There are very few things in life that are inevitable, and even then, looking at life through a deep philosophical lens . . . nothing is inevitable, as we could really understand it.


OUTSIDE OF DEATH AND TAXES . . . It seems that the election of Donald Trump to become the Republican Nominee, is becoming, as close to being inevitable as we can imagine.

THE QUESTION NOW . . . Is how inevitable will the Republican Party be to RALLY around the PEOPLE’S CHOSEN LEADER? Because, as I see it, this inevitability will in one way or another be decided by who will win in November, and become the President and Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America in January 2017.

It is possible that Trump might not win the 1237 Delegates needed to SEAL THE DEAL, but it is not likely, especially if Rubio and Kasich do NOT BOW-OUT NOW. And even if both of them walk-away before their Primaries, there’s no guarantee that Cruz would win . . . either Florida, Ohio or Both.

SO NOW’S A GREAT TIME . . . for the Party Insiders to BACK-OFF – on the STOP TRUMP ADS, and let the real people decide.


When I hear Candidates like Cruz, Rubio and Kasich claim that ONLY each one of them could possibly beat Clinton, and that Trump doesn’t have a chance . . . I WISH THEY WOULD JUST SHUT-UP.

As far as I’m concerned, each and every one of them can beat Clinton, and beat her RESOUNDINGLY. So, for them to campaign against each other in this regard is at BEST DISHONEST AND AT WORST UNHELPFUL.


People are sick and tired of the BS and insults . . . no one wants to know about the size of Trump’s Hands. And they don’t want to get into the dirt of destroying reputations. It is unsightly, unprofessional, and Un-Presidential.

And even when thinking about Trump’s LITANY of Insults, with which he bombarded the other Candidates, that too was inexcusable – but at this point, it’s become water under the bridge.


IT’S TIME TO FINISH THIS REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN . . . with honest to goodness debates on policy between TWO Candidates, not FOUR, without the personal attacks, and let the people decide upon the knowledge and ideas of the candidates, opposed to a campaign-style of reality TV.


AND IF THE PEOPLE SCREW-UP . . . and choose the wrong Candidate, SO-BE-IT, because it’s called DEMOCRACY, which I would rather have any day, rather than the alternative, which is of a bunch of INSIDERS DECIDING FOR THE PEOPLE.


There’s no question in my mind, that neither Rubio nor Kasich have Pan-American appeal or support. And unless a Candidate can win something throughout the country, opposed to just within their own neck-of-the-woods, they have no business staying in a contest where they are not sufficiently supported.

So, as I see it . . . the ONLY TWO Candidates with Pan-American Appeal and Support are Trump and Cruz – so for my money, and for the future of the United States of America, Kasich and Rubio should BOW-OUT now and leave the Two Favorites to simply DUKE-IT-OUT . . . winner take all.

AND IF THE INSIDERS PUSH THIS TO A CONTESTED CONVENTION . . . I think that no matter who wins, they will have done the American People and the Country itself IRREPARABLE DAMAGE through their greed and lust for power.

AT THIS POINT . . . My favorite to win the Republican Nomination is still Ted Cruz, but whichever one walks away with the victory between Cruz and Trump, through a normal process – OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE, will get my full support.

And as far as I’m concerned, the people have already spoken, AND THEY DON’T WANT Rubio or Kasich, whose only hope is to screw with the will of the people.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have started to comment that, “ISLAM IS RADICAL-ISLAM, and RADICAL ISLAM IS ISLAM.”

  2. Truly brilliant!! Thank you. I think a Trump Cruz or Cruz Trump is the way to go. We need both of them. America has lost an important 8 years of history. The only positive thing I can see is we are now ARMED as gun sales have never been higher. Thank you BHO’idiot. Susan Sheldon Coral Springs, FL

  3. Howard, It is obvious that our government will not help Israel. If Americans are serious, could a fund be started where we could individually contribute to the government of Israel? To H… with the politicians–I would rather contribute to the Israelis than the Beltline money wasters. Where do we send it? Richard Miller veteran of WWII, Korean, Vietnam Wars.

  4. Not to change the subject, but it’s interesting that there is no such thing as a 2nd Amendment in the European and Scandanavian countries that have been inundated with crime in recent history due to the horrendous government-encouraged influx of Muslims (mostly men—not children as they report themselves to be) from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Getting back to the subject: I’m hoping for a Cruz victory.

  5. The Republican party is Your and My party. It does not belong to this amorphous “elite” group. I’d like to get a list of whoever these people are and have we, the Republicans, send them packing. Actually I just think they hide in the shadows and use their power to manipulate the party actions to be the “status” quo that we have witnessed for several election cycles. That is why Harry Reid and Obama could block hundreds of bills and budget reform.

  6. I agree, Howard. Although I have no DIRECT stake in this election, as a Canadian, and although Trump is not my first choice …… I think he will get the job done, with Cruz as VP.

  7. While a Trump supporter, formerly Ross Perot, Ron Reagan , and Barry Goldwater, I am a firm believer in Jefferson and that “the tree of Liberty must periodically be refreshed with the blood of Patriots.” Hence my prior basis of support allegiance. That said I agree with your comments, BUT so far as the “Eliteists and Party Power folks” THIS election is why the most effective action is to throw some gernades into the fray, and “sober up” the Parites and let them know it is “WE THE PEOPLE!”.

  8. Again, you said it all. The voters are voting against the party while voting for a candidate. The sooner the insiders learn that they depend on the voters, the sooner we will have good government. Trump recognized this opportunity and decided to run. A vote for Trump is the extreme rebellion against the insiders. The insiders must be taught a lesson. If they select the candidate, it will be the same wrong direction for the country. If they force someone not acceptable, I will not vote for them.

  9. Rubio went in like kamikaze pilot at Trump and missed everything to try again. This time I think he is out of gas and will crash and burn some where in Florida. May never hear of him a again. He should have quit when he had something left to return to a more suited fight for him. Kasich I wish would talk about something besides what he has already done in Ohio. everything must be glorious in Ohio. That makes me wonder why I hear Trump is leading the poles there when they already have a savior.

  10. A tv reality host with 2-3 Bankruptcies and 2 Tea Party newbie Senators-I find it very sad and ominous that this is supposed to be the best people we can find. The arguments and tone of the debates, little hands and all and again no substance on how candidates intend to accomplish their goals. Where are the REAL Republicans? Trump would be fine if you want a dictator. I see people think by Trump getting in is as a “grenade”. We need to rebuild-not destroy….

  11. Howard, again you have seen through the BS & to what is really going on. I think the Elites want a brokered convention & this will further destroy the US. Rubio & Kasich are definitely part of the party insiders & are doing what they are telling them to do. They are dishonest & guilty in not saying all of this up front. Why? There are GOP members who follow the party’s Leaders, not their own convictions. The GOP is as much responsible for the past 8 years, as the Dems are.

  12. The Republicans and more specifically the Republican candidates have allowed the media to set the agenda, a very stupid idea in the first place. Why the candidates allowed this trashy media circus to carry on is a big question. I guess the biggies in the party can take most of the blame as they set up the debates and most likely what will and won’t be asked. The media has created the battles and name calling to make the “reality” tv stay alive.

  13. Trump vs. Cruz……may the best man win. And to the Republican establishment and leadership…..STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT.

  14. And again, I maintain that we don’t want another politico who will fight the fight against the Progressives on their own, and the traditional, ground. We need, and have been calling for, a NEW WAY. Even a great many Progressives have. I believe that those Progressives are the youth who, like us before them, have a big heart and absolutely no idea what FREE means.
    When, or if, Hillary steals the nomination, prior to being indited, those youth may just reenact the ’68 Chicago convention.

  15. The situation of “Trump’s Hands”, etc.. was INITIATED by RUBIO; however, TRUMP was blamed for it during the Detroit debate. Also, Megyn had noted a “D” rating for Trump Academy; however, during a commercial BREAK [at END of the debate], Trump PROVIDED the FOX HOSTS with a FAX noting that it had been changed from a BBB to a Grade A. This information was NEVER PROVIDED and or REVEALED to the viewers! The ESTABLISHMENT, et al, will try to use any TACTIC to ATTACK TRUMP! The McCOYS are right! AMEN!

  16. Howard, I only pray that “We the people” can truly still elect our president. I think you all know what I mean!!! I sincerely hope that we can get enough people to the poles and that we outnumber the “Takers”, the young misunderstood, and the underhanded dealings of the left loonies.

  17. Howard where’s the editorial of Canada’s Prime idiot Justin”the snow boarder” about his trashing Americans on 60 minutes? Just thought I would ask in case you missed it.

  18. Howard, unfortunately the U.S. has an idiot and an enemy of Israel as a president. (not a leader) His Islamic up bringing, makes him a natural enemy of Israel. He will be replaced with in one year, thank God, and Israel will again have a friend and protector that it can depend on. I believe that there will be a peace treaty brokered shortly after a new president is elected, with a war or without, hopefully without a war.

  19. Very good editorial, Howard. Same old crap, isn’t it? I think they are running scared and would delight in taking the election of a nominee to a convention where, if it didn’t just happen to work out to their satisfaction, they would like to strip the will of the people from them like they do in their respective positions in both Houses of Government. Geesch!!

  20. Barry Schmidt has it right. When all is said and done and we are faced with a precipitously declining USA in every good and decent tradition we patriots hold dear, our Second Amendment remains to fulfill the intent of our “Founding Fathers”; the defense by an armed citizenry against tyranny. Not a day passes that I do not reflect with respect for those incredibly wise founders of our nation.
    Ralph Glorioso
    Patron Life Member, NRA

  21. Trump all the way! I’m sick and tired of the beltway insiders doing everything they can to ignore the will of the people. There is no excuse for what Romney did he had his chance and threw it away. If he is so great how did we wind up with Obama? The Rinos need to shut up and let the people elect their president.

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