This Is My Personal Dog In This Fight


I am 66-Years Old, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t cross the Canada/US Border with my family, with friends and then with Anne; to either shop, dine or vacation in the USA, because we always lived within an hour or so by car of a US Border Town. And when growing-up, that border Town was Plattsburg NY.

And as a young man, like so many other young Canadians, I was very conflicted about the United States of America, because our LEFTIST Teachers from Public School-on taught us that the USA had no real culture, while we Canadians, on the other hand, were STEEPED in a deep and rich British and French History.

IT NEVER DAWNED ON ME THEN . . . and probably not upon many others as well, that this was simply anti-American Propaganda, to make us feel better about a country that after being STELLAR during WWII, was now heading head-strong towards SOCIALISM, in order to distance ourselves from the USA, so we could mirror ourselves closer to Europe.

AND AS A RESULT . . . Canadian children grew up to feel a certain FALSE and undeserved SMUGNESS in our being Canadian, as if we were so much superior to the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Even during the era of the Vietnam War, Draft Dodgers were welcomed into Canada with opened arms, as Canadian children would chant things like . . .


And young Canadians . . . just like young Americans, did the perfunctory Peter, Paul and Mary Stuff, singing the great Peace Songs written and produced by REALLY BIG GROUPS like the Beatles, who were making GAZILLIONS of dollars performing songs like Give A Peace A Chance, which were heard non stop over Radio and Television Stations worldwide.


This generation . . . my generation of the 50’s and 60’s, couldn’t have been any dumber if we tried. We allowed the generation of our elders, teachers and politicians to make fortunes off of us on the Vietnam War, through songs and Propaganda Movies that featured American Soldiers as war Criminals.

We were only too thrilled to be ACTIVISTS & REBELS fighting against the MAN, especially because the man was UNCLE SAM, but it didn’t make a difference, since PROTESTING was the American Thing To Do and LEFTIST Thing To Do WORLDWIDE, even though we in Canada had nothing to protest against . . . but like the DUMMIES we were (me too), we joined the mob.

This is not to say that there weren’t grave injustices on both sides, but it was the Anti-American Side that took all the Incoming.


LIBERAL Canadian Prime Ministers, SPECIFICALLY Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau of the late 1960’s – through to the mid 1980’s, father of Canada’s current Prime Minister, did all he could to separate Canadian Values (Socialist) from American Values (Conservative), which they had done with great success.

DID YOU KNOW . . . ?

That Canada is America’s single largest Trading Partner, buying more American Products than any country on the Planet, including China, Mexico and all of Europe (EU Combined) . . . AT $312.4 BILLION PER YEAR.

To read the who’s who . . . of who’s buying American – CLICK HERE and be prepared to be surprised.


Anne and I have no problem being Canadian, but we would rather live the American Conservative Dream, with all the benefits and challenges.

WE KNOW FOR A FACT . . . that there is no shortage of Americans who envy Canada’s Socialist Society, where the government cares for you from cradle to grave.

Somewhere, someone down the line, on the Canadian Side, made a dirty deal between the US and Canadian Governments, to make it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for Canadians to obtain GREEN CARDS.

The reason for this, is in my opinion the same as why it is REALLY DIFFICULT for Israelis to get Green Cards as well, which is . . . if it became reasonable to obtain a Green Card, for an Israeli or Canadian, a big portion of Canada and Israel would IMMIGRATE to the USA, which I KNOW is the case, and is the reason for the unfair deal, because the State Department said so.


America and Canada are both desperate for Immigration, and are settling for people of radically different cultures, languages and not necessarily valuable skills.

BUT HERE WE ARE IN CANADA . . . 35-MILLION people, of which, we are not that different than our American relatives, with the exception of perhaps 5-Million from Quebec who can’t speak English.


Our Canadian laws are virtually identical to American laws. We eat the same food. We shop the same retailers. We listen to the same music. We share in the same fashions. We vacation in each other’s countries. We learn the same basic “stuff” in school. We watch the same sports and cheer for the same or rival teams. We run our businesses the same in Canada as businesses are run in the USA. We invest in the same unreliable Stock Markets. We drive the same cars. We Canadians watch 99% of American Television Broadcasts, and flood to movie theaters to watch all the greatest US made movies.

IN ADDITION . . . Millions of Canadians own homes, or rent homes throughout the USA, most predominantly in Florida and California . . . but in no shortage in other States as well, such as Anne and Myself in Texas.

But the restrictions on Canadians who wish to live in the USA are nothing short of Draconian, since by IRS Standards, we Canadians CANNOT be in the USA, including Day Trips, for more than 6-Months TOTAL, less a day per CALENDAR YEAR.

AND FOR HOMELAND SECURITY . . . It’s 6-Months less a day on a RUNNING YEAR; in other words, from the time we enter the USA, how many days have we been on US Soil, including Day Trips over the last consecutive 365-Days? And if we were to have been in the USA for MORE than 6-Months less a day, we would be in violation of the law, and can be denied reentry into the USA for a very long time.


I WANT TO CHANGE THIS . . . IT’S SELFISH OF ME – but I want Canadian and American CITIZENS, who have been properly vetted by each country’s Border, Customs and Immigration Agents to have the ability to live in each other’s country as landed Immigrants, without Supplemented Social Services and no right to Vote in any Federal Elections.

Anne and I jumped through Security Hoops to get our Nexus Cards, which we would LOVE to use to their fullest potential.

AS A CANADIAN . . . I would want to be able to stay in the USA for as long as I want, where I can choose to retire, work, create jobs and pay Taxes.

AS A CANADIAN LIVING AMERICA . . . I would be more than willing to:

1 – Abide by all American laws, rules, regulations and tenets of the US Constitution.

2 – Make no demands on the American Social Network.

3 – Support all my own Health Benefits.

4 – Not vote in any Federal Elections.

5 – Not have any unreasonable expectations for Citizenship.


Please tell me where the downside is for the USA to welcome Canadians like Anne and Myself to FULL-TIME Residency in the USA?

. . . Opposed to people who do not share the English Language, do not share Judeo/Christian Values, know nothing . . . to little about the American Constitution and Civil Rights and Liberties, ask for Welfare and as many handouts as possible, are impelled to cheat at US Elections, could and often carry Illnesses on arrival, participate in Crimes including theft, drugs, assaults and Rape . . . ETCETERA?


But I do see a world of benefits Canadians like Anne and myself, who will bring wealth, talent, jobs and CULTURAL STABILITY to the United States of America.

I can see where the problem would exist for CANADA . . . where a great many Canadians like Anne and Myself would welcome the opportunity to live in a Nation that PRIDES itself MORE on Individual Freedoms – rather than Collective Rights.

AND FOR LEFTIST AMERICANS . . . who want to live in a Democratic Socialist Society, akin to where the USA is currently heading under Democrats and RINOS, where the government endeavors to impose CRADLE TO GRAVE Social Services, NOTHING COULD BE BETTER.

So . . . over this coming summer (2016), I will turn a great deal of my efforts and energy to convincing people in both of our countries that can enjoy MASSIVE MUTUAL BENEFITS at ZERO COSTS, and virtually no interruptions to what is already a mostly normal cross border process by making this simple policy a reality.

BY THE WAY . . . For the Rich, Powerful, Privileged and Well Connected, this system is already up, running and enjoyed between Canadian and American Citizens. So why not for the rest of us?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Kudos, Howard. As usual, your editorial hits the nail right on the head! Am so fed up with all the BS. France has been supporting her Muslims there.. and now she finally knows what Israel has always known. They can’t be trusted.. particularly since they are so supportive of Islam terrorism!
    I agree 1000% that Bibi belonged there. He IS Juif! He is the only bright light these days, and hopefully many of us Canuks feel like “Je Suis Juif”. Keep up the good work.

  2. I grew up in Alberta with family on both sides of the border. If you believe the US is so superior to “Socialist Canada”, why not just apply for Residency? Sounds like you’ve done all the security stuff already. Anyway-good luck. I believe people should live where they like, within reason.

  3. Howard,
    Not sure of the legality but I would be more than delighted to adopt you and Anne if that would assist you in becoming U.S. citizens. BUT, as I see things going here, that may not be much of a comfort in the near future. Cheers and right on.


  4. We’ll leave a light on for you Howard. As far as I’m concerned your welcome to stay as long as you like.

  5. Welcome Welcome folks. Be so pleased to have you here 365 days 24/7 Good luck getting this accomplished

  6. The USA does have its problems. I did NOT understand why there were ‘considerations’ and ‘limitations’ placed on the Canadians when years ago many Canadians crossed the border each day to work in America, use our hospitals, purchase goods and could return without a PASSPORT. I also enjoyed going to Canada on a regular basis without FEAR. Since 9/11 I honestly believe we now have more unsavory persons crossing into our country then we EVER had previously and makes me wonder WHY

  7. Great article Howard…I personally would like to “welcome” You, Anne and Stryker to the USA…A friend got me interested in your site right after the 1st election on “HIM” and I have been a follower since…am waiting to see the 1st debate between Trump and “HER”
    All my Best

    Sonny…Savannah, Ga

  8. The real reason you and your wife can’t immigrate to the US is because you are not moslem. moslems are welcome with open arms because BO is moslem.

  9. Spot-on! Job transfer is almost the only way a Canadian can get into the USA, sometimes on a temporary work visa, and sometimes a green card is issued. Even then, that job has to be posted in the US for many months in the hope an American can fill the position. Very Expensive! While waiting yrs for grn cards on a temp visa, if your kids turn 18 before grn cards come thru, they must apply on their own but only after yours are granted. That can take an an extra 10+ years.

  10. Howard, this is a wonderful plan and it has my vote. You and Anne and your pets will be very welcome legal residents. I am in New York where most of the politicians are woodenheads who bend over backwards to give aid and comfort to illegals who have zero respect for us and our laws. If this most reasonable, most sensible plan is presented to as many of these exalted “lawmakers” as will listen, perhaps a light bulb will go on. If everyone makes noise,it can be done.
    Heidi McCauley NYC

  11. Indoctrinated in Canada, It wasn’t until I stared going south of the 49th. I learned truth about how similar we are. I have grown to love America as I do Canada. I do not boast about our socialism ,it all comes at high price .A depressed Canadian dollar coupled with extremely high taxes, socialism reduces everyone to the lowest common denominator. I would rather work and buy my own benefits. Government should not give away what I worked for. Let me decide who to be charitable to.

  12. We true Americans capable of thought would welcome you! Unfortunately, the 5 reasons you cite as what you would be willing to do would negate your application in the eyes of the present regime in Washington DC! They want low information, low intelligence immigrants who are totally dependent and will vote democrat forever when granted amnesty! Try again when we have a real president in the White House!

  13. It is estimated that 1/2 the 11 Million (or more) illegals came in on Visas; 500,000 in 2015 alone. But Congress cannot get data who and how many overstayed are here. The Executive branch of this government says it doesn’t know! So, they are ignoring the laws it doesn’t like and the Congress is unwilling to do its duty. The AG, HS head, and maybe the FBI are complicit in the flaunting of the constitution and the country’s laws. Unlike Michelle this is a time I am not proud of the USA.

  14. As regards the top of the column, I have been hostile to the left and its “ideas” since childhood. Having been blessed with hyperactive bull@#$% radar, I viscerally rejected leftist pablum, and loathed hippies. The rest of that time stands as fond memories.

    As a US patriot and taxpayer I would gleefully support the exchange of 10,000 illegals (returned to their origin) for a single Canadian. That ratio could be expanded as the program proves itself. Canadians behave and are productive.

  15. Howard: You and Anne are welcome to come to Connecticut, the liberal resort state. as my guest. The Dems. have pretty much destroyed the state, but I think we could show you a good time. Still some great people here.
    Bill Verrastro, Plainville,CT

  16. Sir
    As an enormously and unashamedly proud veteran, Thank you for a wonderful tribute the USA! Come anytime you choose.

    Having been to many parts of the world (including to your good surroundings), unlike those threatening to leave but will not, I’ve found no place preferable!

  17. As a Texan, I’d like to welcome you, Anne and Stryker to Texas, although by now, I’m sure you know your way around Texas on your own. It would be to our nation’s advantage to welcome self sufficient Canadians, no matter the length of the stay. I wasn’t aware conditions had changed so drastically from my youth.
    Makes sense to welcome neighbors and friends, rather than enemies who despise us, hate our values, language, traditions, and just come to cannibalize the welfare system, and make demands.

  18. In 1950, at a military college selection board session, I was asked “When, do you think, will Canada join The U.S.A.?” I answered “In about 100 years, Sir.” I was selected.

  19. Howard, please don’t encourage the pinko’s to come to Canada. We have enough. There was a day when oil prices were high that I was hoping good hard working Conservative people would want to come & become Canadians and work in Alberta. Thus More Conservative voters. So Howard, shhhhh on encouraging any pinko’s moving to Canada. We have enough already and I’m not in a situation where I can take advantageous of moving to America though I do love the freedoms down there and quality of life too.

  20. Your piece is interesting as always & feel you should be able to remain here beyond the 6 mo. limit so long as you & other s like you are law abiding – same for us spending time north of “the 49th” but maybe I just don’t understand it all. As for socialism, it will only keep growing in North America so long as we have divisive politicians such as Obama, Bernie, and the witch now also seeking office who use class envy & free stuff as a very effective wedge & a way to get votes from the gullible.

  21. Since this is a reasonable suggestion but put forward by a KNOWN conservative, it will be given as much attention as a terrorist threat on the POTUS. How dare you suggest such a thing? As a conservative, it must be that you have some nefarious motive! My God, you sound way to reasoned, I mean, way too…..uh, way too, CONSERVATIVE. 🙂

  22. Socialist Canada, Capitalist USA? Not any more. The main indicator of socialism in a nation is all taxes generated (federal, state, local) as a percentage of GDP. It used to be 30% higher in Canada than the US. But over the past 15 years, this has been decreasing in Canada and increasing in the US. This year (or next) this percentage will be higher in the US than Canada. It’s now reversing (thank, in particular, Obamacare, officially a “tax”). Search “government spending” in Wiki for stats

  23. What a dream world we would have if the USA and Canada would become The United States of North America.
    Can’t say the same for the French Canadians tho. I’m sure France will take care of their soul mates.
    Hope is eternal!

  24. Great commentary. I hope more people in Montana read this and stand up to those supporting with open arms all refugees example Soft Landing, Missoula Montana.

  25. Howard I certainly would welcome you for full citizenship. Meanwhile there is a battle of ideas that needs to be won. Conservatism is right. The left is wrong. Beck had Levine on this morning to promote Levine’s new media effort. This is a step toward my dream of the new media networking and supporting each other. Promote each other’s programs, web sites, books, etc. The synergy can compound its influence geometrically. Knowledge is power and the truth can set us free. we have better ideas

  26. If you find a way there will be a lot of Canadians interested….my whole family for five….!

  27. You would be a wonderful addition to this nation! Hope that you will become one of us soon! I have expressed these wishes earlier to you and am excited about the thought of you being a US citizen.

  28. Howard: I agree with you. The problem is that it makes too much sense for government types in the US to understand. Common sense in the USA died decades ago. I would, however, have to disagree with you that the US is “desperate for immigration”. Once again I would like to refer you to a Mark Levin radio program of last week during which he used the government’s own numbers and admission to prove we have more than enough workers in this country. It’s the job destruction that has been the problem.

  29. In spite of your early education, you “get it”. Dumbing down the majority, brainwashed to Socialism.. for the ONE WORLD utopia of today’s politicians. And WHY?….so that we are all the same, have the same, do the same. None of it better for anyone. Why not just commit suicide if they are so miserable in a FREE WORLD…but no, they must drag us all down the rabbit hole with them. GOP showing true colors this election cycle. Will stop at nothing to silence the voice of the people!

  30. You obviously don’t understand. We are not trying to improve the fiber of the United States we are trying to destroy it. Why would we agree to having law abiding, hard working, English speaking, educated, and well mannered Canadians coming into this country when we can bring in the dregs of humanity from southern border countries and/or from the middle east. How could you make such a mistake? Haven’t you been watching the imam in chief for the last eight years?

  31. Is it just me, or is your message board exploding? You know that I’ve read and admired your writings for years, but it seems to resonate more and more now days. I’ll forward your message to 200+ of my peeps, word spreads fast in this medium. The problem with your message today is that it makes too much sense!!! Will appeal to Cruz, you know he’s Canadian too….. lol.

  32. Immigration would not be a necessary part of growing if the USA did not murder over 2,000 babies a day. That is a national crime. Planned parenthood (murderhood) has killed over 7 million children since its inception. since Roe v Wade some 58,787,985 babies would not grow up to contribute to society. Maybe the cure for cancer or other dread disease was snuffed out by this evil practice.

  33. We should have the same agreement that New Zealand and Australia have.

  34. Probably the only thing wrong with your idea is……IT MAKES SENSE. Very little in the good ole USA makes much sense today. I will support your idea whole heartedly. Maybe if the upcoming election turns our Country around…we will be able to reform our terrible immigration laws into something that actually benefits America.

  35. In Dec. 2013 I crossed the border to Canada from the US for family reasons. I applied for permanent residency and waited. It is now over 2 years in Canada and I have blown a wad of money on living expenses for my wife, a Canadian, and myself. Last November they gave me a 2 year work permit. Last week a rep from the CIC called wondering where my application funds were. I responded that I have two receipts for my application. I should have crossed as a refugee and received benefits.

  36. Howard, Just got out of the pool over here in Florida..Was talking to an Ontarian who was bemoaning the fact that he would like to stay here longer but his health insurance coverage just wouldn’t allow for it due to the six month rule. Funny how we all allow our governments to twist our gonads just to keep us in line while the pols do what they want. Also he did not like the exchange rate today but did like the gas prices.

  37. Our healthcare also keeps us captured with it’s limitations. I think it’s time for Canada and Us to unify. Could happen under a conservative Gov but impossible under the socialist liberals. Must eliminate the Quebec Welfare State from the rest of the country

  38. If I was a Canadian, I’d do what the Mexicans do just don’t go back.

  39. You are barking up the right tree but it will probably be difficult to get it done. Here in Canada as you probably already know, it pays to be non white, French speaking and female or Muslim to have an open invitation in this country. Again the socialists will benefit at election time with all of the money they spend on the newcomers and the don’t wanna worker types.
    The new guy up here, a bad drama teacher, would be unknown if his name wasn’t Trudeau but the country melted for the little twit.

  40. Every year, we let in 1,000,000 green card immigrants, 700,000 foreign guest workers, 500,000 foreign students, and 100,000 refugees. Add to this, the illegal flow of immigrants across our southern border with Mexico. My concern is focused on those who come to change American culture (e.g., Sharia in lieu of the Constitution) instead of becoming part of the American culture. Personally I’d welcome Canadians into the US as fellow “keepers of the flame” of Western culture.

  41. Just from those who have commented – I think you can see, we support you and your future goals. Some even think you want to become a US Citizen, I didn’t read that at all – I read you only want to have the opportunity to live in the USA year round with no limits, but, still be a Canadian Citizen. I personally want you to be a part of the USA. You resonate with Americans & understand what is going on. For the USA to treat our Canadian brothers this way is simply beyond stupid!!!

  42. Agree with you that it shouldn’t be so restrictive if you should want to live in the US year round. Would love to have you.

  43. Good luck but I would prefer you and Anne become citizens of the USA

  44. Sounds like an excellent idea. And, just a friendly reminder, Plattsburgh is still here. Assuming DHS allows it, you folks are always welcome here with open arms, just as when you were teenagers !
    Orange Julip on North Margaret St is long gone, but Gus’ and Clare and Carl’s and Arnie’s are all still here !! LOL
    Pay us a visit on your way north !!

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