washington with one objective. To become President! Many conservatives in Washington tried to get along with him but soon realized he wanted to stand alone to set himself apart and get news coverage to get his name and face aired. Many agreed with him on issues but

  21. Dead on Howard Galgonov! Now that my man Carson has endorsed the Trump I’m an inch closer to liking the idea that he will be the one that sprinkles water on the wicked witch of the east. Cruz for Supreme Court and Ben Carson for VP. My boss (the lovely Elvia) is still holding out for Cruz and is slower to think of Trump as a President. Bill

  22. Unfortunately, I missed the latest debate, as I was watching the ‘love-in’ with Obama and Trudeau. Yuck! I sure hope that whoever wins the presidency that he can teach our illustrious former drama teacher a thing or two about governing!!

  23. Our pretty boy PM, Trudumb, is down there schmoozing with Odummer! Together, they are the Gods that are going to put together a climate change plan, to save all of mankind. A new religion has been born, and we are to bow down and worship them, or be charged with treason!
    Only Trump or Cruz will put an end to this economy wrecking religion. But Canada will have to pay the price for buying into this false doctrine. History will prove man made global warming the biggest hoax ever!

  24. US Canada love feast. Watched a little of the state dinner and can’t for the life of me figure out how either of these idiots were elected to lead millions of north americans. Turdy is about as good a speaker as the bummer without his prompter. Both looked like they were afraid to do anything or say anything outside of Turdy saying how wonderful his old man was to get him the job.

  25. I am hoping that both of our countries can be saved by the election of a Republican president. After watching the schmoozing that went on in DC last night, the only thing we, here in Canada, can hang our hat on is that the new prez (Trump?) will put Beiber Trudeau into the corner where the dunce belongs, not running “our” once great country into the ground as he has already started doing. As an aside, Howard, when are you going to do some editorials on the political misuse of climate change?

  26. Debate:–KASICH..tired of hearing about his “me-me-me and my-my-my” so-called accomplishments! RUBIO..should have stuck to this style in past debates, but has NO chance. CRUZ..sounds more like a PREACHER VS. a CANDIDATE and has been USING TRUMP’s messages, especially re: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION etc.. TRUMP..was very POLISHED and DIDN’T BITE on Cruz and Rubio’s attacks–smart move! CARSON’s endorsement will be POSITIVE for Trump. HUCKABEE is still MY choice for VP. Megyn is unfair & unbalanced! AMEN!

  27. You hit the nail on the head with this article Howard. I like Cruz in Scalia’s place rather in the white house. Ben Carson as VP and Christie as attorney General—There’s a team.

  28. Because of your Editorial on the Wounded Warriors I decided NOT to send any additional funding until this group was audited. You were SPOT ON. I will wait until we find out what ALL fallout follows and see who is placed at the HEAD before I make any future contributions. I don’t want our VETS to go without, BUT I refuse to FUND someone else’s HIGH LIVING. Thanks for the HEADS UP on this. RE: Dr. Carson’s endorsement of Trump… I respect Dr. Carson. He does NOT knee jerk on responses.

  29. I never sent a cent to Wounded Warriors because they refused to give me a breakdown on how the money was spent & they proved I was right in NOT giving them anything. The Salvation Army is the BEST place to give ones money as ALL you give goes to the charity they are helping. Not one cent is spent on the agency. The Red Cross demanded I pay back all I received when I was in the Army in the 50’s so I don’t give to them either.

  30. Did I misread the last sentence in the quoted speeches??? “36 Million Americans” by Trou d’eau? No wonder we are so friendly:-)

  31. Howard I want to thank you for sticking to your word of principal. And voicing your support of Donald Trump. And as I have constantly repeated Ted Cruz is needed in our Government as a strong Constitutionalist American. And I feel it is time for Both. He and the Donald as you refer to him .To Mend fences and Secure a Firm hand in hand for our Nation’s sake. Best of wishes Friend.

  32. Your comments about the wounded warrior project and charities in general is spot on. Now all charities are not crooked by any means, but surely a lot are as counterfeit as a $ 3 dollar bill !!

  33. we dont need elections, just assemble a mob such as is in Chicago right now and let them do the selecting. Where were the protestors that opposed OBAMA? Obama isnt worthy of kissing Trumps feet. Isnt the USA just great?

  34. Imagine that a Canadian wanting us to suffer here in the states with the same type of GARBAGE/Trump as they have dictating and ruling in their country. NO THANKS.

  35. Howard:
    In regard to your label “Witch of Chappaqua”, and with apologies for plagiarizing the WW2 Concentration Camp Kommandant’s wife, “The Bitch of Buchenwald”, I prefer Hildebeast be known as the “Bitch of Benghazi”
    Colonel Joe

  36. Ben Carson’s endorsement statement and news conference was so calm, reasoned, and passionate at the same time. The doctor will be a tremendous surrogate for the Trump campaign. His demeanor is everything Donald Trump’s is not. What a perfect balance. He is even black to Trump’s white. Yin and Yang.
    And Howard, please get a bit Trumpish – no political correctness. Hillary Clinton is…. Hiltheba, the Wicked Bitch of Chappaqua. That’s a B, not a W 🙂 !

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