If after all the CRAP the Republican Candidates and the MILLIONS of dollars, which the Republican INSIDERS have thrown at Trump, with which none of them could lay a glove on him . . . how in a million years could anyone imagine that Clinton and the Democrats could possibly have anything on Trump that the RINOS don’t?


THE MIRACLE ON ICE – On February 22, 1980 . . . a Rag-Tag Team of American Junior and University Hockey Players, in essence kids, who were still wet behind their ears, defeated one of the great Hockey Powers on the Planet, by beating the Russians, who were comprised of Seasoned Professional Players . . . 2 – 1 (on the road to the Olympic Gold Medal).

PEYTON MANNING WAS NOT GOING TO WIN SUPER BOWL 50 . . . To every Professional Sports Handicapper and “Brother-In-Law”; the INEVITABLE Super Bowl Champions were going to be the New England Patriots.

And when that didn’t happen . . . there was no way the Denver Bronco’s, with their aging Quarter Back, would be able to beat the Carolina Panthers with the HOTTEST Offense in the league, MOST amount of regular season victories (15-1), and the most CONFIDENT Quarter Back (Cam Newton) imaginable.

But after the Dust Settled . . . Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos were kissing the Vince Lombardi Trophy, while the Professional Handicappers were stuttering their excuses for missing the Inevitable.


As I wrote in the last Editorial, there is hardly any such thing as INEVITABLE, including Hillary Clinton, other than the possibility that Clinton could find herself fighting not for the Presidency, as much as she might be fighting to stay out of jail for her OBVIOUS breaches of National Security, to which she took and signed an oath to protect and preserve as the Secretary of State.

Even though . . . it should be without argument, that Hillary Clinton should be indicted, charged, tried and found guilty as the INEVITABLE conclusion for her crimes against the American People, one should not be holding his or her breath for that to happen.

PERHAPS THE ONLY INEVITABILITY . . . is that the people will be screwed, blued and tattooed by the Politicians and Bureaucrats at every turn possible, even when being supposedly held to account.

BUT WHAT’S ALSO INEVITABLE . . . is that the people are reaching the Boiling Point, where they will jettison the RULES created of the INSIDERS, by the INSIDERS, for the INSIDERS.


There is a lot of talk about Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who might be pondering, the making of any SPEECH AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE ILLEGAL.

FRANKLY . . . I HOPE SHE DOES, so the people can take this drip, drip, drip of Government EXCESSES against the FREEDOMS of the People to the STREETS where it belongs, with the SOUND AND FURY it deserves.


Allan, a close Friend of mine who now lives in Toronto, going all the way back to our University Years in Montreal, when I was the Sports Editor of The Sir George Williams University Students’ Newspaper, and he was my photographer on just about every assignment, has been asking me repeatedly to write about some ANIMAL ISSUES.

As a regular reader of this BLOG, you probably know that Animal Welfare is very important to Anne and Myself, regardless of what kind of animal it is. And one of the BIG ISSUES that is rearing its HORRIFIC head throughout North America, but in this case, focused in the Province of Ontario . . . IS DOG FIGHTING.


LET ME BE CLEAR . . . If you’ve read enough of my editorials, I hope that you think of me as being someone who is thoughtful, weighs as many perspectives as are available, and is not OVER-THE-TOP.

SO WHEN I TELL YOU . . . that I would not blink an eye, if people who participate in ANIMAL FIGHTING at any level, should be PUT-TO-DEATH as IRREPARABLE SOCIAL DEVIANTS harmful to society . . . I am not just spouting empty words.

Anne, I and others . . . for as long as we can remember, have spent personal Treasure, Sacrifice and Effort in the help of animals in distress, from Cats, to Dogs, to Horses, to abused Farm Animals – and we will never stop.

WE’VE ALREADY BEGUN TO MAKE THE EFFORT . . . And over the next short while, this BLOG will use some of our Advertising Section to promote Animal Issues, Animal Welfare, and will PROMOTE at NO CHARGE the Groups that Provide Relief.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What part of “illegal” don’t we understand? NO-GO zones, drivers licenses for illegals, free healthcare and food stamps for illegals, open borders. When do we here in the US stop the decline of our nation in the guise of PC and vote getting, and start enforcing the law. Aren’t we a nation of laws? When do we wake up, and stand up??? Your comments above, were as usual, right on. However, I think the parade and demonstration against terrorism was heart felt and dramatic.

  2. Three cheers for you, Howard. Those of us who read your blog know your heart is in the right place… well as your values. Keep on truckin’ and sticking it to the Lefties who have proven for decades they are morally bankrupt.

  3. Saw Trudeau was in Washington today Agreeing with obama Not surprised !! Wish i could post an article here about Ted cruz and his NWO connections and Now the Bushes are helping fund his run for president
    On my timeline if anyone wants to see it Marlene Glidden

  4. While not to pick a fight, I’d like to have you clarify your definition of animal cruelty. The scale is important. Many people oppose any killing of animals be it stock raised for the meat industry or egg layers past their productive years or rodents destroying cops. Then there is hunting of wild animals for either food or trophies. Beyond that, the bull, dog and rooster fighting seen in the semi- civilized world through to the dark side of pet owners beating animals in their control.

  5. Thank you, Howard, for your support of animals. My wife and I have always had a menagerie at home comprised of rescued cats and dogs. And they seem to be very grateful. She also supports Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota which rescues abused big cats and lets them live out their lives in a safe habitat.

  6. “And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world”.
    Thank you, Howard.I do believe that through your readership, we have made people more aware, and we can save even more.

  7. Plenty of sick twisted humans in the world unfortunately and abuse of animals is a blight on our society, thanks for publicizing the problem. Re Trump, I have to disagree with you – the stuff that’s been thrown at him by the establishment R’s is absolutely nothing compared the mountain of dirt the media and dems will pile on him if he’s the nominee. He has huge negatives now, just wait until the media really cuts loose.

  8. 1) ANYONE who TORTURES animals deserves to be treated in the SAME manner! 2) RE: GLOBAL WARMING–RI recently passed a STUPID Legislation [Sen. Ciccone] where neighbors are now responsible for the CLEANUP of TREE DEBRIS which fall in their neighbor’s yard. If not cleaned, the person can be fined $500. Hence, the RI LIBERALS’ PLAN must be to cut all the trees down so they can PROVE GLOBAL WARMING..ha..ha..ha! Control of nature??? Even HILLARIOUS’ BARKING & LYING can’t help this situation! AMEN!

  9. Loretta Lynch said today that if the FBI recommends indictment for Clinton, the Justice Department is not obligated to follow through with any other action, including a grand jury or a special prosecutor. If this is the case and nothing is done, I firmly believe there will be an armed insurrection in the United States.

  10. Howard I am more focused on human life rather than animal life but then understand where you are coming from and for the most part agree with it. As for Trump, in my opinion the conversations he has had with Bill Clinton primarily makes me suspicious as to his true Conservative values. I think he formed a pact with Slick Willie and we are watching it in action. But the — I may be wrong. We shall see!!! BUT Trump WILL get my vote should he be the nominee of the party.

  11. FYI, Howard, if I may, without being disparaging? The Miracle on Ice was the semi-final game, not the gold medal game.

  12. We are firmly against ANY kind of animal abuse, even verbal abuse is unforgiveable, especially for dogs. My wife and I’s dogs are like our children, just ask any of our other eight kids. As for Loretta Lynch, she has proven to be serving as Obama’s attorney general, not the people’s attorney general. Her comments are shameful for the highest attorney in the land. What ever happened to blind justice in our third branch of government???

  13. Dog fighting is exactly why I lost all interest in football. When the NFL hired Michael Vick back after what he did, I was done. Haven’t watched a football game since except for Superbowl, and even then, I take it or leave it. There’s a special place you-know-where for people who hurt animals, babies, and children. I actually like animals more than I like a lot of people.

  14. I have 7 Siamese cats (and 1 black tabby) and have been a transporter for Siamese Rescue of Virginia for many years. Siri does an amazing job with her nationwide network of foster homes for neglected, abused and abandoned Siamese. I have 2 chocolate points, 1 lynx point, 1 flame point and three lilac points that I would never part with. They are all loved and have homes with us forever. I cannot understand how anyone could be so evil as to harm an animal–sickening to even think about!

  15. To Lori Gambella, I see your point but deflategate did it for me. I don’t watch the super bowl anymore. Sound like you Americans have a real winner there in Loretta Lynch. I can not conceive of anyone having that mind set. Mind you I am not a Pinko neither so that may be the distinction. Hillary just keeps on trucking like she did nothing wrong, knowing in her mind that nobody can do anything to her, with backing from the AG???? The American people should be mad as hell.

  16. H, Do you know anything about a Cruz connection to the NWO? If so could you enlighten us? and YES to everything in this blog! Kay

  17. I love it, “I will know it when I see it”. As for Trump, people are calling him anything from Hitler to just this am on his radio show I heard Glenn Beck say, “Evil”. Nancy Reagan used astrologers for guidance. Now as a 20 something conservative Christian during Reagan’s leadership, I thought that was quite disturbing. They claimed to be Christian, but most bible believing people know that seeking ‘spiritual’ guidance from any other source but God is forbidden. My point, Trump is unfairly judged

  18. I too feel that cruelty and abuse to pets and farm animals is despicable and that perps should be punished. But…I have no problem with killing varmints that reduce the deer, sheep, elk and bird populations; and such destructive and disease-causing vermin as roof rats, Norway rats, common barn and house rats and mice, etc. As such, I must disagree with statements that imply that all animal life, including fleas, mosquitos and other bacteria carriers is sacred.

  19. Voted early in Florida today, going to be a big turn out
    Looks like early voters are for TRUMP. Big employer
    in Florida and Tax payer. Very important to many

  20. Dog fighters should be executed! No ifs and or buts. Every thing you said about the politics is absolutely true.

  21. We all are seeing the “suicide” death of the republican party as well as the death of the USA. When there are more takers than givers the country is done for. God bless the USA and Canada and remember the USA is based on a revolution.

    Paul Gullick

  22. In response to Barry, where you said and I quote ” I must disagree with statements that imply that all animal life, including fleas, mosquitos and other bacteria carriers is sacred. I would suggest that you need to read Howard’s comments a little closer. I do not see where you come up with that statement as it is not what he said, or even implied. I have made the same mistake at times reading more into something than was intended. I think we know what he meant if we really think about it.

  23. Howard, I think your comment “should be put to death” is a little over the top. Yes we should treat all animals kindly, even the ones we raise for food on the table. But I think our world is upside down. Someone is cruel to a dog or cat, and it’s all over the news. Someone kills (aborts) a baby, and almost total silence! Liberalism at its best!
    This genocide has to stop! What kind of a society have we become? Depraved!

  24. At this point in time, I am not sure of anything except “We The People” DO need to be heard!!! These past 7+ years have had my head in a complete tailspin. I NEVER thought I would live to see, my beloved country, in so much disarray. A US President by-passing the US Constitution & Congress does NOTHING about it! A Supreme Court that is making laws, instead of interpreting the US Constitution! The US is completely topsy-turvy. I worry about the future of the US, if, there is one.

  25. There is a report on debunking global warming. Rubio clearly does not believe in it and said, last night, there can be no law on weather. So much for Loretta Lynch. In Canada, as in the USA, we can be locked up for saying ‘Muslim’, so now we have to be careful uttering climate change. What has happened to common sense and sanity? Animal cruelty is unforgivable. I don’t agree with birds in cages, marine world, or zoos. Best wishes for your new quest Howard.

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