If the RINO’S were able to knock out Trump on their own, or with the help of Campaign Candidates, the Media, or Trump knocks himself out of the running because of his own personal deficits . . . ?

OR . . . as it’s looking more and more everyday, now that all the HARD-TALK and guarantees from Trump, about how he’s going to punish China, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, and BUILD the wall to protect Border Security, has all of a sudden become negotiable, where’s the value of anything he says?

So . . . how believable is Trump – if he’s now saying everything is negotiable?


We’re now down to THREE CANDIDATES plus Trump. There is Cruz, Rubio and Kasich. And after all the campaign hijinks, debates, and ads, I think we know more than enough about each Candidate to make a decision.

FOR MEthe question is not which one can win in November . . . since I think all of them can – it comes down to which Candidate would fight for the US BILL OF RIGHTS, and all that it has stood for from its ratification on December 15, 1791.

AND . . . WHICH IS KEENLY IMPORTANT – who amongst the 4-Candidates Left Standing, will really take on the INSIDERS?


TRUMP . . . whom I’ve been routinely accused of attacking from Day One, is an accusation against me that still resonates, because I don’t trust him, because as I’ve repeatedly stated, Trump leaves far too many unanswered questions to his promises, which as of the last debate, he’s begun backtracking.

ROMNEY WAS 100% WRONG at this juncture to insert himself into this debate, in such a way as to try to upset the Campaign Apple Cart with accusations he should have made from the first day, instead of when the “dealing is almost done”.

In many ways . . . Romney did far more to help the Democrats, than he did to help the Republicans, for which he should bear great shame.

BUT, WHEN IT COMES TO TRUMP – the most IMPORTANT NON-CLAIM comes from people like Romney, that Trump’s Nomination, and forthcoming Presidency, will SHAKE THE INSIDERS TO THE CORE.


RUBIO . . . proven to me to be TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL, always glib with a smart answer, very contrived, and too eager to score all the points, is as disingenuous as they come.

KASICH . . . just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t like his holier-than-thou persona. And I’m really turned off with Kasich’s . . . I DID THIS – I DID THAT – I, I, I.

I really don’t like his arrogant smugness, as he tries to let the whole of the United States know that he’s nothing like the rest of them rolling around in the dirt, and that he’s the only adult in the room.

In school, he was the kind of guy who ate his lunch alone, or sat with his small group of ass-kisser friends, because very few people liked him, showing how much better he was than everyone else.

CRUZ . . . is in the only Constitutionalist in the group. And is the only Candidate who has repeatedly stood up to Congress and the Leadership of his own Party.

And before Trump came on the scene . . . Ted Cruz was the most HATED man by the Republican Insiders who vowed to keep him from winning the nomination, not to mention how much he is really hated by the Democrat LEFT.


I had a great deal of hope for Ted Cruz, as a man of Character, Courage and Values . . . but, when his campaign resorted to DIRTY POLITICS, which was absolutely unbecoming of Cruz’s publicly self-promoted moral persona . . . it left me extremely disappointed, enough so . . . as to stop promoting Cruz.

BUT THAT SAID . . . this election is so important to the USA and the entire World – that sometimes, it is imperative to weigh all options, and do what has to be done regardless of some shortcomings, and supporting Cruz is one of those options.


If Trump wins the next group of PRIMARIES – especially the WINNER TAKE ALL STATES like Florida, the game will be over, and Trump will be the Nominee.

And if that happens, even though I don’t trust him to do the things he is promising to do, I will give him my full support, hoping that he will indeed take down the INSIDERS.

If Trump does not win enough Delegates through legitimate Primaries and Caucuses, and the Nomination goes to a Convention . . . I would support Cruz.

As for Rubio . . . if it isn’t Trump or Cruz, he would be my second to last choice, because I don’t trust him. But if he wins, I will give him my support and pray that his conscience will be the better part of him.

As for Kasich . . . I will support him as a last resort, even though I don’t believe he has what’s close enough inside him, to stand-up to the Insiders, since he is an Insider himself. But he too will get my support, since voting for Kasich is better than voting for any Democrat.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hypocrites! Sounding off because their right were violated. The abuse of freedom of speech had a consequence and unfortunately lives were lost. How arrogant or naive could they be? Stirring a hornet’s nest will always yield a sting. Where were the supporters against freedom violations during other terrorist attacks? Too little, too late! Abbas is present because no one has the courage to deny his entry. That would be the right thing to do. The No-Go Zones also need to be annihilated.

  2. I agree with you, Howard, on everything you said in this editorial !! Joy Parsons, Atlanta, Ga

  3. Howard. You have laid out a very fair appraisal of the current situation regarding the Republican nomination.

  4. I’m voting for Trump in the primary and hoping that Trump or Cruz will be the nominee. I would support either one. Anyone else, I’m not sure about. I believe that Trump will win in the end as the more BS the RINOs pull, they angrier the electorate becomes as they are REALLY saying we are not going to get OUR choice for POTUS because he will upset their little corruption applecart. However, this election is a government takeover by ballots instead of bullets…this time.

  5. I believe your assessment is very accurate. Trump wont or cant do all that he promises but will Shake up the good old boys club in both parties and they need to be shook up .

    cruz is my second choice as well but that’s because he is a dirty player or he would be my first.

    Really enjoy your thinking and oversite of American Politics..

  6. Right you are .Rubio was establishments darling so they could tell him what to do He is worthless just a smart ass Romney is a sore loser but he did it to himself and he is not worth the oxygen he takes up. So afraid Cruz will install this NWO He seems to lean that way Where does this leave us? The whole White House needs cleaned out

  7. Trump, an administrator who has created billions vs the dems & rinos who have blown trillions for interests the American public have little knowledge of.

  8. My feelings also changed at the Iowa mess. The importance & public level made in that instance reflect badly on Cruz. Reflecting on fact we all screw up at times, should this one bad judgment nullify all he’s stood & fought for in Congress since elected? I’ve spent a lot of time considering that since Iowa & I still, like you, put him up with Trump. Ideally the ticket would include both. Said before & will repeat, Cruz would lend Trump expertise he lacks & needs. They could work together.

  9. I agree with just about everything you wrote. What is sad, if not absolutely idiotic, is the “anyone but Trump” campaign by the party and the public attacks that will make it impossible for a Trump win – and at this point he is the only one capable to defeat Hillary/Sanders. Then there is the constant media scrutiny of every hair on Trump’s head, every word, glance, whatever, and general negative “reporting”, which can elect a candidate of their choice: just look at how “Shiny Pony” Trudeau won.

  10. At this point I think the best duo is Trump for President and Cruz for VP. Cruz has the intestinal fortitude to not back down from the RINOS or the left. Cruz’s campaign jumped on a few things probably to quick and without doing all the research necessary. That gave the media and the insiders along with the left ammunition to try and take him out. He’s still the same man who represents the people better than any one else. He’s a fighter to the end and we need one more than ever.

  11. GREAT description of each candidate! If/when TRUMP wins in Florida, the DEAL IS DONE! Yes, Trump has recently changed some of his opinions on certain items, but that’s the sign of a GOOD NEGOTIATOR, especially when there is no SIGNIFICANT LOSS to the party. NOW, the ESTABLISHMENT is using various TACTICS to INSTILL FEAR in those who DO support TRUMP…will do ANYTHING to succeed at this task. Thank you, MR. ROMNEY, for helping TRUMP via your TELEPROMPTER SPEECH! DON’T UNDERESTIMATE TRUMP! AMEN!

  12. I hope Trump wins. He would be able to win the general election. Cruz does not have broad support and can’t win over independents or centrist democrats. He would lose to Clinton. I think Rubio also has a good chance of defeating Clinton.

  13. Trump is wise not to divulge his thoughts of how he will go
    about building the wall, etc. He will save those thoughts
    for his campaign against Hillary.

  14. I still believe that Biden will come riding in on his big white horse and take it all.

  15. I would NOT let the ESTABLISHMENT know HOW I was going to make the CHANGES. Forewarned is forearmed. I see SOME items that may be almost impossible….BUT….Trump did say he would put in people who are willing to do the job for gratis and help him get the JOB done. Cleaning house is going to be HELL. If anyone else in the Republican party gets in I don’t believe they will accomplish or stand up to the job as Trump will. In the Michigan Primary I will be voting for TRUMP.

  16. You are 100% correct.
    I will support Trump or Cruz simply because neither are GOP “Insiders.” And, they will not be controlled by the GOP Establishment . . . this scares H*** out of the Establishment and they want both of them “removed.”
    Rubio is the obvious current horse for the GOP because he will become their lapdog.
    If it becomes a “Brokered” convention you can bet Romney and Bush will be back in the mix . . . both are well established GOP insiders, i.e., controlled by the GOP.

  17. I agree with what you have said. I like Cruz but will vote for Trump if he gets the nomination. I really don’t blame Cruz for what happened because he hires people and expects them to do what they know he wants and if they don’t t then they get fired. That one didn’t bother me. I don’t like Rubio or Kasich but will vote if they win but hope they don’t. I also would like to see Cruz as VP if Trump wins.

  18. Howard, You are a smarter man than I have been seeing in this and other Articles about Trump. “We The People” are the power and determination to accomplish the Job. We only need the Leadership and directive. We are a can do people. “WE” are Americans. “WE” are not the Liberal Socialist Losers. That have dragged our Nation into Twenty Trillion Dollars of “FAILURE”. We are supporting and Voting for a Leader a President. Not a God to do it for us. We already have our God to give us the strength.

  19. Again, your blog hit the proverbial nail on the head. I’m deeply torn. I consider myself a very conservative American. Trump is NOT conservative. Cruz is. I felt strongly that Trump was-out of necessity-he man to vote for, nevertheless. I respected his bus. experience, his “outsider” personna. That said, I’m very worried about his back-peddling. Cruz has his own issues, much of his own making. That said, Trump 1st, Cruz 2nd. Calif votes in June, so our vote may be unimportant by then.

  20. Yes Cruz’s campaign was over zealous but in comparison to the other candidates antics it is minor. Cruz has represented his state as he had promised he would, he is the most intelligent person of all candidates,Dems and Rep. He can recall conversations almost verbatim which is amazing and why he will win any debate against Hilly. He would appoint a true conservative to the Supreme Court, and I feel he has the determination and grit to fight the entrenched establishment and foreign covernments

  21. Trump is the only one powerful enough, connected enough to take on these Globalists who are trying to grab our lands and minerals thru the BLM, our water thru the EPA, police us thru the UN while grabbing territory using “refugees”. Google the 17 points of Agenda 2030. I read that Trump went to one of theses “Globalist” meetings 2 years ago in NY-When he learned what they were planning-That is when he decided to run for President. He is trying to save our Sovereign Nation. TRUMP 2016!!!

  22. In regards to the NWO – I see Trump going that way, not Cruz. The NWO is part of the established GOP insiders, not a Constitutionalist. Trump is not an established GOP, but, with all of his business experience & working on the International level, the NWO maybe more intriguing to him. I did vote for Cruz, because of his conservatism & his knowledge of the Constitution. I think, he would look for the right candidate for the Supreme Court. He knows what needs to be done & hopefully will do it.

  23. The ‘ideal’ is seldom on the menu. Usually our choices are from imperfect options. Our job is to pick the choice with the most upside and least downside.

    If Trump were elected, it would be great to have a really capable person as VP, such as Cruz, in case Trump met with misfortune. On the other hand, imagine Cruz as Attorney General Who better than Cruz to go after the corrupt in and out of Government…..

  24. Washington is a junk yard. Trump is a junk yard dog. Every junk yard needs a junk yard dog

  25. I’m looking forward to our Prime Minister visiting the White House next week. I’m sure he will enjoy looking down his nose at the U.S. and the current state of the election. Already he has said he wished Americans paid more attention to what is happening around the world. Oh really???? The nerve of him is all I can say. I hope they put him in his place.

  26. In my opinion, the proposed action by the rinos is a travesty equal to the dems stuffing the ballot box. Either way,
    the voters will be getting screwed. If the Rinos dare to fight against the wishes if the electorate, civil insurrection here we come.

  27. Raymond Coleman: My thoughts parallel yours. As for politicians, I can’t see that any of them are perfect; if they were, they’d be…well I can’t think of anyone in particular. As for me, I’m tired of the whole mess and want the entire spectacle to move on—quickly—so we can get on with getting Hillary in the appropriate federal prison. It’s wishful thinking, since I feel she is just too smart in a criminal way and that she will escape punishment.

  28. Trump said in the begining he would build the wall and Mexico would pay for it. I lived over 20 yrs on the border, had a friend in a top PAN party spot, I know how they have been robbing us. I also know how he can put the squeeze on Mexican goods, truck crossings, etc to pay for the wall. Once he said that, all the others got on the bandwagon. He is not going to tell any more how he igoing to do things. He gets it and he can get it done!!! Vote for Trump, or lose your rump.

  29. The democrats must be real happy to see the republican party destroy its self as it is doing. Hillary (if out of jail) will waltz into the presidency. The important issues are not even discussed in the debates, it is the “i will destroy you” idea hoping to make me look better than you that consumes the dedbates. Not unlike a bunch of rough neck kids they all are. The USA is going to hades, Pray that God will help us.

    Paul Gullick
    Bonaire, GA USA

  30. Just stop all foreign aid to Mexico. That alone should pay for the wall many times over.



  32. Thought provoking. We will have to keep our options open as we head to the convention. Never seen so much turmoil in an election. Glad the debates are over for a while.

  33. Arlene Burch, I am waiting to see if the US Border Patrol people ask Trudeau if he has ever smoked pot as they have with so manyothers. So many that have been refused entry because of a yes answer. I can only assume that Obama would have ordered Homeland Security to not ask the question in the first place. Trudeau should be refused entry as a self admitted pot head like the number of actors etc. have been refused.
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victoria BC

  34. Your analyis of the candidates is 100% correct. A vote for Rubio is a vote for the status quo and continues deals with the Dems. A vote for Kasich is a vote for a smug insider who will pander to the Dems and then boast of his deal making skills. A vote for Cruz is a vote for Hillary in the general election because the country will not embrace a solid Conservative at this time in history. The best we can hope for is a populist like Trump and hope he lives up to his promises.

  35. No-one except Trump has what it takes to really get the cesspool cleaned out.
    If he doesn’t get in, say “hello” to the New World Order … and it won’t be pretty !!

  36. It looks like Cruz is making a good showing in the elections and if he is the person to run for President this fall it’s not all that bad. When he said is was doing away with Obamacare and the IRS and gong with a flat tax, also doing something with the EPA. I hope he keeps his word. We do have Trump to thank for making people think about our worthless Government and getting more voters out to vote. So whoever the winner is between Trump and Cruz things will change, I’ll support either one.

  37. Trump changing his tune is only about winning
    Politics is a dirty business
    I don’t blame cruse or believe he has changed he is a great man
    Trump understands what it takes to win
    He will beat the Hildabeast

  38. I’m glad, Howard, that you’ve come around from your total rejection of Cruz for his alleged campaign crimes. None of us really knows what happened there. What I do know is that Trump is an unprincipled jerk, and Cruz has fought the good fight in our behalf consistently. We owe it to him to fight tooth and nail for him.

  39. In my nightly prayers I include a request that Trump be quickly lightening struck with the thought that perhaps he should present himself as the professional he obviously is, show restraint, stop playing into the verbal attacks with the same childlike school yard retorts and by, take an anti-arrogant pill and by all mean, quit digging his own hole which can only throw away the hopes of reform for his supporters.

    He may be our last resort and I detest that he is gambling so precariously.

  40. Excellent commentary, glad you’ve reconsidered your position re Ted Cruz. He is truly the only constitionalist in the race, has effectively hammered the rinos and socialists and can give a coherent speech without notes or TelePrompTer. He is also able to beat both Hillary and Bernie according to current polls, and the Donald is not. I think the voters are beginning to see thru the con and figure out that Trump’s a conservative in rhetoric only.

  41. For most people the media is the only source of information. CNN, Fox, and all the other US reporters are doing to Trump (doing in Trump) just like CBC, CTV Canada did to Prime Minister Harper. Yesterday a black CNN host asked a man about Trump and water boarding, in the response the man reminded him Cruz said he didn’t think anything was torture unless an organ was removed. The host flashed back, “we are not talking about Cruz”. That’s Disgraceful, take down Trump but none of the others?

  42. The persona I have of Cruz is as a very untrustworthy used car salesman since I first heard his speeches. I think he would be the “OBummer” of the RINO’s. Don’t trust him at all. Scares me about the same as our current dictator and his crew. GO TRUMP! Clean house of the Progressive Democrats and establishment do-nothing Republicans we entrusted to change Washington but did nothing.

  43. You are dead wrong about Cruz, he has be more straight with his campaign than any of the others, the dirtiest of the bunch as been Trump by far. and you have failed to mention. Cruz is an educated debater and you seem not to like that, but I am clad to see you recognize that he is a true Constitutionalist and that is what we need in the White House.

  44. I was thinking today that Trump and Cruz are racking up 70-80% of these votes. Maybe, as several have mentioned, Donald can get together with “lyin’ Ted” and become an invincible ticket to deny Shrillary (if she’s not in an orange pants suit) her rightful position. And Ted’s still a young man after 8 years. Now, I can get back to 60 minutes and watch your boy leader, lucky-little-Pierre talk about his new found immigrant friends. Yikes!

  45. Howard I have an e-mail saying I unsubscribed to your blog. It was a mistake as my first opened e-mail every day is yours. I depend on you for thoughtful knowledge, and DID NOT unsubscribe, but when following the directions once again I did not get an e-mail from you.
    Please do what ever you can to get me subscribed again.
    You are my daily source of honest reporting, so thanks in advance for your help.

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